42 thoughts on “The Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Blocksize Mystery”

  1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction

    00:30 Bitcoin Scaling Is The Single Biggest Issue With Bitcoin

    00:41 Bitcoin Isn't Fulfilling The Vision Of Being Electronic Cash

    01:21 Scaling Of Bitcoin's Base Layer Comes Down To Blocksize & Blocksize Limit

    01:45 Original Bitcoin Code Didn't Have A Blocksize Limit

    01:57 Satoshi Secretly Adds In 1mb Blocksize Limit

    02:41 Why Was It Added?

    03:03 Jeff Garzik Puts Forward A Patch To Increase Blocksize To 7mb

    03:33 Why 7mb Blocks Was Rejected By Satoshi & The Community

    04:08 Satoshi Says Larger Blocks Could Be Phased In When They Need It & Gives An Example Of How

    04:44 Satoshi Envisions Large Blocks In 2008 Email

    05:51 Satoshi Talks About Bigger Blocks Regarding Micro-Transaction Spam In The Bitcoin Network

    07:22 Satoshi Left Without Explaining Their Views On Blocksize

    07:41 Conclusion: Can Bitcoin Scale Without Bigger Blocks?

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  2. Fun that you did not mention that TODAY the Blocksize is increased to 2GB for Bitcoin , satoshi version. (BSV).

  3. Pascalcoin has the only logical solution to the blockchain bloat issue. Running a full node is already an investment of 250GB, increasing that block limit to over half a gig per block is absolutely insane… With that sort of growth, reward will be required to run full nodes, which could cause even more troubles.

  4. Hey Chico , this is Bitcoin negative video number 3. Let's see how long the series is going to be. Thanks for showing your true colours. Does this mean you're going to get rid of your Bitcoin ? I don't think so. You can't be that stupid.

  5. Bitcoin already has bigger blocks, it's called BitcoinCash.

    BTC is a hijacked and failed project.

  6. Always loved your videos Chico and reporting on Binance/USDT.. just know that the same path leads to BSV which fulfilfs the vision and brings down all the bad actors.

  7. This is a solid topic with faketoshi flirting with the 2 gigameg fork.
    FYI Gavin's last name is And-re-sen.

  8. I waited all of 2018, and half of 1019 for the next bull run and when it seemingly started, I was looking forward to taking out a nice chunk for my summer holiday today, not cashing out at less than I was buying 2 YEARS ago. These YouTubers know bugger all about price, all the news in the world ain't going to make us rich, only them. I am cashing out and still got plenty left, just saying.

  9. Don't get how you could produce a video with all this information and fail to mention the coin that is implementing it all… Maybe time to open your eyes !!!!

  10. https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2019/07/149797-iota-partners-with-stmicroelectronics-to-accelerate-iot-technology-integration/

  11. #BSV. IS BITCOIN. ✅ ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅BIG BLOCKS. ORIGINAL VISION.

  12. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1347.msg15139#msg15139



  13. Watch out guys! There is a scam guy disguised as Chico Crypto that is posting 'free ETH giveaways'! Do not fall for it, it is a scam!!!

  14. There is a reason he changed the back side … And his name is Craig wright…… He purposely sabatoged BTC and lo and behold BSV is now the real Bitcoin. The man is a genius!

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