The TRUTH Behind Bitcoin’s MASSIVE Crash!!! Wall Street Backing Out?!? What to Expect in 2019…

[Applause] [Applause] what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombie so I hope everybody had a really awesome holiday as you guys know I wasn't around yesterday had a lot of family stuff to tend to traveling we actually host Christmas Eve at our house so it was a really busy couple days anyway that being said for everyone that was around and we were looking at the markets we had that massive santa claus rally and then we've had a little bit of a pullback now down to a 3,800 $3,700 Bitcoin so I'm okay with that it's to be expected you're not gonna go straight up for a week you know without having some type of pullback okay that was to be expected now before we get out I just want to talk about two things super fast the first thing is a member of the crypto zombies community actually came out and let me know that they have a book available on Amazon called bullish on Bitcoin 37 strategies to profit in the new crypto economy the reason I'm bringing this up is because it's totally free for the next three days so if you want to down download this you can get it for free and also it's kind of aimed at the beginner investor you know or even people that got wrecked you know or lost a lot of money in 2018 so it could be a good book to just have maybe somebody that's getting into Bitcoin or crypto you know new check out totally free and the second thing I wanted to point out was somebody let me know again we had another scammer it's so difficult to keep up with these guys but look this one right here if you go down to this email this is crypto zombie trading at which is not my email okay and basically they're over here saying I have an offer for you you can invest two thousand dollars a minimum of five hundred you get 30% on your investment yeah That's not me guys I try my best to get these scammers out but I will never ask you for any money and if you ever want to get a hold of me directly you can go to my email that's in my about me or just join the crypto zombies telegram group it's totally free and you could just go on telegram and that's my actual handle okay so I just wanted to point that out because I don't want people getting scammed that's ridiculous anyway if we give this a quick refresh we'll see what's going on so we've pretty much stayed flat this morning Bitcoin sitting around 3700 you know XRP 36 cents aetherium 126 dollars now we lost well let's see actually let's actually have a look at what the market cap was over the past seven days I mean we were sitting here at this peak everyone was all pumped 145 bucks and now we're down to 126 so we lost a little under 20 billion dollars it happened pretty fast though so that you know that's what um but it's crypto guys it's crypto everything happens fast in crypto now having a look at the biggest gainers of the day we have eternal token up 80% linky 12 polymath almost 12 holo aetherium basic bucket coin in there again Tasos digit style pun DX and Bitcoin gold so let's talk about the fact that it's not just crypto and Bitcoin but every major asset class has had a major fall back in 2018 so obviously crypto got hit pretty hard we're not going to deny that one however if you look at here this is basically what they call the asset class quilt of total returns and this goes back all the way to 2008 and you can see right here that pretty much in 2018 almost everything is recording a loss right here so you know as you can see according to these reports that came out the activity dominating the close of the trading year was just a series of shorts on stocks corporate bonds commodities government debt and practically every other asset class you can think of and crypto was that not an exception in Anthony Pantoliano actually pointed out and this was on December 4th 750 five billion dollars had completely left the S&P 500 which is incredible that's I don't even know how many more that's at least five five acts well crypto is right now off the top of my head so you know CNN actually reported that the Bank of America had warned against this they said there were 14 out of 19 signs of a bear market and this was back in October and you could see after that it's pretty much you know just gone down ever since so they also had the head of US rate Strategy at BMO and she says that all assets have underperformed in 2018 I'm sorry it's a heat because the Fed accelerated the process of tightening monetary policy with a two-pronged approach of both hiking rates and reducing the balance sheet we continue to expect the Fed will hike next year until they break something the reversal in equities is not the magnitude that has historically led the Fed reverse their policy so there's still room to go and as you can see right here the only notable winning option in 2018 were some commodities like you have you know natural gas you have wheat cocoa oats palladium corn it's really it so it's not like really anybody had a great 20 18 so it's not to be surprised that you know crypto experienced something very similar now obviously a lot of people are saying alright 2018 we learned our lesson now it's time to build so where are we going from here well if you look at FinTech crypto leader henry are selenium from PwC China and Hong Kong he was on Bloomberg he was talking about how he thinks these big players are gonna be coming in he says that even here in the US there's some bipartisan initiatives to try to make the u.s. more competitive when it comes to crypto assets referring to the Bitcoin bubble you know he basically said that yeah it's been a year-long correction