The Threads Converge | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 85

Hello everyone and welcome to tonight’s episode. A critical role or a bunch of us nerdy ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons and [inaudible]. Oh, that’s nice. Okay. That was those, those uh, that was there was a thing. Um, so before we jump into nights, uh, already starting off crazy episode, we have a few announcements to get through beginning with our fantastic sponsors for the night. The first one, our friends says the beginning of this fantastic storyline. D and D beyond, huh? Huh. Oh, brick. Oh, brick. I’ve made a major discovery. Hello. Hello. Hello. Whatever it is, make it fast. Sorting. My life expectancy is shorter than your Pew. Okay. He did the listen to Dan D beyond wants you to know about a brand new rule and adventure book, Dungeons and dragons versus Rick and Morty releasing GaN next week. On Tuesday, November 19th, DNA was a major discovery. Sortie okay. Nuclear fusion was a major discovery and other Rick and Morty promo was more like an unexpected taco bird. 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Oh, recast for Morgan, but Rick was fucking great. Roiling starts to drop then the amusement partner Rick and Morty hireable birthday actors, Rick and Morty. Thank you very much, Dean to be on for your fantastic continued, uh, sponsorship. I’m turning this to our story. Uh, and our second sponsor tonight is 10 speed press. Of those guys that haven’t seen, they’ve been releasing their young theme, the adventures guide series. It’s awesome. Um, it’s like a rules free introduction to D and D for specifically made for like young and new players. Um, that kind of really emphasize the creative elements of playing the game and creating characters and running a story that kind of makes the experience special and without being like too technical and too heavy in the rules. So it’s a good kind of on-ramp and introduction to the actual game in role playing games in general. Um, so they, they put like character rules, equipment, things are very easy to pick up. They’ve already put out some awesome books. Have you seen already they have the war warriors and weapons book. There’s the monsters and creatures book and then coming up on November 26th Dungeons and tunes, some slowly building that, uh, element there. And then in March next year as the wizards and spells book. So I’m looking forward to that too. But for those of you who are trying to get your kids to play with you or have people that are like, eh, it’s too complicated for me, Caesar, kind of your thing. They’re actually really cute. The art’s amazing. Everyone who worked on it did a great job. So check it out. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, you can find it at Bitly. It’s bit dot L Y slash 10 the number 10 speed. Uh, and thank you guys so much for supporting our show tonight. Uh, let’s see. Next up. Maricia you got some announcements? Oh man. Oh man. It’s Amaro hold this close circle. Turn there. Exciting conclusion. Our four part mini series. Watch it. Please, please watch your live because you’re, you’re not gonna want to have it spoiled at. I can’t guarantee that because shit is fucking crazy in this finale. So grab a loved one. Sit on a couch. Binge it tomorrow if you haven’t. And Deadwood tomorrow. Thank you. Maricia Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. No. Brian’s couch. Tell dry blankets. Tell them you’re going to work either. I’m Travis. You have some things to chat about. Oh, once again, for the month of November, we have partnered with O S D woo Oh SD. We help support our active veteran military communities. And so far with our campaign in the month of November, we have helped almost 400 veterans and we are on a mission to help even more. So. Thank you for you guys that have supported already. Please give if you can, if you can’t share the message, love our military community so much. It’s so important that we get back to them for everything that they do for us. We’re doing it again all the way through the month of November. 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Yeah, it is comfortable, but all right. Um, yeah, I’m, I’m super excited. Everyone’s made their characters and it’s going to be, it’s going to be interesting. It’s some fun stuff in this one. Um, so yeah, check out, uh, all the information at [inaudible] dot com slash events I believe that concludes my announcements and as such, I think it’s time to bring us into tonight’s episode. Oh, critical. [inaudible] the adventure. They were always beside you and the D M check guide you and they rise from the flames. Bada battles cause your bow to be does a monster and comic rating. Put your fate in your hands. Take a chance. No, it’s [inaudible] [inaudible] and welcome back. So last we left off the mighty nine through the help of some allies they’ve gathered from now different parts of Xander IA. You uncovered the true form, the true identity of the mysterious angel of irons entity that this cult was based around. And it turns out to be third is to the chain oblivion. No big deal. Uh, I’ll be uncertain if members of the cult are aware that they’re worshiping or S along with the secret. It’s a very, very bad dude. Um, so you’ve began to gather information about this individual and elements of Oberon’s possible plan as part of this endeavor. You’ve made your way to the dash back in the empire to ask for some aid as you were sent to Orman Haas, one of the members of these Subarus assembly who has some sort of a connection or old friendship with YUSA. And you have started the process of disseminating the information of the dangers that seemed to be mounting around you after which you made your way to the invulnerable Vagrant to check up on the stock of items they have and to just check in on good old boomer at soul. Um, after looking around at the wares, which were a bit thin as it seems that him and his simulacrum had been focusing on producing items that have been commissioned for the war effort by the Subarus assembly. Uh, and part we ended this conversation could deuces felt a sudden terrible sharp pain in your back. All of you beginning to realize that a blade had penetrated in between the shoulder blades and you watched as this entity, this dark elf female figure with reddish hair, kind of pulled back a little bit by a black bandana. Swaths and cloak and leathers seemed to be halfway emerging from the ground. Semi spectral and it stabbed conduces smiling then vanished back into the floor out of sight. And that’s where we left off. So mighty nine roll initiative, you were bad enough do to bring back to the trailer guys. That’s pretty bad dude. So starting at the top, we have 25 to 20, 24, 20 to 1515. Yeah. 15 to 10. 13, 1211. Okay. So we have gesture or a conduces and Kayla, has it been a couple of battles where you guys were at the same time for it? You have 11. So has ruined me cause my head is just going already. So top of the round, you’ve just watched this, this creature, uh, this assassin type entity vanish into the floorboards underneath you and vulnerable Fager into everyone’s kind of staring in shock. It’s your turn. What are you doing? [inaudible] turns out morning and not are pretty close. Um, wait, where did they disappear? Down to right behind 56. Right behind conduces right there. Oh, well I can’t, I have no shot. You have no shot. You have no eyes on the, uh, the creature. Oh, she’s on something. That’s inevitable end. Uh, I assume, can see up through the floor. I’m just guessing. So in order to hide, uh, I’m going to go jump on that table. The one with the pillow, the one in the middle, like Trevor’s. Alrighty. You go up onto the table there. Bonus action. Hide sorta get low. Can’t hide in the middle of a table. It’s elevated in the middle of the chamber from the bottom of the floor. So they can’t see me from underneath. No, I’m over it. Assuming that whoever is under the floor can see up. Okay. We’ll go ahead and roll self-check. Okay. I’d like 30 blends into the actual coloration and pattern of the wood on the top and then I will hold my action till I see an enemy. Okay. What action are you holding? A firing a crossbow type device. You got it. All right. That finishes nuts. Go. All right. No fuck already. I’m just reading the ed for their term laugh, which could be low. As you all kind of quietly look around, it’s not jumps onto the table gets low and against air. The table is swooping up from underneath. You see rising into the air and now she like kind of slightly floating. About six or seven inches off the ground. Takes two strikes at Beauregard I fire you may, I’ll take my shot. It’s going to go straight through or not good. Not good balls, dude. 1515 misses. Yeah, for sure. It does. It actually goes under the table and everyone at this point has been looking around. Here’s the sound of you find the crossbow glance over and you look at just you see it emerge and both blades going towards Beauregard. Uh, the first attack against you, 28 to hit 28 to hit 28, correct? Yeah. And the uh, second attack is going to be, uh, 2021, so yeah, they both hit wow. Okay. So that being the case, you take a class where they are, right. Seven, 10 points of slashing damage from the blade and then sneak attack because you did not know where she was coming from, from underneath. It’s going to be, Oh, that’s fine. What are you talking about? Don’t get like there can’t be surprised or something. I dunno, I’m just making this up. I hear a lot of doubts. I hear a lot of it. Yeah. Can you take that beat? I could name seven feet an additional 34 points of piercing damage. How much? 34. Okay. Interesting to the tension. Correct. So that’s 44 44 points. And I need you to make a constitution saving, throw poison daggers. That was their first attack. Right? Although I don’t, I don’t know. I do. I was one, one dagger facts is attacking us poison. I’m immune to poison. That’s right because it poison because of monk shit. And the second attack does 11 points of piercing damage. Oh and uh Oh God. But you are immune to poison, so no effect. Um, as then as the two strikes into you, you feel the pain you turn around to defend yourself. You can see from the wounds, this kind of like dark, dark liquid beyond your own blood is kind of spilling across the wound and you can sense it would have been poisoned, but your body rejects it entirely and you could see uh, the, this, this assassin grimace look and it’s going to go ahead and try and slip back under the floor. Exactly. You do. All right. Go ahead and make an attack. You poisoned. Nope. Okay, great clerkship. Okay. Now 15, 15, Schummer slips back floor. Trowler finishing their turn. Beauregard you’re up. Oh fuck. Uh, I am going to hit the floor. I kind of actually, I’m gonna stagger to the middle. Okay. I’m all three point landing the shit. They kind of crouched down until like, um, glow Crow kinda thing and um, take patient defense. Okay. And that’s my bonus action. Can I hold my attack for if I see her? So you’re within range. Yeah. So you have any daggers or things you want to throw? You can do. You can do that. [inaudible] [inaudible] actually, yeah. I’m going to stay right here cause I’m kind of in this awesome cross-section where I’m kind of between everybody. You got it. Okay. And you’re holding your physical or manger down like he’s holding attack and you can choose at the moment actually. That’s fine. I’ll love that. Alright, a gesture. What’s your dexterity by the way? My dexterity saving or just regular, we should dexterity score plus four [inaudible] is really high, so yeah, you go, go ahead. Oh, okay. I’m going to jump up on the table next to me. Yeah, she’s in bed. Keep my back against the wall. Not like not next to the window. I’m gonna as an action and I’m going to invoke duplicity. Alrighty. And I’m going to make my duplicate appear directly next to me and I’m going to have her hop down off the table. Okay. And run across the room and jump up on the table across the room and put it back to the wall over there. You guys as my free action, can I kick the shield that’s at my feet and bring it up and use it. Do you have a shield or to have a shield like a skateboard kick? Yes, keyboard kicks. Let me double check and see if it requires a tune. I don’t know if it does cause if not, that’s pretty [inaudible]. Any of the smells that I want for this. You’re like, Oh hell yeah. You’re fighting and stealing. It is not required to kick it up and grab onto. All right, so your armor classes instead of one higher food. The duration of this encounter. As long as you hold that shield and for that base, I’m go ahead and pull the shield off. Hello. Phew. Whoo. Thank you Wayne. A go. Alrighty. So just reciting any return. Um, yes. All right. It’s the pool that’s turning. It’s a fight. So a poo man who sees this happening first, he sees producers made they face and go, Oh you where are you hungry? And then sees the whole soccer or no, this is, this is real bad. Ah, Ooh man, it’s upstairs. And uh, this poo, Matt goes ahead and runs this way. Gonna go ahead and double dash and head back up and the stairway out of the way, watching my watch all the poo maths B blood hunters or something crazy. Uh, after, after, after boom out prime kind of sees that one run off and ensure the other two aren’t down here. Looks back and sees all of you like getting up on tables and goes, well, I didn’t want to miss a clue here. Gets up on the counter and is going to go ahead and uh, this’ll be interesting. I love it. When you say that it’s going to go ahead and go to the people that people who look the most hurt right now are Beauregard and not ours. I can do this, right? Yes. It’s going to go ahead and cast a greater invisibility. Ooh, yo. Ah, has the ability called a split enchantment, which when the cabinet champion spell a first level or higher. I should know. I don’t know if it’s a champion. That’s an illusion. Shit. I don’t know if I can do that. Yeah, can like split. Yeah. No that’s, that’s not a champion spot. That’s my bad. Uh, instead know everything aboutD and D. I know. No we’ll, we’ll, we’ll still go ahead and cast grader and visibility on you cause you’re the one who seems to need it the most. Does that mean I can’t do anything without dropping the visibility that means you’ve gotten is limited. You can use anything you want. You can cast spells, whatever, since we just bought them. Right. So that’s true. He bought the potion. Who has all those potions as a group? You did, but somebody holding them over. You can use this for the table. Yeah. All right. And then poo asking to move up against the wall as well. So everybody else getting up against it right there. Um, Alrighty. So you are for the time being invisible. Cool. Great. Uh, that’s gonna finish. [inaudible] turn. That brings us to, uh, [inaudible] and Caleb, you guys can choose between the two. I’m going to back up into the up and up into the, uh, uh, up until the stairs. Okay. Onto the stairs. Onto the stairs. Actually around there. Yeah. Probably like halfway up just to sort of like, yeah. But yeah. Okay. I’ll say for the purposes of, and I’m holding a spell. Okay. What? Spell your whole clean bang bang. Okay. Got it. Well, consider this to be you halfway up the steps. Okay. Alright. Kayla, what are you doing? Kayla was examining a brass lantern when all this happened and he turned and saw shrunk, shrunk, shrunk. People disappeared. So the brass lantern goes to the floor and kale just goes and is also invisible. Alright. And, uh, we will um, woodenly climb up onto the table that he’s in front of all of us. It’s a rat. [inaudible] that’ll work. Yeah. Alrighty. So that finishes your turn. Uh, and then that brings us to forward. Uh, yes. I will also hop up on the bar all right in front of me and I will uh, turn to face. Yeah, the main floor and I will hold uh, Eldridge blast whenever we see you and visit. Fuck, you got it. Yeah. All right. Top of the round. Not [inaudible] but then in quiet everyone’s in position and there’s just this tension in the air. Not quite sure where they’re going to pop up. Okay. God, um, I will bonus action. Why can’t really hide? Cause they know where I am. I’m this, I scramble and go somewhere else. I’m going to scramble across to the bookshelf and hide on the third shelf up over here. Yeah, it’s in being a goblin and I’m going to ready my, my Bola shot my, my truck. Okay. And ready yet. Will you still check for your hide gremlin on my shelf? Stills was not great. 1515. Got it. Okay. Next step. 60 figure emerges here under the, under the floor. I’ll actually, I bet Bain for I would be first. So being fiercely correct. So, uh, so Bain, what is the saving Corona? 17 charisma. 17 charisma fail. [inaudible] makes her like weaker. Save saves in a Bain means that, um, it saves into tax Medicity for saving. Throw an attack rolls. Okay, cool. All right. All right. All alright. So it goes off and then now, now you can take your time. You can take your own daughter’s bus. Go, go, go forth. Throwing dark. All right. Uh, that one totally misses. Wait, wait, wait for word to finish. Oh, if only that was something better than a dart. Seven 17. Is it 17 moon or we’re all little. 1919 hires a 10 or something like that. 19 hits, 19 hit, 18 hits. Good. So that’s good. One. Uh, 11 points of force damage. Okay, so you fired the Elvish blast and it strikes or seems to strike the right where it hits an impacts. The image kind of fades and now you can see the, uh, the figure is actually been to the right of it and there’s now two other illusory versions floating around it. This is your fault, I’m blaming you. Yeah. So now there were like two images of it that are kind of shifting and out of its space trigger while you’re a second attack. Because that was the first one that was, gotcha. Okay, now you go. Awesome. Oh, I’ll do it. So in darts, you just do four, right? We’ve got the got the debate about this and I always fucking forget, right. Technically and stagger, I mean, I’m okay with letting it be a be considered a martial weapon because you’d made it appear that we were considering it. You were making it to be a monk weapon. That’s fine. I’ll send it in. Then time that’s happened, you’ve rolled it with Justin to go for it. That’s the way. Whatever you’re, you’re, you’re there whenever your martial arts score is. Uh, cool. Oh, it’s always the one. So had crit double every two, two plus. Awesome. Total eight points that nobody goes for eight damn. Like it hits. But you can see the armor kind of takes most of the brunt of it. And as soon as it impacts, uh, she reaches down and grabs it and throws it on the floor. It looks like you angrily. Awesome. Pick that up later. Actually, it doesn’t look back at her angrily cause she’s not there. Oh, you’re not invisible. She wasn’t able to do both. That was an illusion. It wasn’t enjoyment. I was gonna try that, but then I remembered his illusion, that enchantment. I was like, ah, my bad. 21, Jesus. 21 for dark. Uh, yeah. Um, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Where were you? Um, 1212 points a day? No, six [inaudible] 10, 10. All right, so both, uh, in a piercing into, uh, the assassin now kind of looking about, um, now they’re gonna take their turn. Still going to shoot my Bola. That’s right. Yeah. Shoot your bullet. Eight plus. I don’t know, is this like a cold shot or something weird or is it just a normal attack that’s not going to hit? It’s plus 10. So total 1318 does not hit Bain. Anything. Bain, nobody, it doesn’t, it doesn’t arm armor class unfortunately. So after being hit with the dagger is here’s the ting sound that had kind of turns and twitches real fast over the shoulder. They’ll tend to the way as the bogus scattering into the wall, almost hitting you jester and knocks like a bunch of shit off the table. So now they can take their turn and you watch as a [inaudible] goes ahead and pulls up. No [inaudible] begins to, let’s see here. Okay. It’s going to go ahead and, and begin casting some sort of a spell, muttering under the breath and you watch as in a suspense kind of smell. Alrighty. Uh, that counters it. Nevermind. Yes. Cause you wanna know, don’t go invisible. Greater visibility. You’re a crayon visibility, you are now visible, greater [inaudible] you did great. You did greater as opposed to here in your phone, correct. Yep. Uh, great. So the spell finishes, but you see the head turns over after hearing the sound and while you’re invisible it kind of vaguely knows where you are. Yeah. Go ahead and do that. Um, no, you don’t put it out. Go ahead and finish back. The worst could’ve been worse. Could’ve not counter spelled. Oh no. It was very fire. It wasn’t a big deal. Well, I mean, you know, really legit. So anyway, finishing that Beauregard you’re up jester. You’re on deck. Um, SAS and stuff. Um, gonna crack my knuckles together. Line up the lineup. Lightning glove, the bolts. Now crackle across your forearm. You can feel a tingling sensation as the electrical energy can surge back and forth across your arms and you start to go a little numb from the vibration. What are you doing? What would I do if I were here? Okay. Um, walk through [inaudible] I’m going to go and kind of getting your gesture and kind of card here as a cleric. Oh, that’s so dark. That’s real. All right. The finishes are turned off. I’ll hold my attack. Okay, you got it. Uh, just to up. Okay. For my action, I’m going to use my, um, patient defense, my role of the solitary scout, and I’m going to cast a grace on the floor. Okay. 10 foot. Where do you want it to go? But guess what? She’s going to appear around here next time to get [inaudible] right here. Okay. And then for my bone is action, I’m going to cast spirit. She will wet at what level? Fourth level so that they get 48 attacks. So it’s a serrated Lawley Judy eight, you mean? Right. Does every two levels the damaged ice goes up, right? I was looking at spiritual guardians. That’s okay. Yes. All right. So where were you talking to go? Ooh, that’s a good one too. [inaudible] something was spirits. It’s going to be next to K, like between me and Kayla. You got it? Okay. Uh, that finishes your turn then. Alright. And you’re good there. Okay. [inaudible] tune per minute is going to go ahead and maintain greater visibility on you. Thank you. Um, and is going to actually [inaudible] not going to elect to come out fuels that you’re probably at least got out of the moment of danger and can be more useful elsewhere. So poo Madis instill instead going to go, Oh, we’re very OBR. I hope you’re safe. You to send me pretty helpful. Uh, sorry if it’s a little cramped and uses a split enchantment to, to cast enlarge on both Beauregard and forward. Oh, let’s go bring out that big mint AIDS for three 50 super duty flurry guys. Let them fight. Yeah, we’ll probably be up there just outside of the grease that give me to any concentration on your visibility and I’m maintaining concentration on the correct. But you’re no longer, I’m no longer, I’m about to be miserable again, but that’s okay. All right. You’re good. Uh, yes. Uh, and would that, he’s just gonna stay up against the wall cause it seems to work or no, right. So far that finishes, uh, his turn killed and produces, pardon me. Um, I’m going, well, you go, you go first. Uh, well I saw, uh, this, you can’t do that either. It’s transmutation. This is lame. [inaudible] split transfer, transportation team, any food that he can do, whatever. All right. Give it to the buck. Now I give it to you. She’s the closest. Plus we haven’t seen the, uh, that would’ve been real cool though. That would have been, that’s on me. I used to play an enchanter. Um, that’s a new one. All right. So I saw, uh, the inevitable end stale right in my general direction and then she sunk into the floor. So I will carefully get down onto the floor and go to the table in the central the room and changed my position and wait and hold a, I will cast a spell the moment. I see ya. Give me the spelling. Uh, yes cause you’re okay. We make it magic missile. Alright, you got us. Okay. Um, I’ll hold path to the grave. I’m actually going to cast and build invisibility on myself, um, which I can do as a B bonus action. Um, and then I’m going to shift, I’m going to shift down and just behind the like and just on top of the bar there, like right there, just so I’m no longer in the same place and I’m going to hold a Sentinel at deaths. I’m going to hold ’em, uh, the little bit of it. Uh, where’d it go? Pass to the grave for, uh, right before Caleb. You got it. Okay. Uh, that finishes your term. Ford Europe. Okay. Um, which is new. It’s wonderful sealing years about, uh, about 15 feet off the ground, like Todd, 15 feet. And you’re now like almost hitting the like does it, the chandelier in the middle is about eye-level and you’re like, Oh, this is really strange. What did they be like disadvantage on a melee attack with my sword. If I swing this like cramped. No, it’s not that ground. Okay, cool. You just don’t have a lot of vertical movement. Right? I’ll summon the sword. You Travis in a room? Yes. Anywhere in uh, Europe or Asia. Yeah, it’s was terrible. And I will use the command word ganas via and make all the runes glow on the sword and I will light CEP around him. A hold a melee attack, uh, until, and then the inevitable end, uh, appears around me. Okay. You’ve got a captain, not Europe. I’m just going to say we’re sitting ducks in here. We’re not doing, should we develop some sort of strategy? Red’s fine. I don’t see this strategy. Um, I don’t know where, then Caleb’s already occupying it. So I’m going to move to that middle table as well just to keep, uh, keep the lady luck guessing here. Oh, shit over in the floor. Um, and I will, what was that that you just knocked down? A pillow is player. It’s flare. Whatever it is. I’m going to bonus action. Steal it. Okay. And then prepare a spell this time I’m gonna make a slight of hand check. Sure. Can you do that as a bonus section? You’re cutting edge. I don’t know. I have no idea. If not, I forget that this engagement. Correct. Bless you. Unless you’re going to be your action then never mind. I will just hide up there and prepare a spell or spell your parent hideous. Laughter. You got it. Alrighty. That’d be finishing your turn. Uh, merging up through the floor right here. Perfect. As if the footsteps across the floor boards were a giveaway of movement is going to rise out. Okay. So you guys go, yeah, release all the spells. Simon spell who goes for, I do with with, but it’s just a chat. It’s just found a vended path to the grind. Trying to think technically I’m trying these cause technically they’re hidden from you. So I think they might get their attack first. Okay. And then you get the reaction. Okay. Cause you don’t notice where they’re coming from until they arrive. Okay. I’m just trying to think here because they’re, they’re hiding and stealthing as well and popping up and trying to surprise each of you. So I’ll let you do that going forward in this kind of instance after the attack. That’s fine. So it’s going to be one attack. Uh, both attacks at you? Not actually sure. Cause you are not immediate visible though. They were drawn to the table. You’re who they see on top. Okay. Before, correct. Uh, that is going to be a 17 second tech. I use that item to block it. Natural 20. Oh okay. Okay. Reaction. I’m canceling the national 20. How old was the distance on that one? 30 feet. 30 double checking. 30 feet. 30 feet. 30 feet? Yeah. You can do that. Yup. Alrighty. Yeah. So the first one missed it. The second one does hit you. Oh, go or is you can’t tell who’s singing right now with the weapon attack in there. That is 51 points of piercing damage. What damage your sun damage. I will uncanny Dodge that. Uh, use my reactions. Your reaction, which I need to cast the spell correct. So, but I’ve already committed to casting spells so no one can be direct. 51 51 points of damage. Did you make constitution saving? Throw. Okay. [inaudible] 17, you lose the spell. The breaks your concentration as you’re focusing on it from the impact of the blow poison. I need you to make my constitution saving throw now against the police and then the plate. Uh, 1919 yeah, you managed to resist it. Okay. Wow. Wow, wow. Wow. I hate this table right now. You guys can take your actions except for not who the, the impact is so painful that the spell just kind of fingers out of your fingers. Pop. Pop. What? My lightening glove. Your first, yeah. So his hands just light up in five that you would do that five blue pink dots spiral out like homing missiles and go and hit like immediately point blank rage like a shotgun. And then how many points they have vulnerability to it. They vulnerability to to to the magic missile from from my path of the grade. But you were holding, Oh I lost my fucking path of the grade cause I was holding it and I use that. Which means you wouldn’t have the reaction, which means that was a critical hit. No, I know. I would have used, I would have lost it. The reaction to maintain the spell shit. So I’m sorry, taking that back. It was 51 I said wait, let me double check. We’ll know that the 51 minus nine so it’d be 40 Oh my God. 42 84 plus nine 90 93 points of piercing garbage. Okay, here’s zero. