43 thoughts on “The Truth About Crypto & Bitcoin Investing with Mr Kristof”

  1. Thanks Lark (and Kristoff) for another precious gem… so much food for thought there! These are the types of conversations we need to be having. Definitely felt like a Joe Rogan moment toward the end… ?Keep it coming!

  2. If we threw away all religious books and all science books tomorrow.
    In 1000 years the SAME science would be back.

    But, completely different religions would be here.

  3. Wow great interview covering so many philosophical topics!
    Nothing is worse for the environment than a monetary policy (ZIRP & NIRP) that forces people to spend money on shit they don't need.
    People in Switzerland are building empty houses literally because it's cheaper than keeping their money in a NIRP bank account. Madness!!

  4. Thanks Lark, for yet another enlightening interview! Right on brother! Love it when you go to the deep end of things! Bravo! Looking forward to more!??? Totally agree, let’s do something as transformational as the crypto itself for the planet we live on! Thanks again? You are amazing!

  5. Hi Lark. He says that there are so many resources for information and of course we need to do our own research but in your honest opinion what do you think the best sources are? How do we know which ones to trust? Any of us can go to the respective website of a specific coin but a lot of us lack the knowledge and don't understand the jargon and technical details even if what they are saying is great we won't even know what they're talking about. The websites that review cryptos that to me seem to be legit are:


    In your opinion Lark do you like these sources of information for crypto?
    And of course. None of what you say shall be taken as investment advice, after all, you're just a dude…talking about crypto …on the internet. LOL


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  7. Long time fan here lark, I love your videos and I love the perspective you give on the crypto market in how its moving and what the end game is, and i respect you for it. In saying that, I dont like how you are now doing videos with Kristof. This guy is clearly in it for the money and doesn't care about the implications of blockchain technology on the world.

    He comes accross as arrogant and the way he talks about where we are at in the market at the moment, implies that you could invest into almost any project and not lose money! This seriously made me cringe! He has the mentality that he can buy into any crypto that is shiny on the outside but absolute shite on the inside, and be able to sell it to the suckers who aren't as well informed!

    These aren't the type of guys you should be interviewing, stick to what you have done in the past. Provide viewers with content that lets them view the space for what it is, truly a technological advancement that will help man kind for the better.

    Big love.


  8. This is so true, with the current system , the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer. We all have to make friends and others aware of this system so they are not influenced by the media etc.

  9. You talk about people making money from free airdrops, man… please interview Richard Heart about his new project: Hex. This free airdrop is going to be amazing for people. I'm going all in on Bitcoin to claim these free Hex coins. Anyone can use this link: hex. win/?r=0x3e116214062D76B0BDA701cb419d871497F35d2f (just remove the space between hex. win) if you want to get a free 10% extra on your free airdrop claim 🙂 PLEASE INTERVIEW RICHARD HEART!

  10. Guys crypto currency has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with slavery .yes we were early adopters and made money but that’s not where the system is going. Same evil people created the crypto

  11. Lark, you did a good interview with the Jeffrey Dhamer of crypto. Fuck hunting and others that kill animals to compensate for their small pricks.

  12. Another vid where 2 channels I watch crossing paths. Added> what if once we hit 9k whales dump to get price down to 3k just to buy it up ?

  13. Awesome interview Lark., great discussion. Please consider checking out BitBay (BAY) as an alternative to traditional stablecoins or even these "crypto-backed" stablecoins. Bitbay uses a new and revolutionary concept called a "dynamic peg" or a rollling peg, not a hard peg and it's not pegged to anything at all. It uses the most basic law of supply and demand to achieve stability in a decentralized fashion. The stakeholders themselves vote (or use an algorithim) to inflate or deflate the liquid supply to match demand in order achieve a price target and/or prevent supply from fluctuating too much. The BitBay team did this because a certain level of stability is absolutely essential before cryptocurrencies will ever be used as a medium of exchange and they want BitBay used as a medium of exchange on their decentralized peer to peer market (that currently exists and works) which uses unbreakable contracts with a unique 2 party escrow system that allows two completely unknown parties to securely transact without the fear of being ripped off, without relying on 3rd party arbiters. BitBay was created by David Zimbeck the creator of BitHalo which had worlds first smart contracts (yes before etherium). I think he's one of the most forward thinking developers in the space, a true crypto anarchist trying to disrupt the status quo. You can find out more at bitbay.market if you are interested. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the project if you do give it a look-see. Cheers…

  14. Lark: "the whole economy is a house of cards" yes, and the Trump 10% – – – > 25% tariffs on Chinese goods will cause a big global recession, sir Lark… Believe me.

  15. I dont think we have seen true fomo yet for this bull run. I think we will go to 50% of the low to high. so i think it will keep running hot up to 11,500, before we see the big retracement everyone is calling for. Then it will Correct big time like wtc7. And Satoshi is actually an ET consortium for human expansion. My cat, Junior, spoke to me tonite from the other side of life.

  16. I really really enjoyed doing this video. Thank you very much for having me back. I hope everyone enjoys.

  17. "Understand the scarcity" plus ➕ minus the 4-6 million 'lost' or burned or dissolved into the Cosmos… Hmmmmmm atomic (that platform is going to boom) You hold ATOM ⚛??

  18. I think something we can also acknowledge that those who've established themselves on YT since ~2017 are set to benefit from the bullrun purely due to retail interest. Some of those I imagine will be Crypto Lark, Data Dash, The Modern Investor (to name a few)… I hope they all receive the rewards they deserve for their efforts.

  19. As you've said for months Lark…dollar cost average is the way forward. I've continued doing just that over the last year. Been through my portfolio today and can't believe how many coins have "cup and handle" patterns via USD. Meant to be extremely bullish so fingers crossed. (Enjoy Mr. Kristof channel and speaks his mind – seems an honest guy).

  20. The number of transactions per second is a stupid argument? Weird, since the main reason for crypto is transacting lol

    Yes, XRP to the moon is right.

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