but we helped to get a lot of the noise out of the sector I mean we've been talking about all these scams crappy projects white paper I SEOs right and then he also talked about you know how stable coins and security tokens are gonna be pretty big moving forward but I wanted to kind of dive into you know how we got here because you're seeing these predictions you know for example from Rand nooner and he's talking about the stocks that are going down and how they've plummeted and he says that they're probably going to convince fund managers to turn to Bitcoin so he says that because the market volumes are up on Christmas could indicate that you know the technology is being wider accepted and has more of an appeal you know but realistically speaking you have seen that a lot of these you know Wall Street tycoons whatever you want to call them that we're looking to get in unfortunately have it okay yes we're pretty excited about backed although they've they pretty much guaranteed got delayed again right fidelity is on its way Nasdaq as well but some of these other guys have sort of stayed on the sidelines or just never really pulled the trigger right so some people familiar with Goldman Sachs is crypto business they also had been saying they were looking to get involved right they had a crypto non-derivative fun but unfortunately now this is what they're saying it's only attracted 20 clients 20 it's not a lot of interest guys so that's the source coming from Bloomberg in addition you have Justin Smith hired to head digital asset division at Goldman Sachs revealed in November that regulators are unfortunately limiting their plans as well they also have Morgan Stanley okay so this company was ready to launch their swaps tracking Bitcoin futures since early fall but says that they haven't even received one single contract and the firm also said that they're ready to launch their services but they're just waiting for a sign of demand so it seems like the demand is not as high as we had believed it was to be now there are a lot of conspiracies about guys buying up over the counter and we do we do know that this is happening but they're saying as far as these traditional tools are concerned they're not really having that interest right you also have Citi group and Barclays have also experienced similar problems as well so you know you got to take this as what's really happening I mean if these guys aren't interested they're not interested so I wanted to look into this article that came out by Andrew Romans now he's a VC investor in crypto all right he's written two really really successful books that a lot of people you know have have a you know looked into and he goes on and writes why Bitcoin aetherium in the entire crypto market are down in value and he says the way that he sees it and I actually agree with a lot of points in this is that investors in 2017 and specifically in quarter four wanted to buy Bitcoin and aetherium for the sole purpose of exchanging it for icos now we spoke about this right so guys were basically buying mostly aetherium to get into these I cos they didn't care what price they bought in at so they would just buy the next buy order which push the price up and up and up and up and up and why were they doing this well they were doing this because they were only holding the crypto namely aetherium just long enough to buy it usually with dollars most the time and then transfer it to an ICO so they didn't care if they were buying aetherium at a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars because they were just basically doing what you use XRP for which is just for like quick you know transfers right so that definitely spiked up the price then the startup companies that had completed their icos became Wales right they had massive amounts of ether and they started to unload these tokens around December in January so this was flipping the dynamic of the huge demand for Bitcoin but mostly aetherium back at the time so as they began to sell off the value of the ether became a lot less so it was the complete opposite of what was happening whereas some people were buying in to get into the I SEOs now the I SEOs are liquidating selling for whatever they don't care about slippage they don't care about what crashing the price they're just selling so that they can pay for cloth pay employees pay for funding whatever it is that these guys are doing right so after the new year hangover faded as he words at the startups needed to exchange their crypto for fiat in order to pay engineers etc then it was a run on the bank panic okay so you had pressure from US regulations in q3 q4 and then this resulted in a slowing and almost pretty much a near halt of I SEOs right I mean you see no one wants to invest in ICS anymore so after that I SEOs stopped or even radically slowed new token issuers began to accept Thea without the need to pass through aetherium which killed more demand and left only sellers and ha de leurs and no buyers in a bid-ask world as the market tanked so in 2018 something else developed it became clear that all of these funded i ce o–'s weren't really diligence that well buy real tech experts and a lot of them turned out to be pure crap okay products that didn't work they definitely over-promised and under-delivered some of them turned out to be scams some of them might have been good projects but they just mismanaged their budget this is all part to do with why we find ourselves where we are so what is gonna happen moving forward that's the question everybody wants to know what's gonna happen in 2019 well what happens is all these weak startups eventually get flushed out