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re zero. Now what’s your, what’s your point max? Sure. Uh, 81 I am, I am unconscious. No, you are not going to double check the rule here when it comes to taking damage. Oh wait, did you go that far? Massive damage can kill you instantly when damage reduces you to zero hit points and there’s damage remaining. Oh, see what’s remaining. Sorry, not total amount. I’m miss remembered that. Yeah, that’s good. That’s good. That means it would’ve, you would’ve had to be at like zero hit points for that to, to that T you would have had to be low. I miss remember that rule. So you’re fine. You are unconscious thing. Fine. You just read. That needs to be, Oh, if you’re unconscious and the extra damage goes over your maximum hip points, it’s instantly I miss. Remember that thumped rules left and right tonight. My apologies. But you are unconscious. Wait, do it as morning. Ah. All right. Still double damage on the, on the magic missiles. It is 40 total. Oh or double damage on the dice. 30 gets weird when you hold actions. So I’m checking one thing. So ready when you’re ready. Something [inaudible] I mean it was my, yeah, it was, yeah. This is real dandy right here. Rolls and everything. Pow reloads them against one per size. Interesting. So no, we’re for us, but I think they are interesting when the trigger occurs, you can either take a reaction right after the trigger finishes or ignore the trigger. The trigger hadn’t happened yet. So first you decide what people trigger reaction. When you choose the action response, you just tell us what you think man. Okay. Call it like a bump. All right. That’s the internet. Yeah. Let’s get a little messy here. I’m working with, this is some interesting dynamics and this one, um, shakes function. So if you’re holding something, it uses your reaction to release it. So if you want to change it up, which uh, we’re already going here now, so we already said like we’re releasing spelling, but going forward now if I want to drop my reaction for different, for something else, you can do that. Okay. You lose the spell that you’re holding. Yes, obviously. So. Okay, we’re fine. Okay, cool. Cool, cool. Just like they did. So the vulnerability does go through, vulnerability goes through and dead is day 40 points of is just the Tice stumbled over her whole thing. Whole thing is [inaudible] total [inaudible] I know. Look at your ability is a vulnerability against anything or does it say attack, um, prompts to tell us it’s hair tonight. Fresh hair or call your abilities for a tax only and don’t think it’s effective on spells. Uh, the next time you were an ally of yours hits the crystal creature with an Intech. Correct. So it is 20 damage and the next it’s an next attack. It’s doubled. Oh, so keep that in mind. That’s fine. Okay. It’s been, it’s been, it’s all been a busy week. We’re getting back in the swing of things. Right. In the combat trying. It’s a lot of layer leash shit. I’m not even looking at their sheets. So now you said you’re making your, I was holding a melee attack. That’s right. So no good on that. I’m the holding punches in our got reach. Yeah, go for it. I was, the first hit will be doubled on damage roll 20. The enlarge doesn’t [inaudible] no punches. Yeah, you do. Anna May punch her in the 1919 hitches, they are going to use their reaction to Perry and add five to their AC. It misses bro. Do I not get the, do I, is it the next one that does damage or the next attack? The next one. Lightning. Yeah. It’s technically a reach attack and it’s still kind of the ground itself. Was it just bargaining Carolyn? Just mrs Gracie’s 19 yeah. Alrighty. Fuck. Let the mighty nine live. No, stay. I need you. And then they vanished. Alrighty. After finishing Beauregard Europe, uh, [inaudible]. Okay. I am going to go around this grease pit kind of kind of over here, but as I go, I’m going to go walking over here. Oh, you’re drawing, you’re drawing all right. Over to Ford. Yeah. Give me a little bit of room [inaudible] from the space. Okay. And then I’m going to hold my Malay techs. You’ve got a tight, both turns done. Jester jester is going to tell dude, BlueCat men delay the jump off the table and come over and then like right here, right there or on the Lake, kind of on the [inaudible]. And then as defense patient offenses, yeah, you can do a section, I’m sorry. Keep going as an action. The duplicate is going to cast a spiritual guardians so that the guardians go around. Okay. What’s the radius? That is a radius of 15 feet, 15 all around her foot radius. Warm at Ford’s level. So keep that in mind there. And anytime that they enter it, they take damage. Yep. Yep. Got it. Okay. And you are now focusing on maintaining concentration on that. All right, the finishes you go jester. Yes. U-Mass Toon. Boom. It is going to a mass tune. Well, I’m very little sleep today. I’m, here we go. We’re gonna go ahead and put is actually going to start focusing on a spell and like holding it, looking a little nervous, like wherever they were coming from. And that’s going to be the end of his turn. Uh, Crucis and Kaitlyn, what are you doing? You first? I’m still feeling my shit. Um, I don’t like this, but I’m going to do it. I am going to cross over and carefully climb up next to gesture on her table and I am going to do nothing. Okay. That’s it. Um, I’m going to cast prayer. I’m not prayer, feeling weird. I know I’m healing word. Um, uh, for my, uh, for my action, I’m going to, since I’m about to become visible, I’m going to make myself look like a Puma. Okay. Um, and for my, uh, for my spell, I’m going to cast healing word. Um, uh, let’s just do, let’s do third. Let’s do third levels cause fuck it. All right. Actually on, um, on my sit on, alright, go ahead on that. I don’t have to roll the dice. That’s right. That’s right folks, man. Well that’s 17 guy. 17 hit points back up. I saved. Uh, and then I’m going to just kind of gently get within fighting range of Fords so that if anyone tries to attack me, they also are within Ford’s range. You got it. Okay. That finishes your go forward. Europe, uh, what’s going to gathering around you? [inaudible] Oh, can I, is it an action to ask Pramada question if it’s a quick one? No. Can I say like what’s in the, what’s in the back room? Oh yeah. It’s just good old misspelled. That’s where I do all my N Chan work there. Uh, I tool it’s in a, you know, equip beats its way a Y George have two elders. Blessed that I will hold my action for them to appear. Okay. You got it. All right. Ending your turn, not your conscious. Thank you. [inaudible] this sucks. Ah, I will stand up. No, I won’t stand up. There’s no reason. Well, am I going anywhere? [inaudible] still dead. You shouldn’t have. I’m just gonna I’m just gonna lie there. All right. Safe road. And uh, then prepare that same smell again. Okay. You got it. And I don’t have any potions. I don’t have any potions, so I’m good. That’s it. Bought a section. Hide. [inaudible] knows where I am when you’re playing possum playing possum. So 29, 29, I’m just gonna kinda roll my tongue out of my mouth. Emerging from the ground here. Perfect. Following the foot’s footprints and footsteps all heading in that direction. She emerges from the ground right in the center. First off, what are the effects degree spell? Uh, they have to make a saving throw or go pro before. What if Greece is the most powerful thing? We have? Pretty powerful. It’s pretty powerful. Probably will make the save. What safe is it? Its constitution. I know it’s a dexterity. Dexterity save. Yeah. It’s 23 yeah. They make the scene. I’ll cast that hideous laughter. All right. Are they still being, they’re still banned. That was with bang. I didn’t roll a high enough stealth check. This turn actually rolled an actual one. Oh, so you were able to kind of gauge where they’re going to come up from the ground so they do not get the surprise actually from the sneeze, from the grease in the way I’ve just made a sound when the mouth, Oh God. Spiritual guardians. Would that be instantly before, what does it say on the spell? When they enter the space for the first time, then yes, that would affect them. Okay. See me throwing that as a wisdom. Wisdom. Yes. Uh, 14 good and willful damage on that. [inaudible] [inaudible] balls. Then 15, 15 points. Two points of damage. You got it. And it does not pop up. Yeah. And then blasts. So you’d do that. Well you do that all what you blast blast Voco first just [inaudible]. Um, I’d see her in the grease pit and I’m just going to cherish my fists and puncher. I kind of bailed on that description of [inaudible]. Go for it. Pop, pop. Oh my God. Did you see that? Okay. Okay. 28 and 24. Okay. 23 for both head. Yeah. First one’s doubled. Oh, okay. Well let’s do this cause he just sits there until someone hits. That’s right. She didn’t hit [inaudible]. That’s really good. All the six. So 12 so 18 on that first one. Oh, it’s not just ice. It’s total damage. Total damage. The whole attack. So it was a six plus I have attacks, so it’d be the first. The first was six plus what? Six six plus six 12 1224 first whole attack. Yeah. Buck DOE. Second tech is the second attack was terrible. Um, seven damage. Stunning strike. Second strike. Oh four minus the D four. Yeah. Thank you. [inaudible] [inaudible] Ooh, well hold on. No, I love it for the first attack cause there’s still two of the mirror images up. Oh shit. Yeah. No, that hits that. Also get a D for they both hit no, it’s just, it’s just overwhelming for us. Yeah, no, we’re fine. But there’s still two spectral images kind of floating around. So, uh, so that, that works there. [inaudible] turn and then she has to stay visible. You did two attacks in the stunning strike. Yes. You do. Oh. Oh, I still have my bonus attack. No, it’s not your turn. You’re holding your action. Oh, 24 and 14. You have technically advantage on those attacks because they were done 24, uh, in, uh, 19 for the second one. Yeah. Both hit, uh, 18. Nope. Sorry. That’s like 13 points of forced damage. Uh, no, it’s not cause it would be one of the images absorption. The second one, um, is 14 points before it’s, and the four is only on mailing commits, right? Oh, the D four is only on Malay. It’s correct. Cannot range. Alright. I’m still casting hideous laughter even if you are already stuck. Uh, it’s a wisdom portal. It’s a wisdom. I say to her, you know why I joined a theorist dune coat just for the hell of it. Keep saying it though. 23 pull the natural 17 plus your penalties there. But uh, nevertheless, emergency on the floor is now kind of crumble over looking around eyes wide, looking a little bit frustrating with the, still a slight grin to the face. Um, it’s not even, it’s I see bird garden, Ford both make perception checks for me real fast. Oh, someone else’s in the room and it’s Yasha. That’s 16. And I still have a sea of visibility. Just straight perception. 13. Okay. No worries. All right, so now, but regard, it’s your turn. Oh no, it’s meant to cool girl. Rocky Balboa do it once the ribs went to the temple. That fucking terrible, terrible. 17 and 15 binge on each attack. Oh, okay. Well both of them. Okay. Yeah. The first one missed shit. Both shit. All shit. All right. Four rolls of shit. [inaudible] yeah. So miss, miss on your, on your attack and your action. So everyone is action. Uh, yeah. Um, [inaudible] yes. Thank you. Gotcha. Okay. Uh, 26, 26 that hits nine damage. Alrighty. Last pop. Thank you. Misses. Yep. Yeah, yeah. They all hit Ken real high on that. That lasted a mirror image. Okay. That finishes your Turnbow yeah. Let me return it. No longer is done. Oh, this is till the end of your next turn. Okay. Alright. Gesture. You’re out. Okay. Are you locked down there? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That makes sense. Uh, okay. I’m going to make my duplicate turn and look at her in the face and then just reach out and go right on her nose and she’s going to cast inflict wounds at fifth level. Oh shit. Come on. Come on him. Let’s go. So I have to roll to hit all the hit Malay spell attack. She used to roll the boop, you know, it’s okay. It just happens to me a lot. Yes. But I’m gonna use my bonus action to bring my spiritual weapon over. Yeah. And try to bring it down over head as my duplicates going. Oh, that was a two. I rolled a one and then a two. Where’s my jail? But Kickstarter dice is that now these are the Sproul dies and I’m not going to blame them cause they’re really, really beautiful. Well, you can blame them, but I’ll use them for the rest of the night. All right. Is punishment enough, I suppose? Does that finish your term? Uh, I mean, yeah, at least you know what? I hope she feels at least a little embarrassed cause she got booked on the nose. She did. You can see as soon as the, the, the illusionary gesture pulls back, there’s a look of on her face and it looks back like one of those like rack focuses in illusion and on to you back there. Kind of like doing more actual castings. Like we’re starting to piece two and two together. All right. That brings us to poo. Matt, who actually was holding his spell that I forgot to call their boss, which would’ve been, uh, he’s, he’s asadero, I’m angry. You wouldn’t sell a motion. You would be to blah, blah, blah. So could have been everything we’re doing tonight. So put Matt deals poo mat. Roll it, roll it. Washington works. Ooh, Ooh. Get yourself [inaudible] shut up. 15 points of acid damage. It wasn’t, it was bad. Okay. Six, 10, 1915 and is currently number generator bladder with acid. It’ll continue to burn for the next round and now it comes to pool match. Turn come out. It’s not going to go ahead and seeing how the tide is turning here. It’s going to go ahead and cast. Uh, let’s see here what you’re doing. Go ahead and cast blindness and deafness on them. That’s good. I’m just doing what, who Matt is casting blindness, blindness. Open the went to map prime with a [inaudible] who is technically okay. You’re right now saving throw. Defour does save unfortunately with the D 40. Oh the D four still saves down. Then one uh, doesn’t work, but there’s no gonna move over here and get like ducks behind. Now you guys seem to have it, haven’t taken care of and just cast the spell. Hey watch. It’s a poopy chance there. I’m just going to go ahead and crouch down and gets down low behind. Um, all right. Finishing commence turns. That brings us to, yeah. Okay. I’m just going to fire off five more magic missiles sideways and they’ll swirl and twirl and then strike right in the middle. Those auto hits, that is a five’s 11 points of damage and then he carefully gets down off the table and just feels his way sideways along the wall quietly as he can towards the stairs. But sticking to the wall here as far as he can go, even though, yeah. Are you doing like a stealthy cut? I mean, that would be an action to be stealthy. Yeah. You’re just trying to be hugging the wall. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Good to have little teeny health potions on the map. I’ve had like no way to use them for a long time. So small getting tossed around. It’s like, it’s a battle room. Battle room. Battle room. Saddle shop. All right. Uh, that finishes, uh, kelp string produces. I’m going to go for a blight. Ooh, for blight. Alrighty. For constitution. Constitution. Do for sit down, take 13. Oh, never mind. But like, you know, I won the game. I’d love it is over with the Bain. Oh wow. That’s [inaudible] product damage. All right, where are my eights? The whole caboodle? Yup. Yup. Here we go. Seven first. I’m just going to have to write this down as I’m too tired to actually pay it. Like get the math to work. 16 only ones in the game. I don’t need it. 32 points of necrotic damage. Woo. Yo ass D Christians. You don’t happen to be part of magic plant or anything. Okay. Um, that was, that sun kept, kept her from going back into the floor. That’s good. Chris Farley or so. Yeah. Um, that wrecked a lot. Yeah. And then uh, yeah, that was huge just for, do I have anything I can do for a bonus action? I don’t think there really is anything I can do cause I already know my hidden spent before. Yeah. I’m just gonna take, I’m just gonna yeah, I’m just stay right where I am. Right where I am. Huh? You are, you close to [inaudible] shit. Huh? She’ll whip her hair real dude. He’s already got the other weapons. Hey, you have to put switch it on. You got to keep her here. I don’t know if that would do it. Uh, so with my bonus action, you said I cast a hex blades curse on. Okay, let’s play scars down for one round on a part here. All right, there we go. Stacking them on and can I reach back with the sword and pulse? The runes. I will cast banishing smite, uh, on, on this melee strike. Sure. Yeah, go for it. So I don’t know. I just rolled a regular melee attack at CFC. That’s a, that is 2020. She’s gonna use her reaction to Perry at five. Her AC misses. She already burst her ear. No, that was delcos return. Okay. What else did that, does that cancel out that spell to uh, look at the spelling? See if it says till the next attack hits or just the, it is the next. Detect the next melee attack. The next day they attack. I’ve never used it before. That’s okay. Next time you hit a creature with a weapon, you creature. So it’s, so, it’s still there. You have a second attack. It’s like, Oh, I can still work. Oh great. Okay. Yeah. Oh, 24 24 hits. Let’s roll to see if the last mirror image. No, it doesn’t. That hits this is do five D 10. Oh Oh a N see, Oh, come on. 20th four 33 one more. Alright, that was fine. That was fine. Okay. 33 points of forced damage. I uh, did it happen to reduce the target to 50 hit points or fewer? Uh, yes. It banishes it. Oh to where target is native to a different plane of existence in the one you’re on, the target disappears returning to its home plane. If the target is native to the plane you’re on, the creature vanishes into a harmless Demi plane. While there, the target is incapacitated remains there until the spell ends. At which point the target reappears in the space at the left. How long? How long? One minute. Okay, so we can prepare so we can heal. You watch, I have this large like arc of kind of divine light, green energies, these kind of spirals of strange vines begin to curl around the blade. The first swing goes wide. You see she Dodges out of the way, kind of, you know, immediately taken aback by this sudden burst of divine energy. The second swing, however, is a backhand at the side has an impacts. It flashes and you can see the vines kind of reach out and wrap around her and suddenly she’s cocooned very much in the way that you wore when you made the transition, except the cocoon suddenly crumbles and there’s nobody there. How long does it last? One minute. Just duplicate in the actual weapon. Someone me do what should we down potions or I’ll jump ovarian. Cast your wounds at third level. Who did you need for feedback after we’ve had it? Just brings it back after one minute. And did you, did you [inaudible] future level on you? Four points. So uh Oh that’s good. 23 hit points back. It’s if the spell ends before one minute has passed that if it ends before a minute, the target reappears. Otherwise, if it doesn’t end in under a minute, it stays on its own plane. Am I not? Am I mistaken? It remains there until the spell ends. At which point you can drop it if that’s, if it’s a native to a different plane. If the, if that is right. There’s a ministry in banishment and managing [inaudible] who have different spouses. Yeah. Banishing smite. Uh, yeah, it comes back when I was done. It’s not, it’s not quite an awesome management. Okay. This is a shit ton of damage as well. That’s kind of the benefit there. Do whatever you need. Correct. Alright, so you guys are getting crept here. Okay. But she’ll reappear right there, right? Correct. Okay. Does the grease thing, the grease is still there as long as the grease, Tim, that was great. It just doesn’t say, Oh no. One minute. Sorry. Sorry. Okay. Where did she go then? She’s right there. Just going to rip. You’re right. They’re unwilling to reposition to where I’m right there in between. How long has Ford big Ford used David Gordon for? For um, I’m going to be in that, I’m instead of home. Okay. Hey, I’m going to shout a jester. Jester. Look out the window. See if anyone’s outside. Can I peek out the window and see? Correct. Uh, and I’m going to run across to the other window and look out we’re here. Yeah. Just to see if anyone’s outside currently. I mean there’s people walking outside. Any enemies? Uh, make a perception one looks pretty safe. Okay. Trust in what you got. Do I see anything outside? Think perception check 20, 20. Uh, you do not see any that the see people walking into the street, they hear noise and then it’s kind of quiet. They’re not really sure what’s going on. And I forgot because Greece is concentration check spell. It didn’t have anything like that on this. Uh, you had to choose between that or illusion cause you are concentrating on your, okay, that’s fine now, but just to remember. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I suppose for the last things I’m going to do are cause it came out of the wand that I do still maintaining concentration on the spelled EUCAST through it. I understand that we can have multiple things concentrated. It’s all good. The rest of the minute to find a place under the table over there and hide, go for it. As best as I can. Have a terrible, awful, terrible. 16, 16. Okay. Uh, everyone else said, wait, no, this is not a concentration. Kalem sugary says concentration. It doesn’t say concentration. It’s not. Okay. Linda mind, uh, I assumed it was not bad. I’m going to write just a minute so you never mind. You’re right. Instead of killing myself, I’m going to use anti-life shell. I’ve literally, the first time I’ve had anyone use grease in a game in five years is a shame. It’s a great first level stone. Then, um, what’s that other one I was going to do? I’m sorry. I’m shaking too much to make my thing work and you’re waiting to do something. I’m going to hold a, uh, shoot action. Okay. Caleb’s in visibility. We’ll drop in this minute. So he’s going to go up to the top of the stairs and sit in whatever doorway is up there, peering down from above and ruins, sees Frumkin come thinking thing, thinking down the stairs and sits on the table at center. Okay. Actually stands on the floor next to the Beauregard. Okay. Right there. Yeah, precisely that I also put the death word on myself. Okay. On you. I’ve got a death warrant, an anti-life shell and I’m readying, uh, cause I don’t want to get hit. Is that her life? Shell. Constipation. Nice. Alright, so you were just like, Nope. Knowing a 10 foot wall all around me were, yeah. No, no, I can’t. No, no enemy can, uh, any, anybody can get within 10 feet of me. You got it. Can I get up on the table? We’re not was over here. And you’re also, you’re still promoting. Uh, yeah, I’m gonna stick them out. Okay. Same place or, um, I’m going to, yeah, I’m gonna stay up there. I just want to be in the middle of a bunch of people and also, yeah, they’ll cause my 10 foot little radius is, is good for anybody. [inaudible] go ahead and move over here and today. Rec. Okay. I’m just going to go ahead and move this table. People seem to be safe, right? It’s working out well for everyone. Um, I may, I may [inaudible] yeah. Pretty spread out. Yeah. I’m okay. I’m going to trust my, my little thing and then, uh, I’m readying my, uh, my, uh, yeah, I’ve got something ready to go. What are you ready? Um, the, uh, same thing I did last time. The, uh, path of the grade. Okay. Got it. Caught him up on that table and can I hold, um, the last charge of the sword and I’ll hold verifier? Sure. Oh yeah, yeah. I’ll hold non-tech waiting for her. It’s like a clocker as soon as she reappears. Okay. Uh, when I think there’s like 10 seconds left, I uh, take out the cabinet and bring up a cat’s Iowa and the claw is floating central the room 10 feet in the air basically above Beauregard in Fromkin. Yeah, it’s a lot going on right there. I’m gonna bring my duplicate back up. Yeah. Okay. Actually I backed backing up against the wall and I tried to blooper again as soon as she comes back in. So she’s going to go right in front of her right here as close to like right interface. You got it. Okay. So I’m holding the one situation. Yes, yes. All right. As the minute comes to a conclusion, Bain is no longer there. Tex blades curse lasts for recheck. I think you’re probably on to did take it. Trudy. What a crazy looking battle map. So it’s all in the middle of the damage and took for for much acid arrow and appears there. Who’s making me taking the first attack? I’ll swipe, let me hook every fire cause everybody else gets and what I want to do anyway, but no, no, go for it. Okay. So very far for Southern. Are they going for the same order? I’ll say initiative order for this. And severance can happen to ones. No, it’s the same initiative orders. Combat hasn’t really ended. Okay. So we’ll say not by fire, 29 to hit that hits. Do I get sneak attack? Uh, you’re not hidden. I hood. But you were only low and she has a higher perception, but she is technically in a invest base with Beauregard. So yes you do. All right, well let’s drop it. Oh, lots of three. Lots of three. What was the total attack on that tomb? It was a 29 for nine. Yeah. Um, that’s it. Let me roll. Nope. Actually the last mere image was horrible. The attack, how’s that? She had one left. So now they’re gone. Now all the images have vanished. What slight kind of weird shimmery aspect of her body is now gone. And you can see her as physically there as you can imagine. She could do, her image is gone cause the last minute, Oh, this isn’t a spell. This is a parent. Disability. Okay. Sweet. Similar trip. Okay. So that finishes your go. Next up is Beauregard. That’s your food. You don’t get to attack. These are held at your health held actions. Right. I’m just gonna go with a giant haymaker. Right. Two strikes like that. Hey, Hey, that’s cool. Uh, okay. Alright. 19 so 29 but the first one fails. 1515 yeah. 15 minutes. Where’s that at? The 15 year old. I mean, yeah, 15 does 15 doesn’t hit doesn’t, sorry, I thought you see how you rolled it. 15 in the dice. The first one, 15 misses the second one. They roll. It was a nighttime. I saw him go for it. That’s nine damage. Alright. Stunning. Strike. Come on. That is a 17 yeah. Oh, it does not have a on it yet. Nope. No bang. Right. Step saves. All right, so the finishes your go jester bill. Go ahead. Well Dave, you can fly a fifth level. Boom. It probably counts. I mean it’s earth flat. It’s a cool role, but it’s only one 15 total. Total was not hitting unfortunately. And I could have had advantage. I could have held it till after. No, I couldn’t. That’s a range. Uh, that’s okay because it’s a reaction. It’s not like a train thing and start with the easiest way to get through it. Um, who Matt is going to go ahead and release, uh, he’s going to attempt ice cream over there. Or is that an OSI bowl? Dominique person. Ooh. Dominate person, but 20. So she resist advantage on it. That’s why I didn’t cast it. All right. That brings it to Caleb and conduces my giant cats. Paul grapples. Grapples. Okay. Grappling hand. She’s medium that work, right? Yes. Yes. So that’s an advantage. Strength. Ooh. Yeah. But, but it’s very, so that is a, uh, 32 32. All right. Thank you for the cat’s called grabs down and seems to be unable to grasp the body’s seeming momentary and material immune to being grappled. Oh, all right. That’s a bonus action though. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. So magic missile. Go for it. We’ll damage what level? Fifth. Okay. Hold up. Bonus action and or regular. I know, I just know, I would say, I would say if you were cat’s calling keeps on moving close bonus action. That’s the bottom section. So that would be in your held action. That’s what you already used before. It’s no magic missile on that. Right. Could you see past the grave, the grave Ford proof, fire saving through dexterity? He added some 20 well wow. We all prepped and we all wish it was a pretty, it was a pretty rough around preparation. I’m sorry guys. Photo guard. Dad comes nine points of damage. That’s true. All right. Not Europe. Oh, okay. I would come by and again, quad had been fired again. Bonus action. Okay. 2121 reflects our reaction to Perry. He’s amazing. Just spinning around. Things are going for, no, we should just jump out the window. That finishes your turn. Yeah, I’ll still run and hide on the shelf. Okay. How about here? Go and roll. High roll stealth check. Well, I don’t have a blog section to HighEdWeb just up on top on it. Okay. It’s now her turn. She’s going to bonus action to disengage and vanish into the flow. Hang on. Do you have a reaction? Disengage. Wait. Does Sentinel ignore? Disengage does it does feel like no, it does. I feel like, let me check Diane. My mom loves, Oh, enjoy. Disengage. Jack Sentinel is so obnoxious. It’s just a regular old punchy. Your mom. Okay, I’m going to turn around and I’m going to do like a big swing and tie fighter kick just right across her face to try and get high fighters. Kick. What movie? 17 dresses move. Why do we say like two inches just above her head as she disappears. We are bad at everything. That’s why they tell the MMA numbers. Try that shit. Yup. So it’s for the purposes of brevity. You guys prepare your stuff and a minute goes by and she doesn’t appear. Hi. Two minutes. Five minutes of silence and getting ready for certain positions of fire. Anyway. You fire, you take a little bit of time. