The Real Reason I left the USA – What Does Quality of Life Mean to You? – Living in Merida Mexico

hey guys welcome back well look at that today's episode I'm just gonna be discussing why I chose to live out here in Mexico there's a lot of reasons why I chose to live out here in Mexico there's a lot of reasons but I'll give you pretty much the number one reason all right how's that and the number one reason as to why I moved out here was for cost of living all right once I got out here I realized it was a lot more other things a lot more benefits like way of living you know was a lot better you know quality of life was a lot better and so on and so forth there's a lot of other reasons you know that are very beneficial to living out here but really wonder if you really want to break down if you really want to break it down it's it's really basically costs more than anything else a lot of people choose to live out here it's just gotten way too expensive to live back you know where we come from and so a lot of us have chosen to maybe like live here or live other places that are not necessarily here but other places this truck just got stuck here now I gotta cross the street hopefully not get killed all right so as you can see it's traffic it's a Tuesday afternoon guys afternoon so you know the main reason why I moved out here the main reason why a lot of us move out here is basically again the cost of living it's it's more than you know that's that's basically it I'm you know we I love it out here it's freaking great I mean I discover paradise and my sucks II can't do two things at once you gotta pay attention so I can cross the street out of traffic all right so back to what I was saying so yeah I mean a PC it basically breaks down to economics that's not a bad thing now get a better view so it's just basically breaks down to economics and everything is just cheaper out here no matter what the hell it is everything even like you know let's just go down to like let's say Netflix if you want to get millets as a Mexican resident if you have a Mexican you know bank account if you have a Mexican bank account or you know any kind of like Mexican you know former pain then you know you can when you pay for Netflix instead of paying ten bucks fifteen bucks I don't know what you guys pay for it you'll be paying five dollars I think it is in fact I think it's the lowest cost of all the countries in the world or some shit like that so for Netflix and Judy knows a lot of things that are cheap out here whether its food whether it's you know living expenses all kinds of shit there let me get ahead and does this take a little while so you know like I was saying like you know everything you know for example you know we've already talked about rent which is two hundred US dollars for my rent for a townhouse a two-story townhouse when it comes to electricity I pay alright here we go you got that I pay anywhere from you know twenty five to fifty two hundred dollars you know give or take every two months so that means really you know again anywhere from 25 to a hundred Diaries an area everywhere from like it's around fifty bucks a month give or take all right twenty five fifty bucks a month give or take on your consumption so many other things you know I mean like um there's certain things that are expensive gasoline electronics what else what else electricity is expensive electricity is just as expensive or I think more expensive than the US compared ibly and that's it you know I mean pretty much it but but like at the end of the day I came out here like a lot of us come out here just for a better way of life you know not everybody comes out here you know everybody comes out here seeking different things but you know when it comes down to it I feel like a lot of us out there are just looking for you know a better place to live that's all we love what we come from but in a lot of places out there in the world you know it's gotten so crazy expensive where you actually have to look at an option like moving out of the country as a real alternative because it's either that or starve or live on the street and I mean you know you could look at depending on who you are you can look at it negatively or positively you know I chose to look at it look at it very positively and it's um it's it's been amazing I haven't complained once that's a lie I've complained many times you know but stupid little things here and there like we all do we're human but what I'm saying is you know like it's it's not you know when you add the totality of everything you can't even compare yeah I mean you can't compare you know living out here to to living in the u.s. you know and again this isn't that for everybody there's a lot of people out there that might not understand exactly why you know what people choose to live out here or choose to live you know outside of the country but you know the reality is again you know you know if you're watching this it's because you've already made that decision whatever you know and whatever that decision comes as alright we're gonna point the camera the other direction all right because that's it you know I'm mad this ain't camera material you guys already see enough of me you guys want to see the rest here right so all right give me a second started getting hot as you guys can tell or not if I can't tell look at the tour si so um yeah like I was saying you know I mean like out here you can come out for dinner for lunch you know and spend five to ten dollars this is one of the best Italian restaurants out here and again it's you're you're paying nothing here look let's look at some prices real quick so as you guys can see like anything that's this right here this would be like five dollars five six dollars roughly five six dollars roughly okay so just you can get an idea of the prices you know hopefully you guys can see there and this is one of the best Italian restaurants out here period and it's pricey you know this is a little pricey but again is it really [Applause] and look they got specials you know where you know you buy one of those pastas and you get it you get you buy one of those and you get another one for ten so for like literally