The Ripple Effect – How XRP will hit +500$ in 2019

what is up my XRP rainmakers welcome
to the channel welcome to the Cryptoverse I am XRP Rainmaker you guys are
the difference the change everything that is part of the station we are one
like this we are one with finances we are one with our spirituality we are one
with the world we are one with a lot of different things so with that said I
wanted to address something that I keep receiving in DM messages and it’s like
I’ll just give you the basic general text it basically goes something like
this yeah I’m starting to invest in XRP but I have no idea where you’re pulling
out the idea that XRP can hit five K or 5-under and 89 or this to that me
anything and I want to clarify this because this is going to be the ripple
effect you know just like they say if a butterfly flaps its wings the amount of
it is felt all the way in China that’s the exact same thing with crypto and
especially with x RP x RP when it’s going to send the shockwaves you know
through the Crypt averse is that it’s going to create a tsunami and if you
don’t believe that I’m not here to you know argue with you I’m not here to say
whatever but I will say that I have been in crypto since 2008 I am an OG one of
the original oh geez and one of them who has been here since all the different
things that happened in Bitcoin because trust me I was one of the the biggest
propellants for Bitcoin I made Bitcoin books if you go to Amazon and these
aren’t just specifically geared to Bitcoin this is geared to the whole
crypto sector so I wrote by by red cell Green I wrote go bud yourself
I wrote fortune favors the huddle I also wrote what else is there the cripton the
the crypto millionaires book how to become wealthy in crypto driven
your spiritual and financial handbook to abundance and I also wrote another book
it’s called letters I’ve written that has nothing to do with crypto but it’s
actually like a poetry quote book and I find it’s motivational and I’ve been so
told so that it is I’ve also published a couple of songs on iTunes with Bitcoin
there was Satoshi Nakamoto the song I also did boudic crypto and that was under my
other alias kind of X our little Satoshi sorry little Satoshi was the kind of
like my alter ego for putting out the music Bitcoin test was my original
handle name and I created also about three podcasts under that Bitcoin
mastermind Bitcoin news tech and the one of the last ones was Bitcoin news tech
Bitcoin uzbek crime mastermind and mad crypto and so if you go check Bitcoin
news and you look for Bitcoin test you’ll see it so putting that all out of
the way is that I also before the hash war started I already foresaw the system
breaking down and you can check my Instagram at XRP rainmaker because
that’s what I’ve changed it to it since then because I got a lot of shit a lot a
lot a lot of shit from the Bitcoin community because I I already first saw
the the hash wars taking place because I already saw the bubble that was
happening in Bitcoin because people where it was being overtaken by China
that the original purpose being a coder are already first saw how it could be
hacked the system and about the 51% attacks I got attacked by numerous
different accounts in the Bitcoin community because they were like no it
can’t be hacked it can’t be hacked and what are you saying blah blah blah blah
blah and it’s like they instead of addressing the issue then and
preventing it because you know they say like a pound of prevention an ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure so instead of trying to work with me and
talk with me and that we could kind of fix these issues together is that they
trap me they did and they band together and then they attacked me and they call
you know they created secret telegram groups they told people to unfollow me
and became a personal attack war I’m not even getting to all the names that
participated in that but and I and I don’t even hold anything against anyone
that did that because you know what everybody you know a lot of people
they’ll just join on to bandwagons they won’t really understand why but you know
our culture our society our world has always embraced mob mentality you know
whether it’s in football whether it’s in religion whether it’s amidst that and
the other thing it’s always always you know attack one person or attack the
underdog or bla bla bla bla bla and then you know as long as you’re with the the
mob or the group not attacking the other person is that nobody is looking at you
nobody’s like whatever so I wish nothing but the best for the Bitcoin community
I have internalized everything that happened to me and it was for the
greater good I’m actually I’m actually very very very blessed and very very
grateful because you know when stuff is pushing against you you know and I have
to thank the Bitcoin community because if not I would have continued on a path
that is not authentic to where I’m supposed to be in the world and I
believe that from all of that stuff it pushed me into the right community where
