what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video if you guys
full of information today we’re looking at the guy who predicted everything
that’s happened with cryptocurrency perfectly since 2011 raw is gonna be
looking at card da no XRP and tons of other news that went on
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ahead and check that out too the first piece of news today guys the a billion
dollars worth of cryptocurrency was stolen in 2018 now this comes from scams
and hacks and whatever it may be but this is a
huge number honestly I think it might be even a higher so again another
opportunity for me to tell you guys to stay safe I don’t want to see any of you
guys lose any of your money I’ve had people come up to me telling me that
they’ve lost with the etherium scams on Twitter you know people telling them to
send them aetherium they were gonna send them even more aetherium back which
never is the case never ever ever send anyone something if they promise to send
you something back so I promise you they will not send anything back it’s part of
where the billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency was stolen and
unfortunately there’s nothing anyone can do if you do send that the money is gone
there’s nothing we can do to get it back so stay safe I’m gonna keep telling you
guys this I don’t see any of you guys lose now also for the project decorated
now they have a we see that they have announced that the ledger nan OS and
ledger blue are now compatible we’re that decorate is well so cool news
for adoption there as well and news about Facebook so you guys remember not
too long ago I talked about how Facebook or how there were reports that Facebook
will build the most used product in cryptocurrency now a lot of people have
actually come up with speculations of what this could be what could be
happening and the one I like the most is I solve rumors I had a lot of people
actually come up to me and share with me this rumor as well that Facebook might
buy coinbase that would be really interesting I want to hear your guy’s
opinion on this on the potential of Facebook buying coinbase and there’s
gonna be a lot of mixed feelings here some people are really gonna like this
some people are going to dislike this but let me know in the comments down
below right now what your guys’s thoughts are on Facebook buying coinbase
and also what else could Facebook do that would be the most used product in
crypto I’d love to know what everyone’s ideas obviously this is just complete
rumors there’s not even a fraction of truth to this at the moment but we’re
gonna have to wait and see it definitely would be and see the possibility is
there it’s just nothing has been confirmed at
this moment now the reason I think a lot of you guys are here you saw the title
of the video and this is going to be insane I had people linking me out
reddit post which was talking about this guy over here DaVinci j15 a YouTube
channel just a little over 13,000 subscribers and the crazy part of this
is this guy has predicted everything that’s happened with Bitcoin in the last
8 years since 2011 guys you’ll see his video are in 2011 talking he used to be
a a silver child but he was doing like silver and gold and powdery silver and
gold and he made a video titled the power of bitcoins versus gold and silver
and what he’d went into say in this was to give a story about how there was an
option to donate to an author of an article which he enjoyed so he wanted to
do that and there was a link where you can just copy his wallet address and
send him cryptocurrency instantly there was no need for a middleman there’s no
need to pull out your credit card no need to remember to put in your address
no need to remember your zip code which trust me I forget all the time of it
there was no need for any of that you could send the cryptocurrency Islan guys
look at the year of this video June 1st 2011 if you listen to him like
the first comment say I’m supposed to a day ago I bet no one listened to this
guy easy multi-millionaires yes if you
listen to him you would indeed have probably become a multi milk I’m sure
that none of this was financial advice now he was mentioning five years ago
chub just buy $1 worth of Bitcoin please if it goes to zero you lose one dollar
who cares that’s what he’s saying now again I’m not gonna say he’s given
financial advice but if you bought one dollar five years
ago it would certainly be worth a lot more than it is right now he also goes
down this is where it gets insane where he got a 10 Bitcoin at donation again
five years ago in Bitcoin was very very very very very cheap someone donated ten
Bitcoin well right now as we know that was a very very large donation I hope
whoever donated it had a lot more Bitcoin to spare but not convinced yet
well five years ago just a few months before Mount GOx you know that whole
thing happened he posted a video just a few months ago saying remove your
bitcoins from Mount GOx he went on and said remove it from Mount gods two
months later we saw what happened then at the peak in this year he actually
posted a video nine months ago saying time to buy Bitcoin this was around
February so as we know in the beginning of the bull market we are in right now
and you can tell watching this video and I’m not gonna play the video for you
guys just wanted to share if you guys want to go to his channel definitely go
ahead and check that out he’s been right so far let’s see what he has to say but
for now what happened nine months ago he said in a round February was you can see
