Thirsty Thursday Crypto AMA [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

[Applause] hello everyone that's probably why we should turn off my speaker hello good morning I would I would get the bottle but it's a little bit too early a kubek California Toronto good morning South Wales nice Portland Texas you don't mess with Texas Toronto Prague Los Angeles Montreal Australia Norway Indy India Shanghai Haiti Connecticut ah yeah hello everyone Ireland Amsterdam man I'm always I'm always surprised by the number of international people that's tuning in it's pretty amazing Belgium greetings from North Korea with Dennis Rodman he's San Diego Virginia Singapore hello Seattle my background my background this a little too uh too much light in the background well thanks for tuning in guys let's give it another minute or so as people come in I don't know if you guys had a chance to check out my video from yesterday in terms of the top 12 enterprise platform cryptocurrencies I'll say I spent a lot of time two or three days of research putting that together I was kind of disappointed because as soon as I posted it I knew I was gonna get this that people would say hey you know why isn't why isn't dragon chain there why isn't that credits there why isn't this there I'm like come on guys okay some of those are unproven some of those I simply didn't put in because I didn't think it made the top 12 but those of you guys that don't know or haven't checked it out definitely check out the video it gives you a really really good old review of the top enterprise platform coins out there nulls being one of them so definitely check it out there's that that's the hot thing right I've said that before in the top 10 or if you look in the top 10 top 15 top 20 more than half the coins are enterprise platform coins those are the ones are really hot that a lot of people tend to invest in so got a you got a look at look into them and know what your options are um where's the whiskey it's a little bit early for whiskey time it's 10:00 a.m. for me yeah and those of you guys that did watch the video thank you for a feedback I think that was a really good good video all right so we're uh we're not at six trillion we're far from it let me let me bring up some stuff today there's actually a lot of good news oh actually I shouldn't think good news but there's a lotta news the market is still not recovering it's hovering it's just it's funny because I talked with my insiders a lot and it's it's funny how fast we get used to a certain level is he view if you guys recall only maybe a week week and a half ago we weren't at the 350 billion mark and a week before that we were up at 400 450 you know maybe not a week me if you know a month ago but and then now we're we're below we're below our all-time lows remember a couple times we bounce back from like the 275 billion mark and we were like you know that's kind of low that's February 6 and and a few weeks back we're like hey it bounced up quite nicely now we've been in a whole week below that mark we're at 254 billion right now definitely not looking good you know even April Fool's and stuff I rather do a you know prank video I should have done something funny but I was not in a good mood that day but I was getting sick of the manipulation that's why I talked about manipulators a couple times you know a couple serious what does it had a couple of serious videos and but you know you know hopefully I didn't discourage you guys a lot all right so I think most people are tuned in let's let's get started let's go over some pieces of news and then we can have some questions so let's see what let me change my screens here all right let's see first thing is I mean this was yesterday's news or two days ago you guys saw this centra bass play got shut down five SEC SEC is actually charging the founders with fraud and actually arrested I think one or both they were trying to leave the country and they rested them at the airport so it definitely didn't look good SEC claims that they have basically made no progress working with visa in terms of getting a debit card working they have put founders on the page that are clearly made up and they don't exist so they have pretty much shut down in it and and this is after a lot of a lot of people having doubts on reddit and Bitcoin talk and stuff so this is actually a good thing right so a lot of people you know tend to have this view you know get regulators out get SEC out you know they shouldn't be involved with this but you know what how many people are actually go do this kind of deep dive right into a company like Sentra a lot of people including myself when you're doing a ICO review or any project review right one of the most important things is you look at the the team and how do you do that you go on LinkedIn right and you go on LinkedIn you look at you look at the founders you look at the team and advisers and stuff like that so one of the important criteria I look in icos and and this will help you guys right because in terms of the team it's true you can put basically any name out there and give it a really really like impressive credentials but what they can't fake is you look at the advisers especially if you look at the visors that are really well known or impressive let's say advisers that are leaders of other cryptocurrencies or famous investors or or any any names that you recognize one of the things you want to look at is whether or not they put the company down as a company they're advising Ford that is a sure way to know that that company actually have talked to that advisor and that adviser is actually advising for the company because a lot of a lot of these icos you know they might have a team that looks impressive they might list all this all this like this visor board that's really really impressive yet you know what none of advisors list a company as as a company revising for that that's a sign but into it and in terms of centra I think a lot of people early on you know they I see owed when you know right after 10x and the other one and and central went the way of celebrities you know they it paid flowing Mayweather a lot of money to endorse it and I think they had other celebrities into forcing this too so it wasn't just Mayweather but regardless so this is a case where I think that's DC did a good job they shut them down finance delisted the token as they should but again yeah so those of you guys that you know are looking to projects and I cos we're most part of the team I mean if you're if you're creating a team it's hard to get a massive amount of followers or yeah connections on LinkedIn right so if you if you see a lot of profiles that have 500 plus