I am supposed to be helping and propelling the future for which is the
XRP community so with all that said up to this date thank you thank you thank
you and you guys the XRP community the xip rainmakers XRP army we are all in
this together and we’re not excluding anybody and we’re not you know we’re not
we are simply bringing the facts and you know ripple XRP they’re doing the work
you know shout out to David Schwartz to brian Garlin house to all these to
major players who are putting in the chess pieces to move us forward you know
because the difference between I heard this one time and it said something like
a eight people like a type mentality people who want to achieve a lot and to
get further they’ll hire other a type people they’re not threatened by success
they’re not threatened by by talent they’re not threatened by this done the
other thing because they know that a likes to hang out with a and then move
forward but B type people don’t like to hire a type people because then they
become threatened because they’re not like eight eight person so then they get
threatened that they’re going to be overtaken and blah blah blah blah so a B
type person will hire a C type person and a D type person okay and then you go
to a C type person and the exact same thing C type people like to hire do you
like people because they don’t want to you know get overthrown either and then
D type people they don’t really like to they’re not motivated they don’t like to
do that type of stuff anyway so they usually just go with whoever will hire
them and they really don’t give a shit so with that said is that to me XRP is
like the eighteenth we are the eighteen and not because of whatever it has
nothing to do with ego it’s again with the solutions that are being put forth
the work that’s putting in and the the openness and the open minds in the
community and the creativity and the annal analytics and the intuitive
intuitive ‘no strig you because right now it’s like two ships sailing in the
sea you know one has no captain okay and the other the other one does which is
XRP so you do the math I’m just gonna leave it at that
but with all that said to get back to my original point about why there are some
people who continually ask me and it’s and it’s just to this point I’m gonna
try to break it down as easy as possible so people say how could XRP make it to
5k or 589 like they just don’t understand it
and I’m gonna say this to you first of all xrp okay it can process about 1,400
transactions per four seconds okay let that sit in 1,400 transactions per
second 1,400 and Bitcoin can only trans can process per four seconds like six so
six transactions compared to 1400 transactions per four seconds do you see
something that’s completely out of balance and not only that is that when
colbalt is in place and is working that’s like what a hundred and forty K
transactions pour one second so six transactions per four seconds or it’s
like a hundred and forty K per one second they’re gonna knock knock knock
knock knock all of the other competition out of the out of the out of the space
literally and to anyone who is thinking of selling their XRP I am NOT a
financial adviser but you know everyone in this space is saying I’m not a
financial adviser I’m not a financial adviser but you know what I’m starting
to think is there any fucking and financial advisors out there because
there’s a whole lot of people who are fucking dumb and I say fucking dumb in
the sense that they don’t even take the time you don’t even take the time to
Google stuff Google is free you don’t take the time to youtube videos YouTube
is free you don’t take the time to look at newspapers or anything that’s on the
internet there’s this little thing it’s called the wayback time machine and you
can go way back in time and check different articles and cross-reference
and I know that’s a huge task for some people that’s why I and many other
people on YouTube who get shit for putting out our ideas do it is because
we actually do the research we put the things first so you know what I’m not
gonna say I’m a financial adviser but I’m a common-sense connector of dots
okay so with that said obviously this is for entertainment purposes
only okay and do your own research because I think that I made that
abundantly clear but if Bitcoin can only transact six
transactions per four seconds okay and eventually down the line XRP it’s going
to be able to do I don’t know 104 cake transactions per one second who do you
think Amazon is going to choose to deal with and who do you think that the banks
are already choosing to deal with and who do you think that all of Wall Street
is going to deal with who do you think all of the major cross-border payments
and all of the other the other type of payment providers like Western Union and
and this that and the other thing are going to use who do you think that the
whole ecommerce sector is going to be using and and all of the different brick
and mortar stores which ever ones are able to survive the apocalypse that just
fucking happen Christmas season because I don’t know if you had left your house
