The Ripple Drop – Episode 14

Hey, I’m Reinhard Cate and welcome to another episode of The Ripple Drop. We’re talking Xpring this episode. We’ve got the SVP of Xpring, Ethan Beard, we sit down with Coil,
and Raised in Space. Ethan, it’s been just over a
year since Xpring launched. What’s the initiative
accomplished during this time? We’ve made over 20 investments and we’ve committed
over $500 million in XRP to various companies
throughout the ecosystem. One of the areas that
I’m most excited about is that we’re really starting to layer in developer
tools for inside of Xpring, and really looking to make Xpring into much more of a developer platform. We’re building out APIs, STKs, various libraries and services, and then we’ll also be spending a lot of time bringing
these products to market and reaching developers wherever
they are around the world. You’ve recently launched Coil. How does it work? So Coil is based on an open web standard
called Web Monetization, and what that means is that there’s a feature in
the browser that allows, it allows it to pay different websites as you’re browsing their content. So rather than looking at ads, maybe paying a subscription
for each website you go to, this kinda allows you to
go to any website out there and pay them a small amount. We’re trying to establish
a new web standard. In order to do that, you need
to reach a lot of people, and so Imgur is gonna be a great partner in terms of bringing this
to a larger audience, explaining what it’s all about, and giving more people access to it. What’s the mission of Raised in Space? Raised in Space mission is really to take the music industry and to help it self-disrupt, and give birth, hopefully, to this next generation of tech companies that the music industry,
for the very first time, is really a partner in. To raise the value of music. That’s ultimately what we’re here to do, is guide tech founders on how to bring their ultimate visions to life in an industry that
traditionally is scary to enter, mainly because a lot of people don’t know how to navigate the water. So you know blockchain and XRP expands from this very, very finite view of an artist fan relationship to ultimately being able to
power this next generation of what fandom and monetizing
fandom will be for artists.

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