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Cause I want to go check on the pool. Can I run over to the [inaudible] back up from Lauren [inaudible] uh, you see like the three of them from upstairs kind of look down way. Yeah. We’re just uh, we’re just taking it easy up here, but then okay. You come out together. I know we got it. Don’t worry ya scared them off. Whatever they were had SA why hasn’t that been every day? Kind of coming to those to us. I dunno, I’m gonna I’m gonna make some tea. Anybody want any? Uh Oh so, so much. I’m going to say, let’s put a few pots out. Come on. Remember when you saw me out here and they all kind of, I’m sitting on the tables. Please. So as you guys kind of take a moment and [inaudible] the counter, I don’t trust it. I’m not gonna feel safe anywhere ever again. Sucked. Not one, right? Nope. Clear over on one system. Killed right now anyway. I don’t know. Well, nothing else couldn’t be killed, but that she can help you. They know we were here. Scrying yo, how do we protect against that? Who knows how long they were following us? Kayla, we just need to watch her back. [inaudible] [inaudible] comes back in with, you know, one set of one T set and two of the other met with two other tea sets. But all we got at the moment, but it’s warm is then the thing that you make or sell that can protect us from scrying eyes. Well, I mean, yeah, it can make some, uh, some things that can make it end detectable. I’m going to need a few weeks per implement to produce per implement. You can’t make them simultaneously and sort of like a, well it only takes me that short period of time cause all four of us are working at it. Wow. Wow. I can’t just turn it around too fast here. It’s a, you know where it’s a finely crafted art form. That sounds cool. Oh, here. Just to, just pouring everyone cups of tea in the center of the chamber as it’s doing that for my, so, uh, what, why, who was that? What? What’d you do? Where’d they go? What’s a, we found ourselves in the attention of some rather terrible people since we last saw you. Apparently they’ve become a bit aggressive with their, um, plans to even the scales. Yeah. They chained all Bolivian. Where are you serious? She’s serious. Yeah. Doesn’t she look so wait, this person’s a involved with the eye with that. There is dune fella. Hmm. That’s real bad. And they uh, they know where I work now. Well, Oh and I think they were after us. Should we burn down the store started fresh. Okay. I like where you’re going with that. But I think that should be a very, a last case scenario if you do it respectfully. [inaudible] yeah. Anyway, you don’t happen to have any secrets, arcane items, relics that perhaps you have stowed away in your room, in your back office that you don’t have out on display. Anything that might’ve drawn the attention of someone like this, only looking out for your wellbeing because it’s either [inaudible] or some or they were coming for us or something you might have, I can’t imagine. They didn’t really come after me and really why would you do it at a time where you have to fight seven, eight other people? Well besides that fact, like most of the stuff that I have right now that as an order had been shipped off to a assembly’s requirements to the things that I keep on myself to keep me safe in the, you know, kind of want to hold on to those right now. Uh, what do you, what are you planning to do? You have no fucking idea. Yeah. You know, if you were to trace someone that you know, could fall through the floor, I know we would do what you do, what would we do? Probably scribe at him. That sounds really smart. Correct. So we’re going to them. That is correct. So we have to find them because it is only a matter of time before this happens again, and I hate to tell you all, but we are back to camping together. Indoors and out and back on watch. Is it just this one person? No. Oh, okay. It’s four assassins and they’re all super powerful. There’s Yasha who you met before. She’s the really tall girdle with [inaudible]. She’s working with the [inaudible]. She’s being tracked has been evil the whole time. We just didn’t know she’s good and she’s being my control. She’s being main control. Yeah. So you had that, there is usually some, uh, at some of the magic that I can dabble in. I don’t choose to, but it’s similar kind of realms of, uh, hurricane specialists. Something that [inaudible] like a red. Was it glowing red? I can’t remember as just, it was kind of like an orange kind of, it looked almost like a cigarette. Um, it’s like, ah, I mean, how are we going to drug for me? Thanks. I will try you a really good depiction of it. We’ll take a dexterity check. I’m scared to roll. No, no, no, no, no. Whoa, Whoa. I blessed. [inaudible] what’d you get? Six? Correct. So two Matt can’t, he looks at as, ah, eh, not sure particularly what this is. It’s definitely a Glymph, but if it’s some sort of mind control thing, then there are limitations. That kind of a champion. How long has she been under this? This individual’s influence? Well, that’s a powerful one. Can you go into spelled with, with some sort of spell? Most magic can be dispelled. Oh the multiple people, multiple people is also working with um, a creature called the laughing hand. Big blobby terrible looking thing. He’s got a giant blade on his arm. Oh, grades of now’s all covered in mouth. Like the slow head say it sets a delightful image for you. Just saw. Yeah. And then the main guy is like, he’s a devil and he’s got a [inaudible] so they’re all controlling this year. I should girl Nadolol is controlling all of them. At least lucky y’all show Oh one’s got something maybe on all, well maybe there’s a chance of dispelling or getting rid of it, but you’ve probably got to be able to see it to do that. That’s awesome. Have any of them? Well, we can be spelling stones. Do you had one before? Did used it effectively? Well, how many of you guys can dispel? All right. You guy. You guys help us some sound, sound opportunities there. Um, that might work. Maybe we should find Yasha and try to get her out to like a stealth. It was like we’d go on the offensive. We try to [inaudible] just like all of us all at once. Hit like three dispels on her. Yeah. Get out while ride while they’re sleeping, change the odds, get her back. Do you think the rest of them are in the city? Do you think there is a dash? I will definitely be able to describe that shit. Well, I used both my, if his levels on booping pool. Yeah. Well I mean, I mean, uh, I don’t, I don’t really have it prepared. I don’t have to usually do that. But uh, other than the night’s rest, I can probably go ahead and get that situated. If we’re looking for information to follow folks, we should probably double up on as many, uh, any sort of distant I peer in as we can. Yeah. Yes. Yep. That’s smart. Why don’t we go into the back room or upstairs somewhere a little bit. Not in the front of the store. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, poo, Mads, go ahead and close up and lock up. We’re going to go ahead and hit into the, uh, yield and Chipman chamber. Well, what it caused, he called my bedroom. Oh, we get to see his comic book collection. Um, so it leads into the back chamber. It is. We haven’t even seen the laser dish section yet. It’s awesome. Good to see you. You’re a goblin. I taste. Mmm. So a leads in the back room, it’s cluttered like, like ceiling to floor. Everything is organized. It doesn’t look like it’s um, you know, a hoarder is chamber by any means, but, but every bit of space is used. You can see there’s a table arrange with a whole bunch of like clamps and small arcane, uh, devices that are used in the process of enchanting different types of materials and items. You can see there’s small clusters of, of, uh, things that are used in that process, both to, uh, to be in a trigger and, and, and, you know, inscribe and permanently create these rituals that produce these items over time. Um, but you guys all kind of get in the back room and kind of closes the curtain was like, all right. Three, two, one. What, what’s, what are we doing here now? Well, we can’t scribe, right? Mr Deucey? Not right now. So nobody doing that right now. I’ll get to sleep. What time was it? Did we come here in the morning? It’s like mid day, like, like early afternoon. I think we should definitely take a rest. Right is everybody? Yeah, of course. Of course it was. But I don’t know if the poo MOTS would want invite further danger here. I think it may be best that we can maybe sleep in different places. If, if were going after you guys specifically, I mean respectfully maybe not be sleeping so close and there are four beds in here. There’s one bed and there’s, Oh, the uh, the stimuli curb sleep upstairs. Yeah. So I’ve got my room. They’ve already gotten in there before though. We can sleep with the gentleman’s, they can get in any way. Aside from the crafting materials, is there anything on the walls they’ll just sort of stick out as like, particularly crazy or interesting or underground? Make a perception check. The 12, a 12. I mean, look around. You have no idea what most of this does. A lot of it’s just odd canisters that are labeled a, but the labels have been kind of rubbed off over time and just at a glance you can’t really read them from this distance. Um, you can see that there’s some, uh, you know, pouches and things that look, they contain elements but you can’t really see what they are. Kill stick or anything. No. Um, you got to, there’s probably quite a lot of worth in this room and just raw materials that are, you know, that allow these enchantments to be inscribed. But you have no real knowledge of specifically what anything does in here. Should we offer to, you know, like compensate the souls for like the damage and trouble we caused them? Yes. That seems fair. Can we help you make up for any problems with costs for you? At least that’s easy to clean up. I mean, it’s not like your house burned it down or anything. That was a bit of basket on the floor, but that’s mine. Just evaporate. Yeah. Just, you know what? It gives it character. Don’t worry about it. I can just move the rug over a little bit and no one will be any or it’s a good rug really. It really ties the room together. I appreciate that. Yeah. How much more did this shield that I’m using? You’re going after this a chain oblivion, right? Yeah. 5,000 goals. Well, I didn’t take it. Yeah. Oh my gosh. What does it look like? Uh, you look at it and it has like a, um, like a red leather like in the, over the top of it. And there’s a bunch of these brass studs to kind of poke through. Um, it doesn’t look extremely detailed, but it’s pretty, and it, uh, it’s uh, aside from you holding it has not seen any combat use, so it could very well look on a wall, you know, it’s like a nice, give him a hug. Whoa. Whoa. All right. Now least I can do or you, you know, get me safe. I mean, you brought it here, so yeah, it’s all comes out in the wash. um, alright, we’re here. Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and guess, get your rest about ya. Maybe come on by tomorrow and we’ll see if we can find a quiet space here. Maybe not in the middle, uh, for the chamber and see if he can ascertain any information about where this figure or the others made. P yeah. Well, so we are not taking on sit down in the last year somewhere else somewhere else. So we don’t draw attention to him. A short rest of your, but the long run by somewhere else. Right where we need it. We do need an hour to do some things. Yeah. Doing a short rest, not here. Oh, right. That’s why I thought short rest. Oh my God. I think he said to me we should leave. Oh, we’ll stay here for an hour. Yeah. Oh that’s fine. Just, uh, he reaches into like under the table and like into a little box and pull something out and kind of fixes it onto the front of his robe. I mean, I’ll just do it. Just do it like on the other side of the room. Oh, no problem. You recognize the Bruce specifically? Yeah. It’s similar names when you have let’s uh, I mean just cause I’m a little nervous walking out this door for an audit. Full health. Everybody keep their backs. Okay. Uh, well if, if we have just free loaded our way into a short rest here, I’m going to do arcane recovery. Take a short rest if you’d like. Arrested is zero. All right. After you finish your short rest, what would you like to do? We need to give the [inaudible] space. So, um, let’s go somewhere. Decide what we want to do. We could do that over a drink or afternoon perhaps just to, you said you had wanted to perhaps speak with the gentleman. It’s a safe place to go. So place of beverages and revelry tucked away from prying eyes. You may know some information. She’ll want to jump in and try and step a stab in the gentleman’s place. I mean probably not. We have to be super careful on the way there though also. That seems like quite a lot for, that was a lot and going there could be a lot. Yeah. You ready for that? Well, I mean, you know, I’ve already seen him before, so it’s not like that’s the first time ever so well, but sometimes thinking about something and then the moment, you know. Yeah, they’re two different things. That’s true. I think just pull the bandaid right off, you know, just go in like see him. You’re going to call him dad like soon as we get there, aren’t we? No. What would you say? Oh Hey dad. Oh, it’s good to see you again. So glad that I’m here now. We can be a good family. Is there anything more to say to me? Since it’s been a long time and my daughter, I don’t know who you are. I’m just, I’m just, I’m just setting you up for the worst, for the worst so you don’t have his reaction when you see him call you. You’re not just setting you up so that you don’t, that you don’t do that when you see him. It is good to role play scenarios. I’m going to, if he says that all okay, what did I say? I don’t know. I don’t. In this situation. I think maybe you know a man like the gentlemen, it seems like he might have commitment issues and if you want to eventually build a relationship with him, you might want to do it slowly every time. [inaudible] advice. It’s true. You have a pretty good relationship with your dad, right? Yeah. That’s what I attempted and it failed, so I don’t know if like, you know, I’m just going to go in there as my mom. Oh, I don’t know. He’s a thing. He doesn’t know I’m in the city and if I go in there as my mom and he, he doesn’t recognize her then he’s not my dad. I don’t, I don’t know that I go in there as my mom and he’s like, Oh my God. Your father in a relationship when you were pregnant or no, talk like your mother. Oh, I do that all the time. Let’s hear a theory. Why are we Baba a, it’s so good to see you. It’s been so long. I’ve missed you so much. My dearest, she’s almost as fun as me. I don’t know. We’re missing the point that this is like a bad idea though. I mean that’s, do you have vials of our blood? Is that gift from your parents too? To know that we are here now. I don’t know if he’s like actively looking. It’s not like he’s got them on like little dealers or something that says tracking all the vials. There’s still a resell missing. The overall point that you can’t trick your dad into her relationship by pretending to be your mom. Well, I think what Chester is going is actually is my dad. But here’s the thing, I’m going to be honest with you guys. Okay? But not with him. You’re gonna be honest with us. We’re going to have to watch you flirt with your dad. It’s really just to see this initial reaction, you know? Because here’s the thing. Every time I told him is my bad, every time I’ve talked to him I was lying. He doesn’t actually say like, Oh my gosh, just please come see me. He doesn’t say that. What does it say? He says, you’re not my daughter. I don’t know who you are. You’ve got the wrong guy. We’re surprisingly accurate actually. Then that’s the, well I’m sorry for that. [inaudible] a couple of variations on your plan. Not saying you to do your plan. You could paint a picture and show it to him to see if the response or you could have Ford or myself take on the appearance so that is his either affections or his face is going to make, I’ll just mail, just drop it to the guys. There’s no like I’m going to like sometimes you Pat. I can do weird things though. What if you like, but I’m just saying, I’m just saying, I’m just say, I mean I think idea. I think it’s a really good idea. You guys support you. Thank you for support you, but it just does not like this idea. It’s amazing. Weird. It’s fine. It’s a little weird and you know what almost got you killed a Nica dryness was by doing this exact same thing and that’s what got you kicked out in band. Your best case scenario. What is the best thing that can happen? He goes, Maria and I miss you so much. And then I dropped and I go, ha ha, you fucking liar. You are my dad. Then you portrayed your dad right in front of him and he’s a gentleman. He’s in a sneaky shit where it’d be like, Oh, Jess, you’re so sneaky. I respect you so much. [inaudible] embarrassed. Yeah. Okay. I think you’d be embarrassed in Hillary. Be resentful a little bit. I think so. I know where the mighty nine and we like to build expectations way before any situation we get into. Just come here, come here, come here. I pulled her aside. Pull her from guys. You noticed ever since she got the rope, she’s really Bozeman. Really like there’s been a take charge attitude. I’m coming to come on chaos. Crim just kind of always been a pain in the ass to be on. Very impressed by, right. This is like that. I like this new, this new vibe. What does it girl talk? I want to help you figure this out. I really do think it’s important if he is your dad and for you to find that out. I think that’s fair and actually maybe have a chance at a relationship with your father. I just, I want to let you know that I’m not trying to shoot down your idea because I don’t support what you’re trying to go for, but I just care about you and your safety and just this has given me like that tingle up the back of my spine. Like it could backfire. Unsafe. Why agree? I mean I will say this, the last several times that we’ve seen my family, I’ve been in disguise and it just feels wrong. It doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel like you’re really making a connection if you’re deceiving them with your very appearance. Okay, you do this, just do it. Go through and start. What if then what if we go and they go ask me and if he is like he [inaudible] just keeps denying it, denying it, denying it the night, bam, Fez, Mary. And just to see what his reaction is. Cause if you can know, if he really loves my mom then he’d be like for a split second that feels maybe more upfront and less [inaudible]. I think that you will know in the first, second of seeing as yourself if he’s your day, just the way he looks at you. When you walk into the room, you will know instantly. He’s like, he makes a whole career out of seeker. I know, but a parent cannot disguise the way they look at their child. Okay. One of the only good nights that I ever had was my dad found him with a half empty bottle of wine. Pass it over to me. It’s probably the only real conversation we really ever had. What you disguised as your mom. Now I can’t open with that. Cool. Maybe just sitting down, having a drink with them. I don’t know. Did you play UNO? No. With my dad. He was more of like a like a Parcheesi type of a guy. She was sites like terrible fucking place, part cheesy Marchese and game. I was going to say [inaudible] UNO and Parcheesi now. Weirdly cheesy Kamen. Oh boy. Invented at Jenga. Sorry, I was calling Milton. Milton Bradley. If you guys think it’s a bad idea, I won’t do it. I’m proud of it. It’s a good idea to see him and we’re going to be begging for sanctuary for interesting. Just walk into conversations you just showed up. Well, I mean, no matter where I go to any conversation, you guys were taking a while and I think we should kind of stick together so we can just walk three feet away. All right. All right. Let’s go back to Ruby this year when we go Taylor all walking in is the Ruby municipal. It’s nice to see you. If we go tomorrow we can do that but not today cause then I won’t be able to see the way he looks at me. Right, right. How far away from the gentleman’s uh, I mean, uh, let’s see. He would be in the interstate sprawl. Maybe like a 40 minute walk from where you currently are. Not terribly far from the Penta market. Uh, maybe a little less. We’ll walk. I’m gonna keep my eyes very open and I’m going to use some hand stability for the walk-ins then. So you guys are walking a Miller, you guys be lining right there? Yes. I mean what are we doing? Okay. I mean like totally like are we aren’t really follow, I’m working on my eyes. Perception check. God damned only to attack the darkness. That’s a 24. Okay. Um, other than drawing a few looks, um, most of them towards not who is unabashedly in goblin form a few people kind of give a strange, I w you know, wearing some unique threads. Um, so you’re drawing a few stairs, but it seems no one’s following you. You’re just not in conspicuous. Do we need to walk back to back all the way there? Like link arms? No, I was curious. Roto street before you guys. Caitlin, I’m just going to take out, he still has a Brown cloak that he got into dash ages ago and he’s going to cover up his um, Zim new clothing cause they walked through town. It’s a way cloak that was just made Brown by contact with Caitlin. Spotty, constant fear, constant shitting. Um, we all put on our [inaudible] or that a little. Okay. Uh, okay, so you make your way over to the evening. Nip as you enter the dark dive bar interior, bring back memories to your first journey here. Does the dash, uh, you come across the familiar kind of burn scar dwarf Clive who watches the entrance? He kind of gives you all stern. Look for a second, not recognizing your [inaudible]. Can I wait? Green, too many gifts barking, man. You are fast. You were led over towards the doorway and you descend into the spiral staircase down into the gentleman’s. Later as you enter the chamber below, you can see, uh, some old faces, some new faces. The large ogre that previously kind of was the overall kind of watch and bouncer there is staying there. Um, just glances over. Um, you can see a few figures sitting on the all kind of look as you, and as you begin to walk down the steps, all everyone kind of putting their hand towards their blade and then, no, no relaxing except for the new faces. Don’t relax. Some of the ones that you recognize kind of slacking a little bit to the back of the chamber where you’ve many times seen the gentleman. Uh, he is sitting there with a pair of spectacles, the end of his nose currently like pouring over. It looks like a stack of paperwork with I’ve number of large bags on the table. Uh, and his current in the process of like counting and putting gold into it looks like Sachs. Um, you’re not sure what the breadth or reason of this is an standing behind them. You see, you saw the, you know, Goliath bodyguard just kind of staring you all down as you approach. I kind of think some of it looks up. Oh my goodness. It has been some time. Has it not? It takes the glasses off sets. Unbound mighty nine, right. Dude, you look, um, look different. Hardened. I take it this war has been profitable for you as well. No, we’ve actually been pretty broke. I feel like we’re doing okay. Write down some flows, you know. Hmm. There are a bit of businesses and [inaudible] well are you come for work? Cause I have plenty. I’ll just hand them a handkerchief. Let’s tap a little, a little littles fits there. You should sing a little bit. We’ve actually come for help and hopefully to have a conversation about, I like the fact that you want my dad inside check. I’ve got the insight up anyway. I have advantage rolling right now. Uh, that’s uh, uh, 25, 25. Oh, the worst part is not as out in the front. It’s coming like this is 10 feet back on. I don’t know what to announce. You can’t live in it. You know what Laura, you know what we had and it’s really soft and nice blankets. They’re tell Dory map blankets. So that week we’ve been through this. Um, so I’ve, I have a deep contact from beyond the battle of field and the lines in the current conflict providing me with Intel keeps me from being surprised, which is the majority of my business. He spoke of a troop of twin Dallion defectors who champion the great boom to their queen. Not going to lie. The vague description did tickle my memory. Aye. Aye. Aye. I think I have a proposal for you. We find ourselves in need of just to start with some sanctuary for the evening for being hunted. Oh yeah. Sanctuary is very much, one of the things that we can provide for compatriots and a business relationships if we give you is some intelligence cause we know some stuff and we have some stuff that I think might affect your business in the city. Would you be willing to maybe help us with our problem and in return we’ll see how much we know that you don’t. Your uh, sentence structure confuses me, but you seem like an honest fellow. Um, it’s really hard to put together in my head. I think goes to [inaudible]. Interesting idea. Uh, go ahead and provide the Intel. Well, for starters, that definitely was us, uh, that you heard talk about. Wow. Um, there’s more, uh, Oh, if you want to get in on some of this. We’re currently being hunted by, uh, what we thought was a cult called the angel of irons. But it turns out, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the angel of irons. Has he heard of the angel of irons perception in a, uh, uh, a inside check? You guys that Jack, uh, mil 20 2222. He goes, I can’t say that I have sevens. Well, culty keep everybody honest. Well, what do you know about the betrayer gods? Oh, sorry, you guys all month long. Critical role is partnering with OSD. It’s a better call is [inaudible] dot com slash [inaudible] supporting our military community. If you support them, you’ll feel as comfy as blanket. What do you mean on your dad? Um, Caleb, you were saying about, I said is dude, there is a student I’ve, I know of the, uh, the tails Y yeah, let’s call it one Colin’s to bring them back unleashing. They’ve already made some progress. They’re doing quite well. Poking holes that may seem to be parading around in your city at the moment. The shit out of us. What was the Assassin’s, uh, the inevitable and the name of the assassin who just attempted to attack us, uh, successfully. Successfully. All right. And you escaped them and you came to here. Oh, where are you fall? No, no, no, no, no, no. Of course not. I did my best to make sure we weren’t followed, but we were being super stealthy on the way over. We weren’t what I mean, but I was paying, I was watching and I didn’t see any, any signs of being followed. The issue that we are concerned about is that the are um, bringing something that seems cataclysmic upon the world and the war is the cover. I mean, that is rather die or they were, they were the ones that attack the cobalt soul. They’re the ones who’ve been opening on both sides of the war rifts to other dimensions, letting creatures through, trying to get the other side to take blame. That’s terrifying. It’s unclear how far the corruption reaches in exactly its influences on the current world events. But it’s elements, both governments. We also know that you are much more new, normally even much more concerned with your own business and your own profits. So all of this information might be interesting to you, but do you want with us, maybe we, we have traveled far and wide now and have allies in distant corners of the rail. Well, here’s my perspective on this. I’m a smuggler. I’m certain all of this is terrible and dangerous. Is this far above any of our pay grades down here? If you want sanctuary, you have it. If you want to work, I’ll find it. If you want something that’s hard to acquire that somebody else currently holds on to, I can arrange that. It’s mud going after terrible gods from eons past and coats that are in embedded in governments using a proxy war. This, I’m going to be perfectly honest, is far beyond anything I want to get involved with. Do you smuggle people, have you smuggled people here recently? Has there been request recently? Now since I’ve reconnected with, uh, amount dunes, I’ve been able to, uh, close my business opportunities that dealt with such things. It’s a messy business and while profitable at times just never quite rubbed me the right way. So you are, I’ve done things. I’m not proud of you. I know altruism. That is no surprise to us. Um, you are a smuggler. Have you smuggled anything extraordinary in recent months. And I’ve sold a number of relics out of the Sadlier or wood that’s primarily some of the business have been doing with Ophelia since you brought her back here, which has been quite profitable. I, uh, tried to smuggle out much under the nose of the Tremaine family, but uh, did sell a strange sculler from those ruins recently to the Stockman’s out in Komodo [inaudible]. Yeah. Yeah. That the style stuff ones are the people that are chasing us. What helps Statesman’s chasing you? They’re a wine family there. No, I don’t believe they are. That’s why they were by it. Remember they would have by your family bow. That’s why [inaudible] had this God of dividend taste. He’s for decades, they have quite the collection and they pay well. Right. He’s might not have known Belbin thicket. They would overbuy Bose family. Yeah. So they imported the skull and then, then Oban went there to get it. Yeah. Were they working for Obama? Was it just coincidence specimens might be dead. You said they’ve been gathering antiquities for years, for decades, for decades. How many of these antiquities have you supplied them with? Oh, well over a dozen probably. Do you happen to have yes and inventory a record of what those seasons to ask but, but this is, I’m so sorry. Disappointed part of my business is keeping certain elements to myself of course. Perhaps a favor for a favor then I’m sure coin of course I’ve given you sanctuary for the evening. What [inaudible] we would be very interested to learn what some of these relics might be. Perhaps there is a job of particular import that needs a delicate to touch. I appreciate what you’re saying, but I do not relinquish that information on I run a business and that business runs on trust between the clients and