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Hey Everybody, Marcus here, I have never involved myself in youTube drama
nor do I any particular desire to start. However, there have been a number of incidents
where this community of ours has been fleeced of money; whether or not the intention of
those doing the fleecing was there from the start or it just played itself out that way,
the fleecing took place nonetheless. One example is MAYOR OF MGTOWN. MAYOR OF MGTOWN raised around 7 thousand dollars
from my recollection to run a homeless outreach project. He did follow up to a minor extent but nowhere
near did he supply evidence to account for all the money he raised. The last video he put out that related to
that money had the MAYOR showing us land that he bought in some desert with some vague allusions
to it being devoted to MGTOW or something silly like that. Ultimately, though the MAYOR seemed to have
good intentions, he failed miserably in execution which ultimately resulted in the same outcome
as if he were running a scam from the start. The same scenario occurred with Barbarossa. Barbarossa raised several thousands of dollars
in order to fund the writing of a MGTOW book which he ultimately has yet to deliver after
2 years. In fact, Barbarossa has completed stopped
creating content altogether. Though I do not believe Barbarossa was running
a scam, the outcome, again, was very much the same as if he were. The point is that both these men demonstrated
moral failings sufficiently egregious to warrant the accusation of scammers even if those accusations
may not accurately reflect their intentions. I see the situation occurring once again. Kris Kantu has been advertising his invention
of the Red Pill Coin and currently has an active ICO in place. I will explain the term in a moment. Firstly, I do not know Kris’s intentions
other than what he publicly advertises. I need not infer maliciousness into them in
order to know that the outcome of the Red Pill Coin will end up a scam in the same manner
as that of what happened with the MAYOR OF MGTOW and that of Barbarossa. Simply put, Kris is either grossly naïve,
ignorant, or a con artist with his Red Pill Coin initiative. Now, you might be asking yourself: “Marcus,
what justifies you in your beliefs?” Well, let me step you through my thought process
and you draw your own conclusions. Firstly, I need to explain a little bit about
my background and what I do for a living. As many may know I as a software developer. However, I am not merely a developer but an
entrepreneur running a software company with several members of staff, venture capital
backing, and a very relevant product roadmap. You see, I run a blockchain company. Not only do I run a blockchain company, but
my company is in the process of issuing its own ICO. Now, an ICO, for those who do not know what
that is, is an acronym that stands for “Initial Coin Offering.” ICOs are a relatively new thing in the tech
space. They started creeping up only really in the
last 2 years or so. An ICO serves a function often times very
similar to an IPO. An IPO, or Initial Public Offering is when
a company, for the first time ever, starts selling their stocks to the general public
on the stock exchange. The IPO is when the company is said to “go
public.” So, what is the purpose of an IPO? Well, to raise money and other reasons irrelevant
to this video. When a company first starts out it normally
needs to be funded by money coming from the founders or from private investors. However, at some point it may make sense to
raise money from the general public. This is done by undergoing an IPO and selling
shares to anyone who wants to buy them. The shares that you buy, in turn, come with
certain rules and rights for both the seller and the buyer. The company offering the shares is either
going to issue a dividend on profits to the buyer or the buyer is merely speculating on
the stock price based on their prediction of future performance of the company. So now that we talked about an IPO, let us
talk about the purpose of an ICO. An ICO, or initial coin offering, has mostly
been done when a company wishes to raise money without selling off ownership of the company. This is what many blockchain companies have
done. For a blockchain company, it makes sense to
sell a custom crypto-token and retain 100% ownership of the company as oppose to selling
equity. However, when you sell equity, what secures
the value of the stock is the value and performance of the company; namely, a seller buys stock
in a company because in some way that entitles them to a portion of the profits that company
makes. This, however, is not the case when a company
sells crypto-tokens in an ICO. So, what backs the value of a token sold through
an ICO? Well, whatever the company selling the tokens
defines as the backing value. Before putting up an ICO, a blockchain company
will write a whitepaper defining the rules governing the crypto-token. Imagine the white paper as a long essay that
explain to you the mechanism by which the tokens you are buying will actually be worth
something. Let me give you a concrete example. When Civic, a blockchain based real-world
identity platform raised 33 Million in their ICO round, they promised the buyers a number
of things. Firstly, Civic promised that they will build
out a very specific feature set appended to their already existing and robust platform. Additionally, Civic promised that the tokens
themselves can be redeemed to leverage the services of that platform. So, let us break down what Civic did. Firstly, Civic already built a platform with
private investment. From what I recall they have privately raised
3.8 million which they used to build this platform of theirs. Then, they decided to raise more money, but
this time through an ICO. They promised the buyers of their crypto-token
that the money they raise in the ICO would go towards developing substantial expansions
of their platform and that the buyers of the token can trade their coin on open exchanges
if they wish to speculate or they can use those tokens to directly pay for real business
services that Civic was developing. So, the Civic’s coin’s value was ultimately
based on the fact that you can pay for their real-world identity platform with their coin. You know, sort of like putting a quarter into
an arcade machine. Civics coin was grounded in real value, as
Civic’s pricing was in fiat currency and Civic told you exactly how much service you
would get for any given coin in the future. In this way Civic used the ICO model in the
same way as near to 99% of all companies that issues ICOs. They used the ICO as a cash raising mechanism
to fund their business and guaranteed the coin against something they could control. But let me give you guys some behind the scenes
insights into what goes into a legitimate ICO; and when I use the word legitimate, I
mean an ICO that has every intention of seeing its cryto-token purchasers get their money
back and then some. Firstly, you need to have a business model
that incorporates the crypto-token whereby the token itself is fed value externally to
the token itself. Secondly, you need to have all your legal
work in place. You cannot, for example, all willy nilly just
launch an ICO from a company operating just anywhere in the world. Crypto-tokens are a grey area in most countries. The safest bets are the Isle of Man, Switzerland,
and Singapore as those are the places where crypto-token sales have clear and friendly
laws applicable to them. This of course means lawyer fees. The lawyer my company is using, for example,
has a number of ICOs in the work and this is a firm that represents some of the largest
tech companies in the industry. An average ICO costs around 80k in legal fees
if you, as a buyer, expect the token to come with the seal of approval from a solicitor
firm. Which, I would hope, would be the bare minimum
standard a purchaser would look for in their due diligence process. Next comes the board of backers. The board of backers is like a review committee
