The Real Reason Erik Voorhees Sold Us Out + Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News + Silver

hey guys how's it going welcome back today is September 5th 2018 you already know it's Wednesday it's hump day and we're ready to rock and roll now I got the camera a little bit of an angle here because it's already like 3:15 p.m. I've been running around you know running errands all day shit like that and I had to do groceries as I haven't done groceries and so yeah like my friend she was telling me hey you should download this app and just like you know they'll deliver it for you blah blah did the math knows like you know what is I'm actually I might actually be cheaper believe it or not actually you you know I think it might be cheaper when I do the final math but I think so sunday which Sarge has been chatting with them all afternoon you know whether grocery shopping for me I'm bringing you my shit pretty bad pretty cool you know pretty badass and I decided to well fuck it let me go out and run a few more errands that I need to run and so I decided not to go out wha take my walk you know when I do the pharmacy what's the bank you know what the Walmart to get a couple things that I needed from there and just BAM you know Pam bam bam you know we're good to go and so you know I was about to start recording and stuff like that I'm just trying to figure out what to talk about so you know I think there's a few things in the muse you guys have heard but you know whole thing with shape shift and the whole Harriet bore he's you know you know I read before he's from shake shit he said pretty much that starting real soon I don't know when I got a I hope it's not hope it's not anytime soon but starting soon they're gonna have to start doing kyc so in the exodus wallet my you know you might have to have a kyc situated in order to you know create a transaction and again you know all this is gonna do is just gonna hasten hasten be the the the need for having a decentralized exchange because so far shape-shift has been a decentralized exchange it so you know what's gonna happen now well if they do that with shape-shift you know people are gonna use other decentralized exchanges or other exchanges you know that don't require that so it's gonna it's very interesting I did not like that news at all and I think it's pretty kind of you know again telling all the times of what's going on and you know these are the regulations' rules and regulations in which you know they're just not good for the space but again they're not good in the short term but they're great in the long term because you know these are the things that will sour people from the banking system from you know the old legacy system and then want to start adopting these things that are all of a sudden not attainable for you know whatever reason anyways they look the guy is almost here at I don't want to show you too much because then I'll show you where I live but anyways but yeah little guys almost here you know it's like the little uber app thing so yeah I was planning on just I was actually planning on recording you know the guy bringing in the stuff you know it's kind of disappointing too because you know when I was looking at the thing you know I mean like wouldn't we were chatting and they were picking it up it was like some really sexy chick and I was like alright yeah she's always gonna deliver all stuff but then one like the person is gonna deliver is just some dude like bro like bra get out of it anyways the other news that what I want to talk about is uh I don't know if this is true or not but I was listening to pigs weird for a minute I think the guys already here I was listening to pigs weird for a minute and yeah he was saying something about silver you know you gotta do yeah the US Mint that's not something silver anymore they're not exporting silver and early the right word hold on a sec anyway the guys here see you guys in a sec alright no you know there's nobody whether or not sitting cooking we visit anyone it seems like we got everything all right that was pretty easy pretty painless pretty cool all right so let me put away the groceries and I'm gonna get back to the episode it's not bad though these are my brahmana flips so they get kind of it benefits me did it have the least disability you know and they have like an Amazon frying type situation is easy so Paul you just use this and please remember I gotta take a taxi back in four villages so this might actually come off cheaper hey guys all right so we're back well let's get back to that shapeshift news with what's going on there so I don't know if you guys have heard but pretty much what's going on with shape-shift and whoa shape-shift is part of Exodus wallet but let's just stick with ship shipshape ship is uh an exchange let me see if I can show you guys wrong right here real quick and it's not really an exchange what it really is it's like that's a website where you can just literally trade whatever coin you have for another coin so it's kind of like an exchange without any kind of like kwin and anonymous exchange okay so it's not decentralized exchange I don't think but it's definitely mad it's not one where you need to have any kind of ID any kind of like an account or anything like that you just you know now that's all well and good up until the government says hey you guys are gonna start complaining with X Y and C laws because you know we want to you know every every one of those exchanges every one of those trades you know we look at a missed trades and we need to get paid aka taxes so anyways so then the news broke that you know every port he said that like a starting real soon they're gonna start offering like special memberships you know to shape-shift or some shit like that