an overall sentiment change right you can see a sentiment change where a leaf
it looked like he felt something was coming and like he said at the time but
in in this video you guys will see he was saying two dollar cost average you
say put a little bit in at a time dollar cost average you’re way down and you
know put in a small amount something you’re willing to lose and then that’s
just how you roll throughout a bear market he talks about market cycles
obviously since he was looking at this in 2011 he’s
pretty much all the market cycles um a lot more I believe I don’t know anyone
that’s been in cryptocurrency since before 2011 so he’s definitely the
oldest person I’ve seen especially one that’s actively making videos out there
talking about this well he’s been right so far this is insane tell if you love
dollar cost average with the sentiment change is another very very interesting
point coming out in February talking about the market cycles and what could
happen now a week ago he made another video saying why Bitcoin will go a lot
higher and while he does share a little bit of the things that I say all the
time that his people hate change and there is no reason for people to hate
the change because it only improves what’s happening but yet people will
still hate on it and it will take time for them to adapt and the main thing to
remember is that those are going to be the ones that either lose money in the
market or they wait too long and they don’t make the crazy gains in order to
make the crazy gains you got to be in early like 2011 or also I believe like
right now this bear market if you are selling I do believe you’re doing
yourself a disservice but again I’m not financial advisor this is not financial
advice he does talk about again market cycles and the possibility of us
reversing and going back up he also talks about taking profits at time so
obviously a smart investor not going to go to much more interest we have more
news to cover but definitely check out his videos this guy’s predicted
everything pretty spot-on and well moving forward he does also see higher
higher prices and if the offer everyone is having a little bit of you know
everyone’s getting a little discouraged with cryptocurrency just watching the
different years that this guy’s made videos will show you that you know
markets do run in cycles this has happened before and it has recovered to
higher highs and those who sold really have missed out well now Bitcoin has
reversed its weekend gains and heads towards lower lows at least this is the
short term obviously we are all hoping for the bull run long term but the short
term things are still looking bearish we are just under 108 billion dollars in
market cap with a 55% Bitcoin dominance another day in the red today not much we
can do here a few crypto currencies you know
when in the green but majority are in the red we have decks that’s up almost
50% 10x which is up 27.7% sensuality is up 9% hyper caches of 6% and so on and
so on before we get to all the crypto
currencies in the rent so factum is down a little over 24% as a majority of the
market is so not much to say red day in the market something were used to seeing
something that’s happened all the time now but even though we are in the red we
are in the red and we are the bear market developments still happen and for
Cardno there’s two interesting pieces of news so the first of all is IO HK
launches two new smart contract tools for Cardinal blog chains I’m not going
to go into much this detail here because it is more on the tech side but those of
you guys who are interested in looking that up definitely go ahead and do that
in Cardinal also has the Cardinal cards let’s close that card on o crypto card
is here pay with a da in over 33,000 retailers so pretty cool to see this
here as well moving forward obviously high hopes for Cardinal from a lot of
people still a lot of people’s favorite projects just a little under three cents
right now under a billion dollars in market cap out of the top 10 definitely
has a long way to go in terms of getting to where it wants to and what it can
achieve we’re gonna have to wait and see what happens do I believe Cardinal has a
chance in the bull run of course they in the bull run we’re gonna see a lot of
products do well and hopefully we’re also gonna see a lot of projects to get
eliminated in the bear market those bad projects that aren’t there I do not
believe Cardinal is going to be one of those I do think they’re going to
succeed in the long run they do have a large community they do have a solid
solid team and pretty much that’s that’s what you need right now and XRP is under
30 cents maybe another time to buy another bag maybe possibly as you guys
know XRP is one that in the short to mid-term especially if we stay in a bear
market I think is going to do very very well
well a ripple powered payments app launches in Korea major expand and major
expansion across Southeast Asia underway so more and more adoption and expansion
coming for XRP like it or hate it the guys have a ton of partnerships and are
moving forward at a rapid rapid pace but that’s gonna be it for this video guys
let me know what you guys think in the comments down below am I gonna have to
give up my position as Satoshi Nakamoto to da Vinci j15 and his youtube channel
I don’t know he’s been around longer maybe he should
be Satoshi no no I’m gonna put that aside this is a terrible idea I’m gonna
stick to being Satoshi Nakamoto guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

