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[Music] hi guys welcome back to as formal Channel in the previous videos we have talked about the basic mistakes and come up with some core advices for as formal uses so in today video we would focus on the price behaviors of wells there are two types of wells behaviors in the first accumulating behavior wells usually act like this first they set and maintain a really big order they would use a great amount of money to buy onto coin at the wanted price after that they would maintain this bit order until the accumulation finish the market might go formal but this process would be really fast if the wells do not have any pom activity and they would be able to buy on coin successfully depending on the selling out demand of the market with this behavior as family usually announce from horshack signals next they set and remove orders constantly wells are really good at perceiving the psychology of the whole market when the accumulation action is still alive they would try to decrease the coins price as low as possible to buy more with the same amount money one of the ways to do that is setting and removing bit orders constantly this action would make the market dip into anxiety to traders who have unstable feelings in trading these traders would sell out quickly if they already bought at the price that Haggard and removed orders of the wells the selling oil orders are too many then it would cause the fomo from other investors which results in the decrease in a short time at this moment wells can continue to set by in order to accumulate more with lower price finally they would buy the first two or three selling orders on the selling side of the market when Wells want to quickly accumulate coins they will set bit orders that succeed right at the first one to three grounds on top this would help them buy coins with a low profile however this may make the coin Shui instantly why Lhasa invested don’t even know what just happened Wells usually do this when they want to accumulate coins for that last time before spread our news or deploy a pom activity this would cause a strong filtration for all coins so the signals can only be a price or former price signals for pumping activity Wells usually behave like this set and gradually increase the price of bit orders this activity is really effective in pumping price and can result in Krefeld more from the market in this action they would set a massive bit order to capture the attentions after that they would increase the price gradually to make other traders believe in the short-term growth of that coin by this massive shopping action well only have to do this from 5 to 7 times and the market would go for mode gradually this may be announced by come in track cygnus next they would use money to increase the price after the staff buying the first two or three selling orders on the selling like in the first time wells continued to pour a amount money into the big order section observant traders can quickly realize this by the candlestick graph at this moment signals from s FOMO are usually sharp or pom signals and stronger fluctuation can be a price and formal price signals thank you for watching our video today guys and if you liked this video don’t hesitate to leave a like and the pressor price button below and see you in the next videos of Eskimo

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