The UAE’s Martian City on Earth

[ ♪ Intro ♪ ] The United Arab Emirates is really good at
enormously ambitious — and just physically enormous — projects. From the Burj Khalifa to their artificial
islands, to the mountain they want to build, to that giant indoor ski resort they have:
the UAE is about pushing the limits of engineering, sometimes out of necessity, and sometimes
because they’re just feeling it. And now they’re taking that feeling and
running with it to Mars, in the form of a giant Martian colony. But first, they’re planning to build a model
colony here on Earth — the biggest Mars simulation anyone has ever done. In 2014, the UAE established their space program
and announced their inaugural mission: the Al-Amal, or Hope, orbiter, which will monitor
Mars’s atmosphere and weather. Mars’s atmosphere used to be much thicker,
and the causes of its thinning aren’t entirely known. The planet’s lack of magnetic field probably
plays a role, but we don’t have any definitive answers to the question yet. So with Hope, they’re … hoping … to
answer that question. It’s set to launch in 2020 and arrive at
Mars in 2021. But the UAE is thinking really long term about
Mars, and also has plans to build a whole city up there. They want to get 600,000 people living on
Mars. That’s super ambitious, especially considering
we haven’t sent anyone to Mars yet, but their deadline is 100 years from now, so they
do have plenty of time to figure it out. And that’s where their most recent Mars-related
project comes in: a smaller, model colony in the Emirates. And when I say “smaller,” all I mean is
that It’s not going to be nearly as big as the actual planned colony on Mars. It’ll still be pretty darn huge — about
two-tenths of a square kilometer in area, or about half the size of the Vatican. And the whole thing is going to be covered
with domes! It won’t be the first simulated Mars habitat,
although it will be the biggest. The Mars Society runs two habitats, in Utah
in the US and Nunavut in Canada. And the University of Hawaii has one too. All of these simulations are places for teams
of scientists to conduct astrobiological and geological research in environments that are
a lot like Mars. And at the same time, they can simulate the
realities of living in a scientific settlement on a planet that can’t support you. There tend to be lots of rules: you can’t
go outside of your living space without wearing a spacesuit; your water use is extremely well-regulated,
and you can’t communicate off-base without a 20-minute delay. The habitats allow scientists to work on their
own projects there, while simultaneously being part of a long-term psychological experiment:
how will scientists fare when stuck in a little hab together? How do we meet their psychological and emotional
needs? The UAE’s environment will work on answering
similar questions by having a crew live in their habitat for a year. But it’ll also be a sandbox for engineers
to test the kinds of systems they’ll need to support a long-term settlement on Mars,
something we haven’t really been able to do before on such a large scale. Everything is still very conceptual at this
point — the UAE Space Agency hasn’t even said when they’re planning on having this
thing built. But they have released some very preliminary
plans for their Dome-inion. That’s not the official name, we’re just
really hoping it catches on. The colony will be contained inside three
domes, and it’s going to be really crucial to get those domes right. Earth’s atmosphere filters out lots of UV
radiation from the sun, but Mars’s atmosphere isn’t thick enough to do that. Which means people on the surface would face
everything from bad sunburns to skin cancer unless they’re protected. In theory the domes are going to do the job
that Mars’s atmosphere can’t, and will be made out of a material that can shield inhabitants
from Mars’s high UV flux. Based on some of the concept art they’ve
drawn up, it might also be possible to control how much light the material lets through,
which would be a way to have the people and plants in the model city living on Martian
day/night cycles. No word on what this material is yet, but
again, they have a while to figure it out. Since the whole thing will be enclosed, engineers
will be able to test the atmospheric regulation systems, water filtration systems, temperature
regulation systems — all the usual mechanical stuff that you need to survive when your environment
can’t support you. And they’ll be developing these systems
to accommodate a small city, rather than just a li’l habitat or a space station, so it’s
a big challenge! But probably the biggest problem engineers
will have to solve is how to feed everyone. For a permanent or semi-permanent colony,
you can’t rely on shipments of food from Earth. And while Mars’s soil does contain some of
the elements and molecules that plants need to grow, they’re not abundant enough to
really support agriculture. So we’ll have to apply everything we know
about agriculture to this new environment, which is okay because if humans know how to
do anything, it farming. We are so good at that. It’s kind of our thing as a species. That and long-distance running and fully rotatable
arms. Anyway, farming: we’re really good at it,
especially since we’ve figured out how to manipulate genes. Genetically modified plants that can thrive
in relatively nutrient-poor soil or produce higher amounts of proteins, carbs, or essential
vitamins already exist, and of course we have all kinds of fertilizers, both natural and
synthetic. So a lot of the foundation work is done there
— but we are still a long way from being able to farm in such an extreme environment
as Mars. Even with plenty of potatoes and poop. In addition to all the research going on in
the Dome-inion, they’re also planning on building a museum in there, with walls 3D-printed
from local sand. The museum will celebrate the history of human
spaceflight, and who knows — maybe by a century from now, it’lll inspire 600,000
people to pick up their lives and fly to another planet. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow
Space! To learn more about other plans to help us
live on Mars, you can check out our episode about the plans for Mars One. [ ♪ Outro ♪ ]