under ten dollars you get like a beautiful meal for two people and in one of the nicest areas I mean there's tons areas like that are nicer nicer nicest but I'm just you know just putting that into perspective you know that's it's not so bad out here and as a matter of fact the reason I'm kind of bringing this up is because in the last several days I've actually come across a few other Gringo's I guess you know I don't know what else to say but a few other expats from the US and you know they're out here on a limited budget so to answer your question so to answer your question no man it shows a bat that well maybe maybe I can make it maybe not oh yeah negative all right so you know to answer your question on whether someone can live out here for $1,500 yeah you know I met a couple people that do now granted like I was saying you're living frugally but I don't know to me I think if I had that much well you know like that's that's a really good income you know to be out here it just all depends on your your your cost and you know what you choose to do but with your money out here but again yes you know the answer is yes I've actually met a few others I've actually met a few others as well that don't speak any Spanish that speak maybe just a few phrases here and there very little almost nothing and they said that you know everything's going great that everything you know they've been out here for years you know maybe not ignited and not just even in this part of Mexico but other parts of Mexico without speaking barely any any Spanish and they're totally fine so yeah and just you know just answer some questions out there you know that I've known few people have been asking or what-have-you and yeah I've been getting a lot of you know a lot of requests from people from all over the world yeah you know they want to move out here or just want tips on this whole situation and it's on you know we're looking at the muse and we're looking at all this all a political mumbo-jumbo just pretty much everything that's going on in the world right now you know one can see why moving out here is uh something that is actually a pretty good idea you know she's just uh what's the saying that shit just keep going down all over the place and people just want to live people just want peace and quiet which again you know this is what I have really you know chose to live out here you know just to come full circle you know answer that question why I chose to live out here more than anything else besides a financial besides the obvious financial situation as to why I chose this place it's uh it's again the peace and quiet about being able to want to do what you want to do and again you know what I mean by peace and quiet it's it's really she should hook again peace and quiet meaning that you can just tell work I'm not talking about the noise per se out there but the noise in your head and what do I mean by it the noise in your head you already know if you're worrying every single day where are you gonna get the money to pay for this or pay for that or you know about you know the you know a ticket or judge or going to jail for nothing or you know for littering or whatever you know I mean like you know million worries you know things with your kids things with this like so many unnecessary worries you know getting gunned down in a terrorist attack you know whatever the fuck you want to call it man you know all this bullshit that goes on back in the States on a daily basis or in whatever country you're in you know whether you're in France or you're in another part of the world you know there's a lot of places right now in turmoil and it's only gonna get worse so you know people just want to be people people just want to live that's why I chose to live out here I just want to live I just wanted peace knowing full well at this place knowing full well this place has a lot of art a lot of culture a lot of awesome stuff like that and that's basically what I do then this place you know this place seemed very optimal for me it was very cheap it's very beautiful a lot of art a lot of culture you know I'm working again one so yeah I mean that's why I chose you but again there's plenty of places like this you know like who knows where I'll end up next I'm definitely gonna be here for a little while that's for sure there's a lot of reasons why I'm gonna be here for a while but you know I at the end of the day I really just want to find a home you know so this is a place that you know I myself can call home so look at people how they park here look at how interesting this whole parking situation is in the States they want it they don't allow they don't trust people to do things like that that's insane how can they allow people to park like that and so this is what's also about Mexico you know means like it's like you know do it at your own risk you know you can park there you know but you're responsible for your actions you know one way or the other I don't know just saying just dumb shit like that again some people might mad like that some people might like it the way it is in other countries anyways who cares about the parking situation as I was saying I came out here for you know again the financial situation and just peace and quiet you know somewhere where I can focus on my a my my work on my art on my life on whatever it is and so again even if you've got kids no matter what it is it's all about quality of life you want to be able to spend more time with your kids if you're older you want to be you know relish those years that you have left you know if you're young and an entrepreneur like me you want to use that time you know as as it maximize it as much as humanly possible you know I mean so out here I can dedicate so much more time to doing what I want to do my art my job my career my future as opposed to back in the states where I had to dedicate a large portion of my time to a job that I hated like a lot of guys like a lot of people out there just to pay rent just to pay bills just to pay whatever in fact you're working so much you know I mean you barely go home you're you're always at work so you you know again out here I get to do you know I mean I get