connections which is kind of the limit before it says 500 plus you know that kind of helps the profiles right but obviously if you really tried you can fool that but one thing you can't really fool is to see the company listed under advisor unless there are advisors that you don't know of course so then of course you could get fooled but the companies that do list well-known people right well-known people within the crypto community space they can't fool Depp so want to start out with that let's see what else is what else there is let's make sure that you guys are still doing this fine all right the other big thing is verge all right verge ever since yesterday suffered a 51% attack which you guys don't really hear about often because it's really really hard to do basically a minor or hacker needs to control up to 51 percent of the entire mining and that is part by the way as it happens verge alright and this this one hacker I used some kind of exploit and they verified a block every second for I think was 16 hours right and they ended up getting 200 I believe an article it's at 250,000 xbg was stolen right the team basically they said a fix or whatever and their fix is really a hard fork and it looks like that hard Forks not done that even afterwards they still have this problem the 51% attack so they have to do another hard for so it seems like verge is is collapsing right now all right at least right now doesn't mean their whole things will collapse but so yeah so they're going through this this is definitely not a good thing they're playing the verge team is playing damage control making claims like we're kind of glad this happened and it could have been worse and this and now I mean this this to me seems pretty bad the funny thing is even though it's going through this purge price is not hasn't gone down that much it's only 7% 8% that's in line with everything else that's gone down today so that's very interesting and this is this is something I'm not trying to spread Fudd with Virge but it's kind of funny like you figure if this was in the real world remember like Target or Home Depot okay where they get hacked but not so much financially but those were consumer data or you know personal data dye was hacked but in a real world if something like this happened where there was some type of huge hack and the company struggling to fix and stuff the stock would tank like tank in the cryptocurrency world you don't see this because another good example from a few months ago and this is why I'm not so big on cycling was I coin did some kind of upgrade screwed up their mining made mining like three or five times more difficult and they were struggling to get it to work they had to do a hard fork to fix it and so forth and during that time when when people's wallets wouldn't sync up and mining was based impossible Verge skyrocketed like I mean that birch psychic when skyrocketed and made absolutely no sense it drove me nuts throughout my daily videos I didn't want to you know talk about cycling that much but it was broken from like a month or two and the coin skyrocketed during that time it just made no sense so in this case at least word is not going up but it's definitely not good for birch alright moving on this is not big news but those of you guys are interested in Saren lapses you know wallet phone hardware wallet phone where they have a like a switch in it where you can switch it lock down your wallet if you wanted to I guess Foxconn is building it which is kind of interesting because I thought they were ready producing the phone I thought they they had a phone and they're just kind of converting it but now this article says they're building it from ground up which is kind of weird I talked to a representative a couple times but I guess I misunderstood unfortunately certain labs they raised a hundred and fifty seven million dollars in there I see oh and it says in addition to the 70 million dollars raised previously so they raised over two hundred million dollars okay and they're not doing so hot right now so they raised over two hundred and twenty million dollars and overall their market cap is only 61 million so they're definitely struggling serán Labs is also one of the the companies I didn't quite get B's I didn't think it was that important to come up with an ultra secure phone with a Harper wallet built in and and you know a product like that is fine but I didn't understand at the time why the company was worth you know what's up here three hundred and fifty million to have such a company so alright this is big this came out yesterday too and this is what everyone's wondering about you know what what's gonna happen with a hundred sixty thousand bitcoins that the trustee of Mount GOx still has are they go sell it so in here basically one of the options is the company since they already repaid their 400 million in in debt to the creditors they have a hundred sixty thousand bitcoins left according to Japanese law you basically give back the remaining amount to the company okay to whoever owns the company and in that case is markup Ellis so even though he went to jail came back right and a lot of people who screw their money there's a chance that he's gonna be awarded with a hundred and sixty thousand plus bitcoins which would make him an instant billionaire so it's in so obviously this guy you know mark is sworn he came out and he's like you know I don't want any part of this I don't want that billion dollars yeah right he doesn't want it but this is the right thing to say because if you came out said yeah sure I'm gonna take it and I'm gonna become a billionaire he's probably go got a lot of death threats by saying that so so that is still up in there a lot of people feel like you know what maybe more is being sold off in the background and maybe it is but right now it seems like the courts are still deciding because they have repaid the creditors fully from their cells so we'll see you know it's one of those things that you you have to wonder about if the trustees did not do what they did let's say they sold the bitcoins in in the back market they sold it to exchange it solely to large investors wanted by they did whatever rather than sell in the open market it's it's a hard to imagine where big home would be because Bitcoin could be you know they after he started selling is when Bitcoin started going down right because everyone knew it was too high maybe the bubbles bursting and as soon as he starts selling things start really going now I mean but if he didn't sell those large bitcoins man maybe we could have gotten 30,000 40,000 50,000 it was insane so unfortunately that happened and this is where we are now not