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hello guys welcome everyone to the call this is a leaders call here for the flow talking diamond team and very happy and excited by today's call we have one of the main leaders and the biggest leader in cloud talking presenting to us today and the full transparency of what we got with this application please pay close attention take some notes because what you're going to see here over the next 15 to 20 minutes will show you there is no wallet in the marketplace even close to what we're doing so with that I had you of the Gregor it's all yours Gregor ok hello everybody so at the beginning I think that we will start with the transparency in the blockchain because all the transactions inside the wallet you can see on the blockchain externally of the of the origin of the company is a huge as Paul said because I don't know any other words with opportunities like that that will be that transparent like like token also of course I need to share my screen to you and first of all I will show you the transactions we will follow the transactions from external wallet or external exchange to cloud poker Dwalin then to Jarvis and them to exchanges and then from the exchanges so our cloud took and wallets for example when we would like to convert some tokens to helium so we would like to to see from where DCT room DCT remark so let's go to sure my screen okay so I have some notes because to be honest to follow all the transaction it's a very very hard work I do to do this I need I had around 158 pages open in my computer so of course I have a few transactions here because in that way it will be easier so first of all from wallet to exchange okay so everything is we can check-in enter scan that hello so it's the explore explore ater of the ETD blockchain ye tedium because initially blockchain some addresses are confirmed so we can know 100% that this wallet is by NAS wallet this wallet is wallet of any other access for example Wahby in Bitcoin we are not able to to know so it's why I'm showing this on ETV blocks so here it was my first deposit on cloud token wallet it was sixty seventy six days ago okay and here is the transaction from external exchange to cloud token wallet here for 2.5 a turn and then from my wallet this is deposit to Jarvis so you need to follow the addresses because it's is the most important here so my fans and deposit to Jarvis go to 0 X 9 6 wallet okay here on this wallet was around 100,000 transactions so many people depositing in the past two – Jarvis sent to this particular wallet and here I have one transaction for example from this one 0x9 six wallet to zero xd8 for five point six thousand eater so it's one of the of the big transactions and when we can follow this transaction we can see that company sent this money for example to bind us here transaction for fifteen thousand eaters he'll transaction for twenty thousand eaters here for ten thousand eaters so we can set everything here okay in the very fast way right now here deposits from external extends to cloud token wallet – super wallet then he'll transaction from super wallet – Jarvis okay here we have this transaction because hey Jarvis was 0x9 6 then transaction from 0 x9 6 to this wallet from this wallet company sent the money – to the – so we can check we don't need to trust the company okay because I don't need to ask run out on any other guy in the company what you are doing with our funds today with our deposit I can see that on the blockchain externally of the company I don't need to ask anyone ok so we have this way and right now okay I would like to show you one more pink stucture I try to share my but I phone okay the question is that you can see the screen of my of my iPhone yes okay yes Lucas here okay many things on my screen because I would like to show you for it just an example here when I go to each idiom that's we will check this particular wallet okay so here you have transactions for example convert tokens to eat eel you okay here 460 idiom here four one nine four here four one seven zero so right now we need to just remember this this numbers one seven zero one nine four we can go to one more time to eaters come you okay and here we have this particular wallet here reduction 460 aterial one nine four one seven zero and right now we need one two three four five stages there's can first and first an eaters come and one more but we need to copy all this partial ID of transactions you to be honest is very hard work to something like this as I mentioned it was around 158 pages open in heaters can the deal but finally we got it sport transaction you and blast off okay so the number of my wallet is 0 x3 0 1 it's my world okay let's go to the begin here we have transaction for around 13 meters from Kobe exchange you can see here at the previous follow transactions we had – here I would like to use another example is for example hobby also one of the biggest exchanges in the world so from one of the hobbies address the funds go to this 0 X 700 K from 0 X 7 goes to 0 X 3 it's around also 13 eaters so then from 0 X 3 tank goes to 0 X 4 here is transaction for 1000 eater then from 0 X 4 0 X 4 goes to 0 X 6 9 here 420 and 2h e pairs and then from 0 X 6 9 0 x 6 none goes to my wallet 0 X 3 0 1 is this transaction for 194 it okay so this transaction is here from 0 X 6 9 to my 0 X 3 0 so one more time very fast ok from who a B to 0 X 7 from 0 X 7 to 0 X 3 from 0 X 3 to 0 X 4 from 0 X 4 to 0 X 6 9 and here finally from zero six six nine to my wallet so this ETA goes from at the beginning Wahby exchange so one more time we can see that we can follow everything ok so when I convert my tokens deuterium we know from where this this eaters aren't so to be honest I never seen transparency like like this everything is checkable here on on the blocks is that so when people sometimes ask me why Club token are is better than other wallets my first question is if you have any other wallet could you show me everything on the blockchain I don't want to hear from the guy behind the company I don't want to hear from you I don't want to hear from the company I don't want to see an internal in the in the wallet I would like to see on the block's it could you show me and to be honest if today no one showed me something like this only Club token wallet have all the transparency and developed it so this is about the cash flow okay and follow the transactions and right now I would like to show you how to export private keys external the outside the app and then I would like to show you that after this it's possible to do the transactions as for it for example withdraw my aterial from the wallet without access to the app hey I need to log out some discounts thank you right now one more time and you do everything on my my iPhone screen okay so right now we have other wallet okay this is wallets for further examples so when you click on the eto right now okay you can see that on right up you have export private key okay course confirm right