30 thoughts on “The Super Rich Are Buying All Circulating Bitcoin, Coinbase Adds EOS & NEO MainNet Update”

  1. Bro you find a way to make me choke of laughter every video, I love how sly you can be. Thank you for your dedication?

  2. BTC might be a parallel to human psyche/behavior/collective consciousness, and awareness is steadily rising, as are the value (of storage) of BTC. I really need more money for $BTC ??☔☔☔

  3. I'm of the belief that BTC will continue to increase in value but your buying into the btc future currency hype way too hard

  4. Even if bitcoin reach again 20'000$ , it would be a 300%. If Ripple currently at 0.42$ was to reach 5$ like so many predictions are saying, that would be 1200%. so think about it ^^

  5. Noone ever forget XRP is the only coin that has ever DETHRONED bitcoin and turned bitcoin into an altcoin for a very short period of time, it will happen again, xrp the standard. Funny how noone ever brings that up.

  6. those who buy large amounts of btc OTC are simply leeches. they wish not to contribute one iota to the price appreciation; they would rather wait for all the little people to do that for them.

  7. You know them scenes on the news where they do food drops into disaster areas and everyone scrambles to get their share? Well, just replace the food with Bitcoin.

  8. Great content ?. It seems odd that news would come out regarding someone wanting to buy huge amount of Bitcoin. If I were looking to buy I would want the price to stay low. This news creates fomo. Seems counter intuitive.

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