but the huge the the the places that are a business a freaking mortar like in
Canada there’s like they’re there Sears or Sports experts or all of these major
things are in the toilet they are on their way down okay and there I would
say respectively about 60 50 to 60 ecommerce
brick-and-mortar stores or restaurants or different things like that are going
to be closing in 2019 okay people are going to be moving and moving in herds
their company’s online if they haven’t already done so so with that said right
now XRP is not unleashing the floodgates because they’re not like BTC and they’re
not like aetherium and they’re not like this because they’re not out there to
get their name and fucking bright lights what they are doing is working behind
the scenes creating solutions it’s like the people I’ll give you an example
right it’s like the people who are in the motivational the motivational sector
okay this is a whole nother side topic but has
everything to do with what is going on in the crypto verse right now you have a
whole bunch of people who are in the motivational marketing sector okay that
keep on churning out these fucking cookie cut our videos you know where
they rent an air B&B behind them they’re at the beach okay and they’re like if
you want to live the passive income life – all you have to do is just download my
free email and I’ll tell you how to do so meanwhile is that their baroque or or
on the on the the precipice of being bankrupt okay the big house that you see
them walking in is rented from Airbnb a lot of them they’re empty like when you
see that one guy walking through a huge house that’s empty there’s no live
didn’t feel to that thing okay and the reason why is because it’s all a house
of cards okay so what they do is they get you with
that little hook line and sinker and the first thing because all they want to do
is get your email address so that they can span the shit out of you and they
continue just trying to spam the shit out of you because they still think the
email works just like people in in the crypt overs have to deal with people who
still think Fiat is going to work even though we’re like 600 trillion billion
dollars in debt no Fiat is like email it is dying and it’s on the way out and if
you don’t fucking take care of your business your family do not come and
bother anybody in the future because I know personally that I’ve been putting
out videos for about 10 years now talking about all the different things
that are going on in politics all the different things that are going on in
the world and you know what how much fucking response I’ve gotten online or
on social media or from my my so-called friends on Facebook or family you know
you put up a video about what’s going on in another country Oh kids are getting
drone to death they’re getting killed they’re getting murdered and what’s the
thing that happens zero likes zero response zero comments they don’t give a
shit but if you post some fuckin video where the guy is getting hit in the nuts
or some cat is like typing on the computer boom that shit blows up and
it’s 600 million like June how fucking frustrating that is and
you know what I’m not gonna not swear in this because I’ve reached I’ve reached a
personal bullshit point where this shit needs to get out okay and I’m starting
to think that the only way that I can get into some people’s heads is if you
fucking drill it into them so here’s a little tip okay because I’m not a
digital I’m not a financial adviser I’m not a digital asset investor I’m not
this I’m not that but what I am is a fucking common sense a connector okay so
what is happening is just like email is dying because nobody wants to talk to
people on the phone anymore nobody wants to have to deal with opening up their
inbox because I don’t know about you but every single day I have like 25
I have 2500 emails to check do you know I do not even check that I’ve created an
email account shit just so that when people try to spammy or when I have to
open up a website and I have to enter in my thing to get a confirmation email I
have an email just for that so when these spammer masterminds think that
they’re getting my personal email they’re not they’re just getting this
fucking random email that I created for that okay so just like people in in
brick-and-mortar stores think that Fiats not going anywhere
Fiat is becoming is expanding is it is advancing and what it’s going to do is
it’s it’s going under an evolution right now okay because what happened in the
beginning is they had big chunks of gold that were in the mountain and people
were actually mining those chunks of gold okay they would get out of their
house in the morning they would go up to the mountain and then they would knock
out those big chunks of gold and this is like from the 1900s okay and then after
that they took the big block of gold and then they chiseled it down and then they
made like little coins of it and then that’s why you see in movies when people
in the olden days they were going to the market to buy their food because it was
