The Scottish National Championships | Chicken Man

It’s just like playing football,
you want your team to be the best. I love chickens.
They’re all a bit stupid. This chicken is not just a chicken. So, do you reckon any of those
chicks are going to be, like, superstars? Maybe, one day.
We’ll see at the national. When I know I have bred something
good that is going to do well at the shows, I get excited,
ready to show it. There’s various books on genetics,
but a lot of it’s trial and error. My friends all think I’m mad, but they have never felt
the adrenaline to beat somebody. So, this weekend is the
Scotch National Show. It is the biggest two-day
event in Scotland. How do you feel? Excited to go, it is one of
the best weekends of the year. I only get it cut for certain shows. You used to have it really
long, didn’t you? Cos you didn’t like
your hearing aids. Used to hide my hearing aids
with my hair. Oh, really? Uh-huh. And then I grew up
and stopped caring. We weren’t bothered
no more, were we? Bye, Joanne. Bye. Is that, like, shampoo
for people with blonde hair? Yeah, that’s what
my girlfriend said. She said, “Bloody hell,
that’s expensive shampoo.” PHONE RINGS Hi. Hi, did you get
your hair cut? Yeah. I am busy on a Friday night
washing birds, getting birds ready. So, being the lovely boyfriend
that I am, I try and fit Lauren
in for five minutes. And, normally, it’s talking
while washing the birds. What do you think of the birds,
Lauren? They’re definitely more of
a priority than what I am. Am I still coming Monday night? Yeah. Lauren does media make up, so she always needs
a tall, handsome model, so she settles with me going down. Tell them what I’m dressing up as. He’s being a Gothic angel. Do you often dress up
as a Gothic angel? It will actually be my first time,
believe it or not. I’ve got to go now, love you. Love you too. Bye. Step on it. My uncle is a retired bus driver,
so he absolutely loves going away. Do you want a chocolate? Yeah. Is there a coffee one? No, you’ve got Brazil nut,
caramel… The easiest way to explain it
is like Crufts for chickens. You get points for type and
carriage, quality of plumage, colour, size, then legs and feet
and condition. There’s the very, very
competitive people, who take it way too
seriously, like me. And then there’s the friendly
people who just do it for the joy of the birds. When you first start out, it’s
a lot of boys who you see winning week in and week out and
you’re just happy to beat them. The competition here
is pretty strong. And all the top boys are here. You’re always thinking you’ve
left the best bird at home. Is that yours? Yes. How has it done? She’s done third. Pretty strong class. I have been beaten for best blue. By the cockerel,
which I am a bit disappointed. There you go. Oh, that’s mine. We’re fourth. A bit disappointing,
but she deserves to be beaten. She deserved to be beaten?
Yeah, yeah. All three of them are a much
better colour than her, so no complaints here. So, how do you feel
about having got that? Happy, it’s another red card
to go on my wall. Locally, I’d say I am quite high. Nationally, I am still quite low
in the pecking order. As long as you’re
improving every year, you’ll hopefully get
to the point one time when your birds are best. Hi. Hiya. How did it go?
Aye, it went all right. I got more cards than I expected. So, you’re happy, then?
No, I am never happy. Should have had better birds here. There’s always next year. You had a nice day? Is there somebody going
to Doncaster with you next week? Aye. So, I’ll get a weekend off? Yes. Good lad.

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  1. This is interesting, I know people show cattle but didn't realize they showed chickens too. The guy seems really nice, thanks for sharing.

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