myself. Well gather up your pennies because there are forces at work that will tear it all down around us all. Then I hope the allies you have in both documents are helpful as well. Have you heard any rumblings about, um, a particular item perhaps traveling from the dynasty into the empire and it’s been referred to as a beacon? It’s Jim mentioned it can shape as magical, magical prophecies. Doesn’t ring a bell. Okay. I’m sorry. I have [inaudible] hello. Hello. I was about to say, I’ll turn that inside track. Okay. Both of you guys all trying to slowly migrating my way towards 20, 20 at the lower third. Okay. At the point where I’m almost out from his lap to stay there, didn’t DVR. Can I link slash Rick and Morty? Everybody. Hey, should we pass out those healings? Neuro from birth. Okay. How do you talk to the Stutsmans lately? Do you know if a lie? No one alive, it might be dead because they could have gone there and chilled them just to get this skull from certain people. I’ll look into it and then there’s a headache to find out there would be very hell snaps his fingers. And you see the, uh, the strange little creepy, no mish hassling looking person. You’re quite certain, um, you know what race, what race. Uh, but they kind of approach and he’s, um, could you please look into the stars minutes for me? Saunters off. Um, their competitive wine family. Um, they’re, they’re wealthy. What area are they from? Uh, come over to? Um, they’re, they’re kind of, they’re kind of the Adams family of Kamora de, uh, they’re, yeah, they’re, they’re, they’re strange. They, uh, they have an aesthetic that doesn’t want me to go there. It doesn’t mix with the rest of the people there. They’re not, you know, terrible. But they’re definitely wealthy. They flaunted a bit and, um, they just have unique interests in kind of like a home base museum. And they, they have, you know, they, they, they actually are one of the houses that many of the various diplomats and Nobles from across the empire, sometimes menagerie coast come and invite them to stay with them, partially to show off, uh, what they have and to make more connections to possibly continue to embolden that collection from the burbs. I’m very excited to kindly actually love them, but please make the place your home and uh, [inaudible] if anything does come up that can be of help to you, I’ll let you know. But please understand this is beyond me. I just whisper kind of, I kind of like nudge Chester, but one last thing like has disguise. So let’s go. Okay. What does he do? What’s he do? Um, as soon as it goes up, cause he’s, he’s putting his glasses back on as this happens and he goes like, Oh [inaudible] what is this stuff already? Oh dude, no, the Ruby of the sea. I’ve heard of her. Yes. Is this her? So I check, make an insight check. Are you just going to take my insight check? Cause I just didn’t want to, Oh, do it. Do it. I do it to everyone. Well, I mean that’s fine. I’m probably going to get a one cocked at two 27 [inaudible] hasn’t changed. Licensure. I’m just checking. Okay, perfect. So I would say she’s the best lamb. Well that’s impressive. Maybe I’ll have to stop by some day. Interrupt this by. So he looks up to you. I have worked to attend to, it’s payday and I like to make sure that my employees are well taken care of. Any parts of the glasses completely on begins counting coins going back to us. Yes, you can call man for short. Mr man. Gentlemen is fine. Mr [inaudible], you wouldn’t happen to know who is on the tile. Dory counseling two hours and 10 minutes. I do. We’re just, you know, I’m curious. My game, no contact. It was one of them. I don’t know about this cult thing. The names [inaudible] are you writing them down? Is that what you’re doing and you’re, I know I’m finishing my work. Oh, we’ll go find out for that. You had work that you had jobs. Are those on the table or you’ve retracted those jobs? I mean, yes, but it depends on what you think of more pressing matters. You seem to be racing towards these grandiose visions of being heroes running into the mall of terrible black devouring gods like [inaudible]. We can’t do any of that without allies and without information and you have both. So we’re going to write, hopefully we’ll find out what happened to that family. And sometimes a joke can be rather revealing and we’d be very interested to hear what you might have and be in need of. All right. I have one shipment that’s coming up to a few Aaliyah and about a week heading up towards shitty Creek run. Um, our, with the credit war effort and the a very watchful eye, the righteous brand and the crown scarred right now looking for any sort of incursions by Corrine assassins or Scouts. It’s been difficult for us to move across the road. So basically if you have your skill sets and deception and illusion as you’ve displayed, um, you will be good candidates to see this delivery done and tied up in inspections. Um, if you were to deliver it safely to shady Creek, um, by a three week span from today, leaving a week from now, let’s see here. That will, uh, pay out 2,500 gold pieces. I don’t think we’re interested in gold, but if you feel like divulging the names on that council list, we could come to an arrangement or other information that might be more pressing. We’ll certainly consider your offer and we thank you for the sanctuary. Of course, we’ll get back to you. Um, let’s see if what’s opening there. I do have my guests chambers available. Any points, uh, kind of behind you and to the left of the room there. When you head down, there’s the spiral staircase that leads inside and to the immediate right and up there was a balcony and you can see there is a bedroom up there and a small staircase underneath leads up and he kind of points to it. It says, look for the record, the uh, the assassin cam pass through stone and was jumping in and out of the floor. You’re fucked. Yeah, somewhat. So if it shows up, just a please leave. Sure. I don’t know. Anyway, thank you for your hospitality. Of course. Stay as long as you need. Um, food, drink at your disposal. We are friends. I need a drink. And, um, it’s good to see you all safe. As we walk away. I broke over to gesture and put her hand on her shoulder. Kinda lean on the girl’s shoulder. You’re all right. What’d you think? Did you see the look in his eyes? Did you get anything but Glint? Recognition? [inaudible] what do you make of him? I’m still trying to figure it out. He is a, even from my experience with a complicated individuals and underworld types and I have had some experience. I haven’t quite, I haven’t quite pinned down, but I think yet now he is literally a slippery one. I mean if he is your dad, fuck him. Right? What do you want a relationship with someone who doesn’t want a relationship with you is through you too. Good for him. What’d you, I knew he was your dad. Would you be proud of that? Happy. I don’t know. I was just kind of happy that they knew, you know, I to seem so sure. But then he doesn’t want me then I don’t know what the hip, it’s fine. Just wrap my arms around her. We’re glad to have you. I’m glad to be here. Sometimes found family is better anyway, it’s been nice. My dad didn’t want me either, so fuck them. Fuck them. Oh, I mean, Oh fuck them. Well, if he is your dad, he’s not bad. He even said he hardly ever human traffics. I mean that’s, that’s principles. He could human traffic all the time. That’s why I asked. I was like, if he is my dad, they just don’t want it. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t. Mostly, you know what? I just figured out what that meant. I was just putting that together. It was, I was thinking about carts. There was a, anyway, a real fast, just cause easily having to get up. Just close your ears a couple of years ago, everybody, Oh well this conversation’s happening. Uh, you can see that, uh, the gentleman is the head down in his work. His eyes are very clearly trained on it. All right, we’re good. Well, what just happened stuff for later. All right, so you have drinks readily available. The bartender serves them up. Um, some people come, some people go, most everyone leaves you to your own business and they wish to be left to their own. You watch as the gentlemen gives out payments to the employees, each one kind of stepping forward and being handed their pain before he goes in. Request that one of the finer bottles of wine brought in from feelin is given to you. I look at it real quick. That’s a good one is it’s actually pretty good in the Palm groves feelings like often Marjorie coasts, one of the like wind spots. Yeah, it’s fine. It’s made from grapes. Oh, am I going to drink it? You want a whiskey? Yeah, I’ll go. No, go to the bar with the bottle. I take it with me. I get a couple of whiskey. Okay. Is there anything you guys want to do or are you just kind of bad enough for the night to rest today? I didn’t know companies got behind goes eh, yeah, I get you. Nope. Do we ski for the captains? Oh, it’s a little thick. Slides it over. I bring it over and set it down in front of gesture and sit across from her at a and say, parent is a parent. Everybody’s different, but sometimes it’s hard to write them off. Give it some time. If everyone’s busy, I’m going to take a pot of tea over and see if the gentleman would like a pot of tea. I’m going to get some hot water and make my own team because uh, I appreciate the offer, but I’m fine. It’s very rare. Now Ray only comes from the blooming Grove. I actually was hoping to ask a favor. Have you heard of the blue moon Grove? I’ve heard of it, yeah. It’s a little ways out of shitty Creek. It’s a graveyard. It’s much more than that, but yes, bring you. But I’m curious. I’m poor. My family, it’s been watching over the blooming Rove since it’s, since it was created. We were the ones who planted the first body beneath it and we’ve worked very hard to maintain it and it is dying from something. Would it be possible to have someone check in on it and report back? Would it be possible to have some news of, of if it’s still stands, if it’s holding fast. My family had to, I don’t know where they are and I don’t know if they’re okay and it’s been a long time [inaudible] there is a part of me that is very lonely, make a persuasion check or they’d abandoned a persuasion 1616 it takes another sip. I can arrange that. I’ll gladly leave you some tea if not for yourself to impress somebody who might be impressed by such things. I’m not gonna lie, it’s delightfully musty. I wasn’t expecting that. Uh, I apologize. I’m a little family is so complicated and it was cruel on occasion to my siblings and Mmm. Not as honest with my parents as I wish I could have been. But it is a, a unique and uh, exquisite complication family. I know I’ve had my knocks growing up, brother. I don’t care to speak with anymore or speak too well. I’m just saying you should tell her. I think I would do. You’re good. Both of you. Thank you for the tea. Do one last sentence two minutes ago. I’m sorry that your father has not been a part of your life. He’s the one who has missed out. I drink half of the milk and it’s a really, really bad. Yeah, really, really bad. Caleb. It smells really terrible. Constitution saving, throw spray rod all over the gentleman. Seven. I said. Yeah, so you drink it? Ooh. Just like immediately. Just on the counter. Not like a full, like, you know, vomit, but like you just spit it back up immediately. Oh, that’s good. You didn’t drink it. I take direct from my dress and just wipe Caleb smell. Thank you. [inaudible] look in the moat. All right. Am I still on? The bar was not. Yeah. Ah, yeah. That’s good. Oh, another [inaudible] live and salt and line soap. Causal pouch of salt and some of the rotten hallucinogenic fruit. Tell you that one time. You can rub that on the cap around 10 times too big. Have you thought about that secret you’re going to tell me? I’m sorry. What about that secret you’re going to tell me? Oh, we’re still doing that thing. Can find, can find. It really looks from your eyes like you’ve been thinking about this better week. True. You. All right. One more round. Okay. Who goes first? Can we go at the same time? Hold approach? We sure should we flip for it? Ooh, let’s flip for it. What are we putting on now? Oh, Oh yeah. Oh, perfect. This is awesome. Ready? Oh, that too. Number or not heads or tails. Tails. Whoa. Right. Tells you. Go first. Go for tails. You get to choose tales can choose. Okay. Hi, it’s shoes. I’m drunk. It’s a big flip. You don’t have enough dinners, I guess natural 20 or said that. What does that mean? I had to choose tech. You go first. Listen to me. Stay in your personal sphere. When you are playing Dungeons and dragons. Stay here. Fuck you. You’re not here. Put your arm away from my face. It’s a little embarrassing one. When I was in that prison cell with a widow, gassed over there. Yeah. For the first few days I, I was kind of attracted to him. I mean he was filthy obviously, and very, very. I mean he smelled awful, awful. But I just saw him one night sort of trying to look out the window. The Moonlight was hitting his face and he was very handsome. Yeah, I kind of got that vibe before. Kinda thought there might be that feeling, had a little bit of a crush, but then I got to know him. Yeah. Kind of like friends on. Well, I mean, I’m also married. Totally. I will say looked at another man other than my husband quite like that. It’s very exciting. And in another world, maybe in another time and another place, dish. The dish fish. I might have a similar problem. Wait, you’re into Caleb? No. Rose, no rooms. He’s filthy. Cool. Just wait, what? I’m sorry. What? I’m sorry. I don’t know what she’s not that she’s crushing. I don’t know what to do with it. Wait, what? You fucking whore? You fucking tell anybody. Of course. I’m not going to tell you. Look at his face. You tell everybody you are going to let it slip. No, of course not. I shouldn’t have told she. Wait, what about her for me? It’s his rugged jar. No, it’s his intellect. It’s his Caleb. Yes. He’s, yes, it’s his. It’s his. I don’t care about the world. I don’t care how people look at me. I don’t how I present myself. I like that. It’s sort of interesting. [inaudible] confident. What is it about her? She’s fun. She makes me laugh. I like her ridiculous plans. I think she’s complicated and layered. That’s cool. Not going to like act on it or anything. I wouldn’t have thought she’s your type. I don’t think she thinks that I’m her type. You are not serious though about this. This is a crush. This is not a thing actually pursued. Right, because I don’t know if, wow, what if, but what if she, she doesn’t know anything about, Hey, have you noticed that she doesn’t know anything about herself? Like she doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t know what she likes. She could be lost. She could be a C right now and you could be the anchor that brings her home. Anger brings you to the bottom. Maybe the anger that brings me to the bottom. Whatever she’s so what if she’s lost because she doesn’t know that your what she’s looking for. She thinks she likes food. I came to be her beacon. [inaudible] stop saying these things. No, not, these aren’t any of these things. It’s just this dumb Ortiz. I didn’t even consider that as a possibility. It’s not a possibility, but maybe it is. Don’t worry. I’ll do some work. No, no. [inaudible] can fighting can fight. This was a, this was an exercise fighting. I see what you get in bed. Very black and white. It’s just don’t tell the secrets. It’s not that I’m getting at anything that this stays between you and me. This is our girl thing. Okay? Okay. Okay. Yeah. Chaos crew, chaos crew, Linksys. [inaudible] just now. But no matter what, we’re not letting this break up the three of us. Absolutely not Gale screw, ride or die. It’s not going to change anything. No. Don’t want to change anything. We won’t. I will behave the same. You’re already not. That’s a cucumber. God, I do like all three of the shots. Alright, I’ll walk back over. Alright. You guys all down from that. Okay. No thanks. Just fucking throw a coin at night. Are you guys planning a crash here? Nathan? Yes. Yeah. Okay. So y’all go to two bedroom, you’ve paid your space for secrets. Huh? Face that I’m aware. Mostly there are five beds so people have to like either double up or get on the floor. Um, but there are cushions everywhere so you can like make a makeshift bed on the floor. Um, just make a perception check. Oh shit. That’s not the assassin. [inaudible] Oh, [inaudible] you have a sense something’s off and you kind of come in middle of the night. Maybe you have no idea what hour it is, but you, everyone else is dead asleep. Okay. Yes. Katelyn, we were going to stop. I was about to say who’s taking first watch. Kids already said that like, we’re never going to sleep without somebody awake ever again. Okay. Was up in the room. Hmm. Are we don’t miss worthless. Overcoming this woman just wired [inaudible] so on your watch, you started liking to nod off a little bit, just a little bit. You can catch yourself, you get this weird sense and you kind of glance over and at the curtains that are drawn at the balcony, um, or the steps kind of lead up, you see a figure kind of just looking in and as soon as you straighten up the figure, Oh, okay. Ducks around what the figure it looked like. Uh, from what you can see it specking a backlit, uh, cause there’s no light on them really in the inside of the room you’re in or much. Most of the lights gonna be inside. So you just like the outline is just a light bit of figure kind of peeking in and they finish around the corner and hit everyone. Nah, if he had the tall, you pick up a door, you look out the edge and you can see walking towards the bar. The room itself is fairly empty except for the ogre. A bodyguard you see kind of briskly walking to the bar. The gentleman, well he was the one, you’ve got the, he’s probably the one who was looking in what is it? Okay. As you started sending the steps. Is he going to looks up at you? Let me see if this, he puts a second glass of wine or something. Glass up onto the counter, begins to pour it. Just sit down, signs the glass over to you. Takes his not even kind of looking at you. You just kind of looking ahead sitting next to you. Thinks that’s it. I wish she Marion. So you do know it once. Does you love her? Right sober. Get another shoe motion. The ogre of finally leaves the room and heads into one of the back open archways and closes the door. So it’s just the two of you in the chamber definitively. Why did you leave? Why didn’t you, I mean, why didn’t you come back? Did you know that I was, I didn’t know about you until you showed up. I couldn’t come back. I was a merchant sale that a feeling I was working with the Solvia family to ship along the coast was young. I was impetuous. I was trying to make a coin and you know, make a difference, whatever that meant. But it wasn’t melty by any means. When I met Mary and I spent every copper I earned to see her, I had to see her and it wasn’t until she told me about her feelings that I found myself lacking to meet the standards of such a vibrant creature is her. I was nothing. I had nothing so I, I told myself I, I would find a fortune and come back and I could prove overall these other people, but our ship was attacked and I was taken prisoner and dragged the dark toe. [inaudible] yeah, I’ve been there. Yeah, right. Administering my freedom while I was there using the skills I didn’t know I had the skills that I still to this day employ knack for speech and business. I earned quite fortunate I was on that Island. The things I had to do changed who I am was a criminal. My name was merely a balancing. Now to most people on the coast, especially, they can draw on this. I cared too much for Marion to drag her into this underworld that I couldn’t escape from, so I never returned. I knew she’d get all right without me. She’s much stronger than I am, but my, her nine times to be worthy, I fell deeper than I ever was and it wasn’t safe for her, for me to come back, my growing influence. I began to draw the eye or the paint pike King. And I knew it was time to leave. So just thinking North, I found this bed of thieves and kind of built this lawless empire. Now it’s not really something to be proud of. I’m sure. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. She loves you. You should have trusted her. I don’t know. I don’t know how you guys could make it work or anything, but um, I always thought that growing up, I wish I could have known that before you, you know, cause afterwards, she’s never loved anyone. Since she’s told me stories about you, she said you were the most charming person in the entire world or not that person anymore. I think your trauma got you pretty far. Why didn’t he just say yes, I sent you so many messages. I sent just so many messages. You could’ve just said, yes, I’m your dad. Well, men just are. I didn’t know about you, but man, I really want to hang out and get to know you. Trust her. I’m not your father. Any man can have a child. I mean someone who’s around to raise them well can call themselves a father for whatever it counts. I see a lot of her in you. It’s the hormones that certainly helps. You’re, you’re bright, you’re clever, you’re funny and do you, you can do a lot of good. I’m glad that you haven’t fallen into the same traps I have kind of wanting to protect you from the darker parts of the worlds where we’ve crossed. Yeah, I’m going to call your dad. So I have that. It takes a big drink of his wine, puts it back down and of rubs. His forehead shakes off his hand. So basically I’m like, you can’t smuggle people ever again. Okay with that. Should they tell mama? That’s my tell her. I don’t know if you should growing up, you know, it’s just me and her. We told each other everything I feel like know he’s the last few months I’ve just been keeping so much. You’re making a difference in this world. You’re making friends in places where no one was able to. Marion is, there’s another lacquer out there and I know that in this line of work, it’s only a matter of time until either I have to disappear entirely and get a knife in the gut or I get thrown into a dungeon somewhere for the rest of my days and what I consider the best bit of parenting, if you want to call it that or showed my appreciation for the time that I had with her is to not drag you both down with me. You understand that, right? I understand. Understanding that kills me, right? It’s really easy to forget everything and be lost. An stupor of alcohol and drugs and women and men and just be caught up in your own little game of kingpin that when you walked in, Oh, that’s changed now. Hey, I’ve got an idea. You decided to give all this up. [inaudible] decides to leave the love of Chicago. You know, she’s been thinking about stopping for a while now. She just doesn’t know what to do with herself. I think he should go back to Nica dramas secretly and sweep her off her feet. And the two of you could ride off into the sunset, take a ship somewhere and just live happily ever after. It’s a nice dream, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s a nice street drink. It’s off of the stool. Puts his hand on yours. Can I just, Hey dad, next time I’m in town, let’s play something I know. [inaudible] interesting. Okay. And he turns around and takes a few steps and stops, takes a deep breath and then keeps walking to his bed chamber. I stayed there for like an hour, just not really sipping my drink, just staring. And that’s going to take our break all done upstairs. Just completely slaughtered. All right. We’ll be back here and just a few minutes from our break and it was a little late break there, but uh, I’ve lost track of the time. Um, so we have, we have our warm wood giveaway tonight. Uh, this is the black Poisonwood dice vault for one lucky winner smells Nick. Um, the word tonight, the keyword is surprise. Okay. Surprise once and only once in the chat room more than once you’d be disqualified. And for the U S and Canada only it’s going to go back cause the stupid laws. So we will return shortly with the winter and the rest of the session. So you guys a minute. Sure. What’s your but you need a place to [inaudible] nice and narrow. You ready to get somebody? My [inaudible]. What’s up all you beautiful people happy November from all of us here at critical role. Now you may be asking yourself, Travis, why are you so excited that it’s November? Well that means it’s the end of October, which means that it’s the end of Halloween and I don’t have to worry about anyone else trying to jump out and scare me. I need a break from all of that. But because it is November, we wanted to take this opportunity to announce the critical role is once again partnering with the amazing folks over at O S D now if you guys don’t know what OSD is, they are an amazing charity that supports military service members and their families, whether an active duty or in civilian life or even the transition in between which is so important coming from a military family myself, I have been a fan of OSD for years. I’ve loved working with this guys and we wanted to take a moment to congratulate them on officially supporting over a million plus service members and their families guys a million. That is the kind of love we need in this world. These people put so much on the line everyday for us. We want to give back in any way that we can, so all month long charity push. The link is crit S D again, that is crit again and as always, if you’re not able to financially support, spread the word, share the link, let people know, right? This is, this is something that we want to do. We want to give back to these people that, that do so much for us every single day. Um, we hope we’re a part of the next million for OSD. And as always, thank you for your support and generosity. Happy November. Happy Thanksgiving. Bring on the non spooky holidays. Love your guys last time on tox Maki. Now three, two, one. Do it. That was good. Of course I flicked. The man is, you see what happened last time? I never practiced ever in my entire life. One, Oh, Oh, sorry. Laura. Caleb contrasts and himself against Ford and conduces this episode, holding them up as men of religion. Since he’s a recent convert. How did being labeled this way sit with Ford? Does he feel he deserves it yet? We’re still has much to learn before he can be in the same category as I can do. So. Great question. James Whitney, probably not his real name. Uh, yeah, no, he does not feel like he has earned that yet. Still very new to it. I don’t think he would be able to, I dunno even convinced anybody else to follow the ways of the wild mother. Um, he’s still learning a lot from producers and still trying to figure out like how this applies to him. Um, yeah, I think, I think even in that moment while I stop, it sounds like a kinda like a cow bell. I’d rather have Ronan. Ol Bessy’s walking stage. Keep going. I had this conversation today, I was actually at a recording session this morning and one of the people that was recording me, uh, as I said, they were a fan of critical role and they were like, can I ask you a question? Like a tox mock, a question? And I was like, sure. They were like, what’s going on with gestures like crush on Ford? Is that still happening? I can answer that right now. And it’s kind of in the same vein. It was kind of this realization that she had a very like childlike outlook on how all of that was going down and her interactions with him for very immature. And she realized it, especially after everything that happened with Avantica and everything, and it kind of made her reevaluate how she would approach relationships moving forward. And you know, the conversations with Beau of like going, Oh, this isn’t how actual relationships are. Maybe I’ve been jaded or blind to the world. Our winner for this week she was getting was sent in by Kim at our kin, at Ken van Leer photography by cleric who fucked us all up. What else is new? Let’s take a look. Oh, yay. Give me all the Pyre. Andre. We have met this person. I mean, we’ve seen her at the wings are so good. This is a more intricate cosplay than I’ve ever seen. Uh, for both of you, what are your characters views on the server? It’s assembly and or amid hos. Yeah. Nice. We need to, yep. Do you trust that the [inaudible]. That’s it. You can’t do that. Brian. Brian doesn’t like you. There’s two things you can’t do is number one, ask the question for me. And number two, look in my camera. Look at this camera now. Don’t you fucking don’t. Is there something I’m not supposed to see on here? These guys, you’re gonna, he’s gonna. He’s gonna. There you go. Yes, go ahead. Oh, here, come up up. Oh yeah. Here we go. Okay. Finally. Yes. Both of us. Yes. More attractive. Brian Foster. Seriously. Who gets stabbed when you’re checking out? That’s terrible. Cool. It looks cool. I don’t know. I just saw my lip going. Ever done that on camera? Yeah. Thank you, Zach. Do it again. Wait, Zach. Okay. Lower that octopus and do it at once. Second time. That looks like CGI plus. Same time. Yeah. You guys [inaudible] every week. People think we’re so fucking high. Whoa. Hello. Last time on yeehaw game ranch. Brian, what kind of black magic gets this one? Where’s my friend? Where’s that fucking cat? Yeah. Walk in. Whoa. Whoa. Who is that? It’s me. Your only mentoring friend. Minnesota. Minnesota. John’s. How you man? You made it. You guys know each other. Of course. We know each other. We know the greatest realm. Walker and all the grand Titan abode the mother of all creditors. Ms Laura gimme the fucking harps of course. Oh, of course. I’m siphoning energy off the game soul that you’ve been charging, but it wasn’t enough to us. Well, it’s like I only sent the thin lipped freak through the astral tunnel. Your screens gave this baby a lot of juice last time, but now we need something stronger than fear. True love. You know with with him or her or anyone you fancy. Fuck you over cut. This is known for bringing people together in harmony. Minnesota Jones just suggested that you should find love with maybe someone else. That’s crazy. I’m attracting down. He needs to, he needs to pay. Yeah, I need that glove. Here’s God. Why are we so bad? No. Three orders. Three of the former rogue. I’ve run this bad light management. Maybe. Hey, nothing’s caught fire yet. Yeah. Oh, this is great. Oh, your fucking oil is on fire. Well, here’s it buyer’s secret. Oh God. You’re all kitchen. Oh my God. You got to throw something in your mouth, but like do it from out here on a count of three. One, two, three. Did you get it ready to do? You got it. Come on. Let’s do this. Go to. Great. You finally go. I’m just going to wash some dishes is a sick of your shit and then I’ll do this one. I’ll put it up there. Order up, order. I got it. This is, this is where [inaudible]. Where’s the damn Turkey nuggets? Order up. Order up. Order up. Hi. We are your parents. We repaired [inaudible] Cheeto and carrot. Oh, a carrot and a carrot. Okay. [inaudible] [inaudible]. Hey everyone. The insanely talented Wilford L here. I’m excited to announce that I have a new late night talk show coming to the critical role YouTube channel on Wednesdays call mini primetime is brought to you by the same creators as that one show with the hippie kid with the graceless whenever that. Anyway, my show mini primetime is a mini painting show for beginners and veterans alike, or this handsome face teaches the critical world Cass how to paint their own mighty nine minutes. We’re going to be focusing on specific techniques, fade, small detail work, and taking your money to the next level by adding your base. So look for two critical roles, critical role. What is that? What is even a critical role. Oh, that’s right. That was the show with cash. [inaudible] I’m a fan of hot air balloon rides above the Venetian countryside. I’m a fan of mom Lynn. She’s always got my back, man. I’m a fan of wine older than Talison. I’m a fan of Twitch subscriptions. I’m a fan of emotes by our squeak. They’re neat. I’m a fan of a wife, so cool. I’ll forget. I exist. Exist. [inaudible] [inaudible] I’m a fan of [inaudible]. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] congratulations, Laura Bailey. You got me. Um, welcome back everyone. So we have the winner. The winner of the one would give away is think, not think, think, not think, think, not think. I don’t know how you’d say it with emphasis, but congratulations. You want it? We’ll get that to you ASAP. So, Oh shit. Over the break. Why don’t we do discuss what we’re doing. We had a sweet run after the in, what are we doing? We’ll say for the, you wake up without issue the sanctuary in the gentleman’s layer, seemingly undisturbed beyond your brief evenings, uh, conversation. Uh, you wake up weirdly because your time and your Rojas used to not looking to sunlight to gauge your morning and subterranean sleep also presents a similar experience. Um, but the days you want to, what would you like to do? Nope. One thing we can do is be proactive. It was only a matter of time before this person comes for us again. So we’d go to them instead and we try to bring back our friend. Right. So let’s start the day off correctly. Right. We are going to look in on them. Yeah. Was a morning mornings cry. Right. Are we going to join the Puma doula fun? Yeah. Cause he can, he can do it too. You can. Yes. They probably totally survived the night from gentleman’s to poo. MOTS we don’t go through the Trice buyer, right. Gentleman’s to poo months. Yeah. Um, no, but try spires visible. Okay. Did we, did we ever get word on the family on whether or not they were all right, when did they, did they figure that out or, um, do you go ahead and ask about that? About, about which family? Your family, no, no. Well, no, obviously not yet ones. Oh yeah. So, so word comes back and, and as you guys come to consciousness, gentlemen isn’t up yet, but he does eventually join you as you’re going gathering your stuff. And uh, so, uh, looking into this, uh, this family, the, um, the saucepans, apparently they were burgled, put a few weeks back. Um, two members of the family were killed. Cool. Um, all right. Um, so that is concerning. Um, thankfully most of the families seem to survive though some injured and recovering, so I didn’t lose a client, but, uh, for whatever information that helps [inaudible] so no, that does help that, that sort of paints them as being innocent collectors of, of antibodies rather than, I wouldn’t say they’re innocent, but, uh, well more interested in the objects OJ art than, than the actual use of them. Is that I would think it’d be a little more Bible. So should we have actually remotes? Yes, I think so. All right. You guys make your way out of the gentleman’s layer up to the streets of the dash and the morning is yours. You make your way towards the Penta market. Is there anything, any place you want to stop on the way to put a market or just be beelined there? What’d you think on the way out? We’ll check to see if there’s anyone waiting to see who exits this establishment. Let me check like eyes open all whole fucking time. My eyes are closed. Is it 18, 18? Nobody seems to be expecting or shifting. Once you arrive, you know, the city is busy. Um, and the presence of crown scarred and righteous brand is a little more robust than the first time you had come to the city. Uh, and being in the time of war, it seems like there is definitely a, an intent to magnify or focus a lot of that protective aspects to the larger cities. And so it was a dash being one of them definitely has a larger presence, but nobody seems to be paying you specific mind and beyond just the occasional glances from passers by who to recognize him. He was uh, immediately no, but if you continue to travel, you can eventually be in to hear things like a one town crier in the distance you hear shouting out well, front positive successes in the East Ash, God Garrison reclaim for the [inaudible]. Interesting note. There is actually a standard accent for all criers in every town. It’s true. That’s true. They hire based on pigs to the West. Then found Jesse. There’s no a like interested in going to the pillow trove to check it out or anything. You didn’t have any, did you have any packages? Well not, is that a no or are you saying my name? I’m saying your name. Okay. You said dry Martel. What are you going to, what are you doing? Just keep walking while walking I think. Well I’m gonna hang back a little bit. Having periods right now. Yeah. Do post on it of the boys forward. Oh look at this. I don’t know what we’re going to, but come on, but I’m getting swept up in the bar when I feel okay. You guys admire the, um, the, the harvest themes, decorations throughout the city. You know the, the Brown and red and golden tapestries. And you can see there is some uh, decorations that show the, the recent harvest. Uh, uh, the earth is the, uh, the harvest rise festival was but a day, two days ago I think. So there’s still decorations up in, we’re still elements and celebration around. We missed the festival. Neil young was coming up anyway, conversation. So we sent it to, of course, I remember the letter that we sent to Astrid. Yes. We told her to send something back to the bill of trove. Send something back. Is that what we did? She said we told her we’d be staying at the Poteau. Does a hotel. We’re not going to stay there forever. Should we check? Let me send a message to the proprietor of depilatory. Hello. It’s just [inaudible] just wondering if we have any packages for me or not. The brave. What did we sign the letter illegal? Nothing brave. Legal lavor like a lawyer title or office. Alright. But then the window response is, it’s a package for a Fred Naughton. Brave. It is a, it is a tension tool. Avoid, you’ve got mail. Wait, is that good? [inaudible] sent us like a love letter or something. Oh my God. You know, people are complicated. She could be a murderer but also have a flourishing life. You want to meet Astrid because we have, I think we were, you know what it was, but we didn’t have the estate of your uncle and we want to give you some sort of a will. You were left something in a will and this worked. What if, what if, what does it bring back is like a human [inaudible] explode as soon as we open. It could be, I’ve got many chant and we’ll have Kudusa so I can do that too. You always check. Always check. Died a lot lately. [inaudible] about that. Real bad. Okay. Alright. How do we tell the others that we need to sort of been yelling the last 20 seconds? These periods, right? Huh? Anyway, we have some, uh, we have some Intel, you have some Intel we need to discuss with you. We might have to just make a quick little swing around the pillow trove. Yeah. Remember a while ago, I let you know that we had reached out to, Oh boy. I can’t even remember her name. Her name means something. I know. Oh yeah. You know what it was as we reached out to ask [inaudible] and apparently she’s written back maybe or somebody else from the Academy. Interesting. Yes. So the packages at the pillow throw a package. Yeah. To package. She’s reached out to Astrid or someone from, you know, she was just somebody that Caleb loved and he wasn’t [inaudible]. Yes, we thought we were doing Caleb, but favorite turns out we were contacting our enemy. Well we didn’t know at the time. Right. How would you propose to go and collect this package? I’m sure she’s not keeping an eye on the pillow. It’s been in a long time. Who knows how long this bargain has just been here. I get this guy, sell this guy South. You just go into somebody else. You could disguise itself I can say are picking it up on behalf of the nothin. Brave. I should go. What are you talking about, Kayla? Correct. Because I cannot be found. Ah, shoot. Go. You can also disguise yourself. Correct? Yeah. I should disguise myself. It’s you cause it’s addressed packages for you Bentley. That’s true. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Money. If it’s from the cobalt soul trying to sell you life insurance, I will give really good money. If it’s just junk mail, it’s actually not a bad deal. Don’t open it though, because it could exploded poisons. Just bring it back if it’s all tied to already [inaudible] so yeah, let’s win by the pillow. Drove on the way over the pool mat. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They say anything about the package, like anything specific, like it’s not like, you know, ticking size. What would tick, what’s a to, you know, when, when Justin does her messaging, what gesture does her messaging? She doesn’t get a lot of detail back. It’s just like a yes or no and then stop looking at me. I’m pooping sort of a thing. I mean that’s detail. Do we have that? Oh, it’s like a request ended up sort stone, that device that he throw in to spell something. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That protects the sound. Yeah. What does that do? What we’ve used that once you can make a recording, I pull it up and go, Caleb. It doesn’t smell bad at all. I put down, we have established that I am not able to in 30 seconds later. Caleb doesn’t smell that at all in a month. We didn’t even see that. Just then he wants you to record something. Like I’m just here, I’m here for my package. I’m Teddy Ruxpin. Whoa. Hold on. Let’s group group think this one. Blue everybody please. Because I will have established that I am not the best with accents, but it needs to be something that could repeat believably. You follow [inaudible] so what is it supposed to be like? Marvin was just a Lovell and then I’ll wait for like a little bit and I’ll go. Yeah, yeah. And then maybe like a thank you or something. [inaudible] okay, so I’m going to do that. I’m going to say, hello, my name is Justin [inaudible]. I’m here to pick up a packaged for me or package right here. Here you go. Oh, thank you so much. Who’s willing to be anything else? No, that will be all for today. Thank you. Okay. Bye mom. Problem. I do believe the stone probably picked up what you were saying, so maybe you should get there. Yeah. I don’t remember what we did. We’ll say at this point, you guys have approached the exterior of the pillow. Trobe. Is anyone, is anyone look like they’re, they’re the same. I’m looking suspiciously at us like they’re waiting for us. Does it feel like a trap? Continuing the, the, the roles that you guys have had for the whole journey here? It does not appear that anybody is doing that. From what you can tell we’re friends back it up or to maybe make the, the fragments of dialogue. Okay. I know. Speaking to someone who, who has adapted many NMA script, keep the pieces succinct. Yeah. And and so that they can be repeated logically. Okay. Hello, my name is jester LaVar and hit the big of a package. Thank you. Yes. No, that will be all, you will never remember that. I remember that. Who will remember that? So you received the stone. Yeah. And so this works by giving it a little polar squeeze, right? Or does it just [inaudible] it just goes Cisco’s favorite pizza every 10 minutes? I think so every minute. Yes. Yes. And I lost it after that, but it was also, my name is Josh [inaudible] baggage. Yeah. So we have a five minutes, five minutes. There we go. You know, we could just record like enough screen for this Diplomat’s bedroom. Really try to remember to backup where did you go ape shit on this and have you recorded it into a phone for the fun of it. They’d be pretty great. I mean I knew that where she can live, repeat it and you have to [inaudible]. Okay. That will be great. All right, so do you transform? Yeah, absolutely. I am a little blue TIF link who likes pastries and um, and it’s every, what did we say, five or 10 minutes, five minutes. So my whole everyone out here for 15 minutes and I try my best to absorb it. I mean inevitably you get, Liam has no memory. I am never going to be able to roll that roll of deception and sync. Oh wait, I’m giving you a, giving you a little bit of guidance and I’m going to before going in cast, um, some dune Amancio on my, no, I’m not [inaudible]. Oh right. That’s okay. I’m going to cast, um, enhance abilities on you. Yeah. Uh, I mean the, there nothing a tight alleyway. It’s actually the try spires pretty open because it’s one of the more affluent areas. There’s no like super tight alley. Okay. Forget it. Forget it. Forget guidance. You’ve got, you’ve got some guidance. I’ve got some guidance. I’m going to you for about 30 seconds until it repeats itself. That’s my, how did he [inaudible] you’re just practicing right now. Okay. Okay. Eight. And he said deception, right? Yeah. And Oh, I have a high deception. I forgot 16. All right. Actually Caleb’s not doing bad after the second pastor. So he’s doing pretty well. Yeah. All right. Ready? Okay. I’m going to before he goes cast and then stability on charisma checks. Nice. Okay. And I’m tapping with guidance right before we send you on your way. Alright, I’ll mother come with guidance. Lasts for one minute. Okay. You enter and you find your way to the front area and you can see there was a kind of a clerk. There goes. Hello. Can I help you? Hello, my name is jester Lovell. I’m the, I’m too big of a baggage. All right, I’ll go check for it for you. Yes. What’s up? Can I help you? Thank you. All right sir. Anything else you need? Yes. Yes. Okay. What can I help you? This, I didn’t get that. No. Okay. Look for the package. Deception check. Okay. Good stuff. Good stuff. Uh, uh, 27. Okay. This is a little bit, a few moments later. It takes you a minute waiting and good like 13 minutes. The repeats a few times to make a stop. Yeah. Good. Um, eventually she returns with a single envelope, less of a package, more of an envelope and goes, Oh, this is fun too. Uh, looking up, um, anything else you need? Have a good day since back down. All right. And you walk outside and join the rest of your compatriots. But he sees gestures form come out and stand as soon as the door closes. Oh, you got it should be open it. Check for traps. Oh, great idea. Maybe not right here in the thoroughfare says the little blue T flick. Oh, there’s three right now. Let’s find dark hat. Yes, we actually do that to an alley. We find it alley. So you leave the Trice buyers to find like a, to go as far away as possible. We need, okay. You guys make your way to pull max in the Penton market. Uh, the sign outside says closed still. Um, so you approached the door? Oh no, we’re not about should it be open by now? Yeah, usually. No, do not kill. I will kill you. I pull out. Let me my little cup of wire and say, uh, Puma prime. We are your friends. The mighty nine nine here. Are you possibly at home? Yeah, just getting a few things together here. Just a Mercer. I’ll send one or the other’s done it. I get the door for you. Eventually the door opens up in Puma. One of the poom ads is there. He goes, well come in and good morning and come on in. We were told to keep the place kind of, you know, three of any other foot traffic based on the intent of the day. Come on in. Still is Destra I hope you don’t mind us imposing. Is it all right if we come upstairs? We need a bit of privacy [inaudible] sure. I hate to impose, I haven’t heard the other one talked before. Yeah, normally she doesn’t. I’m learning. We could take tips from you, right. Come on in. So you guys come in the center tables or move and you can see there’s like a space for scrying already set in the center of the floor. Cool. You can see the uh, the, this beautiful crystal ball. Like you know, the, like the, the focus you use here is described as, you know, very, very pretty. But this is, this is a very, very, very nice like show model if you will. Um, said there and you could see a Pramada is kind of in the process of sending things. All right. Yeah. Has, uh, so, uh, you’re alive. That’s good. Gets it means the things now following you too far behind, right. Less than 24 hours. Um, we are well hoping to elicit your aim to find a friend, but before we do that, we have a side task. Do you mind if I set up shop in the corner for a moment? I have to inspect some things. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Um, eh, not the brave. Did you come over here with me? Yes. So in a moment I’m going to uh, see if there is anything a little bit an arcade nature to worry about. But could you just check for your run of the mill physical guidance? I always check for traps. Why not? 29, 29 plus a D for, Ooh, 33. Holy shit. That envelope is fucking not trapped. You are so sure we’re all done. Good to go. Okay. So I turned my back to the poo mouth’s and his setup. Put the envelope down on the ground, pull out my a spell book, open it up to the correct page and spend the next 10 minutes, uh, ritual casting. Detect magic on it just in case it’s fine. Take 10 minutes. You finish it is 10 minutes. Not magical. Okay. Rubber gloves. Burn it. Just YouTube unboxing of the letter. All right, let’s read it. The groups is a little flash. The group, do you have it? We have a knife by the way, if we want to lock the front door, like really locked in. Oh, good call. Although it can come through the floor, but yes. So my back is to the group, but they see a little and Frumkin walks around and just sits behind me staring at the group. Okay. Uh, and I will read this out loud even though I’m just reading it in my head. Okay. To the attention of mrs lavor not and brave. I have received this letter on behalf of my elder mentors of the [inaudible] Academy. This is a curious bit of fortune. It would seem I have not spoken with my uncle for quite some time and while I am sad to hear of his passing, I am also quite interested to hear about this inheritance and the circumstances surrounding his death. I can be reached at the 31st world stone Manor on the North Eastern end of the shimmer ward of Wrexham. Trump the empire. I travel often so I should not. So should I not be present, present this lecture to any present servants and stay within the visitor quarters as our guest. I will return within a day. Strict. This is great. We have an invitation to Brexit. Trump. No, that was just for the benefit of you all. Audience. What does it say? Your ruse perhaps says worked. Maybe. Really. Maybe my old friend has said that you could come to Nita at a home in Reckson from to explain an inheritance. Oh yeah. It was very close. We told her she got a lot of money and stuff. You can’t go there. Yes we can. If you have a letter inviting us, we’ll give a safe passage. Yes, but there was no inheritance. She didn’t know. It didn’t specify what, it could be a Jane necklace bullet that is masked that I bought to say you don’t know. Alright. I forgot about that. Her uncle’s an asshole. They put the mask on. That’s all she got. We got a good life. Do I know the shimmer word from racing? You do actually it’s the central portion of the city. Um, it’s definitely Walden. Um, surrounds castle Brock, which is where the one more time, uh, actually find the rock. You would have this, um, castle, uh, in Colebrook I’m probably missing it. The condensation. Yeah. You, you’ve been in Brexit, Trump, so you can have this. Okay. Um, but the shimmer ward is the central kind of Pentagon like, um, general where it is also where the candles are, the candles are the towers of disburse assembly [inaudible]. Oh, so that would mean that she is well off doing well in the center of the city. Elysium based on the letter. Yeah. And, and that is an ability, government Academy, uh, assembly. Go ahead. Actually you would know this, the address that’s given there is a manner that exists on the grounds of Trent Agathons tower. So I recognize the address. Do you do in fact [inaudible] you’re pretty sure all the, the handful of buildings that exist on that plot are all owned by Trent co Orlando. Fuck Michael. Well, Hey, you got to go? No, my friends just do me a favor and maybe don’t write any more letters to my school chums. Okay, mom’s problem man. You meant well. I know. Thank you. At the time Lynn, I just wanted to get you connected with people in your life and you seem so special. Shoe box. Does it look like our handwriting? Yeah. Does it smell like perfume? No. Is there a like a, do you like me check this box sort of a thing? I don’t think that box is here. Well that’s an option though. If we get to Wrexham TRO. So Kumar, I think we are ready to look into our friends all. Alrighty. Let me just go ahead. I got that skull right here. Were you looking at? Uh, your friend, your friend? Yasha right. That the one we said it can a fail face kind of burly looking bad ass. That one. Alrighty. Who wants to go first? Let’s use that knife. Yeah. No it has it. You’re planning to start. Anybody else? I don’t know who they are, so that’s the only person I know. Well, let’s see if Yasha works. Say, do you want me? I can write on them because you saw them. All right, cool. Yeah. All right. She do that first. Sure. She’ll shut to begin to see what state she’s in to see if she has done JASA before. They’ve never been, could be insanely hard to look, Hey, whatever works for you guys. I’m just having to go start with the action. Maybe, maybe Puma to do it. Then he can go on the fifth one. Okay, sure, sure. Wherever you prefer. I’m going to throw guidance up. Boom. Out as well. Walks up to watch and just plants his hand on not shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze when you’re looking in on her. Yeah, look at that. Nice. Okay. Hard to see. How she’s feeling and pay attention to her neck. And if Wilbon touches her at all, and if you see any lightning, it’s going to be quite observant. Okay, well that’s been noted in the old neck. All righty. Well man, it’s get her out. I had to make you jealous. Well I can’t do magic anymore. They only get spells once, so they’re just more my hands here cause I’m the spellcaster. They’re just, you’re amazed to see. They’re like, yeah. You know, I mean there are elements and missing it I guess. But uh, well where does that to open? He seems to do most deployed anyway continually. Yeah, of course. No worries. All right. As we make a mean, I can fill a group, doesn’t that have good to uh, he concentrates on this large crystal sphere that has this like gold leaf lattice to kinda curls up around it. It looks almost like a, like a intricately carved geometric nest. It kind of builds up around like two thirds of the actual sphere as he focuses it. Eyes closed, eyes open once more and they’re just clouded over. You have like a memory flash of when you first met your costume with that snow blind look, cause he quietly focuses focus a bit and it starts talking loud. You make her save. All right. She’s a, she’s walking, she’s walking. She’s got some companions around. They’re all kind of cloaked right now. It’s a bitter, bitter rainfall. Where are they open? I missed out. And there’s a there. That’s a big sell. They’re walking up to Erekson Trump. Oh, trying to get a look at her eyes there. We’re focused. Yeah. Guidance. Can’t see unfortunately. Close kind of blocking it all. Sorry. Here’s a big one where them look weak. It’s a big, I don’t know. It’s, I gotta go look at it. I’m focused on yeah. Shades. It’s big though. At the same time on the 11 hand, how weird would that be? I’m going to do it. That’d be pretty weird to the left again. [inaudible] then by the time his will and lead time, your sentence is like white guy already there. Uh, they’re approaching a push in the outer Gates. Boy, it’s raining hard. Uh, is the garden questioning them? Oh no, they’re going to kill that guy. All right. Now the guard lets him in. Oh cause he manipulated the guard. All right. Another render in the city and I hadn’t been in a restroom in awhile. It’s real, real big. A woman with red hair and Belko looking features. I, there’s always so much radius around. Uh, I share is a forest trail at them. Oh God. It’s her. Yeah. Holly. She knows she’s not going to attack us here. Um, I’m going a little nervous. I’m going to blinks his eyes. Sorry. Kind of crept up on me there. It was getting a little uncomfortable after what happened yesterday. Don’t worry. We’re pretty quiet. Anyway. Brexit and Trump, maybe they’re reporting back to their bosses or, okay. Soldiers Academy, [inaudible] assembly anywhere else. That’s pretty much all of them for, I mean that was kind of what we were looking for. That was great. And one tribe’s excellent job describing it by the way. Well done. Of course. Yeah. Is it just like a small Colton? Is it just the four of them? That’s really powerful. You might do the whole cold meeting right now. Trust Academy. He’s crying on Vince. You see if he’s in Wrexham Trump too. Well, when we last spoke with Ahmed Hoss, he said that Vince isn’t Rex and Trump do it on a mission for Luton and goodness. [inaudible] Evan, Chris. Okay. Get ready. We should get ready to go to the cobalt Solon and, and bam with directions. Need to be at the Cobalt’s hole to get there or can we do it for anywhere from any of them, right? We banned vineyard a couple of times. Yeah. [inaudible] message [inaudible] that’s on, on vents. No, I’m lewdness no offense cause lewdness will block it. Love it. Yeah, he’s too powerful. Yeah. Maybe and see if he’s like meeting up with them or something in the city. Give it like five minutes and then see if maybe they are on the move to just out of curiosity. We know now that, well, I mean what Trent Trent, Ethan be someone that we want to keep, would block it. I would give it to maybe Chester, maybe give it an hour to let them get together. Vesta Ragnor they’re all going to be able to block it. They all have this thing, but Kayla events won’t. Do you remember the approximate time that it would take to walk from the Gates to yeah, of course. I knew it wouldn’t be about, uh, I got a casual pace. It would take 20 to two air to which part? In the city from where? It’s wherever Ben’s King dwindle wherever. Gotcha. Gotcha. Uh, that size density recently after a festival, I’d say probably at most an hour. So I should wait like 30 minutes and do that. Maybe we should go now. Yeah. I was trying to get the, now we should get that now. If you were preparing as cry during this time, but then as soon as when you said that it would be ended, I was like, I’ll never mind. The fun of it was to be scrying at the same time. Right, right. So you’re not scratching on beds. What do you guys now this second, because they’re not our chances of landing on them with your eyes at the right moment are slim. But if you do it right now, they’ve just walked into the city. He’s not waiting for them now. So maybe give them some time to wind the way in and get where they’re going. Maybe we should get over to the provost. So yeah, we should, yeah, pass the time on the way to the sewn and then we could get there. And you can scribe. Oh God, what can scribe from the soul? No one’s dying. And I was about going home. Oh sure. I think we know where they are that we should take advantage of this. Yes. Trust you face. This is the first time we’re doing ahead of them running. And again, that’s what I was about to say before we do this, why don’t we head back to the soul. I can check in with Xen and we can check in with Keith doc over at the Rex and Trump ranch. We can also maybe get a little bit of backup, but diary, no, we’re going to go there. [inaudible] house running. We change our clothes out of this under these, your Haas clothes already changed. Great. So you do also know that you can use the teleportation circles at the Cobolt soul, not castells bell slow. That’s a swap. And we can let everybody who needs to know where we’re going cause we have a lot of people now, let’s know that everybody know what’s about to happen. We’re trusting in allies ordinance. No. Great. The towel doors go. Thank you. It’s been a hell of a two days. I’m afraid we’re going to take our leave now. All right. No worries. All right, guys, close up. The shop reaches over and grabs it back from behind the counter. Where are you going? Well, I figured you probably needed some help. Absolutely. [inaudible] are you, are you coming or all of you will know. They’re not much help in this. I need them to continue to run the shop. I still got, I make my money. Yeah. I mean it’s, they know what to do besides like respectfully did. He’s very genuine. He’s of you voices. Some real danger is dung. You’ve stepped in, right? Like, yeah, this is gonna [inaudible] here. [inaudible] anything setting paperwork. I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly read. I understand the SWAT. Yeah, let’s go. Yeah. Alright. Wow. Oh fuck. Leave his place. Did I, was I able to retrieve my little Bola thing or was it destroyed on impact? What? No, you’re in retreat. Okay. Yeah, it’s a little, it was already, there’s one that you said it was kind of fucked up to begin with. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, was that the one you fired? I don’t know. You said that one is, is probably less reliable. Uh, yeah. No, the one, the one that you fired was the best five one and that one is busted. Okay. You collect it and you’re like, Oh yes, I have one left. But you were sure that that one is probably pretty much. All right. So you guys make your way. They send a message to our main house on the way and let them know what’s going on. I have no input on that cause I wasn’t there. [inaudible] I mean he, he, he should know. Right. He was concerned and we should let the loader know too. They’re in Mexico terms and the tandoori council. Yes. We have this deal from the servers to simulate to see how much the cobalt soul can do for us. They can probably take care of it. Spreading the word to use up on the spells. Okay. Cause we might be fighting or something. Oh man. Hey, let’s go. Let’s do it. Do the solo, right. Make your way to the Valley archive. Uh, no issue entering with the recently anointed. Expositor. Um, the chambers are yours. What would you like to do? I look for Zenith. Okay. You do take some on them, but you find them a diamond diamond is not present. Uh, but Zenith is around turning to us. You see, he’s still, you know, he’s looking pretty healed at this point, you know, um, it’s just a little bit of a slight limp and he goes, hello. Uh, can I help you? Zena? How are you doing? All right. All right. Um, pleasure to see you as well. It’s positive and the rest of you, you’re looking fit. Puma. I wasn’t expecting to see you. Yeah. You know, I just needed a vacation, you know, go relax and have a, some sort of totally not dangerous times with my, uh, favorite customers. Yeah. Oh, what’s a trend, right? Uh, AA kind of what he’s talking about is what I’m here for. Am I going to get direct sun trunk? Oh, uh, we’ll get you guys right. Right. This way. Oh, bond. And the other four are there and they’re on the move. That’s not good. Yeah. Well let’s get you there right away then. Can you, um, can you get the message to automate house and tell him what we just told you? Uh, setting. Yes, I can. I can have it arranged. Yes. Super important. Every lady, Laura possible. Personally, I know that the cobalt souls often isolated from these other type of institutions, but I think in this moment we need to cooperate with the services Emily to try and handle this would be the first time. Alright. I’ll prepare if folks here and if you’re heading direct some to just go ahead and let them know the same. Maybe like cat the dog. No, I’m coming, you know, I kind of piss him off last time. That can be done. And uh, look for a archivist Catho doc. They would be the ones who handles the arrival. Was Ms. Burnett, same guy. Same guy. Is thinking, Oh, same shot the dude cath and doc. Right. Um, have them if possible. Uh, introduce you to the um, the high, the high curator noodle of fun and you’ve never met you love but you’ve heard of it. You’ll have fun. Is the fun is the phone correct? Is the high high curator of the cobalt soul like outside of the one that’s in vassal Haim, which is the only kind of equal level. They are both kind of the dual leadership over the entire structure of a couple of soul. Okay. Jesus. Sure. Got it. He guides you down to the subterranean teleportation nexus chamber and the same Wrexham trim entryway that you guys had previously brought your horses through, um, lies available and at your disposal. So beautiful without horse plops everywhere. Yes, no, I do take quite a bit to get that stain out of the model, but that’s all right. Good luck. Be safe. Thank you. Turns around and take a step forward platform hand on [inaudible] shoulder and use the other hand to start to leave the air around. Man. Here we go. All right. The, as you guys step into the, uh, the circle that sits at the end of that hallway, you all finish through arriving on the other end. It’s getting real. You step through the other familiar chamber on the opposite end. Uh, the interior of the nexus, the teleportation nexus, um, all the doors closed around you still, and that staircase that leads into the upper floor there is within the room a single armed warrior of the cobalt soul adorned in full armor and notices your arrivals. Spins goes green. Um, no, no, I’m positive or borrow guard here from Sudan. Right. Sorry. My apologies. Um, and here’s some footfalls come down the steps. A couple of other soldiers arrive and the familiar half ORC, a percentage of archivists Katha doc comes white hair goes. Who’s your [inaudible]? Is this, are you here to have? Yeah. What’s, what’s happened? Has something already happened? It appears it’s just some form of Corrine assaulted parts of the city in the past 10 minutes. Oh, shit. It’s happening. It’s not, it’s not what you think it is or it is. Maybe it is. Where, how, how large are the forces? We’re still as a tendency mountains. It’s only been recently happening if you just found out toxicologists and began to, I’m not or doesn’t sound like I apparently Xeon IDing on Papelbon back. That’s great. Where is this happening? Com comes to the top, uh, there uh, leads you to the, to the top area and the exterior and you can now like first off seeing the interior of this library. You guys were impressed by the Valley archive, but here within the rec and from archive of the cobalt soul, this library is easily 50% larger or more and there are multiple floors and you can see it from the interior, probably four full, uh, 15 foot high tiers of libraries that just expand from level to level with all sorts of little pocket chambers and walkways that kind of connect between them. Uh, on the inside there are people that are, we’re doing research but are starting to put books away and kind of usher from the word that spreading of this kind of immediate chaos that’s breaking within the town. You’re rolling [inaudible] so little S little slight grade you got, yeah, I know. I lead to outside into the middle of what is the tangles, which is one of the regions of Wrexham trim. You immediately can see the beautiful civilian building you stepped out of, marked by four short multilevel domed towers of polished blue stone. You saw him from the inside and the elements of some sun that was poking through from the outside. It’s this beautiful kind of a, it would look almost like a futuristic SIM city building if it wasn’t just a couple of polished piece of stone and glass. Um, you, uh, step out into the court of colors, which is this region of the tangles. Uh, it’s in the Western edge of the region. You can see harvesting to banners around you. Uh, the decor line, uh, of bright red, Brown cobblestone streets that curve into crowded cross streets lined with carts and social spots. Uh, some of the local business appear to be closing quickly. Uh, others are already in kind of deserting it and starting to go into their respective homes. As you can see, Crown’s guards starting to kind of usher folks around, but you don’t see any signs of any attacks. Can we get high? Maybe. Hey, you got this, you can do this. We need you. We need you to do this. Yeah, good, good. Can you take us through a point of elevation so we can see more clearly across across the city. Perhaps I’m coming to this way. Any leads, you guys up, another spiral staircase that to a little parapet that overlooks from the second tallest tower and you can see the expense of Wrexham trim for those of you who’ve never visited, which is pretty much all of you. But Caleb, I believe. Um, it is a sprawling, sprawling metropolis of multitudes of towers and chimneys of all Heights and sizes, many of which kind of almost seem to have this ominous lean in type. Uh, feel that crowd around the immediate space you’re in and just continue on all directions. You can see the rule of the Hills that the city was built upon. You can see the rising wall that surrounds the shimmer ward. You can see a little plumes of smoke and you can see people in the streets, some just still going about their business on aware. Um, you can make a perception check if you’d like whoever’s [inaudible] stacks or like awesome. Well, yeah, you can do it. Yeah. Okay, so you’re eating, Oh, thank you. Oh wow. How is that even possible? The ones, the ones dub one. You guys glancing around up here. You are 13 technically the double ones for me, I know I’m distracted. So you guys [inaudible] partially. You’ve never seen something in your life. You, you, you grew up in, in a small Grove, in a dark forest. This is on spiring and terrifying in equal parts and so much bigger than you want. No, I don’t know what this is. Yeah. This is the, this is the antithesis of how you were raised and you’re find yourself immediately lost in a little strangely claustrophobic and how big it is and how lost do you feel in the center of it? All of you looking around and kind of trying to take it in. You have no idea, nor do you see any signs in the immediate vicinity of any conflict. And there’s not like everyone’s rushing for battle. They’re just like words starting to spread and people are starting to just hunker down and be defensive and that’s kind of where it stands. Dan’s, who’s leading us through this co Katha docs. Ken kathak doc is just like, this is got nothing yet to know. We’re just, we’re just trying to, to be careful and be ready in case anything happens. The city, was there an incursion within the city, we didn’t get to anything beyond just the knowledge that the patently, there was the rice knowledge come from [inaudible] spine circle from you were sent a message from home, uh, from, uh, one of the various, uh, interconnected, um, uh, messengers of the, the local crowns gods. They have a few individuals that, uh, an emergency circumstances would send out to I think, I don’t think, I think this is, I think this is Yasha. I think this is, hold on. Yeah. Okay. Describe who you described on, yeah. Shagun Yasha again. Okay. While she’s doing that, I’m going to just go and sort of stroke Caleb’s hair and say it’s okay. You got to calm down, buddy. Yeah. OSHA has a really low wisdom. Uh, 16, 17. Okay. That’s why I scrubbed on Yasha. Okay. Um, as you sit there and focus for a bit and you’re all kind of nervous, you’re looking around and occasionally you can see like often the distance, you know, a little bit of activity and here’s some shouts, but they’re echoing around and you’re just, it’s too much and not enough. Like the city is so big that you, it’s like looking over the entire Valley of Los Angeles and trying to pick out where, you know, a fistfight is go pick up Mary Poppins. Yeah. Yeah. Are we hearing cries or, or you’re hearing conversation, you’re in yells. But there a lot of it is just general social Denon people that seem to be hearing rumors or, you know, worried but not quite know what’s going on. [inaudible] of voices. Yeah. It’s chaos as far as like a social environment in an urban sprawl. Um, Yosha as you focus in is walking through the city. You see her walking intently and on the peripheral, uh, where the edges of the immediate glance of your scribe fuzzes. You can see the figures described previously by polmont following alone. Look for landmine, no violence. People just walking by. Some people giving strange looks as they go, but they seem to be going about their business or rushing past a few crowns. Guard go charging by your, some shouts, but it’s all muffled and can’t really make it up as the focus is on this particular, uh, individual on Yahshua. There be lighting somewhere. CYC, any marks, any landmarks, any tall building like spires or like a fun shop signs. Let’s just make a personal [inaudible] sure. Check. Come on. Anything in the stoop better than me? It’s better than me. 2121. You can make out the cobblestone street a little bit. You can make up shapes. It’s a, it’s um, this is, it’s like a dull Brown, Brown cobblestone. Um, not much beyond that unfortunately that the sky is limited and you didn’t quite roll high enough to make out anything beyond just the shapes on the exterior of the street. And you know, people rushing past, but they haven’t started attacking adults on her. You see no violence. I don’t know where they’re heading. Right. Be a distraction you could as possible. Okay. So you could either, someone can turn into an Eagle and do some soups around the city or you could describe on vents first. NEC, is it totally lit up? Would that perception check? Um, her hood is still up so you can’t really tell. Um, but just looking at her face, you can see that she has that same kind of like intense kind of conflicted look. The brow is furrowed and while she’s walking with absolute purpose, kind of terminate her walking through the street, there is an expression that looks kind of sorrowful and uh, regretful. The laughing hand does he seem like he’s walking weird or weak or anything? Um, he is walking alongside from what you can make out, like nearby and pick three feet from her and just make up the shape and the movement. Each step from your memory. It walks with the same gate though the, the weight behind it seems to be a little bit off kilter. I can’t see anything like around there. It’s just buildings. It’s just shapes. But they’re not where the fighting is. So w w we, we can, we see the city, we see the sprawl but we don’t see any attacks. Do we see the edges, the walls around the city? Uh, from this perspective? No, it’s too far. And the walls are about as like as tall as, as the sprawl is and the edges, it doesn’t like loom over so high like some of the buildings and they’re pretty tall. And from this distance and with the terrible perception role that kind of represented the group’s perception check. It’s real hard to make out much anything, especially with like the rainfall that’s now like hitting the city. It’s kind of dampening some of the long distance visual range. Mr. Miller, what he wants to scan the city to come with me? Yes. Giant Eagle. Okay. Pull. Not up into the air. All right, let’s start. I want to try to ring the city. You begin to see at this point, um, as you go up into the sky, through the rain and some of the presenter comes in, there are Griffin riders in the sky, which are some of the military defense of the Capitol specifically, but a lot of the Northern area and the minute you head up into that area, three of them turn a mealy to this gargantuan Eagle that is suddenly taken to disguise, unapproved, unnoticed in the middle of what it seems to be some sort of a, uh, a threat or danger. And they all beeline right towards you in the, in the moment that I’m elevated and we’re here. Do we see anything in that second that we are here that we did not see before? Make perception check with disadvantage. Yup. Both of us. That’s not going to work for me. However you think you get PR advantage as a, as an Eagle go with the site, right? So it’s just a single roll. Ah, could have been better. Uh, where’d my giant Eagle go? Or my giant Eagle at? Uh, it’s just a nine 14 for me in, in being distracted by seeing these Griffin writers come at you, the rain that’s pouring down, that’s kind of limiting your vision already. Uh, the low fog, it begins to come up from the streets when the temperature meets with the general heat of the populace, especially when they’re crowded in certain spaces, you can’t make out anything. Okay. And where are we in that split second? Where are we in relation to where we were on the, on the ledge with, with our friends? Uh, you are at this point, I’d say about a hundred, 250 feet above them and to the East, which puts you a little, a little more into the city, which is when you were trying to get a view, you probably would’ve leaned a little further in there. Uh, okay. So as seeing that those things encroach, I just drop it, turned back into Caleb and they start to plumb it and I let us plumb it for awhile and then eventually cast feather fall. Okay. Uh, I mean, they’re still giving chase, that’s fine. Um, you fall faster than they fly. Uh, just or pretty equal as they go into like a dive, but you’re falling and falling and falling. Um, and you’ve feather fall. The last minute they kind of pull up and then head over to a, uh, one of them stops in a nearby roof. The Griffin kind of like coming into a hole, purging over there, looking over in the direction of where you guys had fallen. The soldier on top kind of, you know, looking down and trying to see where you guys had fallen with other to kind of veer off possibly in pursuit of other dangers, ground level now where you guys are now ground level. You’re, are we within sight of them? Um, just off somewhere you guys are, you guys have fallen beat like within the, the city roof lines. You guys have no sight on them. You watch them and then just crash into the city, try to message the others and I just raise my hands up into the, into the sky. Just show that I’m not doing anything. Okay. Wait. Right. Um, the most people kind of scattered with the Griffin landing on the roof. The Griffin then swoops down and lands on the cobblestone center of the street next to you, heavy impact. And the garden media says, well what’s your business as it was coming? I disguise myself as a half lane. Okay. And I try to try to subtly just step in front of not at the same time from [inaudible]. Well you got word that there is trouble in the city. I am a citizen of Wrexham and, and I have come to do my pot roll a persuasion check, kill lawn care. Come on KK six. Ooh. He steps off of the Griffin and approaches the um, uh, pulling the blade from the side and kind of looking at you as well. I wasn’t going to have to come with me and explains this to the captains. God of course come lead the way. Just one guard. Just one guard. I’ll fuck. Well this is going to go well. It’s not going to go well at all. The writers, they’re open. They’re threw up in the air. Yeah. You, you, you got the, I have a handful of them. One of them pursued. You don’t seem as much of an immediate danger, more of a person of interest and a concern. What are you doing that I gotta get outta here. Is he on foot? Yeah. Okay. The Griffin’s like they’re maybe like 10 feet from him currently. I’ll cast fantastical force on him. Okay. Well that would be a 12. Okay, so it works. Uh, and I will make him think that his Griffin is starting to like, like get loose and runaway. Okay. Nope. What does he get the Griffin’s like? Okay. I was like following him as he’s like shouting and making calls. Well stay put. I’ll be right back. Cool. So you have to do my part as soon as his back turns like has fly on the both of us before Raven’s feather. Okay. You both jet, jet and you guys while this is happening, what are you guys doing? Building tops staring out like what the fuck just happened? Plummet, right? I mean, should anyone seek, can you see him? What? We still need to know where this has happened. [inaudible] so what else would have tribe? You can use a pool out there. I don’t know. It was like a regular last bird or something. I could try. Sure. I’m going to follow more of myself into what a Sparrow, what are you looking for? Visibility’s pretty bad, but it’s possible. Did they see any of these Griffin Griffin riders? You can, uh, once they, once they went after Caleb? Yeah. Okay. Why don’t we be, why don’t we be clever about this? Let’s figure out where they can possibly be heading. Let’s see if we can cut them off. Uh, I’ve got located creature. Well man, they plummeted right over there. That camp. They’re not that far. I love your concern. Can you haul him off? Hmm. No, I didn’t really, I didn’t prepare that one. Let me, sorry. Try. But I can still scribe somebody to look after that. Yeah, it’s your friend. Oh, maybe her in like a minute. Yeah. In the middle of the night. Let’s see if we can figure out where they’re going in a second. See if we can like get some idea of what heading towards, where did you knew a cultist, right? Yeah. Or where would you put a Colt in this town? And Trump or it’s been a long time ago. I don’t know. Did you, have you committed to your polymorph [inaudible] well, I said I did it. So it seems, well I’m just insuring you seem to uncertain. Okay. Right. Only because I am, maybe if we figured out where they could pop. Well, I mean like we’ve got some leads on maybe where a cult, Mike B. Oh, what were the co if you know, call tests. I mean where would the, where would you find a compound in this city? We were just talking. Oh no, we weren’t, nevermind. I don’t know any of them that we’re supposed to look forward to. That high curator who did push by which point a archivist [inaudible] goes, the high curators currently aren’t meeting with the crowns council before this tax seemingly began. Sorry, it’s not around, but we’ll probably be back in the next hour or two. What? The Crown’s council, the Kremlin’s council, who are the, who’s that? We’ve seen it in the individual kidneys. Are all of the important people in the city or conveniently meeting right now during this attack? Is that what you’re telling me? So is that most of the time to have conversations [inaudible] what in the council? Yeah. Where’s the Cassa? Where do they meet? Kind of tweaks over there. We should go there. I’ve never committed guns. It’d probably be some noncommittal Sparrow come back. Okay, so you didn’t hear intelligence would be together. Let’s head to that castle then. Castle. Where’s Caleb hold out or you are back? No, they’re still gone. Yeah, they’re there. They’re flying around. Um, can you see it before we go blindly into anywhere? It’s like, is there any indication like what are the cult would meet? Yeah. Okay. Hang on. Let me see if anybody else, any place else. Anything connected to these guys. I mean, there’s vents, there’s events. We should do that. Pour through my notes. I’m actually pouring through my notes, but then both pours through her notes. You’re going through your notes. Remember an answer. Make an intelligence chart. Candles. There’s castle, there’s apps, there’s the quarter colors. Garbage today for garbage people. Sorry, seven, seven white sky. Like maybe three notes. There’s, I feel like we should know something. I know. Here’s all only guy missing something. Sure. Reward castle, new rock candles, tangles, quarter colors, crowds council. That’s all we got. Gonna scribe on Vince. Vince. Okay, well committing to that one noncommittal Sparrow arms is a teeny tiny Sparrow and that’s it cause I couldn’t fully right. All right. As the rain, the rain is pouring down in soaking all of you out here on the top of the terrace. Um, you begin to prepare the [inaudible] ritual. It takes 10 minutes to do so you guys fly over and land, perched it back on the, as you can see, gesture rapidly, uh, preparing for this ritual. Uh, at this point you do here part way through your preparation about like seven or eight minutes into it, you hear some shouts and what seems like some sort of like a distant muffled explosion to the North of where you currently are. We got to lead by the sounds that are the walls of the city or it seems, it seems within the city, within the city. We don’t see any smoke or anything. Is there anything? No smoke. Is there anything we can do to move through the city without being caught up by the, by the security of the city itself? Well, the air is not good. I mean it’s not a coincidence that they are here and this is happening. Something just exploded in that direction. We need to go there. Let’s run through the city. Let’s just go look and then we had the rain. This kind of like frustratingly starting to bleed elements of the ritual and then you feel the rain suddenly stopped. When you glance up above you and you see this kind of green cloak kind of protecting the rainfall from messing your ritual. You get to the final moments of preparation. You place the focus down in the center and with that the cloak wraps around you and your vision goes dark for a second. You’re focusing on events. You come to a dry place, a place of light, you see colors and you see events clutching a satchel under his arm. He’s taking steps in each step kind of echoes across a hard floor and an open space. It feels like a like a very large enclosed area. And you can see it’s a beautiful cathedral. Candelabra is flickering, massive stained glass walls and the science and the distance. A brightly adorned priest walks by kind of hurriedly and nods and Vince walks into the center of the room behind the central altar where you can see an older woman in elaborate red, golden white robes. Her gray hair pulled up tightly behind her head, hold them in red, the golden light or else Vincent purchasing goes from colds, angels, I Cardinal respite [inaudible]. She returns the smile. Angels I offense has the children had luck with the secret texts or texts. He hands her two scrolls taken from Zyvox Avast Solheim. These should reveal the thing below and the path to it, the righteous will be honest in time. But number four, our work has already begun. Very good. It sounds like it’s a diversion sorority in place. Oh God. But the versions, the sea divide has been planted coming off the half thrice festival out in Kanjoya Haas since the assaults. Uh, no, he hands this actual to the woman with the rest of the scrolls. Uh, and uh, you can see with the skulls or something else in there, some sort of familiarly shaped device. No, it’s more of a silvery disc. Oh, he’s got a portal. I exist within the center. Prepare the Fain for their arrival, greet him in this family. They should arrive out. He soon of course, and she will remember this and so shy young friends think you’re cogno. Her eyes immediately train on to you, Mimi. It’s big when you walk on shaped by distant eyes. And he goes like, no, I checked. I didn’t mean the ritual. Everything that she was muttering. Does that spark any memory of the location? The church, the colors, the sting. There’s a number of temples throughout this city. The colors, red and gold and gold. Who does that religion follow in Reckson trim? Those color schemes tend to fall deeply into the worship of Peller. The Dawn father and the largest temple to the Don father in the city is known as the Chen tree of the Dawn. You know this to reside to the Southern edge of the shimmer ward within the tangles away. If you’ve passed it once or twice, all where you’re going though the explosion to the temple, to the temple. It’s a diversion to open the portal up and, and bring a fame. I don’t even know what that is. The devices. It’s the things that cross we got to go, go run. I lead them as I will lead them to, I will point and lead towards the temple. Before we leave, I turn around to CAD, CAD, fucking what’s his name? What was his name? Oh yeah. I let them know where we’re going and I say you need to check in with the headmaster. Head curator. I don’t think she’s safe. I would send over a team over there. [inaudible] it’s a diversion. There’s bigger shit happening here. Correct. You want to do backups? It’s where we’re doing. Do you have backup despair? I can probably bring a few soldiers to meet you. A lead direction. Yes. I have the meters. Us, the Chantry of the Don. Anybody I drop my staff. Hang on. Um, as, as this has happened running the, uh, the rain kind of subsided a bit and there’s a small clearing in the clouds and like a little beam of lights just kind of crests down on to loosely the area of the city where the Chantry resides. Some ritual is happening, we have go isn’t paler normally like us. So we took the stairs while were going downstairs to get hailed over. Was one of the ones responsible for, for Spanish. That’s why the change in him and Malora teamed up together. Yeah, right. Too many gods. Let’s go. I’ll keep teaming up with gods as you guys grab your arms and rush your way down through the archive into the streets of the tangles heading eastward, deeper into the city of Reckson trim. We’re going to end up pick up there next week. Do I have it? Oh, so role’s got it. Yeah. Fucking double. Double one. Double one. That’s special. It is. Never forget your double ones. Snake eyes. That’s a, yeah. Yeah. Wow. Wow. We’ll pick up there next week. I’m excited. Skit 10 totally rolled up there. There’s a form of DD where you rolled over once and you just have like a minor stroke. You just see around your hip points for all to see Kayla, this associate for four hours. You get guys, that was great. Thank you guys for coming along for crazy adventure. Wow. So much happen. We’ll see you next week. Until then, remember, we love you very much and [inaudible] Thursday [inaudible].