okay and we're gonna be left with some pretty good projects hopefully leftover so today the consumer retail investors of the Southeast Asia around the world are no longer gambling and throwing their cash at the latest ICO pitch right so it's interesting because it used to be 20% institutional investors or VCS and then 80% retail whereas now you're seeing it the other way around in fact a lot of these companies that are raising money they're not even going to public rounds like the few companies out there that are cos they're pretty much just keeping them private at this point so we're also seeing return to market valuations rather than well as this guy puts it a team of high school dropouts seeking of 50 million or 100 million pre-money valuation without ever having met a payroll or accomplished any substance so also these raises were massive come on guys 50 million a hundred million three hundred million I mean projects in the real world that have been established for multiple years don't even have you know IPOs of this magnitude so obviously the new companies being funded in 2019 and the ones that will be listed in the upcoming years are going to be far better most likely on average than the 27 ones resulting in a rebound in the market so you're gonna see experienced vc-backed entrepreneurs working on blockchain startups which means the population of management teams will evolve beyond the original of just Bitcoin anarchist right you're seeing all different courses being offered in school blockchain education every single almost every week I see a new you know Academy or course being listed right so he goes on to say that basically what we're gonna see is a few killer start offs hopefully take off which will generate mass adoption and you know all it takes is one app right I mean think about if you just have maybe a video game like something like Angry Birds right but it's on the blockchain that could make some adoption I think blockchain gaming is gonna be huge he says he expects to see something else maybe something that we've never thought about or something like Skype right or a video thing or maybe a chat app right maybe like the next telegram or the next we chat or something like that right he also goes on to conclude to say that it's imperative that all businesses move into the blockchain so that no party can tamper with the numbers of how many widgets were sold or who gets paid and in his opinion he thinks that at some point all businesses governments and healthcare data will eventually be on the blockchain and pretty soon it will be unacceptable without it to enter into a business degree menteur trust any other party with your information right so once these businesses transactions or elections or voting or whatever's getting done on the blockchain no one's going to be able to tamper with the data all sides can trust each other the big picture is here however the current price does not reflect it so looks like price got ahead of the tech and that's basically what we've seen time and time and time again now there was an article that came out called crypto is down so why am i smiling now this is from somebody who's been in the space for a very long time this is w scott's Tornetta he's the chief scientist at u ghen partners a blockchain investment firm but he's also the co-author of how to timestamp a digital document which is a seminal work in cryptography that's actually cited three times in Satoshi nakamoto's original Bitcoin white paper he's actually been working with blockchain technology for 30 plus years and I know you're saying well how is that's crazy bitcoins only been around for a decade well he actually puts it down here you can see he says to be clear he created a prototype of a blockchain so but anyway long story short let's get into this let's talk about what's going on so he says while as a community we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Satoshi nakamoto's white paper this year he says next year is actually a more important anniversary namely 2019 will mark 30 years since Stuart Hebert and I began working and contributing on a thread that would become known as blockchain so he references the movie Jerry Maguire you know show me the money right so he says let me suggest for show meas follow these in 2012 and perhaps I can show you the investment money so he says that we're gonna need these things potentially to have more money come into the space so the number one is the community right new blockchain efforts should begin with a community that shares a common interest and purpose this is the fundamental process of the blockchain a shared immutable record that allows communities to achieve their collective hopes in a peer-to-peer transparent and efficient way well I could definitely say that we have the community there's definitely a community for sure and within the community there's smaller communities and those little communities like to fight with each other right my coins better than your coin but I think ultimately we are one giant community even though we like to fight so I think community we're doing all right show me the solution today's problems ok so successful blockchain efforts will not offer solutions in search of needs but rather solve current pressing problems so don't create a problem to solve it solve an actual problem that we have right now you guys ever see that like joke where you know the brick gets thrown through the window and the guy there the window breaks the guy picks it up and then you know attached to the brick is a note that says you know call this number for window repair okay we don't need to be creating problems we