to say that it's all his fault but and he did contribute to it and last animal I want to put this out because I tweeted this a week ago so I am testing test piloting an intro course to Bitcoin okay and this is a free course right now these two test pilot it is gonna happen on Friday and there's only 25 spots on we'll put this link in the description anyone that wants to take it feel free to take it it's free this is let you guys know this is a very very very basic intro course alright so those of you guys are watching me for most part would not require to take this course right you're not gonna learn much but if you have family members friends that want to get involved with Bitcoin and so forth you can send them this link so I'll put this in a disc um I think that's it for the news I want to cover right so where we at here let's go back overall market 45.1% BTC dominance 255 billion not good let's see we do have some greens alright yo sista gram buff 6 you got tron that's going up right a lot of people still you know a lot of people lost faith in Justin I still I still support him you know I tweeted about how he graduated from what is that university whoo-hoo pain University that that was founded by Jack mom people's like oh so what he graduated from university I mean that university is not easy to get into and he was handpicked and you guys look at the graduation picture Justin was by far the youngest person that graduated from that because most of those people are leaders in the industry ready and someone keeps texting me Jesus Christ all right sorry about that all right but let's let's uh let's flip back here hopefully my screen has not been in the black all this time it looks like it hasn't so that's good alright let's flip back here oh and another news all these people that was asking about p.3d which is a total total crap coin surprisingly Superman made that the topic of his video yesterday I couldn't believe that he actually caved in and made a whole the hill about p.3d and he even rated a 3 out of 5 stars I couldn't believe it anyways so those of you guys are p.3d fans you should watch that video because he did a pretty good job explaining it all right so what's going on Bitcoin Bitcoin 70 no I wish it was Sunday uh it was it's 67 46 all right so I'm not I'm not a chart guy okay that not a big chart guy but let me hope yeah good thing this mic sounds good because I actually place in a good spot here and it wasn't really the acoustics of my room it was more because I had the mic on my webcam which the distance was really far so that's why I didn't was this overall this is good let me show you some charts since since that's the popular thing to do these days let me flip back here all right so let's delete my lines here so this is a four-hour chart okay um four hours you know I applied three indicators here right a lot of people look at you know double bottoms you know hand cup and handle all these patterns right but what I do is I amateur amateure so I say that up front so those you guys want to make fun of my training skills feel free because I'm not a Chartist but there are certain indicators people can use right so one of the things I've always looked at as RSI B's it's easy so you look at some of these indicators it basically it just takes averages and looks at things and RSI is a sure way I shouldn't say sure way but it's a easy way to see if something's overbought or oversold right and there's there's this there's two dotted line 70 and 30 right so according a 4-hour chart we're toward a low-end button we're not over we're not vastly oversold okay the MACD usually when things cross over that's when it's either go go up or down so we did crossover yesterday right and looking like it wants to cross back so that's the interesting thing and right now we're holding at what 67-55 this was a prior resistance right here right from a few days ago and what is that now maybe a week ago like right here so a week oh hold that's okay but overall I mean honestly let's let's look at this if you stretch this out right it's been a constant if you want to do a line it's pretty consistent in terms of man view if you want to do a line right here like if you want to do a channel it's not that consistent but it's pretty let's zoom in a little bit here so yeah that's been pretty consistent alright you got it you gotta admit that the bottom not so much but you know here's the thing so we got a we got determined when we could break out of this and if you want to do you know I don't know you have to do this point right that's a lot the bottom from previously yeah I stretch this out stretch that out bear with me I don't use this a lot you do it like that right yeah all right no that doesn't look good all right anyways I don't know why I'm trying to make a point here my point is if you look at overall the market it it you know what it doesn't look very oversold at this point right it doesn't look overbought by any means we're still waiting for that to swing up right so this is what I was saying last week I think it last week earlier this week about manipulation these is this just constant constant down pressure like just constant down pressure this is so you can make the argument like over here once Mongkok start selling right obviously a lot of weak hands left the market a lot of people that got in like right over here right they got discouraged and they love so probably like around right here the first dip and then second third tip is when people got out then this dip is more of the holders longer-term holders but that are still frightened got out so most of us that are holders right we're still in it so that's where this looked very encouraging right we got up 11,000 almost 12,000 couple times right so this looked like hey you know what this was the bottom we had the really good news where it started going up in terms of Senate hearing right and then we start going up we're like okay we're we're doing pretty good twelve thousand is not bad it's like halfway back more than half way back up right we had a little dip and this is where it started changing so this is where I think the the Bears really started putting on to cell pressure that you know what it's an easy time because the market is weak a lot of people are fearful this is a really good time to start putting a lot of pressure so once we got down here this is when I went to vacation right and then we got pretty low then we had some good news from the g20 meeting right kind of shot up but this was just bad I mean all this and then now we're kind of struggling still it's just constant down pressure this is the manipulators that's trying to keep the market low and it couldn't go lower