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  1. 1:25 "…so they have plenty of time to figure it out." They often say that when making bold assumptions. Somebody's gonna come up with a solution. So here's my pitch to solve over population: like that Rick Moranis movie let's shrink humans to like one tenth and voila! we got way more space for everyone. Then from one tenth to one hundredth and on. And how we're gonna do that? Nah the deadline is 100 years so plenty of time to figure it out.

  2. Harbouring terrorists. Using slave labour. If you support this scum you are a traitor and history will judge you so. Can’t wait for the shifting sands to cover this hell hole

  3. This gives me a great sci-fi drama plot idea. UAE uses it's oil-wealth to become the first power on mars, and they assert supreme control of the planet. Over a hundred years they develop technologies and military strength as well as a fanatical religious belief that Earth is a sacred planet that they must control. The primarily agnostic people of earth are then put up against the religious martians in a war for control of Earth. Anyone good at writing plots want to help me develop this?

  4. This will also further the understanding of climotology, and ecology. Understanding how ecosystems and climate systems work in a self contained controls environment.

  5. UAE? then space travel will be haram for women (the most likely scenario) or
    female colonists won't be allowed to take off their space suits

  6. It's bizarre to hear SciShow talking so optimistically about a nation that still employs virtual slave labor and actively persecutes ideological dissenters. Be impressed by their technological infrastructure all you want — oil can't buy you humanity, just tall buildings built by underpaid workers. They're still about as ideologically progressive as cavemen.

  7. The UAE is known to be arrogant, so I wouldn't count on it ever going to mars unless they make a formal deal with another space agency.

  8. They need nutrients in the soil, if they started shipping compost to mars they might have a chance of successfully making an enclosed environmental

  9. Warning to all commenters! 90% of this comment section is angry keyboard warriors who blame all the worlds problems on "The West" and think typing in a comments section will somehow help exploited African workers. The other 10% is T H I C C memes.

  10. Awwww, this whole video is so cute and innocent.
    Not only does the poster think UAE actually builds things, but the UAE actually thinks they'll still be a country in 100 years!

  11. The UAE builds nothing. All of the marvels of engineering are foreign built. The idea that a people with no great scientific discovery in the past thousand years will go to mars is laughable.

  12. I am from the UAE, and to see the number of hatred people can have is pathetic. For all those people who like to talk about things they don't even have information about, please shut up. honestly, you are not doing yourself any favors, just proving how stupid you can be. Our country is making large efforts to diversify. most of UAE's revenue comes from tourism, trade, and financial services. it only used to be run by oil during the 90s and 80s, and the country is already making big plans to make sure Dubai and UAE become greater. if you call a country a showoff then wow, I did not know you could make me laugh any harder. also, about the space agency, Dubai is focusing on giving jobs to emaratis. They are having space-related courses in our colleges. long story short, they want emarati and our youth, just last year an emarati 14 years old won a competition​ that will test her experiment in space. okie, done ranting. ba bye.