need to fixing problems that we have right now so many blockchain enthusiasts you know this year rallied against you know all these different projects or against you know the the evils of the current systems the bankers and the greed and this and that and they convinced themselves that because their blockchain based solutions were different you know from the wrong answers their solutions must necessarily be right well that's not really how reality works so history demonstrates that successful revolutionaries focus less on what they fight against and more on what solutions they propose have you guys ever heard the saying you know losers focus on winners winners focus on winning I think I said it backwards but that's still the point the best vision visionaries have incremental largely self-sustaining plans that grow over time to achieve radically improved results so in 2019 efforts that fit this near-term and then long-term dynamic will be well-positioned and these networks will scale so finally well I'm sorry actually we have two more to go show me the incentive so successful incentives and related governance and mechanisms avoid the kind of behavior demonstrated this past year and he uses the hard fork of Bitcoin cash so there needs to be an incentive why should I hold this right why should I what why should I hold on to this crypto what a lot of these cryptos that came out a lot of these tokens there was really no incentive to hold them outside of just speculation so fundamentally decentralized communities require incentives for its community members to hold and validate tamper-evident records making them collective collectively immutable right so that's just another thing I wanted to talk about you know it makes sense that one must insure the differential equation for reward redistributes tokens along the gradients of value creation and long-term stability so you know things like proof of work proof of stake delegated whatever and some of them just don't have really the incentive which is why we see a lot of people dump them and then finally he says flexibility not rigid orthodoxy you know Satoshi was legitimately concerned that governments might want to shut down competitors to their fiat currencies he invoked massive computational redundancy as part of decentralization so more generally and in appropriate focus on fighting the last war is sympathetic of leaders unwilling to change even as conditions evolve now this is something that some people just in general life have an issue with right some people can't admit that they're wrong and we need as we need to learn to do that okay sometimes you're wrong sometimes I'm wrong sometimes you know everyone is wrong okay and the the thing is is that we as a community need to learn from these mistakes whether it be vitalic beuter in' whether it be Satoshi Nakamoto whether it be crypto zombie or whether it be whoever it is watching this right we need to look back and learn from our mistakes and understand that we're not gonna get where we're trying to go by being stubborn and butting heads and pointing fingers you know I don't know so that's basically what I want to say so to realize the promise of a fairer more transparent peer-to-peer world we must put community first focus on solving present-day problems continue to refine incentives and governments and respond with flexibility as needs and circumstances change I know so much to talk about today but this is what happens when I take a day off right we just we have we have longer videos the next day you know I also want to say one other thing you know the CSO of coin chairs you know they said I think we've gone through this orgy of unfettered capitalism and the space has become very tone-deaf it's become very illogical and frankly it's become unproductive we've thrown good money after bad I'm excited about a period of depressed prices where we can focus on really building now we need to bring some rationality pragmatism and risk management to the crypto asset space and I think that's what we're gonna see moving forward and ironically enough guys I just wanted to lighten up the mode the mood here Bitcoin died 90 times in just 2018 if you go to Bitcoin obituaries right so they kind of started putting them together right Bitcoin is worthless it's entered a death spiral bitcoin is a dead man walking teenage crypto millionaire Eric Feynman says bitcoin is pretty much dead Bitcoin price will crash to zero says Bitcoin cash founder Calvin heir and as we could see Bitcoin has still survived guys so moving on what are some of the other things that we could see moving forward well some other stuff that people aren't really talking about is you do have minimal Wimble okay it's a technology that a lot of people have been looking into you have wasabi wallet a privacy focus Bitcoin wallet with you know that's coming out as well you have aetherium may get its own take on confidential transactions courtesy of aztec protocol stable coins could get privacy too with zk die yeah so these are just some things as you can see right here I mean this is this is a really great example to look at how the ICO market has just completely taken a nosedive I mean look at this in February we were getting you know this much and then BOOM all the way down and this is in the millions by the way so this is you know two point whatever I don't know I can't do the math but anyway so yeah stos are gonna become big as well you're also gonna see crypto debt markets and credit networks that they look like they're on point you know projects like Dharma Protocol GE oh protocol Nexo maker Dow okay these as well and obviously we're gonna see NF