The Organized Government Attack On Cryptocurrency – The Revolution Can't Be Stopped

Tuesday January 16 2018 ryan christian here for the last american vagabond wanted to report quickly on a story that i did not include today in the daily wrap-up and then is something i'm sure everybody's aware of right now and that is the dramatic drop in cryptocurrency marcus today now this is something that I've touched on frequently in recent shows but it's important to discuss really quickly because this is something that I think isn't like I've said an outright attack on the decentralization revolution we've seen pretty much everything across the board drop today and from what I'm hearing and what I think personally this is essentially a and it's a concerted effort by the governments by the institutions to essentially drop the market to jump in and basically scoop up all of the cryptocurrency that's low to essentially try to control the market I mean that's one speculation I have but there's plenty of reasons why they would simply do this maybe just simply to comply to try to collapse the market in general but what I want to report on today is essentially that what we're seeing and in the timing of how it happened a great article coming out of Zero Hedge basically broke down how the timing went on this and it shows clearly that it started with a repeat of the South Korean Finance Ministry shutdown headlines which we've seen happen back and forth and shown how they've already come back and said they're not going to do it now they're gonna do it seems like a lot of misdirection then we saw Steve majora chairman of the European securities and Markets Authority he said investors quote should be prepared to lose all of their money in Bitcoin and a Bloomberg TV interview in Hong Kong he said quote it has an extremely volatile value which undermines it as a currency he also said it is it is also not broadly accepted and that was followed by warnings from Germany central bank and then the finally the China headline hit said Shanghai Stock Exchange has taken actions including suspending shares requiring company clarification for asking for risk disclosure against some stocks and speculation of blockchain concept now really this and we're seeing more continue to happen right now the idea is that these things were so perfectly timed in order to keep the market dropping now personally do think this was intentional with the design to be able to jump in and scoop up everything once it really drops or simply just to try to collapse it all together but as we've said in the past that's something that at this point is impossible right now what I'm seeing mostly is all the people that are new to this that are afraid of all the collapse and all the drops they're just jumping out selling everything and then all the people that are in this because they know what it is or coming in and scooping it all up and I'm not talking about the institution's I'm talking about the grizzled cryptocurrency buyers that are aware that this is not something to be swayed by so we're seeing a lot of buying happening but either way it shows you that this is not going to go away so my advice to everybody is to just stay strong and continue to stick this out and if possible I would recommend jumping in and buying some more now I am NOT a financial advisor so I don't I'm not that's not legal advice I want you to do what you think is best but me personally if I had extra funds I'd be trying to buy some extra cryptocurrency at this point but really it's just important that we do not get scared away by this stuff this is very clearly an attempt to bring things down as we've said in a lot of different shows it was also pointed out to me by somebody that's a very a very wise crypto investor and he's telling me that Wall Street at the moment is getting their bonuses around now until the end of the month interesting correlation there so clearly there's people that are gonna try to jump in and scoop up all this extra crypto so again just to finish the video out I think it's important that you guys stay strong and that you do not get scared by these obvious attacks on something that they clearly can't control and they know that and so I mean everything all the statements were seeing are revolving around the idea that this is somehow destabilizing the global financial market when we know that that market is pretty damn unstable in its own right and the cryptocurrency idea is what's stabilizing things it's something that we can depend on and the only thing that's causing this volatility is all of these actions by the government's trying to claiming they're gonna ban it or rating exchanges so stay strong okay continue to ask questions come to your own conclusions stay vigilant

5 thoughts on “The Organized Government Attack On Cryptocurrency – The Revolution Can't Be Stopped”

  1. If they try to do this then everyone will just gravitate towards privacy coins that split our identity up into thousands of different nodes across the world. Look at things like digitalnote, monero, and enigma

  2. We need a digital barter system based on blockchain. We need to realize that we began to use money because bartering was inefficient. We now have technology to implement a fair, structured, monitored barter system based on blockchain. The government loves money because it lets them control corporations which all helps them control the people. Only opportunists and the greedy would disagree

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