The TRUTH About Bitcoin & The Blockchain – Crypto & Freedom, Name a Better Duo… I'll wait

we gotta show the kids we got a show right it ain't about America and that goes back to the voting that goes back to the to me I think America is an ATM and that's how the rest of the world sees America America is an ATM people come from all over let's come get a money yeah and then go buddy knows it yeah sweeping here trying to make sense out of this ATM machine no let's go to the real bank that's right right it's gonna come yes cuz that's where everybody else yeah well we should I do this they they come over they come and get that whatever we got to offer the whether it's education money jobs and then they go take it back to their land and build their land America but we've been told that this is our land and then and and you said something before people online in the comments they really tapped into when you you said in a previous canon's class that the American culture is really just different groups battling to avoid last place brother if you if you're stuck here and that you just react or the partner but even but even you think about that idea of the ATM they all fighting for that American dollar which really isn't worth anything and and they've brainwashed us to think that it's about the American dream it's about the race of being at the top of the social ladder in America when really we're all in our financial system is set up to treat everyone like property right for a lot of birth certificates ever that this is the only society that has you based up your a number and every everywhere else they don't even understand that concept they look at you as a human being right hey now look at to make money off of their caught up in it now no because America is an influence that's right you know in Woodson is riding in the mid 30s you have the Great Depression has just passed he's critiquing the literally white movement he's trying to imagine we come forward 80 some years and now we have a system where none of these countries are real to the bankers right you've got an international system of finance there's basically the Parliament of the world right there making the decisions they don't like how it's going either 13 family oh sure thing hey these shoes made over here if you messin up will move them Glaber over here right meanwhile like you say it weird miss educated to think of ourselves in a very narrow sense oh hey guys how's it going welcome back today is Thursday December 6th and 2018 I'm pretty sure that's the day it is I should check right by the way if you guys see my fucking horse he's been turning even abusing me and keeping me hidden away from everybody else don't listen to him guys don't listen to him it's not me making up a voice anyways how's it going guys how you guys doing today another day in paradise how the markets doing by the way I know sorry I can't help myself markets are doing terrible but I hope you enjoyed the beginning of the video today and watched what I put there for you guys that watch that whole thing and I'm gonna put a link at the bottom I'm gonna put it another link at the bottom Joe Rogan's podcast on the other day we're gonna talk about that in a second but what are we gonna be talking about today we're gonna be talking about why the fuck we're in this space to begin with period in the story when we are on this channel talking about you know big coin blockchain crypto the state of the world and Vans seen all kinds of shit it's because look the way I look at it I look at crypto as a way out as a way out of this thing that we're all in right now if you guys by the way tonight live broadcast on Twitch and probably bit to them trying to get that fixed but regardless live broadcast tonight links at the bottom as well when you guys listen to when you guys interact with me and we have our you know our chats online on Twitch where we have our discussions on this court in the morning and so on and so forth one of the main topics that we're always discussing is freedom more than anything else sure we're talking about crypto technology known as a shit but for the most part you know we're talking about a lot of the things that are happening around the world as a matter of fact what we've been talking about the last several times that we get together on Twitch at night has been sovereignty and your own sovereignty and so on and so forth so when I was listening to canons class when I was watching the whole episode by the way that's Nick Cannon yeah the Nick Cannon I know I've put him on here a few several times but you know he's just starting this on this new thing and I think it's awesome benny was when I was listening to and I saw that section of that video I was like oh damn and of course they go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and then so when I was listening to that little part it's like holy shit and they didn't get it they beyond get it and it reminds me why I keep doing these videos why I'm always talking about this outside of making these videos yesterday I was out doing some photography let me see if I can show you guys a few pictures here I was just literally with the client doing some fucking a you know photography and yet they were asking me we were talking about that I was you know teaching them they were telling me their stories whatever we were all talking about a lot of the same things again when it comes to crypto or government or this or that and it seems that what's going on in this country what's going on in France what's going on in other parts of the world it's not unique it's happening here in Mexico it's