TS yeah and don't forget tokenization of not only real-world things like like at like land and stuff but also you have you know artificial intelligence and things like decentraland and they're launching the virtual world like ready player one and i don't know it's just crazy to think of all the things that they're gonna have going moving forward guys so also we have this article that says new evidence suggests tether does not have the dollar reserves it claims you guys want to skip this one i'm tired of reading about tether I don't really care about tether let's move on to the next one so let's talk about some coin news so we have Arthur Hayes he recently came out in an interview and he says that the ICO market is dead okay well we probably could have told you that but he goes on to say that he doesn't think it's dead forever he thinks that once the price begins to rally back up everyone's gonna totally forget about what happened and we're all just gonna get crazy exuberant again start buying into AI cos he says he could see this in you know 12 to 18 months out and when that does happen he sees the price of aetherium skyrocketing once again going back into that cycle that we were talking about where people just buy in for the IC O's and they don't care right so he also talks about you're gonna see a lot of stable coins security tokens yada yada we've heard about this and he thinks that bitcoin is gonna kind of bounce somewhere between a thousand and ten thousand dollars pretty much throughout the whole course of this year um you know personally I think it would definitely take a pretty large catalyst to catapult us over that $20,000 all time high I don't think we're gonna be staying in the low lows personally I do think we can touch lower in fact that's why I've been holding some fiat in reserve you guys know I spoke about that in my other video and what I was saying was I was looking to capitalize on some of those altcoin profits to then put back into Bitcoin because obviously you saw the altcoins got hit massively but they also tend to spring back faster although the endgame I don't know about you personally I don't know but for me it's to own as much Bitcoin as possible I'm curious though what is your end goal what are you trying to do in crypto what are you are you just staying in an altcoin just hold ha tooling are you day trading are you tethering are you in a stable coin what's everybody doing right now I mean for me I'm just kind of holding what I have I'm not selling my Bitcoin but I'm just waiting for like an opportunity to get some sheeps altcoins that hopefully can pump and then I could buy my Bitcoin but that's just what I'm doing don't do what I'm doing do whatever feels comfortable for you guys but also talking about aetherium we have the rating networks alpha version is now live on the etherium main net rating if you don't know it's a second layer solution which is going to dramatically increase the theory mcl ability so with red eyes the first version of rating network it's been successfully deployed on the etherium main net the goal of the release is to have the smart contracts and the core protocol battle tested and getting ready for the main net now we also have vitalik you know how he gets on twitter guys he's you know they're having an argument over proof of work proof of stake and somebody asks him well what do you think about bitcoin sv and he says yeah no I have my disagreements with the Bitcoin roadmap proof-of-work etc but they're doing something that's genuinely pretty cool tech and then he goes on to say that bitcoin sv is pure dumpster fire so leave it to Vitalik to have an opinion now let's talk about some other cryptocurrency news we have two more crypto exchanges that have followed by Nance so they've added XR P as a base asset you have Australia's btc-e XA and India's coin DC acts both say that they're expanding the number of coins paired with XR P whether or not you're an X R P fan I think this is great for crypto decoupling from Bitcoin this is really what we need moving forward also talking about eternity they've released their implementation of Roma which is the first release and this is aimed at the platform's technical community and allows early adopters and miners and developers to address bugs very similar to kind of what's going on right now with raiding so for doing so you actually get rewarded in eternities tokens so given that the network is only in its initial phase they do warn everybody be careful there could be bugs so when you're transferring tokens don't transfer massive amounts right now until we're sure that all of these contracts are working also traval a– which is the you know you can basically travel booking using Kryptos they've recently added EOS they also and also intron news Tron has hit more than 1 million users addressed just six months after leaving a theory of network so this is really awesome news for Tron as you guys can see I'm trying to just get the coin news out super quick I know you guys are getting antsy hardware wallet Ella pal now supports xlm stellar lumens ok the wallet is designed to perform just like a ledger or trays or a hardware wallet in a smartphone like package so I'm not familiar with this one but for those of you who use that that is pretty cool as well I also want to talk about syren labs now there was a lot of stuff going on with syren labs hold on this is asking me if I want to update remind me tomorrow love would love what it asked me to do an update live right so basically so I'm gonna go for this really quick I don't know harp on it but a lot of people were worried that searing labs you know they