and then on top of that like I'm if they're voluntary but pretty soon you're gonna be it's gonna be mandatory in which you're gonna need to be a member of shape-shift and provide you know all the KYC things that we all love you know so that way they can you know you can pay your taxes notch it and so god no God please no no no no how is that gonna affect the Exodus wallet moving forward and other things moving forward but you know that that's a little bit kind of like yet to be seen but the deal of the point is that you know that's common and that's down the pike hopefully it won't be anytime soon that's my hope that's a hope for a lot of people but you know at the end I know there are other exchanges that exist out there people will find them and use them and you know if all of a sudden you got to do kyc just to use shape shift or change elite or anything like that hope change lis stays around you know but regardless the point is that at some point every single one of these things are gonna you know lead kyc there's not gonna be anything free unless there's a decentralized exchange all right and I mean free I'm just saying free from the government's up prying fingers prying eyes you know the taxes you know all that shit so you know those days might be in a very distant past all right I mean you know there might be an you know we're not we're moving past that you know so you know as these things happen you know it just creates more of a need to create decentralized exchanges and move forward in that space but you know right now you know it is what it is what are we gonna do and the thing is that you know people some people don't understand what this means you know what's going on here and the thing is look let me break this down for you guys so you know what all this really is is the fact that it just puts in the forefront what an amazing technology bitcoin is because bitcoin can mat be forced by no government entity to comply with anything you understand it's just a free roaming thing but whenever you have anything that is just a little bit centralized that has some sort of point of weakness or a point of yeah point of weakness or there are a point of failure you know then that's when these things you know are they're not good anymore you know I mean that's what big one is amazing there's no point of failure for Bitcoin that you know type of shit and so what I mean by point of failure well you know the whole thing where you know there's a CEO there's a company behind it you know it's a us-based entity you know all these things that are part of shape-shift that company that are all these are all points of failure points of failure what I mean by points of failure well that's when the government can come in well first of all points of failure mm can mean too many things but in when I'm in this speak here you know and what I'm trying to say here is that the point of failure comes in play when I know the government says hey you can't can't do this for XY and Z or hey you guys need to do kyc and wood that's no your customer all right and that means that you have to you know give them your license give them your social security give them while your banking information game up that's what that means as of right now you don't have to do any of that period you know to do anything you know to sign up you know there's nothing in order to use your exodus wallet and in order to your shape-shift but in the real near future you will and that's not good for example this active it's like you know like again I'll be fine I mean there's a bunch of decent sized exchanges but all that's doing is that it's forcing someone like me to not use these tools anymore because I'm not gonna fucking be no kyc nothing that's why I don't trade you know exchanges or anything like that because I don't want I refuse you know to be part of that shit so that's that's that and I mean that's a kid you know situation with that and so what's gonna happen is that you know just like we're watching shape-shift you know we're gonna be watching other hands like every other entity you know which is like a change Li you know any anyone else that offers this kind of you know product or service you know they're gonna be targeted then all of a sudden on top of that the next move is that they're gonna start going after people that own coins so for example like you know when you know they'll go after Bitcoin cash because Bitcoin cash has you know I see yo they have owners they have you know stock you know all the shit and so according to the US law you can't create your own money you can't print your own money you can't do anything like that so you already know what's gonna happen to Roger ver and everyone behind Bitcoin cash thing goes along the lines with any other cryptocurrency that has punch of failure like that – my you know be allowed to do might not be a lot to do transactions of work or do anything in in the United States of America but that you know they'll be able to fully work in Latin America and Venezuela and in other parts of the world where they're not really giving a fuck about that kind of shit but like just like things are in Japan I mean in China just like a lot of you know mining operations and mining outfits in other businesses you know in the crypto space and I see elves you know they have been forced to leave China and go to a places like Macau and I don't know other places and close by that are very crypto friendly and so on and so forth so you know all this is looking like it's just that you know this is a very beginnings in the in the first signs of the u.s. starting to regulate heavily on in this space it's just the very beginning and that's it there's a way I'm looking at it you know and people are not really paying attention but that's really