we know that right but this is the the face we're either they're profiting from futures because you can't profit from futures yeah or they're trying to get a low so they can accumulate more right so this is where it's a a time there's no sugarcoating it you can make can't make profits by playing the swings right like if you timed it here you're going by RSI like if you look at when like this situation right here when it was 22 it was a good buying point because this is bad extremely oversold even over here when we touched a little bit under you know 27 28 was good point so back to what I was saying about indicators RSI is a pretty good one same thing with MACD crossover when it crosses over like this someone an insider recently introduced me to the hike and she thing where basically you're looking for reversal so while things are going up as it's green candlestick and when it reverses ads are red so according to theory is you want to combine this with either Mac the RSI or some other indicator where if it flips and this flips for example like if it starts turning red and you see MACD crossover that's when you want to sell when this flips to green and this crosses over or this is all very vastly oversold that's when it'll go up so it looks like you know it was trying to turn green and then some more down pressure came and work back down again right so that's my amateur charting whether or not you guys care I don't know I just want to throw that in there so right now it's just kind of a standstill it could go either way but a lot of people are bearish a lot of I just watched another video from another influencer and he's like I'm not buying bitcoins until five dollars I'm like oh man that's that's tough and you hear people throw around we're gonna go down the 4,000 those are just very far off numbers I just don't see us going down that much but it done again when we're at 12,000 and people said 6,000 you know I thought that was too much – so it could happen but we are just so low right now and the volume is just not there so so we'll see what happens all right let's go back let's go back to to you guys all right Yost and Tesla form partnership I wish that was true I don't believe that Tesla has their own problems I have I have a fan okay and I mean I have a best friend I should say not a fan I don't know what I'm saying I have a best friend he's the stock investor and all he trades his Tesla like he is the biggest Tesla and I can't stand Tesla's I love Tesla cars but I can't stand how Tesla kind of like Apple and Apple lost that where Apple had such a cult following from the fanboys that Apple could do no wrong right and then when when Steve Jobs left died I should say after Tim Cook took over things started changing Samsung really started to catch on Apple wasn't so cool anymore right it still is held up by fanboys but you hear a lot a lot of people with iPhones tens or whatever is now switching to us nines so Apple kind of lost that but Tesla still has that and that drives me insane I can't stand when you have such a cult following that can't hear anything else and Tesla stock is like that that's a stock is held up by the fanboys there's no way that it's worth as much as it is because it's been operating in a red forever everyone believes in musk I know that I like I love musk I mean what he's doing with SpaceX is amazing if you guys haven't watch you know the the last launch with the – with the Falcon Heavy and how it's coordinated coordinated landings that's it seems like a CGI like it's not even real it's so amazing so you I must and his Hyperloop idea and everything like underground passageway in Los Angeles whatever it's all that good but he's he's not an operational sky right he comes an idea so Tesla is propped up by Elon Musk and from a company perspective they make no money they're always late on delivering cars like model threes and stuff so I can't stand it for that reason so but don't get me wrong I love you I'm lost and I love Tesla cars I just don't like to stock all right so all right I rambled on a little bit too long do you do you like Trinity Network credits Trinity I spoke with Trinity Trinity I don't like because the fact that our cost for trading neo and neo is faster ready Neos a thousand transactions per second and could scale up to ten thousand what did they need Trinity for they don't need Trinity so that's why Trinity is trying to work with you thorium and silica and silica is also fast little cuts at 2500 or any when they're testing it why did they need Trinity don't so Trinity's in a weird spot I think they you know they want to ride the coattails of Neil and you know anything that's involved in neo these days seems to be very popular and and that's fine but Neil doesn't have a scaling problem at least not right now compared to you thorium right so so that's the thing that's why I'm not fan of Trinity right now HPB actually quite an interesting I didn't know that much about HP B until I made the video yesterday ok so again those of you guys didn't watch my video about the top 12 plat enterprise platform coins HP B is in there HP be the biggest thing going for them is is this partnership with Union pay smart of China that sounds like it's a big deal otherwise the whole thing is they they can scale up to a million transactions per second kind of like you know what credits is claiming and their test net they're not there they're test nights 30,000 so they're not that close but I'm not so sure about this hardware acceleration you know you have to get this custom board and I don't know the information about that like how much it costs to get one and then used to have to put it I'm assuming you have to put it into your computer because it looks like it's utilizing a pci-e slot and so forth I'm not so sure about that and maybe I'm wrong maybe they're they plan on putting their own custom you know nodes with the circuit boards around data centers in the world that's fine but that again you know kind of defeats the purpose of decentralized nodes right so I you know so I don't know about that part but they're your partnership with UnionPay is definitely very interesting so that can pan out really really well and if they just concentrate on that that can make them really well ah let's see well why not yeah it doesn't really matter who came with the idea right buddy Ilan is kind of like what made Hyperloop popular but I would love to see Hyperloop that would be cool if you think about transportation you know has there been any new forms of transportation in the last hundred years right no you know we have trains and airplanes I our plane probably wasn't a hundred years but airplane in the last 40 or 50 