happening all over the world and what is it that I'm talking about is we're all getting woke up we're waking the fuck up and depending on who you are where you are and what you've been through depends on how much you've woken up or depending on what you've read what you've gone you know the rabbit holes you've gone down to or not it depends on what you know so for example watching the Knicks class and what the comment that I left besides awesome show and left the comment hey look into Bitcoin crypto the blockchain because they they talk about all these things and they're always with them how can we fix this a solution for that or whatever and they don't know about this stuff I'm sure they seem very very smart and very educated and very wise I'm sure though if they study what Bitcoin and blockchain and all this other shit is um they wouldn't be like oh crap a solution because I was always talking like that was always again that was a conspiracy theory guy for long time just like a lot of people within the crypto space that I've been doing videos for a long time or so on and so forth and you know I never thought that humanity had any kind of hope until I discovered the potential of what crypto the blockchain and all this shit really is going forward and once I did as a gold shit here's the solution and again guys if you don't believe me you can look go back to shout out the Stig's out there but he has gone all the way back to see the first videos I ever posted on YouTube but over three years ago and I was talking about a lot of the same things that I'm talking about today and as a matter of fact at the end of today's video I'm gonna put another clip of Joe Rogan interviewing I forgot this guy's name he was under a couple days ago and he was talking about artificial intelligence and talking about the blockchain and talking about a lot of Kryptos and talking about a lot of shit like that I showed it to a few people and they were like they don't want they don't want anything to do with that B's like oh my god it's the end of the world they're taking over our minds and this and they're taking over the system and again before I understood completely exactly what this technology really is I used to think the same way too I was like get those fucking chips away from me get all that you know all that shit away from me oh you know cyborg crap but once I and I'm still that way I'm still gonna be this way until we've you know recreated and built all this stuff on a decentralized platform you know well without that there's no privacy issues you know where where there's all this all these things that we're always talking about you know none hackable so on and so forth at that point yeah I do want to be part of that whole sideboard thing in fact we're all cyborgs right now you know when we're on our cell phone when we're you know and interacting with YouTube and social media and all the things that we do we already part cyborgs believe it or not I don't give a fuck what you might think look but the point is I'm not here to discuss that aspect of it all I'm here to say is that look my best friend in the whole fucking universe all right he is in Southern California right now working with AI that's all he does just as I'm obsessed with crypto and and history and other things that I'm conspiracies and and trying to teach you guys all this shit well he does the same thing but with AI like literally so when I saw this guy on Joe Rogan the other day and I listened to the whole thing I was like holy shit because a lot of things that he has been saying are things that my friend has been saying things that I've been saying and now all of a sudden like first of all meet my friend Geddy you know we understand but most almost 90% of the people who listen to us don't really get what the fuck I'm saying don't really get what he's saying we get each other but that's about it and we barely get each other sometimes because it's so fucking crazy shit all of a sudden I listen to this a guy on Joe Rogan and I was like oh wow he's explaining what my friend has been trying to explain for a long time you know in a way that we can all understand and he really explains blockchain and really this this and what's the word I'm looking for discombobulates you know what this whole block chain and then cryptocurrency and smart contracts and all these things is really fuckin me and to me was amazing so again I'm gonna put a clip at the end of this one you know which is that Joe Rogan podcast and then you know I'm gonna put them I'm gonna put on two links at the bottom you know the link to the cannons class and the link to Joe Rogan and these two got these two and things are completely honest 'it's ends of the spectrum okay but if you're part of the you know people out there that are getting woken up that are listening to these videos that are part of this whole thing right now then you need to understand both ends of the spectrum you you have to and no matter how much out there you you don't agree with either or the other you need to listen you need to give it a chance once you really take the whole thing in then make up your mind discuss it then you know do all this stuff hey hello I love living here by the way which if you always see me looking out as always because you know I got you know sexy gals walking by here all the time and I can't help myself my neck my neck my back when making my back I really do think I'm funny sometimes I know thanks thanks to you guys for always reminding me that I'm not real comedies right here from this guy so anyways I'm gonna keep this super this episode super short obviously