the case and so that's why we need even more and even you know more of a need in order to create this you know these decentralized exchanges and just keep moving away and further further away from the banking system all right otherwise you're just gonna have you know be paying taxes and so on and so forth or whatever but it's it's even more complicated than that you know it's just affected the you know government is just wants to you know be in you know wants to see and look what to see everything you do wants to be part of everything you do you know they you know it's it's invasion of privacy it's a lot of things you know just like right now I think the United States is trying to force you know nothing message the United States for the United States Australia the UK and you know other I think Canada you know their friends someone else you know they're forcing you know we're they're trying to force you know cellphone companies to create a jailbreak you know or some sort of passcode that you know some sort of master key that they can use to open any phone at any time and you know things like that and so you know that's all part of what's going on here and it's not good again that's why I live out here max mehico you know fuck that shit by the way I know you guys can see it or not well look at I got we're gonna copy at the store whoo look tada it's official I'm Mexican now i'm a mexican not a mexican't all right FYI so yeah by the way less than a dollar a dollar a dollar a dollar for this and they had like those big flags you know like the big American flags you know the ones that are like the size of that wall you know the ones that are humongous that will cost like five six and eight the like eight dollars eight dollars for a flag that's like bigger than this room pretty cool right anyways I got that vive maiik oh yeah brother so so far you know and then I'm really giving a fuck to down to much down here this might be a very crypto friendly place FYI so you know what's gonna happen is that you know like and pretty much every entity every cryptocurrency every ICO every product every everything they're gonna start having to comply with the government and government regulations and government you know whatever either that or die you know I mean they don't have much of a choice and I mean they have to comply and if they don't comply the government's just gonna you know come a-knockin and you know put them out of business you know what I'm saying and so that's pretty much what's happening there and so watching shape-shift you know having to do this is kinda like a very sad day I mean I wish they would just move overseas you know that would be they'll probably be a lot better you know and easier and it would just be better I don't know why they will do that but whatever it is what it is but that's what's going on with that and then you know for those of you out there that are Bitcoin cash believers or believers in a bunch of other you know shady prop rental projects out there again you know you're their day will come because the government will be cracking down and all this shit and you know they just can't crack down on Bitcoin they can't crack down on you know certain coins out there yeah I mean but again you know it's like the owner I think we're like dogecoin might be safe because you know I think that I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure the dogecoin you know the guy that created it like he separated himself from it and like no one's even updated dogecoin or some shit like that so you know he might be you know he might be safe you know worst-case scenario am I just oh you've got to shut it down but you know then he'll be like hey I can't shut it down it's just like that and so he'll be fine you know but someone like a Roger ver which is out there blatantly you know selling you this fucking product you know he's going down and again like let's say well Charlie Lee would have just held on to litecoin and he is the creator of like one and the whole fucking thing he would have also gone down believe it or not that's why he sold all his like corn and then he created this thing called a light plane foundation and he created all these walls and barriers you know in between him and the government so when the day comes that the government will come after him he will be protected by you know their you know the same laws that are trying to come after him you know I mean so he'll be fine he knows what he's doing and again you know obviously you can see other morons out there I'm just talking about Roger Vern Bitcoin cash they're not taking these steps you know and hope he hears this you know and hopefully he does something like that but again knowing roger ebert do you think he's gonna pull a fucking Charlie Lee I don't think so I don't think so so that's that's that I mean and so on and so forth you mean so you know this is just a very interesting time you know we're just seeing the very beginnings of that and so to add let me make sure the time as we're doing good okay good so by the way because I don't you know I have like a little screen in which I look at and I see the time but I calls it when I'm recording these videos so that way I can have eye contact with you guys ago because is so important you know sexy music here maybe not but you know website it's very important you know I got a look at a camera make sure I'm looking at you guys make sure you guys know what I'm saying I'm serious any room well he's serious too anyways but to the next story in which we're gonna cut win which and the next story which we're covering today there's a million things I could talk about but I'm trying to keep these you know short concise into the point and trying to talk about stories that people might not be talking about