The State of Cryptocurrency Mining: July 2018

hey guys well got here as a teeny little USB flash drive I'm going to use this to try hybl waste or maybe small so something like that I signed up to hide OSD and I'm going to give it a try I am and I always have been an awesome Manor Manor and I've used also manor sense to start but you know the problems with windows makes me think that maybe I should try some other solutions and just see what so there may be able change my main door maybe a book consolidate my opinion that also mean that is the best option oh yeah so I'll see how that goes on but what I'd like to do in this video is talk about meaning I'd like to talk about GPM and I'd like to talk about a sick meaning and talk about all ten of they were 10 of options out there for anyone who wants to spend some money on cryptocurrency as in buying coins or perhaps investing in masternodes and things like that now I've done a few videos about this over the over this year you know I think I've had one in March and April maybe perhaps and me and as something that I think you need to revisit every known name because the market changes the markets changing all the time the market is always evolving some things that always in the base speed but the market is always changing and as a may not as a GP you may not right now you always have to look out whether what you're doing is right so I want to touch upon meaning I want to talk about basic meaning I want to talk about GPU meaning for people just coming in to the market and people who do have GPUs and also when I talk about other options so that's why we're doing this video as a predominant meaning video so and ok so July 2018 radar we well a few I'm not a Mainer that if you don't have any meaning equipment and you are considering buying GPUs graphics cards to Maine then as our above a different situation and some regards and it was a few months ago the one thing that as the same as that AMD hasn't released any new cards NVIDIA hasn't released and in your cards know the rumors the rumors out there are the the 1180 is probably going to be announced and released at the end of august you know depending on which website you read but that is what rimas ah but we probably won't see an 11 series version of like the 1016 things at that lake so you make noisy and 1160 1170 1170 tal of an atti until 2019 and that's probably an MD will release account as well so there are many new GPUs many new graphics cards on the horizon but what has changed over the last few months hasn't been the fact that Nvidia and AMD aren't released new cards has been the fact that Batman and other companies are kind of stepping up the development of ASIC main machines and we are seeing a white people either who don't have any a GPUs then have any graphics cards move over and by you know by ASIC main machines instead of a graphics card and we are seeing people who have a graphics card set up you got a copy reg Z GPUs and those people are either selling their eggs and buying ASIC many machines or just buying assigment machines as well so if you are coming and you don't have any kind of maining equipment you've got a few options to buy graphics cards to buy easy Anisa main machine or two or do you just buy the coins or do you just invest in a master Norton that's probably your full options right there and obtain all the I guess option five would be that you use a service such as nice harsh or main reg rentals to simply main via the cloud you don't actually have have to have any physical hardware at your home and I guess you are paying a lot more for that but you're saving yourself a lot ml or headaches you're not worrying a bit electricity you're not maintaining your eggs anything like that so there are some pros and if you know for doing that for just using services like nice harsh find a new coin then sending nice hospital or renting a Reiki that as an option but if you are thinking about maining question as we do buy a GPU meaning rake or do buy an ASIC manna machine em and I'll be honest guys I'm not I'm not going to give you a concrete answer and that's value as to what you definitely should do or what you definitely shouldn't do because I've been I've been discussing a service law people the squad communities and there's always to look at it so why have seen recently as there's a loyal who said that the PEC top graphics cards very good places so the market because perhaps because there is tons from graphics cards are going down because of you know one button up beer martyr we're not be a run but to as I said is many machines uh becoming more popular so a lot of people are selling graphics cards which is pushing and pushing down the price of all the GPUs so will depend on what region you are in the world but it does seem that the are some bargains out there as far as buying or graphics cards I saw someone saying that the packed up I think was some ten sixties or some table and they picked up for only $100 which as someone who's go light a sixties as in great news for me but if you're buying new cards that's that's an amazing place and so if you're thinking about buying a GP remaining reg you have the obviously appreciate the right Nobby I'm gonna be run and returns aunt gate but if you do decide to build a GP remaining break after you buy the graphics cards a low enough place and again you have to do your calculations you have to be you're being set up did decide on what coins you think you're going to make what algorithm you're going to make but if you buy a graphics card at a low enough place you may get a break-even point of four or five