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  1. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
    0:25 Brick and Sorty
    3:55 Undeadwood finale, it’s great
    6:40 Laura needs to chill about the blankets
    7:15 Intro cinematic
    8:55 Episode Starts
    11:10 Recap Ends
    12:00 Rick and Morty noises
    12:25 Battle begins (Nott and Morty are the same)
    20:25 Battle Pumats
    23:35 The enemy is the floor
    33:55 Fjord Super Duty
    40:20 Friends in low places
    45:15 Taliesins hair is really distracting from rules court
    49:05 Pumat’s toon
    53:00 Grease 2
    54:35 Couldn’t finish the description
    57:25 Nott’s dad joke
    1:00:20 Laura has a bad time
    1:04:50 Taliesin wins
    1:08:40 Fjord wins
    1:10:20 Liam is correct here, Banishing Smite returns extraplanar creatures permanently
    1:16:35 She’s back
    1:23:05 Battle over
    1:25:25 Debrief with Pumat
    1:31:10 Laura is booped out
    1:32:00 Pumat’s bedroom
    1:39:40 Roleplaying scenarios
    1:40:50 Jester is going to accidentally make out with her dad
    1:44:40 Beau is wielding her authority
    1:47:25 Uuuuno (canon)
    1:48:35 We are all the Ruby of the Sea
    1:50:30 Caleb is a Browncoat
    1:53:10 The sweatiest man
    1:53:30 INSIGHT CHECK
    1:55:30 Caduceus is smart, but bad at talking
    1:56:55 Brick is not your dad
    2:06:45 Get it Queen
    2:08:25 Who’s on the council?
    2:14:10 Only a part-time slaver
    2:16:10 Thick milk
    2:16:55 Caduceus and the Gentleman
    2:20:00 Caleb can’t hold his milk
    2:22:30 Liam has been punched too many times
    2:22:45 Nott’s secret
    2:24:10 Beau’s dishes the dish
    2:27:05 Nott, please don’t be helpful
    2:27:50 Beau invents a secret handshake
    2:31:55 Jest and the Gentleman
    2:44:50 Well that was very sweet, and…. ambush
    2:46:05 Break Starts
    3:01:55 Art Montage
    3:14:20 Break Ends
    3:18:50 Crier accents
    3:21:45 Nott and Jester got mail
    3:26:00 No, we don’t have the dispel stone anymore
    3:28:00 Caleb is an anime fan, canon
    3:31:30 For once, the plan goes off without a hitch
    3:34:05 Never threaten Pumat again
    3:37:50 The letter
    3:44:55 They sing Pumat Soul
    3:47:05 Lee Vinetivable Den
    3:53:00 Pumat’s ready to fight
    4:04:10 How could Caduceus possibly fail a perception?
    4:11:00 Caleb tries to do a thing
    4:16:45 Why did any of that happen?
    4:21:00 Noncommital sparrow
    4:23:00 The lead they needed
    4:19:35 Episode Ends
    The in-game start date for the episode was the 12th of Thunsheer 836. Sam’s flask says “MACLUNKEY!”
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. So this episode was an emotional rollercoaster for many reasons, but I didn't expect to get clobbered over the head with those Caduceus feelings, huh.