composed of notable industry experts who the company selling the crypto-token have composed
to review the white paper and vouch for the integrity of the project. If you look at any large successful ICO you
will see the names of important men backing an ICO. This, in addition to the legal credibility
of the ICO, gives social proof to the buyers that experts have confirmed what the seller
is offering is realistic. Obviously, in order to convince any industry
relevant person to even look at your ICO you need to offer them something. Usually the offer comes in the form of part
ownership of the coins themselves and sometimes equity in the company. When you add up all the costs in putting together
an ICO, it is no surprise that most companies reserve upwards of 1% of the tokens themselves
to cover the costs alone. Now, these are the sort of things you can
come to expect from a serious ICO. But let us look at the actual technical detail
of issuing the actual crypto-tokens. Crypto tokens costs near to nothing to create. You are literally printing money. As such, from a technical point of view, putting
up an ICO costs near to nothing. I can go out and create a hundred different
tokens in near infinite quantities with virtually no effort. So can you. In fact, anyone with a little blockchain knowledge
can do this. How is this possible? Because you literally use existing free tools
and software for everything involved in the process. For example, the wallet you would use to store
any token created on the Ethereum blockchain can be any of the countless wallets created
by any of the countless open source projects out there. These tokens work out of the box in terms
of exchange. And all of these custom-made tokens have all
the security features, privacy features, and countless other features of the underlining
blockchain upon which they were created. This means that issuing these tokens requires
no real work and you end up with a token almost as feature as rich as bitcoin. So where is the value in the token if anyone
can issue this shit on a whim? Like I previously said; the value will only
be that which is injected into it externally by the issuer. If I issue a million Marcus Coins and back
them with nothing, then the coins are worth nothing. With all of this groundwork laid out, let
us look at the Red Pill Coin. The Red Pill Coin has a website which I have
linked to in the description. On that site you will find the whitepaper
describing the coin. The 21-page whitepaper, which, to someone
who does not have domain knowledge of blockchain, reads very impressively. In fact, it is very impressive. It is very impressive because 99% of that
paper is talking about what comes out of the box from issuing your coin on the Ethereum
blockchain. This white paper is a love letter to the Ethereum
blockchain and not a whitepaper talking about the Red Pill Coin. 99% of that whitepaper is true about every
other ERC-20 token including the one my company will be putting out. So, lets get to the 1% that is specifically
unique to the Red Pill Coin. The first unique element is the following
paragraph: The Red Pill Coin represents more than just
a cryptocurrency; it is a community with a shared philosophy for greater control and
autonomy over its finances. It is not just another Altcoin but rather,
it is a representation of the freedom to use one’s funds anonymously. All of these core Philosophies are built into
the architecture and main features of Red Pill, making it a one of a kind cryptocurrency. Okay. So, let us break that down. The Red Pill Coin represents more than just
a cryptocurrency. It is, therefore, if nothing else a cryptocurrency
meant to act as a form of money. Gotcha; so far it is identical with bitcoin,
Ether, Litecoin, etc. Next it says: it is a community with a shared
philosophy for greater control and autonomy over its finances. Hold on a moment? The Red Pill Coin is a community now? A community who share a philosophy for greater
control and autonomy over its finances? That sounds like pretty much the sentiment
of anyone investing in any cryptocurrency whatsoever. Does the bitcoin owner not share this desire? Surely, he does. So, 2 sentences in and the Red Pill Coin is
still no different that bitcoin, ether, etc. Next it says: It is not just another Altcoin
but rather, it is a representation of the freedom to use one’s funds anonymously. Well, I don’t know about you but I do distinctly
remember mentioning that any token created in the blockchain shares the same set of faculties
out of the box. Since this is true, then the anonymity present
in the Red Pill Coin is the same anonymity ether holders would experience. 3 sentences in and still the Red Pill Coin
is no different in kind to bitcoin, ether, etc. And the last sentence: All of these core Philosophies
are built into the architecture and main features of Red Pill, making it a one of a kind cryptocurrency. Well, it surely is true that the philosophies
are built into the architecture of the Red Pill Coin because this philosophy is built
into the Ethereum blockchain as well as the bitcoin blockchain architecture so technically
this is correct. The last part of the last sentences is false;
namely, “making it a one of a kind cryptocurrency.” This part is completely false. The Red Pill Coin is literally identical in
both features, function, and philosophy to every single other cookie cutter token popping
up on the Ethereum blockchain. But perhaps I jump to conclusions too quickly. Indeed, I am actually mistaken. There is something radically unique about
the Red Pill Coin not present with bitcoin, Ether, and every other coin on the Ethereum
blockchain. My apologies. This difference comes out in the second paragraph
of what is unique in the 1% of the whitepaper. The second paragraph from the whitepaper says: The target plan for the initial distribution
of Red Pill coins begins with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of 100 Million Coins. The total supply of Red Pill coins is 200
Million which means that the ICO will account for 50% of the total supply. In subsequent years, 10 million coins will
be made available until the total currency amount is reached. The minimum bidding price for the coin auction
will be determined by the current market value of Red Pill coins as at the time of the sale. Red Pill coins will be listed based on Ethereum
upon release, with one eth being equivalent to 5361 Red Pills. There are two very important things to take
from this paragraph. Firstly, that the coin is capped at 200 million
units, and that the initial price for the Red Pill Coin in the ICO will be 5361 Red
Pill Coins to 1 Ether. The price of Ether at the point of writing
this script is at 760 American dollars. So, for 760 dollars you can own 5361 Red Pill
Coins. This means you are paying 14.2 cents per coin. Kris is selling 100 million coins in the ICO
at the price of 14.2 cents per coin which means that if the ICO sells out he will have
banked: 14,176,459.61 in the ICO. If he sells the additional 100 million coins
he intends to sell at say the same price, that will leave him with a total of 28,352,919.23
for the entire lot of all Red Pill Coins to ever be created. However, let us forget about the second hundred
million of the coins and just go with the ICO sum itself. You see, this is what the Red Pill Coin can
do that neither bitcoin nor ether can do. The Red Pill Coin can bank Kris 14.2 million
dollars. Kris cannot issue bitcoin or ether, well established
and trusted cryptocurrencies, but he can issue the Red Pill Coin and bank 14.2 million in
an ICO. And what pray tell is Kris offering in exchange
for 14.2 million dollars? After all, like I mentioned with the Civic
ICO example, Civic offered to give you services in exchange for their coins. What does Kris offer? Well, this is revealed further in the whitepaper. The section describes the 2-stage plan Kris
is proposing: Stage 1: The first stage of Red Pills technical
