The Princess Who Wouldn’t Be A Cautionary Allegory

the princess that wouldn’t be aa
different type of fairytale by Katherine Walden once upon a time there lived a
beautiful princess only she wouldn’t you’d be now you might be asking
yourself what wouldn’t she be well she wouldn’t be a princess because she
didn’t believe that she was indeed a princess princess mary had a beautiful
suite of rooms waiting for her with the finest of furnishing and the softest of
mattresses and she had the warmest of fires to curl up by that were just
waiting for her in her royal chambers and yet every night she curled up on the
hearth of the great kitchen fireplace by the dying embers with nothing but an old
potato sack for a pillow the ladies-in-waiting of the castle
spent hours upon hours making the finest of garments for Princess Mary beautiful
robes with gorgeous embroidery and the finest of silks and yet all those
beautiful gowns sat forlorn in her royal wardrobe you see Princess Mary refused
to wear anything but an old discarded dress that she had found in the garbage
bin now that particular dress used to belong to the newest kitchen staff
member who gladly discarded it when she was presented with the fine garments
that were provided all of the servants of the royal household every evening our
feast of epic proportions was presented in the dining hall full of tasty treats
have with delight any child princess or not but every evening Princess Mary
stayed in the kitchen refusing to eat anything but an onion
and an old piece of stale bread that stayed near the kitchen hearth the king
being a kindly father and with a huge heart of love towards her did everything
he could to convince Mary that she was indeed his daughter and because she was
she was a princess he sent his trusted servants to her
hoping that they could convince her of whom she really was the Royal
mathematician came first full of a clear sound deductive reasoning trying to
convince Mary of her true self but it didn’t go very far no amount of logic
could budge Mary’s opinion but she needed to keep in her place and that she
shouldn’t think about such things that she wasn’t worthy to receive Mary Jesse
yawned stretched her aching back and returned to scrubbing the pots once
again the Royal historians upon hearing of the failure of the mathematician
thought hey I have a chance here with charts and family trees and coats of
armour in tow he made his way through the maze of corridor cling-clanging his
way down to the kitchen after giving him his say Mary said that is fine and dandy
for all those entitled to all of that but they are they and I am me and that
is that Mary just wiped the sweat from her forehead and curtsy politely to the
back of the defeated scholar as he climbed the stairs back up to the Royal
chamber the king went as far as I said the royal jester who was a good friend
of Mary’s but he was only met with oh don’t be silly and please don’t tease me
I know my place and that place is here scrubbing the fireplace the chief of
guard reprimanded Mary reminding her of her authority to command his troops at
her very word Mary sent him away with a cookie and a suggestion that he should
consult with the Royal dr. as he was clearly deceived the king
decided to take matters into his own hands and set out for the royal crown
sceptre and robes with his royal sash in place with the medals that depicted all
that he had accomplished and with the royal ring gracing his royal hand the
majestic and powerful King led a parade of defeated advisers who followed behind
him to the kitchen startled by all the noise and all the
pomp and circumstance Mary looked up from her mending as the royal procession
descended upon her kitchen the king seeking the look of surprise on his
daughter’s face thought to himself aha at last I’ve gotten through to my
daughter and with a voice full of kingly Authority and with a noble gesture he
pointed to his defeated advisors who tried to look like they were not so
defeated Mary you have not believed these noble men that I have sent to you
but perhaps now you’ll believe me don’t you know who I am
the King stood tall and proud in a very kingly sort of way
maybe he looked perplexed and thought for a moment after looking her father up
and down and replied of course I know who you are
Papa but then taking her father aside she worldly whispered into his ear but
what are you doing wearing those kingly clothes you could get into
trouble for doing that you know Mary turned back to her sewing under of a
single count white and shivered a bit in the winter chill and the king went back
to his royal chamber scratching his royal head and now you’re probably
thinking wait a minute this is a once upon a time story they always end
happily ever after I wrote this many many years
ago I asked the Lord can I change the ending make it a happy ever after and
the Lord said to me leave it the way it is because people sometimes have to know
that they’re happy ever after story is contingent upon them accepting the
authority that I have given to them as a child of mine and that they step out
from that place of authority to represent his kingdom well so let those
with ears listen you

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