I said I was gonna start uploading in the morning mornings and I failed miserably but I gotta get back on that she said I've been really busy with meetings and they're just a bunch of shit which is great I'm not complaining I'm happy as fuck but I'm just rearranging my schedule my YouTube schedule and my online schedule a little bit so that I can continue doing what I'm doing over saturate the market with Jose never a good thing all right guys solo stop listening to me and click on the links at the bottom what you're done watching this episode so that that way you can educate yourself even further I'm gonna watch I mean I'm gonna listen to the Joe Rogan thing again later when I get a chance when I'm working on some stuff because it was so awesome and I was as I was listening to it I was like damn I gotta listen to this shit again but blockchain is confusing for a lot of people yeah please explain that what's the theory I'm okay because this guy is is he's on our side he's really on our side and he's here like for example when Elon Musk was talking about AI the other day I'm Joe Rogan or a month ago or whatever and he was like oh we're out world it's all gone that's not what yeah I understand that mode of thinking but when you listen to this other guy and he talks about AI he is like oh it's gonna be fucking awesome and he and then again you got to listen to eel on must gets to why it's not gonna be awesome and then listen to this guy's to why it's gonna be awesome and then you make up your own fucking mind and I think it's really gonna be awesome more than anything else I really do and especially with all the things that we're going through as humanity right now at this moment in time it's gonna be awesome it's gonna be awesome all right guys listen thank you guys so much for watching thank you guys so much for everything that you do everything okay everything from everything all right this show has been brought to you by and by this show has been brought to you by in part by patreon I'm gonna do like a nice little thing I was watching something the other day some video and they did like the thing for their paint and it looked just like when you when you watch PBS and he do that little thing and this thing has been brought to you in part by and I was like damn that looks fucking nice I want a doggie to that motherfucker just because he did such it so I'm gonna see if I can do that okay funding for gaming historian is provided in part by supporters on patreon thank you fucking horrible no but seriously you know come on just saying hey I don't get paid on YouTube I don't get paid by any of the shit that I do and you guys help provide and help keep this thing together he help keep this thing alive and moving alright seriously it's all you guys alright so yes my patrons and everyone else out there that helps keep this thing together I'm gonna give a big shout out and a thank you and then I love you and we're literally a few days away from my one-year anniversary as a crypto youtuber my first video my first crypto upload was December 10th and today's what the sync sorry I said already so fuck four days I'm so what Monday or Sunday well I don't know I gotta do something special I definitely gonna do something I gotta before forget all right guys that's it I really gotta go thank you so much for everything don't forget to you know join the discord don't forget to see us tonight on twitch you know what we're gonna have a lively discussion about everything we're talking about here today and then some because that's what we always talk about there and it's fucking awesome and yeah I'll see you guys on the flipside see you guys manana for Friday and by the way I know the yield curve is inverted I already did a video on that I know the fucking thing the the house of cards is crumbling and so on and so forth but again we've been talking about this for a while now and I have even though I should have known about this you know like the whole yield curve thing that's really the indicator that says we're fucked okay and we had to hit the yield curve in virgin soil all up until now when I was thinking oh we're parking a crash in October November December you know the yield curve had not even inverted so yes I was saying that it was kind of like hopeful thinking like a lot of us are but the reality was and we were so far away from that because that's a major indicator so when the yield curve inverted the other day and it's still inverting even further Wow that's it this goal time and from that point on it's like around six months before we we hit it so that puts us right in the middle of the Year next year summer aka BAM so it's coming and again this is not even the major yield curve like one of the UH one of the yield curves whatever but this is other yield curve is about to invert as well what's that one goes that's really the six-month you know time ticking all right guys so prepare yourselves mentally for the ride and by the way 2019 is gonna be an amazing crazy amazing for the crypto space bottom we have yet to hit bottom as I speak the fucking prices are still dumping we should we should be buying this month think of the it's the opposite of what happened in 2017 you should be wish you all be buying right now okay literally okay I'm literally starving right now because my buddy has my patreon money waiting on the sidelines to buy at the bottom low which again has everything gonna help because I've been waiting so long I kind of need that money anyway but I'm just trying to wait for the thing to you know so I can buy my groceries and shit I still got enough fur you see you