The Sharper Image Electronic Digital Coin Counting Money Jar Review

Hey what’s going on everyone today is
Black Friday and I decided to do a Black Friday deal I went up to the stores this
is the sharper image digital coin counting jar this thing was on sale
these are kind of like the stocking stuffer type items that you see out at
the store around this time and this thing was retailing for $20 60% off
already for Black Friday and so it’s a it was eight dollars so this thing was
eight dollars the sharper image digital coin counting jar but I’m curious to see
if it actually works because I have a lot of change I normally keep it in a
bottle but maybe I’ll switch to this if it actually keeps accurate change
numbers you know it actually works so let’s test it out see if it works all
right something to take it out of the box here and sharper image is if you
don’t know is a huge brand they have a lot of these types of gadgets it’s a big
name store big name brand and here it is so it says jar normally when you think
jar you think of something lastly Solis I do I think of a mason jar
it’s kind of designed like a mason jar but yeah it uh it’s definitely plastic
which may be a good thing actually because there’s growing money in it into
it so I may last a little bit longer you have your manual here and to use the
plus negative buttons press and hold buttons for three seconds and it has one
of these annoying these are so annoying you have to use a screwdriver to take
off the battery cover so I’ve noticed a lot of these inexpensive pennies poorly
made items they don’t have a snap you have to take off the battery with a
screwdriver which is always annoying to me and not to you but I do a lot of
these reviews so that’s something I’ve noticed it just takes a little bit of
extra time so you have let’s see you have the LCD panel I’m just looking at
the instruction right here you have the coin slot right here and you have the
add coin button and then the subtract coin so adding coin push coins through the
slot one at a time the LC LCD display web links showing the value of each
point when it stops blinking it will display the total alternate ways remove
the lid add coins of the bank attach lid press the add coin button so yeah you
can do it manually but you can add it to subtract manually of course you’re gonna
have to subtract manually but adding coins I would say the whole purpose that
I got this far is you are automatically counting up the money that you put in
the jar so all right so let’s get started adding that put some batteries
in here get started okay here we go add in a penny I’m just gonna kind of
announce into the camera and look at that a penny a quarter so 51 cents is
accurate 25 76 cents that’s right let’s do a dime here let’s not add in a
kind of fat and add a dollar this alright so I’m gonna add some five
pennies real fast so it should be at 373 here we go and 373 there we go
it worked even I was doing this fast alright so let’s just say good it
manually or adding something manually I’ll say I’m adding 10 cents I’m gonna
push the plus button see what happens there hold it down I guess so we got not
starts flashing so we’re gonna go 18 so now you’re adding money manually and I guess then these subscriptions subtract
it too all right let’s just let it wait so it flashes out and there we go so we
now you add a $0.10 if you wanted to say I’ll screw it here and then add you know
ten cents manually is that so pretty straightforward actually works perfectly
that I’ve seen even when you add the money in fast and this could be
something you know that would actually be useful I didn’t really think this
would you know be something that would actually used but I think I think this
that would have its place you know like there’s coin starting in my house and
it’s good to know when when it’s time to get a coin star so yeah do I recommend
the sharper image digital coin container jar the answer is
yes it works it’s a product that works and it you know it does exactly what it
says this canoe it’s relatively you know it’s plastic it’s relatively attractive
style I’m gonna kind of looks like a mason jar with a metal top and you know
although it’s kind of cheap I think it’s it’s well designed so thanks for
watching videos and I have more reviews coming soon so please stay tuned

13 thoughts on “The Sharper Image Electronic Digital Coin Counting Money Jar Review”

  1. don't get one of those i've had one an it! wasn't counting my money right so don't get one

  2. Try this website to help you with counting coins and money :

    It works well and an be convenient for counting large sums of coins.

  3. Can u do a review on how to actually unfree the battery door instead of just skipping it on over thx? Id really appreciate it thx!?? #ThxAgain???

  4. This product sux Why does the money that you’ve counted in the jar Why does number amount go away after you have counted it
    Can’t the number just stay on the money jar instead of having to let it disappear on its own??‍♂️Because after you have counted it, It should stay on the money jar because you wanna keep adding more money to it Instead Of having the original number being disappeared from it Don’t ya think????????????

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