months or something like that whereas if you bought new it could be a year you could be never and not as the reality know one of the criticisms are sort of easing many machines and some of my videos recently there was one in particular who kept talking about if you don't break even on an e-cig mainly machine inane TVs then you know you may never bake even and what we are left with as a doorstop just something it loses you may know that it's true that's true after you after you buy one of the liter batteries of an instant main machine and it difficult is to Highness to many people they've got the same a Manning machine the returns may you know there's tons that you get could be so low that you may never break even but this is something that's the class as long as level decent main machines while white people I don't see talking as the fact that this is true in GP you vote as well new GP remaining world you may also never break even as it saddens me to say that but it's true you know you could buy a graphics card right now and you know spent you know the number of algorithms are GPU only are becoming smaller and you may never be Kievan that is a reality over and there's all your reasons for that would in a beer market is the main machines are becoming more popular and and because ASIC many machines you know that kind of taken over a lot of algorithms at GPO – with main and and as I said earlier we're still waiting on the eleventh series of cards so effectively when you buy a 10 series card you're buying a card that could be one or two years old as far as tape goes so if you can my thinking of this as that if I was to you know comment to cup to come say right now July 2018 that's my first date first week post month if I had to spend some money and I wanted the GPU main in rank I would buy used unless you see a super deep super duper fee unless you see a super duper deal on a brand new graphics card my my recommendation would be to try and hunt for GPU bargains perhaps someone who bought cards at the start of the year maybe the end of 2017 you know they're only six seven months old this should still be operating blade may be such tall of six months or maybe a year and a half left in the warranty and I would say that if you can get a really good used bargain then GPU meanings don't make sense after you're buying GPUs brand new well again this is very leading and cetera say well you may never break even so that is same that's something you really do have to take into account you need to do your calculations and this is something I've seen many times is that you know not to Pat myself on the back but I think the way that I do that when I get got into GP remaining it was the rate we and I then just jump into I spent a month doing spreadsheets and reading and taking out coins and doing all my calculations are looking at the prices of things look at second main I was told that all been as far as that nor lots of things but I don't have a general idea of has power and you know what was the most effective way for me it baked even and I detained for me and you know it still has in most regions attained 16 10 16 second give eight cards for me at the time turned out to be the best cards to buy because for the tall Harshberger the money I was spending even including all the additional motherboards I had to buy you know total regs I walk though allow about cheaper than buying only 10 et ice now I've got one 1080i drag spot and as far as the the value you get for harsh pure obtained 10 sixties and we had the best card to buy but again this goes back to why I've seen a better spreadsheet and what I was saying about things changing do a spade see look at the places of cards new and old look at the hash / look at the expected daily returns and then trying bolder picture as to when the BIC even point will be because you may see that right now you know a big even for a new card could be 13 14 months the realities of things stayed the same it could be longer as in never it may never be keep it may never be even give you a return on your investment that is reality of it but here's the unknown thing was down a beer run and you could you know we could enter a bill run and if he entered a bill done and you've got rafacz cards or you've got a survey machines you in a very good position they make more money than a few done because all of a sudden it's a seller's market rather than a buyers market you know people aren't going to want to sell their graphics cards or sales or ASIC main machines when the market is on the up now we've seen that before and that's why GPU prices went through the roof no I know again I don't know some of you perhaps what do I buy or not buy them I guess my overall view and that is it makes more sense to buy used and just hunt for a GPU use GPU bargains that you know the counts don't look too bad if you do have graphics cards today well this is a different story the question isn't well the question has the same you're exhausting wreck the leaf things as they are or D buying some more cards and again there's so many ways to look at it and that enough flip flopped on this many many times I was talking to my friend mark a few days ago and he's going to hold it for like 10 11 days and he just you know put on nice hash just to see you know what the return would be like no he hasn't made a nice house she's meaning on a number of different coins and he's you know he's huddle in his Queens by prones hash and the tournament for a 1060 we need to give you the electricity was 12 pence per card that's that's sad it really is sad and at that point it's sale itself so