so another story is I you know as I was walking I was listening to YouTube and so on and so forth and you know watching some videos and checking out the news you know I'm not gonna bow away fYI I'm not gonna fucking sit here and talk to you guys obviously you look out for I'm into the episode already I'm not gonna sing him really go the crash that happened today oh this is that because again guys you know I mean you already know what I am I'm fucking hot oiler plus I understand the markets are another what happened today is very fucking normal you know that we went from 6400 to their what six thousand fire whatever the fuck we are and now you know I mean from seven thousand four hundred to like six thousand eight hundred or whatever fuck we're hearing those thermal we're going right back up everything's fine so don't worry is that now if your trainer you know what you're doing if you don't have you think of you are panicking because of this fucking little mini crash and you know again you're just a fucking noob welcome welcome to the welcome to the show alright so to the next story I was watching I lose in two BIG's weird and the only reason they listen to big swears because I only I only click on his videos whether its clickbait or not but I click on his videos the ones that you know I have like a real pretty interesting headline so this headline here was by the way yeah let me I forgot the time I was losing track of okay we're good okay so um this headline right here was literally says US Mint illegally stops Silver Eagle sales I listen to when he you know to that video and yeah if I mean it sounds like it might be true and by the way god I hope it's true I hope that God is true because if it's true holy shit grab onto your fucking balls make sure you got enough food and water you know by fireworks you know and and so on and so forth because the shit's going down and it's gonna be back to fuckin Great Depression you know times like real soon I mean in the sense of how the government's gonna be reacting to this also it's gonna be good because I really good thing that we're gonna have a major rebuilding of the nation you know we might be going down that route let me explain if all of a sudden the US Mint is saying that they cannot deliver a purchase of silver to a customer that's a major sign that's literally that's all that's saying is that the government is not selling silver anymore to you to me to anyone let me explain if you go to a silver or gold dealer where I tell you guys to buy your gold and silver and so on and so forth you know just like your local gold and silver dealer not a poncho a gold and silver dealer not just them but I'm talking about like Mike Maloney with gold silver and it's so on and so forth you know you know there's a bunch of bullion and gold places out there but the point is that from what he said he said that one of the what one of these dealers got a letter from the US Mint saying that they can that they will not be selling or delivering any more solar for the for the for the time being that's a big fuckin thing because if now the government is not you know releasing silver anymore what is that telling you what is that fucking time you know I mean and by the way like he explains very well that it's very illegal for the government to do that that they shooting that can't be doing that and what's happening now is not you know not normal but at the same time if you look at it from the historical perspective it's very normal the government is getting ready for a major crash and all of a sudden census remember we keep talking about the price of silver being at record lows like around $14 in shit so what's gonna happen is that you know we're gonna see a major spike in price and silver obviously you know I mean they're they're telling you right there and when the when the system crashes we're gonna be seeing a major jump in silver and gold prices and at the same time you know the government you know can't have any available to deliver for obvious reasons you know I mean for us too many obvious reasons people are gonna want their gold and silver so this is a very very interesting story that goes in line with the other stuff of the rules and regulations and so on and so forth and you know they cancelled I heard that they canceled a bunch of ETF so they're not gonna be row having ETFs anytime soon and again I told you guys stop fucking worrying about those fucking ETFs we have to worry about real news you know like gold and silver sorry I just drank some water and I got like some you know had like some water my fucking moustache you know my flavor saver anyway so yeah you know like the real story which is back and what back represents and what back is and again I keep seeing more and more and more stories out there of other youtubers and other other bloggers and she's like that talking about bat and exactly what it represents it means I'll make a video on that soon talking more in depth on back like I haven't already talked about back to a million times since a very beginning and so on and so forth so you know that's the other story there let me just stop the recording and restart again real quick and we're back oh you know what I just fucking notice man that fucking out-of-focus man anyways no buts the focus is doing alright and just realize I I mean I talked the videos that I hope the whole videos are out of focus and just fucking news anyways so yeah so like I was saying you know this whole whole story with shape-shift and what's going on there with the KYC and she'll end up is by the way how I heard about it was on Twitter on Krypton Twitter but it was on Twitter and I even responded to Eric born he isn't that whole fucking thing and she liked that and she's very interesting because every