years but we hadn't we haven't had any new transportation and forever so Hyperloop would definitely be interesting new steam it competitor ano cos is man I I met yo sis is wild RI es is doing just I mean Dan Laura Mir he's just doing his own thing like it's it's so crazy I don't know if you guys know yields doesn't have its own black shape it's waiting for companies to come out with black chains and they want and yose or Dan wants him to compete and see which ones become the most popular and eventually will choose one to be the official Yeo's blockchain so basically he's providing the software for people to use and it's just it's just wild I don't know if that's actually go work out but but so so far it has and everyone really believes and Dan and I do too because he already proved it so he he's saying he's coming out steam at two on yose which is supposed to be butter steam it is not doing so bad right now but I don't know he's ville program steam it to or he's gonna help people program steam to I don't know what the deal is et Cie dead yeah I mean what is it what is ether and plastic being used for I mean honestly you know there is there is no use case for for Uther in classic the only thing the only thing is if miners eventually when you throw moves to Casper becomes frupa stake and these miners don't know what to do with their cheap used and they can mine ether name classic actually that's the best argument I heard why ether in classic will stay around otherwise there's nothing for a thorium classic nothing going on with it the don't be fooled when XRP do you really think they want all of us to be rich i don't think i don't i don't think anyone i guess i don't know i guess i don't see the argument that why pay is dead unfortunately but like coin is still doing well my coin just shot up recently due to some news about someone switching to light coin so like coin is still doing their own thing but don't get me wrong i did not like how like my foundation and charlie kind of just threw up their arms and said oh you know we should have done better validating or verifying what they were doing we don't know that what they were doing and we were too enthusiastic about it but that was completely us okay they put their faith behind it they have both come out and supported it like when foundation even gave them money to run with it so you can't just say oh you know what we don't know what they were doing there they're kind of third entity that's that's completely us they knew so unfortunately that didn't work out but my coin is still doing okay they're still doing okay earth can I get back to 1k levels yes that's interesting let's look at let's look at overall BTC and earth dominance because that's something I I hammered on a lot okay um let's see here a switchback so 45% so an interesting thing is BTC dominance is kind of hovering around 45% and it there's a reason for that and basically the whole game the entire gain of BT's dominance is from ether ohms loss of dominance okay so that kind of stopped because you throwing kind of stopped losing dominance right so I made a I made a couple videos I talked about this a lot where March 18th was the low you can see this this white line right here that kind of dips here and it starts going up that is others so that is everything outside the top 10 right and that was the lowest about under 17% and you see that Bitcoin was around 45% so when this dipped all coins dip they went into a Bitcoin but but starting from there on right you can see how the blue line which is a thorium went from 16 percent down to fifteen point eight percent down to fourteen point nine three percent down to fourteen point six six percent and now it went up slightly at fourteen point seven okay and the whole time you know bitcoins at forty five forty four point five nine forty four basically all the thorium's lost went to Bitcoin and if you look at others it's been climbing because from this point it was as some unless you say something percent alright nineteen percent and then twenty percent and I believe it got to 21 no it was really cool so like we're at this point which is yesterday almost 21 percent and now let's come back down a little bit you know twenty point eight three which is not far off right so in terms of dominance of all coins in general it's actually slowly coming back up so the Bitcoin dominance is not coming from all coins losing their dominance it's coming from either a tharam mostly from you tharam and some of the big caps okay so it's important to realize that so now going back to the question of whether or not the thorium could ever hit a thousand again I believe so I think then once the market I mean like I said at the beginning it's hard we get used to a level really really fast okay it's it's really hard to do remember to bathe now when the market cap was above 500 million a 500 billion let's say and that wasn't too long ago and then four hundred billion three hundred billion I mean human 350 billion once we get back to those levels everything will go up everything is so so low when you compare to even a month ago or two months ago so that's where you Thurman we'll go back up now the dominance of youth areum I believe will continue to go down for several reasons one is because now ASIC mining is coming out that's gold drive difficulty for mining way way way up okay I think because of that they'll have effect okay even though the first journal of the bit main ASIC miner the hashing power is not that much only 180 mega hashes per second which is not a big mean compared to a mining rig a mining rig is above that my new rig is like 200 plus but mining rig does take a lot more power but the first John it's not that much but I you know that the second generation minor which it could be a later this year they'll probably them pushing 300 plus then the next one I'm probably pushing like 500 plus right as a sub youth areum comes out it's gonna make my any difficulty go through roof so that's one two is you know almost every coin that I had in my video yesterday all these platform Enterprise coins okay are all coming out this year let's go steal a lot a lot of thunder a lot a lot of thunder okay as we know Yost the biggest one I would say the most hyped up one that everyone's looking at is Yost right-eo else is even higher than Cardinal now because card on Oh even though everyone loves card ah no it's not coming out this year let me rephrase that card ah no officially already released their main net okay they call it a maintenance but is really a test that and because there's so so many things not done so Cardinal won't fully be done until 2019 probably but the EOS is coming out right and then you've