  2. Oh hell no facebook is corrupt i dont trust them with anything.if facebook buys coinbase ill find a bitrex.

  3. Tin foil hat on for a sec…

    Remember back early in 2017 there was a hacking in the Health care system in the UK and the hackers demanded to be paid in bitcoin for them to remove the virus..

    suddenly the bitcoin price keep raising up well until now..

    What do you guys think? Hmmm mmm…..

  4. With the way things are, with banks, media, The Fed, SEC hell bent on bringing down Bitcoin and crypto, you really have to have strong will, YouTube content creators are dropping like flies, shame on them to leave their followers, even if you sell socks, stay and be loyal to your followers, watch them come back when the market rises, but the followers will be hard to get back. Be strong or leave.

  5. Regardless if we like it and not, eventually Mark Zuckerberg is gonna buy Coinbase. he has the money to do so as he wishes. however I think there should be a voting poll whether if Facebook should buy Coinbase or not? it will keep the crypto community engaged and sell their mix opinions on the matter…
    BTC: 3CTs8uue4FuXLKaRW2aGFwR4

  6. Yessir at first Facebook is going for the people at keeping everyones accounts safe and private. then later switch it up little by little so they can get their own way and make senarios of watching what we buy. that is not cool. I would feel violented
    BTC: 3CTs8uue4FuXLKaRW2aGFwR4

  7. I think Facebook will do better with coinbase than coinbase right now. From the court interview based on the Facebook hack, I can see it in Mark’s eyes that he wants to do what is right.

  8. No matter how you feel about them.Facebook will really helps bring it to the masses. Which is good for all of us already invested

  9. most people dont know that Gemini Exchange, Winklevoss twins, were once best friends until Zukerberg took all the credit for Facebook… there is a professional jealously between these men…

  10. For whatever it's worth, TRX was the only island of green in a sea of red for most of 12/11 up until about 1:30 PST. I thought it was decoupling.

  11. Although I think Facebook is too centralized, the acquisition of Coinbase would greatly benefit the adoption of crypto. But I wouldn’t advise anyone to leave their coins there or any other exchange for that matter.

  12. If Facebook enters the scene that must be good for crypto as they have 2 billion users. It does not matter if you like them or not- its business and I am in it for profit-nothing else

  13. I guess if facebook wants to buy Coinbase, it should be good for the crypto profit, and also to help converting people to adopt the cryptocurrency system. But why Zuckerberg would bother himself with that ? fb is not big enough for him ? or not enough power ? these guys are insatiable.

  14. Been watching a lot of his old vids and his insight is incredible but not surprised because of his software engineer background

  15. pretty sure I'm gonna have a look at a coin offered by facebook, the userbase is just too big to just ignore it. But I honestly don't believe that they'll buy Coinbase

  16. I run deep off in the streets and I’m here to let everyone know crypto will rise again! Message me if your interested to know about a sweet project called bitconnect

  17. The world is finding out that fiat money (big banks) have been enslaving them. France, Italy, Germany, and the US. Bitcoin is more real than funny money that so many hold on so dear too. It's time for a change, and this coming year will be the true year of cryptocurrencies.

  18. facebook is lifelog CIA spook start up company to gain access to everyone's information. Facebook is the opposite of bitcoin period.

  19. Companies like FB and Amazon aren't going to invest without some great intel… Amazon is linking up with Ethereum… just saying

  20. I like the idea of FB getting involved in blockchain but I despise the idea of them buying coinbase or actually trying to run anything with the crypto market.

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