The Truth About Ripple And Coinbase! Will It Be Added This Week? Pump & Dump?

hey guys what's up it's dustier back with another crypto video this one going over ripple because it just surged to a crazy amount and there's a lot of fun a lot of you know nonsense going out and about and I want to talk to you guys about that alright guys so the HUD or actually the rumor that is going around is that rip will work to be added to a coin base which has not been confirmed by anybody so I was just on the youtubes and I saw a lot of videos of people talking about it probably being implemented on coin base and some got thousands and thousands of views you know and here I read this article about you know coinbase stating that it's not and that is most likely the reason that's most likely okay so might be other reasons why it actually searched you know but that is a big part what I think of the reason why it pumped so hard yesterday or actually today in the morning I should say for a lot of you Americans so let's actually see where the biggest this is all for me for okay so now it went to like $1.07 ish I don't remember but I sold my ripple here I don't know if you can see it let's see here ripple to BTC so I sold here for you know not too high of a price but still higher than it is now quite a lot higher so yeah I'm actually kind of happy that I did I did not manage to get this all-time high here all-time high not all-time I'm sorry this um you know high here because I was not on the exchange was not watching at all and you know I had some reports of like 700 or something left over in it BTC and when I saw that the price was actually so far up I was like okay let me just quickly get out of this unluckily I sold it for 87 or 88 ish 100 200 so about here which is you know still it's far from the top but still at a good price compared to what it is right now at 8200 so I'm still happy that we did so if it goes back up you know I might buy back in but for right now I think I'm good with not holding Ripple since you know since I'm kind of find you know I'm kind of okay with this right now I just made some profit by selling it I could have waited a little bit more for it to go up later in the long run but I think this was fine but the thing is that I want to go over is this article right here so cryptic recei repo jumps as traders speculate on coinbase adding trading so ripple climbed as investors speculated leading us cryptocurrency marketplace coinbase will add the digital currency to its platform and then coinbase has not made any announcements which they haven't as far as I am concerned and this is updated one hour ago and published five hours ago so you know it's not see CNBC so I trusted and repo CEO Brad Garlin house is set to appear on CNBC's fast money Tuesday alongside coinbase president and chief operating officer Asif he G here G strong demand from South Korean investors also helped ripple or XRP rise Monday so that's what a lot of people been saying as well that the South Korean wall was like the most rated thing for repo for a long time that actually helped triple search to that price just now but I'm just very thankful for you if you guys to you know get that price up so I could sell my bags so I'm really happy here you can see from you know it's already ten cents down from its top earlier today so the cryptocurrency triple climbed Monday amid renewed speculation that popular exchange coinbase would add the cryptocurrency to its platform coinbase tweeted monday that the company has made no decision to add additional assets to either g tax or coin base and that any statement to the contrary is untrue and unauthorized by the company so then again it could happen in the future so don't exclude it from happening ever just right now what they're saying okay so it might be you know some sketchy has agreements but what they're saying is that they're not adding anything as far as we are concerned so I'm just gonna hold on to that for right now a ripple spokesperson told CNBC the company does not respond to rumors or speculation ripples XRP coin the third-largest digital cryptocurrency by market cap traded near dollar o for of this p.m. today up nine percent over the last 24 hours Sophie's three percent on the day corn base is a leading exchange but this is not really relevant here I've seen some rumors spreading around coinbase additions and Japanese banking partners and ripple CEO brat Garlin house upcoming appearance on Fast Money said Alan Alex summer berg sorry not too good at names founding partner at crypto front Tetris capital and then larger buys in advance of expected news in these markets are then compounded by Rito investors buying out of FOMO and trying to chase gains sooner Bork said referring to the acronym for fear of missing out on price gains yes yes yes so here's a cryptic class on how to buy Ripple I might I think you guys need that so a coin desk article also raised speculation about major exchange listening for ripple citing an upcoming appearance by ripple CEO Brad Garlin house and coin based president and chief operating officer what a coin based president and chief operating officer that's a nice title a strategy here G on C and B C's fast money at Tuesday however those two are appearing in separate and unrelated interviews on the show so they are both there but they're unrelated to each other by the way this thing like this fast money I've read this thing like three times already just a few few you know ripple or XRP is still trading more than 70% off of its record high of three dollars and 84 cents that hit earlier in January the crypto currency has surged in December amid speculation it will be added to coinbase so if you guys know I'm back early in January ripple went on you know on a spree and we bought so much I had so much ripple I was so excited about it but I did sell some of my position back then you know I'm actually happy that I did but then I traded for almost $4 and everybody was just saying like rip was gonna be number one because it actually got number two on the corn market cap so it actually got above aetherium which is actually kind