he says he's going to keep taking things but if that's down the keys you know there are tons of that law when it comes back as far as what each 1060 is providing when he comes back he's going to sell it because here in the UK you can maybe still get hundred for 850 pounds for a 1016 but as I said if you want to discard community does all the people disagree with that and Lloyd people who are looking to snap up these use counts and perhaps just buy it for 100 or so and but it's hard to see that what he's thinking of doing as in selling his ten sixties perhaps keeping his 1080i is 1070 t ice it's hard to say that the sailing as the wrong thing to do in fact if you look at the failures if you look at there are tons that you're getting with some of these law cards again it's not it's not the happiest thing to read when you've got ten sixties in your bag and not just ten sexiest I'm sir I'm using taste like scissors as an example but lots of these graphics cards get very very low returns and so it's hard to argue that what he would be doing as the wrong thing because if he sold all those cards yes you know he's selling them perhaps border you know maybe even half the cost of buying but one is got all the coins each main door the last six seven months but two he will get money you'll make money from selling those cards and if he sells those cars he's got money well you can do a lot of things it can buy coins you can invest a masternodes and you know maybe the table master knows yes most of the mass comes but there are similar coins a notional gem is going to add them soon another a Zen Castel has them and all the safe coins going to do soon as well so that other projects do have master notes and but so you could buy it new you can buy coins and just hoard oh you could buy master hos invest in a master would but you could also invest an amazing man you machine and you know what the money he made he could go and buy four or five or six or seven or even he said monies on another racing main machine and if he's okay with that if he's okay from a physical key and he buys the first batch then he may break even in three months rather than two years it could take from together no money back from his ten sixteen or something obviously I'm disregarding what he's made in the past with that but the reality is you know me saying that he was making twelve pins put the pair be profit from nice heart and it shows that the the market right now has played gun from a maining perspective at least from a GP humane perspective so yeah people like myself that do have GPUs I'm not earth it's one of those things if I did see some GPUs a really little place of like instead of buying them but I'm honest I'm not looking to buy more GPUs right now because of the current situation muscle my my my thinking right now as should I sell like see all my 10 sec season keep my 1080 ice should I sell them all or should I just leave things as they are just let things run for the next six months and if I can't if I kept all meet in sixties running for the next six months I'll still make money every month and I think the laws the cards would go from as maybe 150 second hand to 100 second hand so can I make fifty over you know fifty pounds per card over the next and over the next six months maybe but maybe not but again the quiz you know these things don't happen in a vacuum they thought that I thought I had to sell my cards right now you like my friend is thinking of doing then I can go and buy an ace in my machine then I can go investor the master order can buy coins which i think is undervalued and then we have a bill run you know make more money it's one of those things that keep flip-flopping because those lotsa different ways to look at this and when I see things when I see people talking into squads there's people that you know whose opinion whose opinion I respect and some of them are selling and some of them are paying so what's right or wrong I don't know guys and I see a thing that so many unknown factors in capital consi and it's hard to know what to do so that's the kind of GPU saying things am from an e-cig menu point of view well this is something I'm still learning about there's some videos about that recently it's something because it's so important to the market and because the actions of Batman and other istic many machine companies they do have a direct effect on what people like myself to GPU may knows and does not have an effect on what we do is find a server at tons as far as what coins remain as far as what algorithms we can actually main and make a profit equi hashes is gone it's an easy main algorithm though it has 200 name so we've all moved to a class one four four five six seven one stone a lane again we could be back to square one it's a game of cat and mouse but I'm not jealous techniques remaining aim because I do realize that I fashion and all that but I'm not really never buying one I'm really not and I've seen this before after I was coming in right now and I've never bought any main equipment today so if you're you know start main from right now day one I'll be honest I'd play lean towards buying an ASIC main machine because the more fashion so my electricity costs although yes there may be a doorstop and three months but if I've broke even in three months and then I make a month of profit then has been on water whereas a graphics card yes it ultimately has a you know as a resale value later on or be a very low and thanks for making that noise yes it has resale value but if you break even resale value you know it's not really a bag su really so yeah I promise buying