implementation, was the development of the coin itself. By making the coin ERC20 compliant, it is
now capable of being stored and traded on multiple platforms. Stage 2: The second stage of the technical
implementation, is the development of a chrome extention and mobile apps, that will allow
users to easily store and or send Red Pills to their favorite content creators, bloggers
ect. The extension and apps work by allowing users
to enter an Ethereum address of the creator or person that they want to send funds to,
or to search for verified users on the platform, that will have, a little checkmark like on
YouTube and twitter (next to a verified creators name), verifying that they are the creators/public
figures that they claim to be; this will also make it easier for people to quickly send
funds. There you have it guys. Kris wants to build you a Google Chrome plugin
to send Red Pill Coins. He will also build an iOS and Android app
to send these coins. These apps, I can imagine will take the form
of an out of the box existing open source wallet white labelled to whatever he wants
it to be. Kris, will give you, things you basically
get out of the box already in any wallet app you can get for free. All of this for a mere 14.2 million dollars. Let me give you guys some context on the work
involved with this. When we hired interns in my company, these
guys were pretty ignorant of blockchain. We gave them a throwaway exercise to build
an Ethereum wallet to help them learn blockchain. Kris is literally offering you what I have
in the past considered a throwaway project to teach interns on. But perhaps I misinterpreted the nature of
the project? Perhaps I did not read the details of stage
2 correctly. After all, stage 2 can, in an honest way be
interpreted as some form of Patreon like app but it uses Red Pill Coins as oppose to fiat
currency. This itself should already raise red flags
as there is literally no need for a crypto-token to do this as fiat currency will necessarily
need to be involved regardless. A crypto-token only allows for mostly free
transactions within the ecosystem in such a Patreon Knockoff. Though mostly free transactions are a good
thing, there is no reason to advertise the mechanism as a feature in of itself as people
will still need to swipe a credit card to buy these coins. This means that you are advertising a crypto-token
for the sake of saying you have a crypto-token. Let us take this as the genuine intent and
say that Kris wants to build some sort of Red Pill Coin Patreon knockoff. How are we to look at this ICO from that point
of view? After all, now it seems to be moving into
the familiar grounds of what ICOs are for. Namely, to raise money for project work. Under this interpretation the buyers of the
Red Pill Coin are, in essence, meant to act as investors in a Start-Up where they get
no equity in return for their investment. So, it must be the case that Kris is backing
up the value of the Red Pill Coin with something else? But alas he is not. Nowhere in the whitepaper is any promise made
based on any clear business model of injecting value into the Red Pill Coin to justify anyone
parting with a broken cent in buying it. This is the first problem with the plan; the
total absence of an actual business model. But there are other problem with this plan. Kris is a marketing guy. Where is his team of developers? Where is the Proof of Concept to demonstrate
he is even capable of organizing a software project? What could anyone possible use as a basis
in justifying in handing this man 14.2 million dollars? What is his track record in developing software
project? Who is he competing with? What is his marketing plan? Where will this 14.2 million dollars go? How long is it meant to last? What is the corporate structure? Who are the directors? None of these questions have answers. Let me tell you how this project could be
executed if Kris was actually serious in bringing this into being. I will tell you how I would manage this whole
Red Pill Coin initiative. Firstly, I would make good friends with a
couple of software devs. Secondly, I would design the core mobile offering
and bring a proof of concept into being which fulfils the core use cases. Next, I would write up a comprehensive business
plan. I would pilot the proof of concept on a subset
of the MGTOW community to wager the apetite for actually using it. Next, if viable, I would finish up the dev
work to get a closed beta going on a small scale on a test blockchain using a throwaway
coin to collect user feedback. All of this would be done on my dime of course. It has to be done on my dime because I know
that no sane investor would even look at me unless I had already done this at a minimum. Finally, if I concluded that this Red Pill
Coin Patreon knockoff had any evidence for its viability, then I would go for an ICO
for a reasonable sum of money that can see me through around 3 years of runway to profitability. The Red Pill Coin I would back with some exclusive
monetizable feature accessible only through spending these Red Pill Coins and make my
promises to the buyers on that. I would identify a law firm with experience
in ICOs and make sure I am not breaking any local laws in my ICO. I would properly identify the jurisdictional
regions where it is legal for me to sell such a coin as it is not legal to do so everywhere. In the meantime, I would court a venture capital
fund because I understand that running a successful business is more than about raising money. I would make sure the VC I found had proper
connections among its coterie of high net worth individuals to help push through my
marketing as well as provide guidance on how to scale the business internationally. I would be sourcing industry experts to vouch
for my ICO as well as for building up my board of directors with at least two independent
directors and potentially one credibility director. However, Kris has done none of these things
that can be inferred from any of the material provided. If he did do these things, he would be advertising
them openly and vocally. This proves to me he is entirely incapable
on delivering on even my generous interpretation of this project much less delivering a profitable
business when the money runs out. My prediction are as follows. Firstly, he will fall grossly short of his
anticipated 14.2 million ICO round. If the sum of money is less than a million
raised, it will most likely be pocketed and some token effort will be presented with a
“Sorry guys but we ran out of money to finish the project message.” However, I suspect he will raise less than
100k in total which in turn will most likely be pocketed as it will be interpreted by Kris
and his co-founders that the sum is insufficient to execute on their vision. If anyone listening to this video bought into
the Red Pill Coin, I recommend you get your money back and judge Kris on his behavior
when you ask for it back. If Kris is serious, he will honor the returns
and perhaps take the content of this video to heart, chalk up this incident as a false
start, and try again in the manner I have enumerated with an ICO happening only when
all the other ducks are in line. Not only when the ducks are in line but when
he has any evidence for him himself believing this project has any merit whatsoever other
than faith. The Red Pill Coin ICO is worse than a Kickstarter
campaign. In a kickstarter campaign, the backers know
exactly what rewards they are entitled to based on the sum they pledge. In the Red Pill Coin ICO, based on the whitepaper,
you are entitled to literally nothing other than possession of the Red Pill token itself;
while the coin itself, as advertised in the white paper, is backed by nothing. The sentiment that as soon as the coin comes
into being some fairy will fly around and sprinkle some dust on the coin causing it
to magically go up in value is the lunatic pipe dream of the ignorant. Ask yourself one simple question. Why would any content producer want to receive
a Red Pill Coin as oppose to Bitcoin? Thanks for listening, Go Team.