raised 158 million in their ICO and there were these rumors sort of going around saying that the company was gonna not focus on their on their phones and just on the software and investors were kind of a little pissed off about this well it looks like that rumors been debunked they actually went on to say no we're still focusing on on the phones in fact they said they're doing quite well with their phones they revealed that the distribution has committed to 160,000 units of the phones though they only need to sell about half to be profitable so that's really really good but they did say that they're going to still focus on software okay so they're gonna be focusing on both because they do want to have their own phones but they also want to allow the OS to be used in other phones as well in fact it's pretty cool they broke down the technical details tech specs of the comparison fini fini to the HTC Exodus for the most part they're relatively the same a few few different things I noticed was on the rear camera they have an auto focus a laser autofocus as far as the hardware wallet um you know it's software on the HTC but it's actual real cold storage on Phinney and then as far as tokens that it supports you have Bitcoin aetherium PRC 2025 tokens in ERC 721 for HTC whereas currently on Phinney they're only covering er c720 ones which are basically like tradable non fungible tokens so that's definitely something to just keep in mind moving forward now I also wanted to talk about super quick we had bit mean laying off their Bitcoin cache developer team and it looks like ho-oh B is actually set to lay off some staff as well that's unfortunate but I wouldn't be surprised to hear more of this you know basically coming out from the space now talking about some good news moving forward you have Andrew a Bustamonte a he reports oh he's a former CIA intelligence officer and he was talking about blockchain now this was on reddit and somebody asked what do you think is the biggest threat to American national security in the coming years to which he replied blockchain technology no joke super powerful stuff and the first one to figure out how to hack it manipulate it or bring it down wins so while the ex-cia official did not further elaborate on his remarks he acknowledged one other editors response who asked for clarification in regards to blockchain verses developments in quantum computing to which he responded fair point so obviously we know that quantum computing is something that could potentially be a threat to blockchain however right now we don't believe it's strong enough to be an issue but that is something for a whole nother video and a whole nother topic that I would definitely like to dive into on the channel also before we get out of here I have three more things superfast Bank of America filed yet another and this one relates to ATMs so the patent proposes to utilize a blockchain distributed database for record-keeping of cash transactions between two financial entities so as you can see down here an ATM operator would be responsible for restocking the automatic teller machine rather than a particular financial institution so yeah we can go into this article but essentially it's just more blockchain patents coming out of these guys this timewe ATMs one pretty positive thing I wanted to talk about before we go is that 15.8% of people in the US are now apparently utilizing crypto currencies for remittances so you can see right here there was a study that was done it talks about the countries that most people are sending it to with Mexico China and India being the top three scrolling down here you can see clover broke it down and they said that 15.8% are roughly using crypto currencies but unfortunately as we come down to this overall you see that we still have eighty one or it's going to be eighty four point two percent of people still not using crypto for you know remittances so we have a long way to go but um you know it's making we're making strides and before we go guys I just have to leave this one article here I'm not going to go into it but you cannot make this stuff up this is from motherboard and it says you can mine one Bitcoin per month if you harvested the body heat from 44,000 people sure so let's just go get 44,000 people put them all together in a matrix like machine and we can get one Bitcoin per month so yeah look into this they got videos and everything else you can't make that stuff up really really crazy guys so that being said I wanted to say thank you so much for everyone that keeps liking subscribing commenting coming back to the channel joining the crypto zombie telegram group signing up for the blockchain brief just saying hello just a simple hellos enough to make my day guys I know today was a longer video than usual but unfortunately when I don't make videos the day before I tend to get really behind on all of this so hopefully you found value out of this if you did I'm glad and if you didn't well guys I make videos every single day so there'll always be something else and that being said I want to say you're awesome let's get going back to reality holiday season's over no we are going to focus on crypto and blockchain and moving forward to the new year of 2019 which I firmly believe is going to be a massively successful year for crypto and blockchain and if you're watching this video right now consider yourself one of the lucky individuals to be involved in this amazing revolution so early on that about doesn't for me guys I've rambled on enough my name is Kay dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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