FM is going to spend money on many equipment right now I pray lean towards buying an ASIC man-machine and trying to get something that's in batch one they'll turn off buying coins or investing and masternodes and I see the three you know there's mostly of different ways to make money in cryptocurrency there's lots of people making money from GPU mining lots of people do it with ASIC mania lots of people doing it with math notes other people doing it with just buying and selling coins so if I had to you know buy an ASIC Maggie machine you know effort to start today and a bonus it made a machine I would be looking to pick even within the 90 100 day mark which is what most of these AC main machines do moving forward I don't know I'm still set on the fence with a buy one I really am because yes I could break even in three months but there's always that risk that you know you're you end up buying a doorstop and I think if you look at the the said nine in the save money you've got comes like Komodo and Zed caches are going to stay on this aircraft 209 algorithm pretty much the main you know the main save of changing later on but yeah I play myself on hysteria you've got one setback when private and Zen cash was so being a lot but slow to the game but they could leave and after those coins believe what we'll see is everyone jumping on to Z cash and Komodo we're gonna see the daily returns going really really low but I don't know maybe we'd see a coin fork because of that I thought no I really don't know and I would say though from an e-cig maining point of view as far as you know new machines coming out the actual market looks healthier than the GPU mini market we're not seen any new GPU many cars coming up so let's look at all turn off they'll turn up as buying coins now if you come into the little turn of as buying coins or investing in a master node and if you look at Fame and maintenance and things like that I hope you GPU maintenance as you know GP remaining as the the one the most hands-on you need to maintain your you need to change things often you need to change pills often and all that and that's a very hands-on way of doing it next alone you've got a sick meaning what Lloyd people see everything meaning as that as kind of plug-and-play you may run a summit some problems you may you know have the updated software you may want to overclock it but you're gonna run into less problems Worthen is the main machine and general than a deep humane wreck all things can certainly cool and know that as you know you may have to change the pill when have you known but there as a fairly low maintenance and investment as far as you just set it down rounds off a huge event in noise but it generates money for you every day another hotel house if you don't want to even get have any kind of hardware and hands-on experience you don't want any machines in your house you want your maybe you travel a lot I don't know and maybe the electricity is high that's these rate you might want to consider meaning regret tools or nice harsh or something like that my pair so advice there when idea is if you want to do nice harsh I'm an immigrant was just do your sums make sure you do your calculations as to what coins the main but I would stay away from all these clothes mating platforms any any company that's trying to tie you into a contract for one year or two years it's a scam stay away from a guys really do stare after from I've seen alloys scare stories from people talking about these things battalion to contract so you don't know what's going to happen in the future and your time you're into long-term contracts that you can't get off so Stickley I really don't go near them if if you know you're thinking about doing it and you're stove set on the fence post a comment or tweet me on Twitter or contact me in some way and I'll give you and your affiliation as to why but the basic reason as capital currency is always evolving always changing and tying yourself into a two-year contract with a company that you know you don't know much about as madness these guys ask about you know there may be some little ones idea maybe that eyes maybe that eyes one over 100 but the ones that I have seen throat protect oh gee I would I would you know if you're trying to just rent crash power go with meaning rentals and nice house those companies although Jack know that's the kind of main see the things if you want to have a hands-on approach to you know purple concepts file its meaning pills mining pools and all that some people don't want that some people just want to you know less involvement with that another option that you can do of course if you are thinking that means it as to Pedone with the master would you know you do have a little bit of a technical and it depends on the coin but you do have to have all that will bartender who air background tiny but not really there's tutorials and stuff but that one scene here as for the mastered with what you normally have to do is get like a VPS for the service such as dead or ocean or something like that some of the newer coins I've seen a commode with and I've got like one-click installers for master on so it really does take her oh that the technical meet you know the technical knowledge that most people need before to say up a must know that is becoming some club and I'm trying to make it more user-friendly but what you have to do is have a set number of coins then you install a master node onto a virtual private server a VPS hosting package you can get a for like five dollars a month or something and then you know you just get your thumbs and