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  1. It’s obviously a scam. The moment I heard angry mgtow promote it I knew it was a useless coin. With a name like ‘red pill coin’(cringe enough to begin with), and all the other alt coins on the market that actually offer something unlike red pill, it’s a gut wrencher on my scamdar. Good on you for going into depth.

  2. Do you have any tips for experienced software enfineers to get started with blockchain development? I'm a software engineer as well (mainly java/scala) but very new to blockchain, would appreciate any tips.

  3. The math for the Red Pill Coin ICO doesn’t make sense to me. I also have worked in the tech startup space. A tech startup can typically only raise a seed investment round at around a $3-4M evaluation for 20% company ownership. This will be about $600-800K of funds required to build its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which is required for a beta test… you must do this Proof of concept before anyone would invest at a higher evaluation than that due to risk. Having no actual platform first and skipping to an IPO/ICO without A,B and C VC funding rounds to justify the IPO/ICO valuation, no startup management team, and which immediately saturates the market with 50% of the coins sounds very weird. In the tech startup world, their is a well known expression among the institutional investors: “You are betting on the jockey, not the horse”. It means they bet on the success of the project based on the experience of the CEO. And I don’t see it. Trust me, I want to support all MGTOW initiatives, but I have great concern around this structure… Investors don’t give money upfront to anyone who doesn’t have a plan to monetize a business, and neither should you. I just dont see anything behind the company besides a promise from a guy who has no background in Tech Startups, and a “me too” currency you can’t even use based on a loose association to an online community. Where is the “skin in the game” where they already put in money to prove the business model is viable? I’m not trying to hate on anyone’s efforts here, I’m just saying that the structure seems dubious and needs a lot of work to be a viable investment. I’m not giving a stranger $14M on just a promise without a plan… show me a design mock-up, business plan, project plan… something tangible. The reason behind all of these startup points is specifically to develop ideas along an established maturity lifecycle so a founder can’t just take the money without completing the project, and I don’t see those safeguards here. I would be happy to invest in a “Red Pill” Patreon and Cryptocurrency, but the crux of the problem is exactly how Marcus explained it… You are basically investing in the creation of a business, but you are not getting equity for it, you instead receive Red Pill tokens that have no value outside of a platform that doesn’t exist yet. Very risky… Sell me equity in the formal business itself at 10% of that valuation they have and maybe I’ll consider it.