got a few more sandwiches in here left so but the one this is gone that's what I need my money so let's see yeah see how that works all right guys hey I love you guys to death you guys are the fucking best thanks again for watching don't forget to please like please subscribe please share watch this little clip at the end and watch the two videos that I've posted down here in in completion and I'll see you guys later tonight if not tomorrow and I'll see you guys later have a happy Thursday peace editorial open source is self explanatory in its title pretty much people kind of understand what is it means that various coders get to share in this this code and the source code and they they get to innovate and they all get to participate and use each other's work right right but blockchain is confusing for a lot of people yeah please explain that sure I mean but block block chain itself is almost a misnomer so we're confused things are confusing at every level right so we can should start with the idea of a distributed ledger which is basically like a distributed Excel spreadsheet or database it's just a store of information which is not stored just in one place but there's copies of it in a lot of different places every time my copy of it is updated everyone else's copy of it has got to be updated and then then there's various bells and whistles like sharding where you know it can be broken in many pieces and each piece is stored many places or something so that's a distributed ledger and that's just distributed computing now what what makes it more interesting is when you layer it decentralized control onto that so imagine you have this distributed Excel spreadsheet or distributed database there's copies of it stored in a thousand places but to update it you need like 500 of those thousand people who own the copies to vote yeah let's do that update right so then then you have a distributed store of data and you have like a democratic voting mechanism to determine when all those copies can get can get updated together right so then then what you have is a data storage an update mechanism that's controlled in a democratic way by the group of participants throughout the mining one central controller and that that can have all sorts of advantages I mean for one thing it means that you know there's no one controller who can go rogue and screw it off a day without telling anyone it also means there's no one who's some lunatic can go hold a gun to their head and shoot them for for what data updates were made because they're you know it's controlled democratically by by everybody right it has ramifications in terms of you know legal defensibility and I mean you could have some people and Iran some in China some in the US and and updates to this whole distributed data store are made by democratic decision of all the participants somewhere cryptography comes in is when I vote I don't have to say yeah this is been gertle voting for this update to be accepted or not it's just ID number one three five seven two six four and then encryption is used to make sure that you know it's it's the same guy voting every time that it claims to be with it without needing like your passport number or something right what's ironic about is it's probably one of the best ways ever conceived to actually vote in this country yeah sure kind of ironic there's a lot of applications for that yeah that's that's right so that there's so that that I mean that's the core mechanism though where the blockchain comes from is like a data structure where to store the data in this distributed database it's stored in a chain of blocks or each block contains data the thing is not every so called blockchain system even uses a chain of locks and I like some use a a tree or a graph of blocks or something this isn't that Tom reserved body it's it's an alright term is it like a I like just one of those terms were stuck with yeah yeah it's one it's one of those terms were stuck with even though it's not quite technically not quite technically accurate and I mean anymore I mean because what I don't know another buzz word for it right what it is is a it's a distributed ledger with encryption a decentralized control yeah and blockchain is the buzzword that's come about for that know what what got me interested in blockchain really is this decentralized control aspect so my my wife why Ben would for ten years now she dug up recently something I'd forgotten which is a web page had made in 1995 like a long time ago where I'd said hey I'm gonna run for president on the decentralization platform for her which I'd completely forgotten that crazy idea I was very young than I had no idea what an annoying job being president would be right but that so that the idea of decentralized control seemed very important to me back then which is well before Bitcoin was invented because I could see you know a global brain is evolving on the planet involving humans computers communication devices and we don't want this global brain to be controlled by a small elite we want the global prime to be controlled in the in the decentralized ways so that that's really the the beauty of this blockchain infrastructure and what what got me interested in the practical technologies of blockchain was really one theory inque mout and you add the notion of a smart contract which was a theorem in theory Emmure so what is that so the first blockchain technology was Bitcoin right which is a well-known cryptocurrency now if theory 'm is another cryptocurrency which is the number two cryptocurrency right now that's how out of the loop i am did you know about it