The Power of Water & The Consciousness of Cryptocurrency | Esoteric Energy of Crypto market cap

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cryptos name is became known as the crypto
traitor and the boats of these charts as you will soon find out every day I’d
race this microphone my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and
today is no exception so with that being said we will go ahead and jump into
today’s discussion and it is called beauty of the beach I remember you know
growing up watching a Bill Nye science guy was a little bowtie and you know
facilitated public indoctrinated discussions but you know that’s
conversation for a different day but one of the things that I distinctly remember
was you know always coming to terms with the understanding of water and water
essentially being a very very very powerful substance of sustenance that is
is engulfed you know in energy with energy that’s why it takes 20 minutes to
boil a pot of water part of that is because as you you know sit there with a
stopwatch your consciousness is stretching out time
which in turn allows it to take longer but on top of that we’re talking about
the molecules of atoms the energy the double covalent bonds that need to be
destroyed and rearranged so that water can transform in the gas and gas and the
condensation artists good stuff right essentially water is the most powerful
force known to mankind this is why humans are 70% water by design so what
we’ll discuss specifically with this video is the beauty of the beach and
that being water and how that water that energy the arrangement of that motion
that currency is about the flow in your direction if you are active in the
crypto sphere and in trading trading right so let’s go ahead and jump into it
first of all shout out to everybody on patreon I definitely need to update this
number we got about 130 patrons right now it’s really amazing I will be
posting this video in full to the patreon community both free so go ahead
and jump over there shout out to everybody holdin it down and shout out
to the steaming community as well I just posted an interview I had with Miss OMA
of the APICS team a very amazing project that they have basically to recreate
Instagram and and redefine social media on the blockchain right so amen – but to
do it let’s go ahead and make this money what I was discussing earlier is you
know the fluidity of water and how through understanding the current the
tide the shifts right we can we can begin to redefine our understanding of
these charts know that everything in the world is energy so you can literally
just think of the tides of an Oshin right and this if i said beauty of
the beach it’s not really you know that that curvy thing over there it’s really
the curves in the water that tide the waves the receding shoreline and
approaching crescent of the crashing motion of the surface right that’s
exactly what we have in this chart right here and if you are looking to profit in
the marketplace then your understanding of this energy becomes essential in a
sense that everything is a cycle everything happens in one fluid motion
this is very similar to the lunar cycles affecting the waves and the tides and a
high tide versus low tide based on a full moon or a new moon there’s a
correlation to lunar energy and human emotion and guess what people often
spend money with their hearts we are emotional creatures by design so there
is a strong correlation this is proven mathematically through lunar cycles and
stock market whether a trend is going up or going down again everything comes
back to water because as the lunar cycle goes through the magnetic fields the
relationship between you know the two big bodies Earth Sun Moon all that’s
changing and that’s in turn pull in our water one way or the other
so again it all comes back to water right and and when water comes together
it can be a very very magnificent and powerful force right that’s the biggest
thing I want you to take away from this discussion is that when water comes
together it can literally create an iceberg it can literally carve a path
to move a mountain right just look at the Grand Canyon next to the Rocky
Mountains like that is what water does it does not wait for anyone it’s the
most powerful force known to mankind and as a result we must take note of how
water works and in all aspects apply it to our well-being if we want to indeed
understand how we live inside this spectrum this universe right so real
quick we do have the number one Bitcoin group in the world 20,000 of my best
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the day charts as different things happen and you know different events
happen in the market let’s see if I can just click on my profile real quick to
show everybody there it goes BB Kelly 1203 boom boom boom right and I will be
posting this chart just to you know let the community know how how water flows
in the market right so ain’t none tool but to do it let’s go ahead and make
this money again I said all the energy in the world comes together at once if
you imagine the Atlantic Ocean meeting the Pacific Ocean meeting a Great Lakes
meeting you know every single iceberg in the Arctic that is a lot of energy
coming together that water in turn builds and carves out rivers and
mountains and streams but it all flows back to the same source from which it
came this is similar to how we break apart the data the energy the collect
the consciousness all those green candles love fear hate greed everything
in between we just divided up and subdivided into these different lines
these different facets these different subsets we say this one’s a seven this
one’s a 21 this one’s a 77 and this one’s a 231 and Men you know once in a
while once in what they call that once in a blue moon if you own YouTube I
apologize this is where you guys getting kicked off at if you got a problem with
it make sure you email Google and tell them that you don’t appreciate them
suppressing my views and removing my subscribers and not notifying you guys
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YouTube but for now we’ll be doing that on patreon and uh steam it so goodbye
YouTube have a great day everybody else let’s get paid what’s up everybody if
you made it to this part of the video I got just a little bit of bad news I will
be chopping the content a little bit short over the past six months I’ve made
close to 300 videos specifically for YouTube in that time I’ve accumulated
more than 25,000 subscribers and I’ve also generated more than a million
minutes watched and I believe my content has been highly informative educational
entertaining and enlightening and amazing right but unfortunately they’ve
taken it upon themselves to suppress my reach they’ve given me a community
strike I guess I’m one of the purge victims so therefore I will be taking my
talents elsewhere right you can catch me over hell and overkill I will be
uploading this video in its entirety to my page on Facebook boss of Bitcoin I
will be also uploading this video for free to the patreon community as well at
BK crypto traitor this is really unfortunate I’ve reached out to you too
Reuben also to a few other people in the industry to see if we can rectify the
situation and unfortunately I haven’t gotten any results so I do apologize
that you are affected by this manner but I hope you uh stick with me you know and
we can do another 300 videos and change the world and make a lot of money
together more than likely on one of these other platforms so stay tuned stay
supportive and most importantly stay cryptic y’all

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