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welcome back to cryptic coin news my name is Zach and today we're taking a deep dive look at an interesting cryptocurrency project but before we kick it over to max guys don't forget we give away $100 with the light coin every time you see my face and hear my voice on one of these deep time videos all I have to do to enter to win that line coin is like this video do it right now it's free it's easy subscribe and turn on notifications to the channel and leave a comment down below let us know we think about this project along with your litecoin address now the winner from yesterday will be announced at the end of the video so stay tuned what's poppin guys welcome back to the deep dive my name is max but you may know me as moon already on twitter and today we're going to be jumping into des eco which is the world's first platform to issue and trade security tokens in full compliance with the law those that are familiar with the channel will know that I've already spoken in the past about regulation and I actually welcome it with open arms a lot of people think this is what's going to hold us back but in reality these are the hurdles that we need to get over sooner rather than later so we can better understand the scope limitations and possibilities within the blockchain space the zico's ecosystem will disrupt the global 155 billion dollar venture capital market by introducing security tokens through the blockchain and this infrastructure will consist of a security token platform security token exchange and a payment system for Fiats a crypto the project has already attracted endorsements from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania and surprised Lithuania the Nordic crowdfunding Alliance and the Enterprise aetherium Alliance so before we go any further let's see how des eco works before the rise of AI cos venture capitalists had the virtual monopoly on making early investments into promising startups blockchain decentralization and the rise of crypto currencies have positively changed how promising startups are financed however that was just the start welcome to the world of security tokens a security is a tradable financial asset for example common stock imagine acquiring Google stock at the very start of the company's infancy then selling it years later with huge returns security tokens are real securities that you acquire early exercise security holders rights while holding them and then sell when there value Rises Jessica will be the world's first platform to issue buy and sell security tokens and full compliance with the law it will work like this ICO is wanting to issue security tokens via Desa Co will need to meet the Desa code team in person in order to have their business model verified the verification process will include kyc and AML icos will then issue security tokens which investors will by using aetherium or desi tokens the desi token will be the best method used to acquire security tokens on the desica platform while investors are not required to hold a desi token it's holders will be rewarded with exclusive investment rights such as well like discounts and early bird investment opportunities as the number of ICO is listed on the desica platform increases each ICO will compete for a share of the limited number of deci tokens and circulation the desica platform will also include an exchange for all listed security tokens this means that security tokens issued via the desica platform will be tradable from the moment they are listed this gives instant liquidity to icos and a higher security token value to investors the desica platform will offer a transparent and fully legally compliant way to issue security tokens jessica is based in Lithuania a European Union member state and a part of the euro zone Lithuania is crowdfunding law and it's top-notch tech infrastructure provide desica with the right tools to reach its goals this is why Desa Co is a game changer welcome to the new world of security I SEOs so I'd just like to start off by saying how refreshing it is to have a new ICO come forth and really try to champion the reigns of the security tokens with all this news surrounding the sec a lot of projects are trying to keep away from the securities label and focus on creating utility tokens so des eco will operate a global EU based platform offering a fully compliant way for businesses to issue i ce o–'s and for token buyers to acquire and trade these tokens also built into the desi co platform is a fully regulated exchange it will provide security tokens with immediate liquidity after the successful completion of an IC o—- on the des eco platform this is quite a big factor because a lot of icos there is a kind of waiting period it's normally a few days or a week or sometimes up to two weeks so for a platform to provide you with the tokens upon completion of the ico does actually stand out to me as something unique desi Co users will also be able to manage both crypto and Fiat holdings within the platform they will have the opportunity to exchange their crypto currencies into fiat currencies within the desi Co exchange the platform operates fully within the current securities and crowdfunding laws of the Republic of Lithuania a European Union and eurozone member state and the des eco community will consist of security token issuers crypto investors and enthusiasts as well as ICO related service providers and here is the global fundraising amount in 2017 for the IPO market the venture capitalist market and the ICO market basically desi Co wish to make this ICO hexagon the size of this VC sexagon but I do have to say as all reviews that we do here at CCN are completely non bias but as for 2018 we exceeded this six billion dollar market back in April I'm not saying we're gonna reach hundred and fifty five bill this year however desi Co may make that journey slightly easier for us the functionality of the des eco eco system will be based on the desi token this is a token which serves two main purposes these are a payment method within the des eco eco system and privileges when acquiring security tokens so I SEOs wishing to issue security tokens via the des eco platform will have the Contin will have to contribute a certain amount of desi tokens to the platform as platform fees sort of similar to the NB and by Nantz investors will be able to acquire these newly issued security tokens by paying in desi tokens themselves and as for the privileges desi token holders will be given exclusive rights on the desi KO platform and these will include early bird access and whale-like bonuses when acquiring security tokens and being exempt from trading fees on the desi KO exchange so holding the token actually really does have its perks and have its values if you're going to be using the platform to invest in I SEOs in the future and honestly so far I've really liked the sound of the projects it sounds completely unique and so far I like what I'm seeing why the blockchain well this will allow desi Koh to implement a tokenization of securities it will bring a number of financial advantages for global financial markets in particular the removal of intermediaries who need to be paid for their services they'll also be building a smart contract based decentralized platform and the use of smart contracts will enable the full decentralization of the desi coke platform under services and because of this desi coke community members will be able to offer their services to the desi Co ecosystem and communicate directly with icos and desi Co will build an efficient and fully transparent platform which stores transaction level data on the blockchain they're also considering using a side chain to facilitate and recall all transactions including the sale and purchase of security tokens they've got a big juicy team guys with a good solid list of advisors and said advisers include Renault clever lon he's a crowdfunding adviser and expert advisor on alternative finance are the European Commission and he's a member of the global alternative finance leadership board at the University of Cambridge we also have Jeff Burton a strategy adviser and member of the founding team of EI desi Co was co-founded by lamanna's norica the CEO darius Norika the CEO and Audrey's gryska Visayas the cbdo lemonis is a fin tech entrepreneur and business development professional with over a decade of experience he is the founder of desi Co and also the CEO and founder of fin be one of the best performing crowdfunding platforms in Europe Audrey s has almost 15 years of experience as a finance professional he's currently the head of fin beef a business and prior to this role audrey has served in various positions our Swedbank one of Europe's major banks his work around the globe as a highly competent and experienced financial expert has led him to his current position of chief business development officer and he holds an MBA from halt Business School Darius is a certified financial analyst with over ten years of experience working at two of the largest consumer banks in the Nordic Baltic region Swedbank and Danske Bank he's also the co-author in B the team looks awesome they've got plenty of experience within this sector but now taking a look at their roadmap once the ICO token sale has finished they will be working on the security ICO platform and we can expect to see a beta launch in q2 of 2019 in queue they will launch the payment system for crypto to fear and in q4 they will launch the built-in exchange and be opening offices in Amsterdam and Berlin and then finally in q4 of 2020 we can see the final launch of the security ICO platform in its full version so honestly I think there's kind of a void for something like this I like what they're about I like what they're trying to do but as with most new projects they should be considered longer-term investments but I would say there's a good two years until we can see their vision truly facing the public the branding is also really nice I love the bold colors even the voice over guy matched the whole aesthetic it feels serious but welcoming if you did enjoy this review please leave a like it really does help us out here at CCN and if you'd like to keep up to date with my favorite icos and memes then you can follow me on Twitter over at moon already but for now guys I'm passing you back down to the studio with Zack back to you but Thank You max we appreciate the review as always but now let's give away $100 worth the litecoin guys don't forget to enter for a chance to win a hundred hours with Lane all you have to do is like the video subscribe turn on notifications leave a comment down below let us know what you think about the project along with your like Lane address and the winner is Ian young thank you for the comedy zidane petrova has been hit hard for trope it has been hit hard and we really don't know what's going on with that project but let's go ahead and send you guys $100 worth the light coin so let's go here and go here $100 sent your way and send there we get $100 sent your way hopefully that helps you invest in something else maybe you can see 10x on that this year and $100 is almost one light coin nowadays so hopefully that light clay maybe goes back in revisits 300-400 dollars and maybe it really made some serious cash that would thank you so much for watching until next time happy trading and good bye