you get a percentage of the bhagavad that as an option and finally the option is buy and sale coins if you think coins are undervalued just buy the coins and you know it's one of those things all because you can look at hindsight and like for example I could look in hindsight and I can look back to when I bought my regs 17 months ago and I can see if I had just spent the money and I just bought say on coins I would have made a huge sum any money and that's true I would have made a huge amount of money because the coins meant but it's also true that if I packed the wrong coins I would have lost a huge amount of money most of my money so it's already been an expert on hindsight and CN I should have just bought the coins I should have you know and I should have just bought this particular coin the reason why many people don't just spend the money on buying and selling coins and the reason why many people and myself are more directly involved in the mainland side of things is that generally speaking yes there is risk involved but generally speaking you are prevailing yourself stable passive income as stable as anything can be and cryptocurrency well I'm seeing as you're not you know you can adjust your your strategy your your your maining strategy over time if you see that the place of a coin is going down and you see maybe it's a scar maybe it's a pump and dump whatever reason you can get out you can start meeting a different coin but is if you put all your money into one coin and it clashes well your whole cryptocurrency world is going to fall down with you what's the place so for me and I think for most of you who watch this channel and I do realize are more of a maining centric channel rather than trading simply because that's you know kind of what my interest is but I think meaning as though a safer investment long term Seifer doesn't mean the most profitable but safer less risky and moving forward long term myself you know no talking own else but long term if I had you know see I made a few hundred thousand dollars from cryptocurrency or I had a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank which I do it but like that I do like the idea that I was traveling and doing things like that I would perhaps move more tea treating perhaps move more to masternodes perhaps move more to using nice hash and menu and rentals something you know I see where I can just open it everything from my laptop or tablet I don't have to have be hands-on I don't have to be up there tweaking things and GPUs and buying and selling and worrying about someone taking it you know and to where I am and stealing my equipment or anything like that which and I think if you've got a large set up that does become a point where security of the of your equipment does become a concern and long term that's what I'd love to be but what I will see about meaning in general as that when you start doing GPU meaning in particular it's a baptism by fire you are forced to learn about a lot of things that people have never made before don't know it forces you to learn a very technical but you know the technical side of coins rather than just the place you're looking at why a coin you know does say on things where project was a say on where you're looking at what they algorithm does what it can't do the crows in the coins and who knows maybe in a few years time I won't be actively meaning I'll be actively trading I don't know but I don't regret what you know the way that I have come into the Sun this way I don't regret buying a mining reg I don't I don't be great all the errors I've spent and maintaining my main rigs because it has given me the knowledge which you know of mining and of cryptocurrency which I think will serve me for years so thanks of what they watching guys I realized I have gone over a lot of old ground and things I covered a few months ago but as July 2018 no we are seeing more easing many machines though we are and more of a beer market the new era few months ago so things change some things thought but some things have changed and I thought I would do a video about it so I hope you've enjoyed this video guys looking at the time 27 minutes I really don't think this was going to be that long a video but I hope you've enjoyed this video guys I just wanted to talk about GP remaining I want to talk about async meaning and I wanted it just should the breeze and just get my you know gave you my thoughts on what the situation as TD and the main roped I'd really do enjoy meaning I really do enjoy the technical aspect over and all these other things but I'm always trying to look at the bigger picture as well guys so hope you've enjoyed the video as always you guys know your comments are very but very valuable to me and fight most of them spacer for most my values come from comments and discussion to you guys so if you've enjoyed the video please don't leave a comment below please let me know what your Legos please let me know what you're thinking about investing and the second half of 2018 I'd love to know what your strategy is with all of those guys the reason I've not you know said I'm definitely doing that I'm definitely doing that is because I don't know I don't know all the answers guys and anyone who says they do is probably scamming you so yeah there's always to look at those guys I will continue to tell you what I'm thinking and if I do decide to sell my graphics cards to you guys will be the first to know so thanks for watching guys please do leave a comment please do subscribe if you haven't already done so and I'll see you in the next live stream texting guys take yeah