  13. *me when I first saw the title: WTF, UAE, when was there a video of MY country and people were proud of it!!!btw I live in Dubai, UAE and was born here🇦🇪

  14. We somewhat already tried this, it was called "biosphere 2". it was a failure. It wasn't trying to meet the same end goals of a mars base. It was the same concept though, try to build a mini self sustained earth and see if a few scientists wouldn't want to kill each other….and of course they wanted to kill each other relatively quickly.

  15. This is silly. Domes could filter out UV light but the show-stopper is the galactic cosmic ray flux which would give humans a full lifetime's maximum acceptable dose within a month. You'd need to basically live underground your whole life.

  16. Shut it all of you don't talk bad about UAE if u don't know it if u don't live in it I know it I live in it The UAE is a Muslim country it would never do that And I'm a Muslim so I know what's haram and halal in Islam so KEEP QUIET

  17. Not just fully-rotatible arms, but throwing. We're amazingly good at pitching objects where we want them to go at high velocity.

  18. The consept artists should look at the geodesic dome in the Missouri Botanical Gardens (Climatron) which was designed by Buckmeister Fuller

  19. I gave it a thumbs up for attitude. Mars is, and has been a cold, deadly place for earth-based surface life for some time. Humans would need to be underground, not under domes, to survive beyond 30 years of age. Fortunately there could be sky lights to accommodate the agriculture.

  20. For all the cretins below. The UAE space agency is only hiring UAE locals, no expats and no "asian" migrants. Also, why are you trying to impede the progression of Scientific innovation in countries that need it! Why cant you just be happy that people actually are enlightened enough to know that space exploration is crucial for a progressive and scientifically innovative society.

  21. You would have to put alot of planning to build even a little habitat ,you would have to consider how the electricity would work or how well the air is then food and water then you would have to be carful of something crashing into the habitat……

  22. Colonization of Mars will most likely happen way before a 100 years from now the UAE. There are plans that exits talking about 2020, 2030, 2035.

  23. "two tenths of a square kilometer" you could have just said 50 acres. (with my conversion factors there was no remainder.)

    it will not be happen UAE clerics issued a fatwa against muslims going to Mars

  25. I don't get why anyone would want to move to Mars. Wouldn't it be easier just to move everyone into the deserts?

  26. go to the space with this future spaceship cheaper and more savety

    you are so gorgeous
    The easy way to eliminate gravity just spinning #FeelFree

    There is two kinds of vehicle what was ingeneraly used by human being in the life history in the world, there is: using momentumforce like animal, car, airoplane or ship: The other using centrifugalforce like flying saucer. The concerned animal is horse, camel,donkey, etcetera. And the flying obyect is all kinds of vehicle realized byhuman being technology included flying saucer.

    Earth which weight predict 600 trillion ton does not fall at theSun because of centrifugal in orbitting, on the contrary it does not be thrownfar go out the orbit line of hold by gravity at the Sun as orbit center.Gravity and centrifugal is equal called Equillibrium, thats why until now Earthwhich we was inhabited always rotate and circulate the Sun. Now we justly takeexample : how if the gravity used andcentrifugal is negated? The Earth will float far leave the Sun. So thatcentrifugal can be used to fly far away if gravity eliminated. Finally how toeliminate gravity?

    It’s way rotate part of aircraft byhorizontal. When that rotation faster centrifugal force getting greater and thegravity getting smaller, finally it lose the gravity and the aircraft startflying. Of course people would surprise: how the aircraft can keep rotatewithout fulcrums? Thats why we named that aircraft Shuttling System that isaircraft likes two disc adjoining attached in the midle as fulcrums:

    A. The Top part, we name Positive rotate toright, and the edges is getting thicker and havier.

    B. The Buttom part, we name Negative rotating toleft, and the edges is getting thicker and havier. C. Middle Part , we name Neutral, air crewplaced and also machine and everythings turning Negative and Positive at thesame time.

