16 thoughts on “The Next Parabolic Advance ⤴️ Bitcoin”

  1. Irrespective of the price daily I keep increasing my satoshi with binance trading bot, which gives me 5-10% daily, ask me how for more info on that.

  2. Thanks for your great, informative and interesting videos. I'm enjoying them a lot I used to be a confused Hodler who didn't know what to make of his crypto investments, I had 17k worth of bitcoin, 120 Etherium, 300Ltc and 20,000 xrp, the prices where dropping so fast before my eyes, I saw Bitcoin go from $13k to to $6k in June 2018, my Alts were falling at the same, I sold half of my Holdings out of Fear of loosing everything , I had only 2.6Btc left in my Coinbase wallet, I had little knowledge on Stocks and Forex so it really enhanced my Learning .Early July 2018, on CNBC channel I heard them mention a Crypto Veterian named “Benjamin Jackson” they said he runs a training program for Amateur investors who lack understanding on how Trading Bitcoin works, I contacted him the next day, he told me his fee for his program ( No upfront payments ) we started working , he gave me guidelines on what to do, I started trading under his guidance same day, it was a bit complicated but I understood better after 3days, I continued with him for 3weeks, I made $28k total which I paid him his Fee from, he's down to earth and always ready to teach,you can send him a mail [email protected] or Telegram +1 551 257-4137

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  4. My opinion is that we are in a echoo bubble ., BTC will go bellow 1000. Altcoin bear market will be devastating .

  5. this is the biggest bear online right now, not sure what u make of this kevin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ4w5OX-xuI

  6. i think btc is still following the shape of the historical gold chart (not exact timing but shape of price movement)

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