what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the tech cash house for another video here today hope all of you are having a good one as always wherever you are whatever you might be doing right now hope the weather is nice and yeah with that being said folks in today's video I want to go ahead and discuss another recent event cost opinion that's right or Winklevoss if you pronounce it like a normal person but uh I like to say Finkel vos it's just very fun to say because the vinkle vos twins are of course very big in the cryptocurrency space they are of course the head of Gemini a major Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading exchange so I like to cover their opinions I like to discuss what exactly they're talking about at the time because it's very relevant and what they say often times sets certain market trends so with that being said folks I will be discussing the vehicle vas opinion in today's video that revolves around Bitcoin being essentially gold 2.0 better than gold with a lot of room to grow in that rhymed that was unintentional so anyway guys with that being said that's what I'll be discussing in today's video as always I'll be breaking this down giving you my opinion first and then discussing the opinion of the pros and of the experts in this case the opinion of the avantco Voss twins and that's going to be the video so I don't know if you like it drop it alike subscribe and share for more let's see if we get these vinkle vows boys two hundred and a 50 likes five thousand views do share it with your buddies because that helps out a lot and let's go ahead and break this down and look at what exactly they are saying so to kick this off I want to go ahead and start by saying that gold and Bitcoin have long been compared however while gold is currently you know standing above Bitcoin and that has the upper hand gold has been around for a very very long time gold has actually been a major staple of transact able item for about three thousand years because people like shiny things I don't think any of us can deny that and Bitcoin of course has been around for about ten years about a decade as of right now so gold obviously has a pretty substantial head start but that doesn't necessarily mean that gold is better or inherently more valuable than Bitcoin is in fact with pik-wan growing at the rate that it's growing now I think that soon we can expect to see some really impressive market caps for Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency space as it really starts to compete with gold and as it eventually you know sort of edges gold out and the fingerblast wins of course are in agreement with this they view Bitcoin as essentially gold 2.0 a successor to gold if you will something that can replace gold as a standard sort of backing asset for other currencies Fiats and similar currencies even other altcoins could be considered similar currencies and honestly this makes a lot of sense if you look at how usable Bitcoin is compared to gold it's not even a really fair comparison okay Bitcoin has many different uses it's highly transact of what can be sent very easily gold is bulky gold is antiquated okay not many people anymore want to accept gold as a means of payment you know it isn't the Roman age anymore we aren't accepting gold coins so with that being said folks the vinkle boss twins are of course always pushing their opinion of Bitcoin as a sort of a next generation gold I want to go ahead and discuss what exactly they are saying so let's go ahead and tuck into their opinions and see what exactly is going on so although the crypto industry has changed dramatically in its decade-long lifespan the narrative surrounding Bitcoin along with its cardinal value proposition has been steady more or less yet there have been a few nuances case-in-point over recent years proponents of the cryptocurrency have been wishy washy with the asset being a store of value or an sov or a medium of exchange or an mov as both arguments have their merits and proofs a sometimes a volatile dichotomy has formed between commentators researchers analysts and investors touting the distinct thought processes so in fact many people argue that one catalyzed the now-infamous hard fork of mid-2017 was an argument about whether bitcoin was actually well digital cash more and more are coming to the conclusion though that prior to becoming a new form of money bitcoin will first need to become the go-to store of value or a go-to store of value as well alternatively so in a recent tweet Tyler Winklevoss one of the vinkle vos or vinkle v-twins and the chief executive of Gemini noted that he sees bitcoin as a gold 2.0 he states that the cryptocurrency matches or beats gold across the board as he said in a previous interview the only thing that gold has over bitcoin is a three thousand year head start which is something that I actually just said and he said in this tweet and I quote bitcoin is gold 2.0 it matches whore beats gold across the board its market cap is 140 billion dollars Gold's market cap is seven trillion do the math so factual data would actually confirm this as Grayskull investments explained unlike the metal the coin is mathematically scarce capped at 21 million units the coin is decentralized and verifiable through the internet the coin is portable and divisible through digital technologies and is unconscious capable gold on the other hand has an unlimited supply centralized risks an inability to be easily divided and moved around and concerns around its purity so Bitcoin has many advantages over gold just as of right now and that's not to say that in the future it won't be even more advantageous so because of these benefits greyscale has begun to push for investors to drop a gold and maybe look to Bitcoin for a future use of money as news Bitcoin reported previously the firm launched an extensive ad campaign that touted Bitcoin has gold 2.0 grayscale released a 45-second advertisement that depicted two youngsters physically dropping gold as those around them struggle with the heavy cumbersome commodity escaping to what is assumed to a society predicated on the use of digital assets so could we really exist in a no gold world well let's say that the world realizes the potential that Bitcoin holds resulting in the world looking to store their value in Bitcoin compared to gold what would this hypothetical yet totally possible world look like well according to hot ol whale a seattle-based cryptocurrency investor a world where Bitcoin has absorbed all the value of gold in circulation would see Bitcoin valued at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars at least and this figure isn't exactly baseless as per previous reports from this outlet all physical gold products in circulation are currently valued at approximately seven point eight three trillion dollars while all Bitcoin has a mere 94 billion dollar valuation if the latter was to fully displace the value of the first crypto voices in industry analytics and research group estimated that Bitcoin would swell to a value of a casual four hundred and fifty thousand dollars per unit slightly above jato whales estimate and honestly between three hundred fifty thousand and four hundred and fifty thousand both are equally likely okay as of right now we are primed for some very nice growth in the near future and these predictions aren't at all unrealistic if Bitcoin replaces gold its price will rise absolutely astronomically it's going to be very impressive a lot of upward momentum is going to happen and it's going to be really good to see it it's only a matter of time before we move on from gold as a main form of you know sort of backing asset or a store of value so honestly this is very exciting news I love to see this and the experts are as bullish as ever before the available spins are as bullish as ever and I really like that so anyway guys let me know what you think about this vinkle vos opinion is Bitcoin going to replace gold eventually is it not you know let me know what all of you think and as always folks I will see all of you in the next video have a good one guys keep it right here at the tech cash house for more content like this and adios

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