boy he's Believe It or Not doesn't have options as far as I know I don't know I don't know but he does have options if you really if he really is an OG and a true believer and what we're trying to do here he will figure out a way to get that to get shape-shift out of the u.s. like literally you know so he doesn't have to deal with the fucking US but what that means is listen guys you know if you're gonna go up against the US then that means that he's fired naked and never gonna be able to step brush step foot in the US without getting harassed by the police by some sort of whatever believe it or not that's really the situation so he's choosing right now his freedom and his integrity and a lot of fucking other things you know over doing what's really right because if he does what's right then he probably can't step back and can't step foot in the USA for a while you know if a bitch if she gets that bad and that's like something that's mostly gonna happen and so what he's doing now that he's just complying he's complying him he's complying instead of doing what needs to be done which is you know leave the country and literally have set up set up your headquarters outside of the US and figure out a way to fucking move forward and if the u.s. is a place in which you know exodus and shape-shift you know can only be used through an IP end and so be you know a VPN afire through a VPN then so be it you know but that's that's the move that we would all be very happy with in this space but I doesn't look like he's gonna be doing that and a little any one of these guys to be doing that and some guys are gonna be dumber than others you know obviously I think Roger versus the dumbest dumbest of them all and he's gonna be definitely set an example I really do think that they're gonna send an example of them because they love setting up examples and and of course I mean if they can fucking take down a fucking douchebag like a mere you know you know they're they want any opportunity so they can look like the good guy so anyways I'll leave it there I'll leave it with that and again guys yeah you know we got some amazing times ahead for show in the space even though we're seeing a little bit of a dip it's not a big fucking deal word you know that we're gonna be seeing you know cryptocurrency and Bitcoin be part of all our lives and then will in the near future and the government and it's trying to do everything that they can then just in this country but in other countries to try and control it and it's our job to make sure that we're not controlled and we keep creating you know things you know whatever you know just our products or you don't mean are just programs or whatever the fuck you know we need to create that are decentralized and stay away from the government and in fact you know many many steps ahead of governments regulations and the central bank's you're not the other day central banks the central banks are the ones that rule who world central banks rule the government's where you know about this Yatta Yatta Yatta and that's pretty much it and I think we'll be fine because most of us in this space you know no matter how many people comply you know there's gonna be a lot more people I mean there's gonna be a pest or humongous group of people not a lot more but definitely a large group of people that are like the cypherpunks you know like us you know that are gonna be pushing this space ahead and it's all up to us unless we create user friendly product that beats the these we need to create a decentralized user friendly product that will always be better than the centralized product that they will be creating and as long as we do that then we'll be fine you know and the whole space will be fine I think we'll do it just to it is always is too much incentive to not create these things and there are crazy people like me you know that will choose to be like well fuck it you know I mean that living in fucking Mexico I can live in you know some other part of my cow even me and I'll be totally fine you know what I can't go to this in that country whatever anyways alright guys I'll leave it there anything so thank you guys so much for watching please like please subscribe please share and again I'll see you guys tomorrow or probably later I don't know a lot of videos I got a lot of content that I get start editing and putting for you guys up there and I'm definitely gonna be spending the whole day here tomorrow take care of that alright and so on tonight alright so thanks again and I'll see you guys tomorrow oh and by the way please check out these sponsors right here at the end of the video you know they're helping me continue you don't move in this whole thing along and thank you all you guys you know the new patrons out there I want to thank you guys a lot thank you guys for all the donations you guys give me and so on and so forth you guys are freaking awesome and amazing and if you guys want shout outs with your donations just give me a let me know and I will thanks again and peace out and don't forget to check these guys out bye guys do you have your waves wallet yet if you don't get it now go and download your waves wallet alright soon as you download your waves wallet I need you to do me a favor and send me your waves address alright why well because we're gonna have a daily competition or daily prize giveaway of one thousand Jose coins now we're gonna give these coins away easy all you're gonna do is leave a comment below and and after the comment please leave your waves addressee off top left there's your address alright everyone's going to have a different address so just leave a comment and then leave an address and then I will pick someone randomly every single day as a 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