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    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  6. Its one of a kind because women would be declined to use it because of its name and its value is backed by the heavy duty marketing and its name. The short coming is that i still havent a clue how to buy it and its not commonly used and mostly used for speculatively store capital

  7. This video differently helps explain how this shit works. I always wondered what it is that is actually backing these coins up. Sounds like nothing but scam to me.

  8. Fucking beta males attacking other MGTOWs lmao.
    No one forces you to watch a video or donate money. Gj guys, turning on eachother. CAN YOU ACT MORE LIKE WOMEN?

  9. Bird's of the same feather do flock together! Just listen to the mgtow Christmas summit Cantu hosted with 6 well known ebeggar's, it both woke me up and turned my stomach to the point I was ready to dump mgtow all together! Thank you for calling these bum's out!

  10. Bitcoin or read pill coin or any other virtual coin is backed up with nothing.
    Is there any virtual coin who is backed up with something or are all of them just bullshit?

    FIAT money is also not backed up with nothing.

  11. You whiners in the comments can say what you want about cryptos. People are making good money at this. Hell, I 30X my investment in Verge alone. You can have all the temper tantrums you want, because you sat on the sidelines as others capitalized. You men that missed the crypto gold rush all claim the same tired bullshit. It's fake, it's a scam, bla bla bla. I, on the other hand, took the advice of certain MGTOWs, to invest, and I couldn't be happier!

  12. This explains why Kris Scamtu can show his face. Those who truly go against this system … are in true danger. Guys like Alex Jones, Laci Green etc can show their face all day long cause no one of power can do something about them. No wonder Kris earned so much. Also aint BTC the one and only decentralized coin out there? No wonder it has remained the king of value for all this time.

  13. I’m not buying into any crypto until I have my own rig, merchant accounts, and enough experience learning and using the blockchain before I move forward. Say 2-4 years…I also considered some kind of crypto coin for mgtow hidden behind a veil of a different name to promote to the general public but I was lacking in much more than simply investment 6 months ago.

    All I’m saying is be knowledge before any investment, and don’t bet more than you can lose, and don’t get lost in tulip manias…

  14. Also beware of Global man (is the name right?) that promotes that you work for him paying him 2k bucks. DIdnt know jobs work that way lol.

  15. Someone said Bar Bar was still working on the book. He also send out a Tweet not too long ago saying he was coming back with new content in the near future.

  16. can you review this ico ? ,but i want to investing in that ico but i need the some reason to investing in that ico

  17. First I want to mention that I have no financial interest (direct or indirect) in the red pill ICO. Second, I can see you are an intelligent guy so I am mildly disappointed that you have not contacted the red pill coin issuers about your concerns. Three, I won't go into who issued the red pill coin but it was not Kris Cantu. He only reviewed it.

    Now, I respectfully disagree with your assessment about the red pill coin and this is why:
    One, the red pill coin was designed to fill a massive niche in the the marketplace. Namely, the funding of alternative media which free from censorship. For example, the creators of red pill coin are developing a blockchain alternative to YouTube. YT because of its SJW policies is going the way of MySpace. However, YouTube has demonstrated the massive need for a YouTube equivalent. You may suggest that Patreon may fill that gap. For a number of reasons which will take too long to address here, I seriously doubt it. Nevertheless, it is no longer a question of an alternative media platform will arise but how. We are talking about a multi-billion dollar market which red pill is designed specifically for. As far as the other features, I agree that red pill is built upon an excellent foundation (ethreum crypto-platform). However, those two apps are rolling out ahead of schedule. As a matter of fact, the entire program of red pill coin is at or mostly ahead of schedule!

    I strongly suggest every mgtow look seriously at red pill coin and judge it by the criteria that every ICO should be judged:
    1. Is it built on an excellent platform (I believe everyone agrees that it is).
    2. Does it fill an important growing niche? Definitely yes, because we are sick of the corporate propaganda media. A crypto-currency will finance the coming platform, why not use red pill coin? After all, red pills were/are designed for this specific purpose. We are talking about a must-billion dollar industry. The price of red pills can only go up!!!
    3. Are the crypto-coins fairly valued? Answer: Definitely for the reasons I just stated.

    As far as your reasons for disrespecting the red pill, I will not speculate. However, I promise you that I will apply the same standards to your ICO as I did to the red pill ICO? Thank you for your time. Again, I am not making a penny one way or another off of the red pill coins.

  18. I like kris's content but always had a bad feeling about redpill coin, cause you can only trade ether for it. At the moment red pill coin is worthless and no one in the crypto investing world has heard of it. So i never got into it, i thought trading something for nothing leaves me way too vulnerable. So from what you're saying here, Kris was the one who actually created red pill coin? I had no idea of this, first person i heard talking about this was AM, who was bragging about making 80k in 2 weeks in the crypto market… so be honest, who here actually bought red pill coin?