you did however aetherium came along with a really nice software framework so it's not just like a digital money like bitcoin is but aetherium has a programming language called solidity that came with it and this programming language lets you write where they're called smart contracts and again that's sort of a misnomer because a smart contract doesn't have to be either smart or a contract right but but it was a cool name right what doing then if it's really a smart contract contract it's like a programmable transaction okay so you you can program a legal contract or you can program of a financial transaction so a smart contract it's a it's a persistent piece of software that embodies like a secure encrypted transaction between between multiple parties so pretty much like anything on the back end of a bank's website or transaction between two companies online a purchasing relationship between you and the website online this could all be scripted in the smart contract in this secure way and then it would be automated in this simple and standard way so the vision that Vitalik butyrin who was the main creator behind aetherium had is to basically make the internet into a giant computing mechanism rather than mostly like an information storage and retrieval mechanism make the internet into a giant computer by making a really simple programming language for scripting transactions among different computers and different parties on the internet where you have encryption and you have democratic decision-making and distributed storage of information like programmed into this this world computer right and that that was a really cool idea and the etherium blockchain and solidity programming language really easy to do that so made it really easy to program like distributed the secure transaction and computing systems on the internet so I saw this I thought wow like now we finally have the tool set that's needed to implement some of these pillars it's very popular yeah I mean I mean basically almost every ICO that was done the last couple years was done on the ethereum blockchain what's an I CL initial coin offering okay so for bitcoins for I'm sorry cryptocurrency cryptocurrency yeah use this technology yeah yes rings right so what happened in the last couple years is a bunch of people realize you could use this etherium programming framework to create a new cryptocurrency right like a new artificial money and then you could try to get people to use your new artificial money for certain types of how many artificial coins maybe more yeah the point is Bitcoin is by far the most popular the most cerium is number two and there's a bunch of others I mean how would comparison like how much bigger is Bitcoin than aetherium mmm I don't know five factor I'm back to three to five so yeah well maybe just a factor of two notes actually last year at there iam almost took over Bitcoin when Bitcoin start crashing yeah yeah and now a theorem is back down that might be 1/2 or 1/3 does that worry you the the fluctuating value of these well to my to my mind creating artificial monies is one tiny bit of the potential of what you could do with the whole blotching tool said it it happened to become popular initially right because it's where the money is right it is it is money and that's interesting to people but on the other hand what it's really about is making world computer it's about scripting with a simple programming language all sorts of transactions between people companies whatever all sorts of exchanges of information so I mean it's about decentralized voting mechanisms it's about a eyes being able to send data and processing in for each other and pay each other for their transactions so I mean there's it's about automating supply chains and and and shipping and ecommerce so that there's an in in in in essence you know just like computers and the internet started with a certain small set of applications and then pervaded almost everything right yeah it's the same way with blockchain technology like it started with digital money but the core technology is is gonna pervade almost everything because there's almost no domain of human pursuit that couldn't use like security through cryptography some sort of you know participatory decision-making and then distributed storage of information right so and these things are also valuable for AI which is how I got into it in the first place I mean if you're making a very very powerful AI that is gonna you know gradually through the practical value delivery will grow up to be more and more and more intelligent I mean that this AI should be able to engage a large party of people and AIS and participatory decision-making they I should be able to store information you know in a widely distributed way and and the AI certainly shouldn't be able to use you know security and encryption to validate who are the parties involved in its operation I mean these are the key things behind behind blockchain technology so I mean the fact the fact that blockchain began with artificial currencies to me is a detail of history just like the fact the fact that the internet began is like a nuclear early warning system right then it did it's good for that but it's as it happens it's also even better for a lot of other things you

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  1. I give up trying to convince my friends. One the other day says I stay away from bitcoin. I said I understand. But I hate to tell but one day you will remember this conversation and think damn he was right. Lol he didn't like that. Lol

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