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  1. This is an interesting security token project and good to see efficient exchange listing, as many ICO's take several weeks to months before tokens are listed. This does have the potential to ensure a low fee, fully liquid platform as well as the all important ability to conduct crowdfunding through a credible liquid platform.

  2. Im looking forward to seeing the 1st fully regulated exchange, that WILL STOP all price manipulation! ?

  3. I think a lot of commenters have missed the point of this. The exchange is a secondary feature. The main point of Desico is a crowdfunding/ICO platform that complies with securities laws. The exchange comes after that fact. When the ICO is finished, the tokens can immediately be traded rather than wait for listing. Fixed token supply should mean that if the platform gains traction and users come in, the value should rise. Think of BNB. Pretty meteoric rise. Why? Because it makes sense to own them because of the inherent benefits. I like the sound of Desico. More research needed, but so far so good.

  4. Thank you for this video.Great quality of video.
    Your video was very much helpful for a person like me who is new ico. I am super interested in Scidex. I have been doing a lot of research on ico.

  5. Gordan Sladich
    1 seconde geleden
    If you had to put your only $1000 in 3 coins, what would it be?


  6. You guys suck for making that video. It’s crap like this that’s pullling the crypto markets down. Told ya should pay me not to post ?

  7. Should pay me not to post lol…. don’t buy this crap. Imagine buying google stock at beginning lol was used as selling point. Oh my whale discounts and early bird worms lol tradable on what exchanges ? Lithuania secured ???? What other company does anyone invest in out of this country with a safety as stated like they are the secure state bc they are in the EU ?

  8. Binance and Coinbase Dexs will have to be beat. Along with bancor, IDEX, DDAX, etc.

    LTC: MDt73fDhma8YG9MtYY9z9iDfFEarSyc9Mo

  9. Hey Zach.. thanks for showing us new things and opinions.. Interesting project.. LTCp6pYbhgrYrdJC6oNrV44u1GfyowkKAa

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