of crazy that it did right now it's back to number three and it's not even half of he theorem so it's actually doing very bad but then think about this times four and then this only times like when I don't know I good I think if there even was I don't even know how much it wasn't maybe 1200 or something so let's get on strong demand from South Korean investors also have to XRP rise Monday I don't know why but this article seems like it's just you know restating facts over and over so the the currency traded at a 1 cent premium on a major South Korean exchange called Batum according to coin mark cap trading in South Korean Won made up just over 33 percent of a surpise daily trading volume according to encrypted compare so this little part here is what I already heard which is kind of funny that we see that back in this article so rippy ripple is now officially the name of a SAN francisco-based company developing a network for fast global financial payments XR P is the name of the digital token that financial institutions on the network can use to transact quickly so personally not too much of a fan of ripple because it's so centralized but you guys all have your own opinion about that you can leave down below what you think about it you know I'm not too concerned with ripples so to say I'm not too haven't looked up too much I don't even know you know I know it's for financial payments around the banking system but I haven't looked too much I don't just don't you know never really got into a coin and mostly if you don't really get into a coin you're not gonna read up too much about it so I know the basics don't know everything about it so in the last year last half-year ripple has announced a handful of financial firms are at least testing the use of X RP for cross-border payments so theoretically x RP could be a long term hold for profit literally but myself I don't like the use of x RP because it's as I said so centralized then again this is it you guys can have your own opinion about the centralization maybe you find a very decentralized I don't know how but maybe you find that maybe you find it so then again ripple could be profitable in the long run because it's just gonna be like a normal asset it's just gonna be something that's might be very valuable in the future because it's just you know might be used a lot by a lot of people it might get that a little bit of a mass adoption thing going on that we want for electro neum but one might see so just Thursday Global Payments company fleet fleet fleet core and its subsidiary subsidiary Kenbridge Global Payments will test the use of XRP the announcement follows news in January that monogram will test x RP as will mercury FX and IDT ripple owns about 60 billion of the hundred billion x RP ever made what ripple owns about 60 out of the hundred billion XRP ever made bringing its it's market cap based on Holdings alone close to sixty two billion wait what that what they ripple owns about sixty billion out of the hundred but I didn't even know this part I know they had a you know a freaking ton but I thought it would be maximum 40 billion sixty billion is quite a you know quite a shove on top of that only thirty nine billion and supply wow I didn't know that guys I didn't know I I'm actually kind of surprised sixty out of the hundred billion hmm that's that's kind of a lot in my opinion so let's quickly go to free bit quota in because I just like to do that like to grab some free Bitcoin and I recommend you guys to join the discord so that's a chatroom I'm just open it up here chatroom like this uh-oh as we see here Cohen Bayes did through that they would add X RP and actually dropped significantly so you guys already knew you know we talked about this into this court so if you were in here you would have known that excerpt P was a good time to sell back then you know a few hours ago right now if you're a long term holder you can buy back theoretically at a cheaper price thing you sold at a few hours before but I just just depends on what your intentions are I'm just gonna wait it out and see what happens so there's a lot of all traction on the bad right now earlier today everything was doing so green and right now it's very very red so I'm good to see what happens status just oh my god Wow but um you guys that was it for ripple was just updating you guys on the situation with coinbase so nothing really you know promised I personally don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon might be a few months and then maybe they're gonna be like okay you know okay we're just staff you know we'll just add him but right now I don't see it happening and I don't think you guys should think that it will because back in January I knew that a lot of you guys thought it would happen as well then again did not so that was it for my video hopefully I'll see you guys tomorrow and another one on electro neum and maybe something else so let's see you guys tomorrow

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  1. Check the discord out if you want to chat to me or some other cool people 🙂

  2. "Wait, WHAT?!" 😀 😀 Exactly. That's why most don't like it and says that it is centralized. Even more, as i remember correctly, all of them are even in just one person 🙂 It's total absurd.

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  4. Like you said ripple owns 60 billion of the 100 billion coins… that’s fishy af… if they wanted to they could manipulate the price in the given future whenever they want too… I feel short term they will do well but long term maybe not depending on what other innovations are developed within the crypto market (just my opinion doe). But I would invest in it for short term like you said. ?

  5. Main problem with ripple is that it is NOT decentralized. Ripple is actually the company behind XRP. They can produce how many ever they want…..
    You can daytrade it very well though.
    LTC: LXXguf5XKuDwVXCHfayQBXYRk8NypCrnaz

  6. Ripple isn't really my thing, but I think it will do good if it DOES hit coinbase. Thanks for the video tho 😉

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