  19. By their own admission, a clique of MGTOW are trying to capitalize on the mgtow brand. I understand the ambition, though I do not respect it. Get honest livliehoods, and I'll respect you all the day long…

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  21. I've created a token on the Waves.  A few are available on the Waves Exchange.  They are just a novelty and for fun.  Lunch Money Tokens LMT total supply 144,000

  22. I've been inspired by the Red Pill Coin, here are some more business ideas:

    1) a website that certifies that someone is not a "basement dwelling virgin", basically you open an encrypted super private account with your real information, upload your driver's license, your address and your Sex Tape, and an image recognition AI will scan the images to confirm that (i) you don't live in a basement, and (ii) your sex tape is real so you are not a virgin LOL (it will then be linked back to your MGTOW social media account via encryption so your real identity cannot be stolen by Feminists, and you will get an online certificate showing you are not a "loser" LOL…

    2) a website that does the same as the above, except it will be used for dick measuring competitions between various red pillers.

    3) an ICO for the above websites LOL. I estimate I will need about 5 million to make the above happen. Marcus please help. LOL

  23. So…. If you know so much about crypto-currency and how we can implement it for the greater good of MGTOW, then why don''t you come down off that high horse of yours and help Kris and the rest of us implement it? I mod for Kris, and I do not recall you ever offering such services to the MGTOW community…. So I'm calling bullshit on you dude!

  24. Good analysis. I was considering dropping $100k into RPC, but I think I'll hold back for a while to see how all this unfolds. There are plenty of other great alt coins to invest in.

  25. I've warned everyone about cryptocurrency. It is too new to have any known stable value. There are no charts to study. Any commodity or currency is a risk, it is impossible that anything consistently rises in value. I only deal in tangible assets, which are a far lower risk in comparison. Given time, it is possible to regain any losses made on metals, or any known tangible, physical metal, or real estate/land, unless they are bought at peak prices. Please do your due diligence when it comes to trading, and use your brains. Business is business, and in this game, when someone wins, someone must lose. Good luck to everyone.

  26. MGTOW is a philosophy whereby you look after yourself, not others! Therefore, don't donate to anyone!!! Don't help anyone. Don't bother with society or any other collective. Focus on yourself. MGTOW is free and will always be free.

  27. It is quite depressing that a few individuals within our own ranks would stoop to the level of Anita Sarkeesian in regard to raising money for something & ultimately not delivering. Oh well, I never needed a book anyway to learn all I need to know to protect myself from the wiles of women & society. And if any of us genuinely wanted to reach out to homeless people, we could find plenty within our own localities.

  28. I think kris did explain the value backing up the coin. When have you ever seen a coin think twice about getting married? Kris: " Buy the red pill coin with confidence knowing your crypto currency will not get raped in divorce courts. I've spent years fashioning these red pills to perfection leaving them full of luster and mgtow philosophy to boot. Their vibrant red glow will leave you with a sense of security that the other crypto coins just don't have. So buy today! Don't delay! The red pill coins you buy and use to pay me with will certainly not be re-sold."

  29. Angry MGTOW sold tons of this stuff. Some of his patreons bought thousands of dollars of this stuff. He claimed they were offering an initial 1,000,000 coins to his patreons and later upped the price like five times the original amount. I have been skeptical from the start. I do appreciate a legit insiders point of view on this subject. Always been interested in these crypto currencies and now have some idea what to look for when I go into this market. At least where to start.

  30. This is going to be the longest comment but it is very sad that Kris thought that he would be able to fool the entire MGTOW community with a stupid scam like this. Personally, I was a fan of his channel in the beginning but now I almost feel violated. He used the MGTOW name to orchestrate a scam and also, to sell a lot of products that are questionable to say the least. For those of you that are not aware of this, Cambodia is a prime destination for criminals, scammers and scoundrels from the Western world since it is a non-extradition country. Honestly, I am very upset and very disgusted because I thought Kris Cantu was really working for us and trying to help men out there but now I feel that he took advantage of all of us. What I find really amazing is that, he has not even made a reply to this video. When Kris released the "Burning the Bridges" video, I cried with him, I felt bad for him as human being because he mentioned suicide but now I think he may have made up the entire thing just to get sympathy from us. Kris has not only upset me but I am completely turned off from MGTOW. Kris, I hope you understand where I am coming from but right now, I cannot trust you at all!

  31. Sound levels are all over the place in this one, but thanks for the heads up. I have really bad fear of missing out right now, and constant urge to get into what I think is a very inflated market. This helps control myself.

  32. MGTOW is a trash label, so it is going to attract trash human beings.

    MGTOW is just a faction of trad cons, waffling on about women hitting the wall, not giving a shit about other men.

    Men need to work together or perish, it is simple as that, the whole concept of mgtow is post hoc rationalization for men who do not give a fuck about other men, or have any desire to help them.

    men need to take collective action, or females will dominate them forever more.

  33. How much of this analysis relies on Marcus, an anonymous man with connections/allegiance to those biased by an agenda to damage Kris Cantu, being an authority on cryptocurrencies? How much of the criticism is applicable to almost all alt coins? How many of you truly understand the viability of any cryptocurrency?

    Yes, Red Pill Coin is unproven territory and the website is virtually empty of any credentials or solid structure to it…. keep in mind though, Kris has not been pushing it. In all his videos, how many times has Kris advertised or offered Red Pill Coin? Two times out of something like fifty videos, and then it was nothing like "buy this now!". No, it was "hey, I'm also involved with this other thing, now lets get back to talking about living your own way."