got neo of course that is that is already establishing themselves right along with ontology which is new and you got iota which officially also released their main that but their Wallis sucks their new Wallace coming out later this year right and you you just got a whole bunch of stuff icon release their their main net nanos in the picture now bananas more on currency so not really really so much on dabs but you got silica right you got HP B you got nulls you got what else you got so much that's all coming out this year okay and and you know there go steal some thunder right and then also – they're coming out now you hear about them moving to neo or stellar already so again that's people are thinking about that even metallic came out and said you know we're doing this service for DAP makers because of how slowly thorium is so you 30m dominus I think will decrease but as the overall market goes up it still go go up I think once we get get back to our you know original levels let's say you know 800 800 billion mark right that's where we were kind of like all-time highs we'd get back up there Ethernet will be above a thousand but I think others will be much higher at that level alright alright so let's go back thumb btg as soon as possible I've always said that if you guys have any other Bitcoin besides Bitcoin and that includes the coin gold diamond dart blah blah every single iteration of Bitcoin just dump it okay there's no practical use for it bitcoin cash I don't like it but you can't ignore B's in the top ten Roger beer is still going nuts about big quite cash I still don't like the way he's approaching it from a technology perspective it's fine bigger block size I don't have a problem with that if it's being used if it's being adopted great but have you guys noticed that after seg what was implemented across right these are pretty low for for Bitcoin and plus the usage of Bitcoin it seems like since all much trader stopped trading Bitcoin like before if you're sending Bitcoin now I've noticed right back in December in January when Roger Vere was going crazy at st. Bitcoin class $10 $20 to Central Asia is true trying to send Bitcoin these days it's less than a dollar it's not that bad especially with subway didn't blunted across most exchanges and wallets so a lot of the arguments that he had about you know it costs too much to send you know to buy a cup of coffee let's say with Bitcoin that a lot of that's gone away so he kind of just always refers to the white paper anyways unraveled on about that I'm still not that big of a fan of Bitcoin cash because of beer and all the guys that support him but yeah do I own it any last dose yes I do I think he last dose is quite interesting you'll ask those actually I actually really liked the last dose I because they pretty much have the product on and they're backed by some very very big people so you can't ignore that BTC is garbage one I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that Todd unfortunately you just kind of like missed this whole big rant about Sentra but Sentra is pretty much dead I do like the fact that SEC investigated them and shut them down because a lot of people just kind of just assume that you know what it raised a whole bunch of money they're doing good things but they're not they basically been doing nothing what the 30 plus million that they raised so so good for SEC for shutting them now can rip we'll get back to $2 yeah just like the youth areum questioned once we get back to our higher levels let's say five hundred billion six hundred billion all these will reach back to word previous levels now ripple is a little bit different because they went crazy they got to 350 due to craziness and the mainstream media everyone was telling everyone to buy ripple so that's a little bit different but above $2 yeah I could see that but above let's say 3.3 50 I don't know let's go take some time what am i running for president no I would never run for president ah yo CEOs is interesting it's definitely interesting because their their release I don't even know I mean I haven't heard much about companies that are saying they're coming ology is right these EOS is waiting for a blockchain so I don't know who which DAP is actually gonna be powered by EOS and run their blockchain I use I haven't heard anything about that so I know if you guys have I'll be interesting Wahby I still like Wahby but they I know they've been decimated but Wahby is still they have a competitive managed and it's not using it they need to form some partnerships that's really what it let's go take to get Wahby off the ground what do I think about Komodo I don't like Komodo I think there are in a way too crowded space which is the privacy privacy space plus their founders does not have a good track record they found it like six other coins that all failed and Komodos the last one Alexander said p.3d works by charging huge fees and giving holders amazing dividends on buys and sells tokens get burned a block P 3d is goal end up crashing and burning okay so you guys still time out do not talk about and not look into PCB you will lose money on it do not get into p 3d nulls still good I haven't mentioned lunar in a while that is true they're doing well I mean there being a lot more active on Twitter in terms of what they're doing it's just gonna take time it's one of those platforms just like Steven it's gonna take time for people to populate so I know lunar some of their articles that's on there is being indexed by Google which is good so as more and more people get on it more and more articles getting ducks it's kind of like oh go I know with their hybrid change that's why I'm waiting for right I backed I though for a long time right I said that I liked their universal wallet but the biggest thing the biggest reason why I liked them is this hybrid wallet and they're there they look like like or hybrids changement they look like they're gonna be the first one to successfully implement it because a lot of people are talking about it and well you guys don't know if you guys don't know what a hybrid exchanges basically thing about binding us if you have finance and then the wallet structure was your own right if you had all your wallets from finance on your phone but you were able to trade on finance but anything that you actually buy or sell gets stored on your own personal wallet that's what a hybrid exchanges and that's what I know is doing they're gonna make it so that you know what their goal provides you kind of like with a centralized exchange to be able to trade but the you the private keys of your wallets right is all go be on your phone so that even if the exchange gets hacked shut