    The aircraft can liftup added with explosion from the engine. However thataircraft construction later, let the engineer doit it, and we are sure theaircraft will bulletproof and also waterproof.

  27. if they want to built ambition go to mars , than what is your problem , all of you have mental problem , if arab along time ago can create many amazing science discoveries that change the world today , not impossible if they do it again , all of you that judge them ,look into your own self first . what you do , if you think you are the best what did you do . you people are jealous and sick .

  28. for your information everyone only Emirati people work in the space station in uae not people from otheer countries as u think

  29. First issue; How are they building this Martian building on Earth? 3D printing…. I think before they worry about water usage, actual construction on Earth will have to be done as it would need to be done on Mars.

  30. I think so many people are just not paying attention to space travel being more complicated than Earth travel…you travel anywhere on Earth, the gravity is the same…you travel in space, the gravity is different, possibly around 60-90 percent…this will alter bone density, muscle mass, amounst other things…even Mars gravity is over 60 percent less than Earths…and it will complicate things. And everyone is just pilling on to the space travel colonization of other planets and ignoring it…

  31. Just an afterthought; since UAE are like legit oilers maybe they want to get to Mars first than Texans. You know the drilling thing. 600,000 workers. Ay

  32. Americans have no right to talk about human rights in other countries, while they have committed numerous genocides and atrocities themselves.

  33. You realise the US’s treatment of mexican migrants is in many ways worse than UAE’s treatment of South Asian workers? Yes, I am talking real exploitation of illegals in the US. But you don’t hear that everyday do you? So maybe apply the same soft filter here mention something that is relevant instead of this propaganda.

  34. Lol Arabs do not have the technology, innovation and intellect to carry out a mission such as this one! This is clearly a Japanese mission 100% and therefore all credits go to Japan 🙂

  35. People like to draw up giant glass domes don't they? I'd really like to see anyone actually build an appropriately pressurized prototype here on Earth.

  36. Will that dome also filter out the rest of the radiation that, on Earth, is redirected away from us by Earth’s magnetic field? What about the soil perchlorate problem?

  37. The UAE is a primitive, Islamic country with no scientific intelligence of their own. Everything built there has been by western cultures. They have oil, that is their only resource. Stop trying to pretend that these primitives are doing anything. It makes you look stupid !

  38. Great, after Japan build the rockets and American built the probe, and Japan will launch the probe…who will built the city? Japan again?

  39. We already tried this in the Arizona desert in the 1980’s. Shut it down due to people not getting along, black mold, crop failures, etc., etc.

  40. My thinking is that the first biospheres should to be relative toys as to compared with anything truly ambitious Very small systems with combination of microbes/insects and plants sealed from Mars atmosphere to hold in temperature and moisture …solar generators that provide power for pumps and sun screen or whatever ….absolutely included would be tiny cameras….the insects and plants could each be named and would become stars of NASA or SpaceX or UAE reality shows beamed to earth ….yes the eventually outcome might well be death for the entire biosphere but just knowing that for a while it was working would add a lot of interest and donations for FOLLOWING biospheres ….trying to set records for longevity ….learning more and more with each attempt ….eventually including GMO life forms and adding Martian materials robotically to the substrate….little tiny steps in other words ….NOT some huge effort that let's face it will more than likely fail ….initially? Keep things small and simple announcing ahead of time that success will be ANY period of time it life persists in the spheres …if it is only a week? THAT will be the world's record and a legit cause for celebration! …We DID it! We successfully transported life from earth to mars! COOL! Would get more YouTube hits than ANYTHING previous! People WOULD donate like crazy for successive bigger better or Wilder attempts! You really need to capture the imagination of the world rather than initially trying to do anything super exotic….I think….keep it small and simple

  41. Guys you realise that only people from the UAE will be allowed to go I’m from Qatar btw and my mom already been accepted sooooooo

  42. UAE is to unadvance to go to mars, just like the their tallest tower it was engineerd by a western countries, it more likely western countries would help, but it would cost them more then their country and oil supply. It porbably would never happen anyways, it would be western countries taking mars befor they could even do anything.

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