28 thoughts on “The State of Cryptocurrency Mining: July 2018”

  1. Man if i would have just mined Bitcoin back in 2010 when my nerdy friend was talking about it around the backyard fire with beers. I thought it was just something for gamers to buy weapons for games or some shit back then lol.

  2. i own both asic and gpu rig, all my asic are door stopper now, asic is hot and very loud. one of my asic miner got 1 card faulty after 3 months mining so a 33% drop hashrate drop. gpu rig mining for coffee money now. Trading is best option right now.

  3. I'm about to build my first rig, been researching since early May when the ROI on most was ~250 days, but after the recent dip most are sitting around 450 days.

    However, some cards have just gone to about 260 days ROI so I don't see any reason not to start now.

    Prove me wrong.

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  6. a hundred percent agree with you bro everybody Biggs up Genesis mining I still haven't got paid on $100 contract it's like jokes so the second week when I got my paycheck I just took my money and bought a miner simple as that

  7. Personally increasing my GPU rig count mining flat out and Hodling in the extremly bullish belief that the institutional money and mass adoption will come to this space within the next few years. Only issue for me is standing costs of kit + electricity for now. I completely realize that I'm possibly being stupid with a blinkered approach but I can't no matter how I look at it see crypto falling on its arse. Given that much belief (after countless hours of research I might add) what do you do with the information learned. Be a man and act on the chance of a lifetime or be a wimp and hedge your bets? No-one ever made serious money without taking risks………

  8. Make sure to check your ports on your router using smos and your passwords botnets crawling all over the place. I believe it's going to look bleek for gpu mining next couple months. However, that being said rendering could be a potentially lucrative business in the near future. This coming from the OG himself bits be trippin and others like cliff on crypto. Keep up the great content and please please never shill out!

  9. Good call on HiveOS, I ha e 3 rigs running it now and while I am still figuring out some of it the lack of dealing with Windows is great as well as easy ability to mix and match cards in rigs.

  10. Thanks for doing all the deep thinking. Great coverage I have food for thought now.
    I like your plan when you have 100-200k in the crypto bank. I look forward to the Kev community when we are all in that situation and come up with those solutions.

    I also look forward to the OS reviews.

  11. If I wasn't already in the mining game and was looking to get into crypto right now, I'd just invest in a bunch of coins. The market is pretty low right now (it has been for some time) and you'd get a fair bit for your FIAT. GPU mining returns right now are so low, they're getting close to a level which is making it barely worth doing. Obviously, if the market goes shooting up again, that could change but even then, it depends on how many coins are on GPU-only algorithms and how determined the developers are to keep a step ahead of Bitmain and the other ASIC manufacturers.

  12. Great video and good thoughts! I'm also holding my coins/GPUs during this bear market. Have also bought an Antminer Z9 Mini. But I don't know if it ever will break even. The profit has dropped quite a bit in just two weeks.. Stay away from the ASICs I say. I also stopped buying more new GPUs in january. Bought some used RX 560 and R9 380's to good prices, ROI in about 4-5 months with these. Cheers!

  13. You should also consider options like leonardo Render and other options you can use your computing power.. There are a Ton of other uses for our GPUS

  14. Kev, at around 10:26 my universal translator indicated it couldn't keep up with translating what you're speaking to U.S. English, so I didn't get the rest of your message, but from what I did get, you're suggesting without actually suggesting ๐Ÿ˜‰ new miners spend their money on ASIC's for the best possibility to be profitable in the future. Current GPU miners really need to look at their profitability and gauge whether their GPU rigs are still making a profit and how that compares to yesterday and if they are able to afford to switch out their rigs for Antminers.