    Kris has never used YouTube to ask for money for Red Pill Coin, and he has pretty much kept his philosophizing and community building seperate from his own business plans so far. He sells a crypto startup program which helps you get into crypto how you want to, which is basically just a mutually beneficial signup bonus and finders fee… in no way a scam.

  34. All right, Red Pill Coin is a scam, as most cryptos. I would like to remind those who might lose faith in MGTOW that every family has a black sheep; that's a way of saying that in every community or group or corporation there will always be people who try to take advantage of others, they don't reflect the true intent of said group. MGTOW is and will always be the path to freedom, don't let scammers erode your belief in it.

  35. This is not a technology decision. Instead, it is an investment decision. As far as your opinion or competence on technology, I can’t judge one way or another. I am disappointed that you think I have been talking down to you. I believe I have been very respectful. On the question of technology, irregardless of your or my expertise, it is clear that if anyone has questions about the red pill coin’s technical level then they should contact the red pill coin issuers and demand answers from them. None of us have been involved in the making of red pill but they sure have. Therefore, all of us should ask them the hard questions and make our investment decisions based upon the real facts. In conclusion, we should base our decisions upon real facts from primary sources and not from those who may or may not have an interest in slamming red pill coin because of either personal malaise or to secure a marketing advantage down the road. Again, it is your money and your life. I want you to make your decisions based upon real facts and not take someone’s pronouncements (mine included) as Gospel. Thank you for your time and God bless you all.

  36. Cantu is the Schlepper Pitch man in this Con.  I suspect the Ronin Man is the real creator
    of this trick fnuck coin.  Keep your
    enemies close and your friends, family and collaborators closer!

  37. I watched that response video Kris made. This guy reeks of scam artist. The way he talks, the body language.
    I'm also currently living in Asia, and I meet guys like him on the street every single day, selling suits or weed. They will say and do anything to come off as your friend, but in the end they always want your money.

    His argument of "the opposition just have low testosterone" is the perfect strategy for his audience though. Good job.

  38. it seems that Angry Mgtow created the red pill coins, and I guess since Kris Cantu is willing to show his face to the public and is quite vocal about his MGTOW mission he go to be the front guy for the red pill coin. I think you only attacked Kris and not Angry Mgtow because he's new to MGTOW and you will not get as much back lash if you had instead attacked Angry Mgtow, plus you get a free ride on the publicity kuris is generating.

  39. Dude right when I was about to start investing in crypto, I was this close to spending $100 on red pill coins, until I read a comment in a video. Thank God I didn't buy that. Plus red pill coin is not listed on the list of crypto coins. Pheeew!

  40. I think that Red Pill coin is less a scam and moreso simply the creation of 2 individuals (Kris Cantu and Angry MGTOW) who were excited enough about the latest investment wave to create their own company to capitalize on it. However, much like we saw in the late 90s with the craze, now that the company is established, the founders don’t seem to know what to do with it.

  41. Thanks for shedding light on this Marcus. I will be very interested in your ICO, please keep us in the loop mate. Also, are there any coins you think are a good investment now?

  42. Not sure how MGTOW 101 got caught up in this… Never knew asking for donations for his channel was a moral crime. its your RATIONAL decision to donate if you feel you enjoy or like the content. What ever he does with the money is his business. The point of the matter is he continues to produce content and ppl donate. Same with TFM, Sandman, Howard Dare and so on.

    This is Lauren Southerns bitcoin wallet

    This is MGTOW 101s wallet

  43. Marcus, I am going to be doing a show about this matter soon and I have a couple of questions for you:(1) Did you try to communicate with Kris before you made and posted this video? And (2) why did call it "The Red Pill Coin "is" a Scam", rather than "Is the Red Pill Coin a Scam"?" I would appreciate your answers.

  44. The audio makes this video almost unbearable. Other than that, we've got great content here. I'm subscribing.

  45. Cryptocurrencies are a scam all together. Their value is extremely inflated if they become successful or next to nothing if they're a failure.

    Here's a good video about what real money is:

  46. Your refusal to cut any slack to the people who have exhibited their insufficient moral duty to the community is worthy of praise – there are few things that compare to a man who can't turn a blind eye to the failures within his ranks without any bias.

  47. Please stop. In the latest debate with bulletsforteeth stream You put ego over honor and integrity of the discussion amd even became trollish, talking down upon talking through your nose as an egotistical little boy who had no argument other than "haha my ego" This is not the way of men. You continue to go after other camps in mgtow, who are innocent, without any proof whatsoever. We are being littered with constant trolling from your camps, onto many other streams and camps who support each other. (Youd be surprised how many streams youre going after) There needs to be an apology made. You ruined a mans honor and reputation over a hunch and never conceded your false accusations. #metoo. One would wonder why would someone do this to another man. Defamation of character? Why? How do women get up in the work place by slander and defemation of character? Sounds familiar? A slightly larger channel trying to slit the throat of another. Big bank eat little bank. Thats how we see it. I am a long term fan of many mgtow content providers. Angry mgtow mgtow 101 howard dare tfm gizzly mgtow mindframe mgtow knowledge big john expat and so on and so on and so on and have remained neutral always until the trolls come to attack others. Many of us are coming to the conclusion that kris was attacked and slandered and deserves his reputation to be fully cleared of YOUR slander and attacks. Your little channel is not bigger than the rest of us. You will not win by cutting the rest of them down. Believe me. You may have your 13k, but The rest of the mgtow fans and followers will see the truth behind your slander and ego. You are only ONE channel. We are many. If we have to. We will all start putting out content to clear this up and disable your negligent slander towards others within mgtow. We will spread the word and continue down this path. Eye for an eye dawg. People are coming around from everywhere and stacking against you more and more faster and faster on this. I think its time youd better wisen up to this my friend.

