48 thoughts on “The Rise Of Ripple And UK Millionaires Moving Cash Into Bitcoin, Ethereum And XRP”

  1. @digitalassetbuy how can 90% of millennials prefer bitcoin over gold. Millennials make up over 1/4 of the worlds population. less then 5% of the wold even know about Bitcoin. Just does not add up.

  2. @digitalassetinvestor https://cryptobriefing.com/fatf-recommendation-16-bitcoin-dark-ages/

    Must Read!!!

  3. The pizza math if you paid 10,000 BTC for a pizza today 10,000 BTC is worth 80,000000 use the metric system it works

  4. Mate are you dumb? I told you in the comments already that peter shiff is a crypto investor and it's 80m not 800m wtf are u smoking?

  5. Hello DAI wanted to let you know just started to watch your vids and must say love all the info you supply. Thanks a bunch. And that dog you talk about looks like a west highland terrier. Anyways keep up the great work and XRP to the moon!

  6. 1.69779 XRP for $1000? That sounds familiar… $1000/$589= 1.69779 XRP. LOL… some people just can't let it go huh?

  7. To all you you guys crying on DAI intro and outro…SHAME. DAI takes his time to provide us with quality content we can check out at OUR convenience. If the volume is that bad here is the solution:
    1. Unsubscribe
    2. Lower the volume
    3. Skip through
    4. Stfu

  8. Coinbase just denied my request for a higher withdrawal rate today! I only asked for the lowest tier of $100k. What do I do? Anybody have success with this. I didn't give them a bank statement, was hoping to limit the amount of personal info that I gave.

  9. Ok, I'm on the fence about trading what i got on Bitcoin. I have some bitcoin and a couple different altcoins. Should i trade my Bitcoins for altcoins or should i keep it? I would probably trade for Xrp if i do.

  10. All movies always manage to lose money no matter how much they make at the box office so they dont have to pay % of profits to people

  11. Good luck with the yelling kids. Dont worry about it. I doesnt bother me, it's part if your stage in life. Heck we kind of know them anyway:)

  12. XRP is just short of a stablecoin at the moment. There will be no sustained momentum until it starts being used.

  13. Am i reading into this wrong? It seems like xrp is about to replace the imaginary value behind fiat currency for the world? If central banks are sending xrp back and forth as the representation of value of nations doesn't that mean that xrp is becoming ALL of the money? all other cryptos that survive will be local currencies of each respective market/industry/niche representing fractions of fractions of fractions of xrp?

  14. Do the same seven losers keep watching these videos and hitting the the thumbs down?!! THEN DON’T WATCH!! Stand by why we say CRYPTOLDYASO!!

  15. Looks like a terrier, possibly Cairn, dogs are my livelyhood, but when xrp takes off, I'll be paying someone else to pick up the dog poop

  16. Excellent as always, thank you.
    There is some contradiction in digital assets being bigger than the internet when the internet is necessary for them to exist in the fist place exist but yeah – XRP is going to be way bigger than anyone is imagining right now.
    The white dog a West Highland Terrier.

  17. "On the one hand, mature cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ripple and ethereum are showing their inherent limitations and non-sustainability. These cryptocurrencies all have major flaws in terms of investor safety and ease of use." Comments?


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