    I'm actually contemplating if I should use the coupons, purchase 4 z9 Minis, hope they will still make $100 a day by the time I get them, and hang onto but shut down my 8 GPU rigs, and hope for enough clarity within a few months if I should sell the GPU's to fund more ASIC's. Honestly there's really no way to truly know, it's a total gamble, but my gut tells me ETH is about to go the way of ZEC and then I'll be left holding a bag of worthless 1070's.

    Thanks for your videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. My situation is essentially the following:

    Rig 1:
    Titan X (Already owned, use for gaming)
    Gtx 980 (Already Owned, lying around)
    3 x 1060 3gb (Bought for mining)

    Rig 2:
    1080ti (Bought for mining)
    4 x 1060 6gb (Bought for mining)

    I'm excluding the cards I already owned from my ROI calculations, but I'm using them to help pay off the new equipment I bought exclusively for mining. Considering this my RIG 1 has ROI'd already, while my rig 2 is around 12% ROI. (I built it last month) So I figure it should take around 10 months at current low rates to pay off the second system and break even.

    But yeah, I mean I have 3 slots left in my mining rigs, so I think I will try to fill these up if I can get cards for a good price (10-20% less than MSRP new), and then beyond that rather than building a 3rd rig I think I will try to get a batch 1 ASIC miner, probably the new Bitmain s11 (rumored) whenever that comes out. Since it just dosen't make sense to build a full new rig right now.

  16. Currently mining with 1080ti, 1080,1070ti , 1060 and r9 390 I know that last one is power hungry and I'm mining ravencoin thinking of buying 2 more 1070ti and replace that 390 but I don't know for sure, I don't pay for power at my flat that's my landlords problem ?

  17. Even used GPUs are not worth it at this point. ETH ASICs are now out and profit is just going to keep dropping. We're already into 300+ ROIs.

  18. You will go back to Awesome Miner, believe me. What problem are you having with it exactly?

    BTW, Awesome Miner will have a Linux remote option eventually, they are working on it.

  19. I think ASIC mining is the mid-term future. Many coins considering being ASIC mined because GPU miners are not reliable enough to put the transactions trough in this volatile market. its like you said it just doesn't make much sense to GPU mine at a loss. Just look at the Electroneum disaster coin as an example. It all comes at the price of being more centralized. Long term so when 5G is everywhere I think GPU or even CPU mining is the future. In the mean time ASIC has to fill the spot for a few years until crypto and the tech is mainstream.

  20. "SQRL will be publishing a complete SDK for developing with Acorn later this Fall. If you would like to add Acorn off-loading accelerator support to your miner software"
    Read up on this development. Looks like software devs trying to enhance GPU hash

  21. Smos has kept my rigs cool even during the extremely hot days. Windows has nothing on it. Only downside is it favors NVidia cards over AMD. Trust you will be a much happier miner

  22. I used SMOS for my rigs and it's worked out great for me so far. I'm going to keep my gpu's for now but it is tempting to sell some of them.

  23. Im just keeping my 360 M/h GPU rigs and mine in the red. I believe enough in crypto Kev, 60% ROI as of now. I im not buying any more GPUs at all. The only crypyo im buying will be dollar cost averaging maybe small amount a week into great projects.

  24. Backup plan. If all turns to 0 on crypto ( I know impossible) I will take all 1080 machines rent a small shop. Serve snacks setup a fast secure network and make a gaming play centre for teens. Cheaper than going to movies and a whole new business model which is really needed by today's youth ,)

  25. Go with SMOS Kev….hive costs $ plan to do same as I am bored. As for prices let's look back a year at a time all the way back. Wait till Christmas you won't find cheap cards again. Nvidia is stuck with warehouses of cards right now since no one but me is buying ๐Ÿ™‚ I would buy used cards from miners but never from a gamer. They run them hot really hot. Asics all become door stops… I have friends with hundreds of them. Also make good boat anchors

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