a free market and everybody instead of going to one conglomerate like Walmart
where they sell everything is that each person was selling one thing one person
was the milk person one person was the egg person one person was the meat
person and you went there with your sack of coins and you bought stuff okay
then eventually that got too heavy and then people said hmm how about I just
make you an IOU so then they would write down on the paper because they would go
shopping every day at the market and they’d be like I owe you this I owe you
that so that they would only have to bring their their bag of gold once okay
and then after that the IOU paper got transformed into an actual paper money
and then from the paper money that turned out to be incredibly we need an out okay so what is going to
be the next step and what has already transpired is that the the situation has
come 360 so instead of digging actual pieces of gold out in the mountains is
that now people are digging actual digital pieces of gold off the internet
the only problem is is that the thing that’s happening with Bitcoin the fact
that the Bitcoin system has been overtaken and now it’s controlled by
about three major conglomerates of Chinese is that now it’s like digging
for digital fool’s gold Fugazi check that up in the google
dictionary okay so people are starting to realize this and since they’re
starting to realize that and since bitcoin has ten has had ten
years to do something with that information and they haven’t instead
what they have been doing is going on to Instagram and buying Lambos and making
people feel bad oh it’s smart money you won’t get it hey
asshole you know what’s not smart money is Bitcoin because you know what’s that
gonna end up happening with Bitcoin all the dumb people that you label that
would understand it they’re gonna fucking fly and and go into X R P
because x RP is cutting down the process the friction of getting people so you
know you guys had your wave of fun of trying to make people feel bad but the
the situation remains is that the original purpose of Bitcoin was made on
the Bitcoin dot org website for organization the whole basis of Bitcoin
was supposed to bring people together not tear us apart okay so with that said
is that now we’re moving into an era where you know just like in like I was
saying in cross reference you know to what’s going on with the marketing in
e-commerce world is that you have all these you have about five or six huge
big voices right saying oh this is all you have to do in order to be a
millionaire or this is all you have to do to have a passive income but they’re
not actually putting down they’re not actually putting out the the real
solutions because they know deep down inside of them that 99.99 percent of the
people won’t even fucking do anything with their life even if they give them
the roadmap the exact exact set the exact steps and the only thing that
they’re doing is laughing these ty Lopez characters they’re laughing they’re
laughing all the way to the bank because they’re selling you a program for $1000
or $3,000 or $4,000 or some of them get so fucking outrageous into these $7,000
characters for people who aren’t just so so scarce so confused that they don’t
know what to do with their life so they’d rather just shoot money and some
people to give them some fast some fast answers instead of doing the long hard
work of actually doing the research so with this set I will tell you why XRP
will hit 5,000 within the next two to three years is because the utility of
XRP is going to explode get ready because XRP is going to become the one
the one currency that we will all use okay whether you like it or not whether
you understand it or not and you know what the people who are gonna end up
selling xrap if they choose to at $1 or $5 or $100 or even $500 okay when you
sell that just know that you’re gonna be the equivalent to XRP what the guy who
sold 10,000 of his Bitcoin to buy two pizzas is going to be so if you can’t
wrap your brain around the vision that is XRP then please don’t let the cosmic
door hit you on the way out because I have no need to to to talk to different
people who their level of understanding of this situation is here and when I’ve
put in about ten years of knowledge and research and stuff to get to this point
so please feel free to share this with your friends please feel free to write
whatever comment you’d like to write and please feel free to
whatever you like because this isn’t this really is not a video to convince
you to do one or the other I don’t care if you invest in XRP I do like in one
point because I think it’s the greatest and it will be the greatest investment
opportunity of a lifetime but just like they say you can bring a horse to water
but you can’t force it to drink so if you don’t want to drink the water that
is XRP and ripple that’s on you okay but don’t say that nobody didn’t
tell you about it don’t say that nobody didn’t warn you about it and don’t say
that nobody tried to teach you and on that note

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