to just you know I'm working I have my job I'm editing you know tons of videos I got clients I got I have you know I got clients out here you know the whole nine you know I'm already doing it all and it's like you're a small business person can can really totally make it and how can they make it how can they make it out here because again you know you don't need you don't need three thousand dollars a month to survive you only need $1,500 to survive you know I mean and again a lot less because I don't need that I don't spend that much money I bet I bet I survived with everything included like for around $800 you know that's I mean so just you know put that shit into perspective you know so it's just that route that freedom that's what I mean by freedom there's a lot of freedoms that I talk about when I when I talk about coming out here and being out here but you know the reality is it's like it's basically that freedom that freedom that allows you to open up your mind and it allows you to really live your life and not not be worried and not be working your ass off all the time you know not any of that shit you know again I worked my ass off here but I worked my ass off for myself you know I'm not working my ass off for anyone else everyone's totally different you know you could still live out here and have a regular nine-to-five online you know there's a bunch of ways to work online live out here work eight hours a day at home and then you still got the rest of the day to enjoy paradise and you're probably gonna be making a lot more than me at the moment so you know that's what I'm getting paid like 10 15 20 bucks an hour just to like you know teach English and that's anybody here I mean and there's like a bunch of other things out there that you could go get and do and then you work up 40 hours a week you know online doing whatever job and then you get to enjoy the rest of your life you know back home ADA you know it doesn't you know that's not enough money man that's never enough money so and that's it you know there's just like a lot of a lot of benefits to living out here you got beautiful weather you know beautiful women men whatever beautiful culture you know amazing food every single fucking thing that you used to from back home they have it here pretty much everything literally and and that's it I mean again like I tell people just think of it just think of it like if you're leaving like if you're moving let's say you're in LA and you need to leave LA because it's crazy expensive well wherever you're moving to is gonna be a brand new place no matter what so why not why not just again go abroad and then necessarily Mexico anywhere why not what do you have to lose you feel me it's like again if you're gonna be some wife start you know no matter where you're gonna go you're gonna start out somewhere brand new there's a lot of places out there to speak English as well it's a lot of Sun out today this even get some shape but you know that I mean that's it this is basically it guys you know it's just being you know being able to live you know that's it that's why I chose to leave the country you know so that I can live and I think that's why a lot of you people out there you know also are choosing to that's why you want to leave the country or whatever country you're in each of these you just want to live some people enjoy that rat race people some people are just tired of it you know and again some people are looking out there to have a really good paying job and career and they've you know and they're good and they don't need this this stuff this is just for like pretty much every other American or European out there that you know has just a regular job you know back when you used to be able to be a janitor or a chef and you'll be able to support a family you know now you know know you need like you know to work 100 hours a week to barely you know make it and so does your wife and so on and so forth and you already know I don't got to tell you all these things we all have all reasons with we all have our reasons why we want to move out here but basically it's a financial concern you know that's basically it and now here you again like a like I've reiterated many times over and like you guys are fully aware already it's but that's basically it out here things are not that different from anywhere else you know sure there are different things just like if you're moving from Miami to Nashville from Nashville to Los Angeles or Los Angeles to Baltimore from Baltimore to New York all of these places Philadelphia you may miss Seattle you know a Montana all these places are completely 1 million percent different so again just think of when you're coming out here like if you just move into a part of the country has a lot of immigrants you know like Texas or New Mexico or Arizona or what happened you know and that's it you know it's actually MIT that's really it I mean that's basically it again I come from Miami and this is what feels more like home to me of all the places I've been you know why just because again this is a Spanish first English second but you can still survive as a gringo alright guys thanks again for watching I really appreciate you guys I love you guys at that don't forget to please like please subscribe please share and I'll see you guys at the next one peace out have a wonderful wonderful rest of your day oh it's hot I gotta get some a/c and some some coca-cola no coca-cola for me later

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  1. You won't believe this — I was just thinking – I should ask Jose why he left the US and chose Mexico (granted, you're fluent Spanish – but still). You answered many questions I've had. If I were to leave the US, Mexico is definitely on my short list on places to go. I do have one question — I know in many areas of Mexico, you have to place toilet paper in a wastebasket … is that true in Merida, or do they have it where you can flush it? Yeah – call me weird, but that is a sticking point for me.

  2. Great video. Talking about culture, you should check out "Palacio de la Musica" downtown. Free admission. Cero pesitos.

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