down whatever you're not in any danger to lose your funds so that's what a hybrid exchanges and that's what I know is working on and they're gonna come out with that very very soon and other companies I like like black port is also trying to do the same thing but they're still way off so I know it's gonna be the first one to do it so that's why I really like them and plus they have the universal wall out which is already working a lot of people like a lot of people like you last dose and 90 last was ethos and they're supposed to come out of the universal wall I'm not even sure if they did come out with it but you know what it he throws was hyped up and they had nothing when I'd already had something so that that's the reason why yeah we got a lot of p.3d people in here and we'll give them the benefit of the doubt that that they're not just trolling so before I start banning people I won't give them the benefit of doubt well someone just Alexander just just to shot that anyone who say it's a scam do the math help the people p.3d discord highly encourages okay but their website and their whole model doesn't help them right I mean anything in the in the aftermath a big connect any any time you have a company that promises huge dividends okay or any company that wants you to stake anything red flags come up and that's what P 30 that sounds like maybe they're not a scam but it's not a coin I would get behind and like I said at the beginning I'm surprised that someone like Superman would even review it but again okay I don't you know I'm not gonna be talking about it a chain I have talked about a chain a chain has been around for a while they're all about forking but you don't hear much about them recently I did a review because they asked me to do a review at this sponsor review and after I did that learn a lot about a chain and therefore King is interesting there their last big fork was Bitcoin ABC which which was interesting but that coin has to basically disappeared but they want they encourage companies that DAP makers on top a chain to do a fourth so the problem with that is your 4k entire age chain blockchain to to run your DAP there's not just taking bits and pieces it's forking the entire chain which I don't think like that's the you know you really need that more modular set up in terms of just having a new block chain that can talk on the main chain and other chains that would be more efficient in my opinion but that's how they built their platform what potential do you see with a neon exchange I mean we'll have to see right it sounds promising well we'll have to see what happens why do so many people think Bitcoin will fall or fail with a lot of pure diamond blockchain well that that's a long conversation that's a long conversation but I Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is here to stay because of blockchain adoption right most people that are the doomsayers and say hey everything's gonna fail and this and that because they're just looking from a currency perspective how much we dropped and you know how miles on the market is and that's all true but big blockchain is a technology right so Bitcoin remember is is partially technology with blockchain and then partially with payment system which is a p2p aspect and then everything else afterwards you know what you tharam did was basically really focus on technology portion and others are doing the same thing so blockchain is technology that's how I'll go away and cryptocurrency the layered add-in is gonna be very very simple you just have to get adoption and that's what we love to see there's a lot a lot adoption going on right now oMG I actually didn't hear about the OMG partnership verge I mentioned verge virgin is not doing well with their their whole 51% attack right now they're doing Forks but what's funny is even though that's happening seems like it's not dropping too much so all right we're gonna have to get rid of some of these guys now Ont is actually interesting but when T is very high ot has this partnership there they're made by on chain who made created neo so they're kind of working on you know what in a way aunty is kind of like kind of like dragon Shan but it's trying to get people to focus on Neil so it's kind of different because dragon chain is kind of helping businesses and putting them on their own blockchain while ontology is really helping people to create their block chains but also tie back into Neil so it's it's a little bit different but ontology is is kind of heist like 500 billion right now so I think it's it's not a good entry point I actually I'm wrong it man is shot up is six hundred billion then it's it's going up there yeah that's quite interesting and cash I do like on cash and cash I mentioned many times it seems like a lot of people are always asking about on cash and they're great for a retail space but their cash around india so it'll be a while before they get to to get to north america dent that has you know that has lost a lot of momentum a lot of people I see I shouldn't say they're lost a lot of I guess a lot of I don't know what you call it yeah yeah I guess some momentum right a lot of visibility dent and tell coin a lot of people don't ask about them anymore but they're still doing their thing right then there's at a mercy of couriers so no matter what they say about how they're go help you in the third world you know get the best rates for your mobile you know data yes and no that's only if you live in an area that have a lot of career options if you have your blimmin air with one care basically you're you're at mercy on them then that's not gonna help you with that because they will discharge done the same amount a charge tell point is different they're kind of trying to come up with the remittance thing for for mobile carriers which I like actually a little bit better what are my thoughts on qlink I never looked at Kealing before let's look at that right now if you link at 29 million it is I'm finance that's good all right so what is peeling the world's first decentralized mobile network dedicated to constructing an Ole Miss or telecom infrastructure and blockchain yeah that's that's very let's just play this way it's very very ambitious okay um it requires a lot a lot a lot of money okay so I guess there's two types of like mobile network you'd have okay so in the u.s. you got the big mobile carriers which only a lot of cell tower which cost billions upon billions upon billions and a lot of them don't even have their own towers anymore because they want to go out a space so like for example other sleep at that okay but then you have like the Comcast of the world means Comcast don't own any towers and