  48. For some reason, every time Marcus starts a new section in the audio, the volume level seems very low for the first few seconds.

  49. + groundwork for the metaphysics, Greetings! Sir there's an old saying that goes like this, " there's men in the ranks that will stay in the ranks why I'll tell you why simply because they don't have the ability to get things done"! The generational literate and preliterate percentage-wise has always been the same 4 capacity of understanding and as BT Barnum was said there's a sucker born every minute! The ignorant can learn over time but Genetically speaking it's best that the stupid die off very soon sir the stupid will migrate elsewhere off-planet! I have witness this occurrence for five generations and it's consistent throughout! In regards to Chris Cantu he is a classical istp using the Myers-Briggs personality types outwardly he's childlike inwardly he's mature but he's manipulative and calculating and has been criminalized through his upbringing. All you have to do is sit back and watch this unfold no matter where Mr Cantu goes he will be tracked down brought back to the United States prosecuted and in prison in a federal prison that might be near you so you can visit him! Chris Cantu take shortcuts and the consequences is prison he understands it and it's only a matter of time! Continued success and best wishes towards your endeavors!!!

  50. The crypto market is the highest market now. In 2016, over $300 billion dollars was made worldwide and has made millions of traders rich. You can be part of the people who are earning a living through trading cryptos . With just half a bitcoin , you can make up to 2 bitcoins in a week . contact me via ( [email protected] com) and i will be sure to guide and assist you in this world of digital and cryptocurrency trading that are making waves at the moment.

  51. In Kris' defense, and without getting into the red pill coin issue or coming at you aggressively at all, all these accusations of Kris are not the guy I've talked to. He reached out to interview me in October about a shitty little e-book I wrote. We set up a time and he stood outside for an hour in the freezing Colorado cold and spent hours editing the video. He stood nothing to gain from this because I am nobody in this community, and I have never donated to him. I don't agree with everything he says, hell I don't even like some of his friends. But I'm defending his character today.

    Because of that interview, a guy I've never heard of reviewed my book positively on his website. That meant a lot to me and I owe it to Cantu.

  52. RPC and Bitcoin aren't identical in the slightest

    Marcus, if u'll issue a million coins (ERC20) and back them by nothing, they will worth exactly as much how its characteristics'll allow (on top of Ethereum security level). If u can distribute your coins to a million people, value will rise, if u can create closed supply chains in your coins, value will rise. Money is a commodity with a set of characteristics. Bitcoin isn't backed by anything and yet it's valueable cos it's useful : scarce, not so much portable and divisible today, I give u that – research Bitcoin split and Bitcoin Cash for further details, well-distirubuted – millions of people own it, have some closed supply chains – mostly speculation and arbitrage (demand is exploding), the most secure money that exists today, ledger is immutable – censorship resistance is now present for the first time in the history of money. Bitcoin is the second most sound money that exists

  53. O' boy is gonna run off to Taiwan and leave you wondering why you can't reach him while he is wearing shorts and walking barefoot on the beach

  54. Greed motivates others to invest in stocks, whether they exist or not. Investing in digital coins is RISKY as there are no concrete stocks to buy or sell. If companies go bankrupt by Ponzi schemes, those who have invested in non-existing stocks for the past 5 years are expected to pay back what the crooked entrepreneurs owe to other investors. This had happened to Madoff's victims.

  55. Thanks for making this video. I almost bought a bunch of redpill coins. Thanks for talking me and others like me out of it.

  56. I said that crypto currency is indeed a scam because there's a lot of uncertainty whether the currency stable for anybody to do investment even mining it you need hundreds or thousands of those graphic card for just sole purpose of mining crypto currency so the only way these scammers need to understand is that money should be earn when you have a proper job or start legal business that have no connection with these crypto currency shill,these comment is for someone like MGTOW 101,chris cucktu and Angry mgtow.

  57. Rumors going around that DDJ is trying to get MGTOW slandered in the media, hence his attacks on many big MGTOW channels. He is pushing for MGTOW to be classified as a scam.

  58. Thanks for a very interesting insight Marcus . I had/have no intention either before or after this video of purchasing this coin. I did laugh out loud at the comment “a pipe dream for the ignorant“ or something like that-go Marcus go!!

  59. Angry Mgtow has a new channel called Angry Madman and Angry All the Time.

    Go flag his channels and shut him down.

  60. The coin is a scam indeed. I purchased it one month before ur video date, was a n00b back then, fortunately for me it was just $100 profit that I got from buying and selling Ethereum in November 2017. Let me check ur other videos now, found ur channel because of this shitcoin.

  61. Wow! What the hell has been going on since I was gone?
    Bar Bar got money to write and then slacked-off about it?
    I guess power (and Fame) really do corrupt.

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