  3. Vox Machina role plays that they all sleep together to succeed a mission.

    Mighty Nein want to sleep with one another…..for fun…!?!?….hahaha

  4. I know that it's a lot of information for them to handle, but it's been HEAVILY suggested that Obann is a DEMON and NOT a devil, and even Crit Role stays says so
    It just bbs me that they're spreading this misinformation to so many NPCs doing research for them and stuff, and making theories based on their belief that he's a devil

  5. There are people who ship Beau and Yasha, there are people who ship Beau and Jester

    And I say to that…

    is it too much to ask for both?


  6. Matt, I know you won’t see this…BUT can you please make an npc that’s gay for Fjord. I want to see Travis roleplay his way out of that.

  7. She can't help it , Liam. She has those freakishly long arms. I've figured out why they look so long, tho…they are the same diameter from her shoulders to her wrists!

  8. So did they houserule multi-attack for Beau on reaction? Also did they houserule no concentration on Jester's duplicate? Not sure if they stated this or it is implied.

  9. I noticed during the first battle that Taliesin was very shaky, I have not seen him like that at any other point in any ep, does anyone know he is okay? Or am I just being a worrywart.

  10. Just imagine how it feel to be the Ruby of the Sea. Have a daughter like Jester that resembles much of her first love, like father like daughter. When I thought "how is she let Jester play all this dangerous adventures and still okay with that?" But now I can clearly see how much Ruby of the Sea actually love her, she knows where Jester get this part of chaotic traits. 😢 Right in the feel man

  11. Here is the thing. If she is Devil or Demon the Assassin would have been banished at the same time as the damage. She would die on her physical plane resulting in true death.

  12. everytime I see Molleys stuff on the grave marker I get so choked up I feel like someone punched me in the gut … R.I.P my friend R.I.P

  13. Omg Jester!! YOU OWN A HOME IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY!!! A home that night longer has a house keeper! Just take your parents there so they can live happy together far away from everything nag else but can still easily be in touch! ITS SUCH A SIMPLE ANSWER!!!

  14. Question!!!! If you cast magic missile at nothing in particular ( like in the general area of an invisible person) will it still auto hit or if you cast it into a dark cave will it find a target to auto hit.

  15. Duecys hair is great today.
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    Same with Marishas makeup
    she looks great

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  16. 'if that crit hit you' yeah i'de be dead, but i've got friends. if thats not fucking d&d in a nutshell i dont know what is


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    Second question: what does the traveler have in mind for jester?

  19. 4:00:59 – Listen to Matt's description of the interior of the library… then see Caleb's reaction, all culminating in the quietest, "I don't know if I can do this…" I love the little heartbreaks.

  20. I like the idea of best friends to roommates to accidentally falling in love. Especially with someone like Beau who normally doesn't really do relationships and just sleeps around with no feelings attached. I know not everyone agrees, but I'd like to see what will happen

  21. Oof Travis misunderstood how Faerie Fire works. It lists two separate effects and only one of them uses the dex save. They still could have had advantage on the attacks that came after. Coulda changed the entire fight. Easy mistake to make though so I don't blame him.


    Not gonna lie, I didn’t expect Beau’s confession about having feelings for Jester. Like Nott said, I didn’t expect her to be Beau’s type at all. I like it, it’s a good subversion of expectations. This was easily the best episode in weeks it feels like. There hasn’t been enough revelry and character to character connection. It’s been so focused on impending doom episode after episode.

  23. 2:38:57 When Jester says "It's the horns" my captions were saying "It's the hormones". Almost broke me laughing, had to rewind and pay attention to Laura to get it xD the captions are a little rough on me 🙁

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  29. I watch these episodes when they come out on YouTube. They keep advertising the episode of Undeadwood I watched three days ago.

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