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So you talked earlier about how governments obviously become more transparent and more accountable when they’re using Cryptocurrencies like DAGcoin. But when you have economic issues in a country for example, when they, let’s say that the government wants
to decrease interest rates or maybe put in a cash stimulus into the economy, those kinds of things. When you have
a certain percentage, for example, about cryptocurrency on the market, it makes that much, much harder. So how do you see governments overcoming those economic issues when cryptocurrencies reach a certain saturation level? That’s a tricky question. You know, there are possibilities in cryptocurrency that you will have a fixed supply, fixed amount of coins or you don’t have it fixed. You have unlimited supply. And, what I personally believe is that eventually every country in the world
will have their own cryptocurrency. Europe will have, we’ll use a common one hopefully, but the way government cryptocurrencies will be built is it’s definitely in a way that governments can, do those injections so if the supply is unlimited, you know, they can take issue more
coins or when they need and now what I believe also, is that there
will be four, five, six global currencies that actually belong to the people. And those are something that really will, will be trusted by people, the government cryptocurrency is
a better version of fiat currency. But people’s cryptocurrency is something
that gives huge benefits to the users and especially to the early adopters. No government will give you
or me or anybody else a possibility to actually capitalise on the currency itself. But the people’s currency is built the way that
today, most cryptocurrencies are built. when it’s small, when it’s not popular,
when it’s not really usable or used, the value is much lower and when it becomes, grows
bigger and becomes more usable, the value is higher. I believe there’ll be, there will be four or five currencies that will, give huge financial benefits to
the people who start to use them. And the government cryptocurrencies,
they are just, uh, it’s kind of like, as symbiosis of fiat currency and people’s cryptocurrency. – Kind of like a hybrid.
– Kind of like a hybrid somewhere in between. Somewhere in between, yeah. So that the government, they can still operate in the way that they are used to till the moment there come better solutions and then people, they would be able to,
of course use the government cryptocurrency. But thanks to transparency, the governments
should be, and hopefully are also accepting, those global currencies which people would would want to use more And that creates a question itself If the governments are creating their own currencies. And you’ve got a few global currencies. How do those, if the government allows, obviously those
currencies to be used within their territory, how would you see them coexisting with each other? I don’t see any big problem in that I don’t believe that there would be a possibility
for everybody to use one currency. it’s not just possible. I prefer something, you prefer something else and then that’s how people are. But even today, there are systems where you can actually swap one
currency to another very quickly. well today the fees are still quite high, in the future, what I believe is that swapping
with between one crypto to another is instant and bears basically no cost. So, how things will work out. I don’t know. I don’t think anybody knows. But one possible scenario
for sure is that people, they usually hold in one currency, but when they
want to pay it and then there is a quick swap and the merchant accepts the other currency the same way that right now
a lot of companies are actually using crypto and fiat exchange for that. So all of these cards, Visas or Mastercards or all these platforms that say, now you can use crypto in hundreds
of thousands of hotels or you can book your tickets
or you can purchase vouchers all what they do is they actually,
they take crypto from you, they exchange it to fiat currency and they pay
euros or dollars to the merchant, to the hotel. It’s not really accpeting cryptocurrency. Right. And there are huge fees involved in that. But when it’s crypto to crypto, then this already makes a little bit sense. But at the same time, it can’t be this way that,
you have a separate cryptocurrencies for, for every industry, you buy your groceries with grocery coin you, you pay for gas with gas coin and
then you pay your rent with rent coin. That doesn’t make sense. But, let’s say in Europe
there is euro coin and you are holding Dagcoin, wherever you want to pay in Europe then
it instantly swaps from one to another, then it’s not that confusing. But at the same time, you know that if
I’m holding my, my assets in Dagcoin, it’s a currency that has limited supply. It doesn’t, nobody devalues the currency so you feel more secure, but at the same time,
wherever you can use it, there’s a quick swap and it’s paid in the local currency. That is, I think that is one very possible
scenario that that can happen in the future. So you see basically a world where you hold
a particular currency. It might be euro coin, but you might go to somewhere that,
or another country or another area, another vendor which accepts another and you can use your currency, but it’s just simply converted as you pay. Exactly. But that conversion, it has to be super cheap and it’s ridiculous to pay high conversion fees. I understand that right now a lot of
companies are doing that because they can and you know, people are
so excited about cryptocurrency. They’re willing to pay 5% or 10% fees here But it doesn’t make any sense. I think it’s wrong the purpose of crypto make things easier,
faster, more convenient, more accessible, why to make it more expensive? So I believe exactly this conversion in the future, it should be and it will be
very cost effective and very fast. So in what way do you think Dagchain technology helps to do that? Well, Dagchain technology, it helps to create, a currency that is scalable and that other people can use which a currency, which hopefully
will become one of those couple of currencies. Dagchain technology itself, it doesn’t help
in creating those conversions, swaps, But it’s definitely something that
can work with other currencies entered that can work with other technologies. it is just, one technology on which
different coins can be built on. So I believe that Dagchain,
as technology, is suitable for for a large scale cryptocurrency
for a large scale currency money.

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