now I need to turn it off I need to put the passwords so I'm right now on I am talking up okay centralized up for each idiom and ear see 20 bullets and I can create new or let's okay here I can put all the information or I can import wallet and here third from left is private key I need to paste private key copy from club token wallet up and to put some password my own password you Suffolk for example and start importing Hey and right now you can see that after import we have the same balance as on call token rollin so this hill PK wallet this is this one wallet okay it's zero point zero one three one so let's go back though to my club token wallet it's the same 0.01 you are right now okay I don't want to touch tropical wallet just go here to external external oil I need some with some aetherium address hey you over what and let's try to the transaction and send some time here this dress 0.01 pasty Vaslav because we need to check in weights few seconds okay to process the the transaction in the blockchain so at this time I think when the transaction is processing maybe you should you you have any any question to ask we can answer ends between dads I would like to back to to this transaction and show how it work okay guys and thanks for that Greg that was an absolutely fantastic to see the transparency so as you said what we do there know we have we have this is our leaders group we have some of the biggest leaders not just in El token but in the world so I'd like to put this over to some of the leaders now to please ask Greg some questions and about their recording and the training he just done for us okay so before the question because because of see where if I fee the processing is very very fast so we have this transaction visible on the blockchain right now here we have balance starting balance minus 0.01 each idiom okay and when we jump though 12 o'clock and voila we have the same we can see 0.01 cents okay just right now we need to and oh we have refreshed refreshing the the balance is starting balance the same story – 0.01 tedium dozen that's a few seconds ago so it shows that's you can have access to your funds interview for example because right now we have private key to them without the access to the to the world okay so it's the proof that's the private keys for DT room right now are working and of course hopefully very soon we'll have private keys to all the asset inside the vault okay Thank You Gregor divers absolutely amazing so again open some of the leaders here guys if you have some questions here please feel free to ask Gregor know okay I guys it's Fraser here from Cyprus and my question for the community would be what is the private key where is the purpose of the private key if you could explain that in laymen terms for for the team please basic information private key means who is older or the funds encrypt or D of public keys to receive the transaction and private keys if you are the owner of private keys can private key you are the owner of the funds or on this particular particular world so here first I think it's about one more time transparency and prove to the community that the technology and everything is real because even if the worst scenario for example something will wrong with that servers of the company if you have your funds in each idiom you can have access to these funds without even if there are several of the company for example will collapse you will have still the access to these funds and second thing many people for example send money to provoke and violent and to withdraw money you need to have some CTO slc of transactions here when you export your private keys you don't need to have CTO and you can withdraw the money the fans immaterial from the wallet just with C in the ether world that's all thanks great brilliant explanation and fantastic presentation as always thank you my friend hey cookies ah hey alpha here from the UK so what you showed with your app with that external app you've imported your private key into so did you move aetherium from the using that private key from one wallets inside the app to to the other wallet inside the app no I I sent this funds from the I sent that the funds from this one from cloud token wallet external what okay okay okay I get it okay if not gonna ask something Irish car from Holland previously you showed on items can various transactions what are these in between transactions okay first of all is because company has funds on 32 exchanges very good information is that at the beginning the funds our deposits so the arbitrage on trading was on 38 exchanges but finally is 32 exchanges because only this 32 from 38 gives the company some insurance about the fan so it's very important that our fans are only on the biggest exchanges in the world with some insurance and well token is very big player because some and some days it's around 25 30 % of all the volume in Bitcoin for example on – on the biggest exchanges exchange and right now of course the company withdraw the money which they earn on the of the fading and vataj from 32 exchanges so this small transactions of the beginning for example 5e tirion 710 day then they pack this to the to the big pools for example 1000 eater as I showed 500 eaters it's the first way and say it's the first thing and second is because of course of the safety of the fans if they will put all the funds in one address of course it will be very easy for hackers to attack this one particular others so it's because of safe especially okay thanks and that's a great say aggregor thank you guys for the questions guys I hope everybody who's listening to this recording and we'll see the true transparency of what's taking place here so like this is just the start what gregor sword is the first project and he brought us true from there from A to Z of exactly the transparency was taking place here so anybody is looking here like have any reservations like in my 11 years working on lying I have never in a company take us through each step and guys this is just the beginning and within the next two months you're going to see travel inside the application you're going to see our own exchange being launched and there's many many other projects that have been launched as well on top of that we're going to be working with Leger legs are going to be verifying once a month that all the funds are there what the company is saying again another step to transcend transparency they're also working with pon DX one DX are also another company that's doing and others on the whole system right now once the last stage of the others finishes again puddin DX will be on board too so guys the company cannot be doing anything is to ensure us that everything is there so with that guys I want to wish everybody a fantastic week hope to see you all too soon thanks to all the leaders for taking part in this call also a big shout out to Gregor and for this stay tuned guys for many more videos take care and thank you

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