they're kind of doing the mobile network where they provide you with the phone and they have all this stuff or basically everything is over Wi-Fi and that's that works if you're in a place that has Wi-Fi okay but most of you guys to have a mobile phone you're the whole the whole thing about you know you're walking on a park you're you're you're in your car you're wherever right you get on your phone you're not gonna want to worry about connecting Wi-Fi and be able to find a Wi-Fi do you get on before you can make a call or get mobile data some of that so I'm not a fan of mobile data that's going over Wi-Fi but it sounds like this is this but yeah I mean regardless they're gonna be competing with huge huge companies okay so this is my overall thought okay so I don't I'm not speaking about cooling it selfies I don't know that much about them but just looking at the idea it's in my opinion is to a bish Asst for a new unknown company with very little funding to be able to successfully so that's my opinion of qlink right off the bat looking at advisors I made a big deal when I was talking about Sentra early in this video right Sentra one of the things they did was hide or create false like leadership on on your page and false LinkedIn pages and stuff one thing that you guys can do when you're researching icos to see if they're legit you look at the visors and see if they're well-known people that you know of if they are right go on their LinkedIn page and see if they list the company as a company that are biasing for okay because a lot of times people put a whole bunch of visors on here yeah I mean you could put you know you could put a metallic boo Turin on here right no one would know if he's really a visor 4q link but you go on to metallics LinkedIn page and you see does she list cooling as a company's devising for so that's kind of one way you can tell if the ICO is actually really legit or not I don't know who these guys are they look like they're a Chinese based company again I think this is too ambitious not a fan of the idea well my thoughts on LCC and our broad partnership I like LTC I mean the only thing for litecoin is they're not technology they're they're a currency so basically currency companies need to come out with partnerships that say hey we're getting a doctor we're being used that's pretty much it that's that's all there is so anything that like one comes out with saying hey we found a company that's gonna be utilizing litecoin instead of Bitcoin or just a TI like one that's a good thing B I will say B&B finance coin has really surprised me has gone up way way way up right and through out this downturn they actually been going up I would not be surprised to see B&B like you know making the top ten stone I know every time they're you know they're gonna have a fork it gets skyrocketed kind of gets sells off but overall they've been trending up and that's because by Nance right now can do no wrong finance has just been executing perfectly and and that's the reason why by enhance coin is here to stay so certain labs phone deal I mentioned that that's not you know nothing that I can really speak to I mean it doesn't really hurt or help them be a coin hmm let's be a coin look at Bitcoin real quick oh geez hey Reese I got pumped I look at Viacom before they sound familiar via KOIN has London analyst and ledger blue support yay Mia Quinn was Creighton 2014 drive on Bitcoin protocol yeah unfortunately just look at this this reminds me back in a day right when I was mining like coin and the first generation of cryptocurrency so this reminds me a lot of those coins like you know my what is it Bert coin feathercoin dogecoin via coin right they're all currencies and it's great and all that they're supported now on ledger like you know ledger has a wallet support for them it's great that they have dark gravity wave which you know just a mining algorithm it's great they have Segway it's great that they plan on using lightning Network but what's not great is are there any real-world use for via KOIN are there any merchants in the world that takes me a coin as a payment and if the answer is no then this is a coin that you should not invest in so this is the reason why a lot of you know what I I picked on for a coin when it was going up last year it went from $1 all the way up to $9 before finally started coming down and argued with a lot of the fanatics and said hey why is Bert coin so good why is it better than like why let's say you know give me an example and and the two examples was it was a sakra sistent and has a one click minor or one-click wallet I should say and that's it but is it being used more than like coin no like okay that doesn't make it better it doesn't make it better at all so this is kind of the same example would be a coin it no I would not get behind be a coin all right I think that's it it's been a long long session I think we had had some good good questions come up except the ones about p.3d okay last question a stick mining rake for Earth be worth it just be worth it or stay away well first of all went bid main released it they said 1 / 1 / household and they sold out already the price was very attractive 180 180 mega hash per second for 800 dollars and I'm you could get $100 that's worth it because your spending right now probably 2500 on a mining rig that probably hashes about 220 right so from a price perspective a wattage perspective I think it was only taking you know I forgot how my watts well in that perspective is really good but overall it's math will destroy the mining market just yet because first of all it's hard to get and second of all is it's actually not faster than a mining rig now I do anticipate that generation 2 and 3 that's where mining will get really really difficult for GPUs because they're second generation will probably like 300 mega hash and then this generation 3 will probably like 500 or 800 that's where mining rigs just simply won't be able to compete at all but for now I think it's safe but it's nearing then because now once you have a sick miners then it's up to you 30m they have to switch to prove a stake with Casper really really quick or-or-or a sick mining it's called dominate all right alright guys thanks for thanks for tuning in I think this is good hopefully you guys been hitting the likes if you guys haven't you know a lot of these questions are repeated so definitely check out the video afterwards subscribe to the channel and I will see you guys later this week I don't know I usually do a man Fridays but since I did one today I don't know maybe I'll do one tomorrow night all right guys take care bye bye

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