~The New World Order Currency~

I you're afraid of us you're afraid of change tell you going to hang up this phone and then I'm going to show these people which you don't want them to see in November of 2014 there was an article titled the economic endgame explained in it outlined what we believed would be the process by which the elite would achieve what they call a new world order or what they sometimes call the global economic reset as shown in detail in the past the elite agenda includes a fiscal endgame a prize or trophy that they hope to obtain this prize is a completely centralized global economic structure rooted in a single central bank for the world the removal of the US dollar as world reserve currency the institution of the SDR basket system which will act as a bridge for a single global currency supplanting all others and ultimately global governance of this system by a mere handful of elites the timeline for this process is unclear but there is some indication of when the beginning of the end would commence as noted in the globalist stern magazine The Economist in an article titled get ready for the Phoenix the year of 2018 seems to be the launching point for the great reset this timeline is supported by the numerous measures already taken to undermine dollar dominance in international trade as well as elevate the International Monetary Fund's SDR basket it is clear that the globalists have deadlines they intend to meet that said there have been some new developments since the analysis on the endgame strategy that we think merits serious attention the endgame continues faster than ever before and here are some of the indicators showing that the predictions of the globalists at the Economist in 1988 were more like self-fulfilling prophecies and 2018 remains a primary nexus point for a reengineering of our economic environment as mentioned in the article lies and distractions surrounding the petrodollar there has been silence and often disinformation in the mainstream media when it comes to the quite open and obvious international pivot away from the dollar as the de-facto purchasing mechanism for oil this trendy only set to accelerate in two months as China begins fulfilling oil contracts in the yuan instead of the dollar the problem is that even in the alternative media there is a continuing myth that Eastern nations are angling to break away from the international order we often see the argument presented that the loss of the petro dollar can only be a good thing for the world we wish to point out that there is absolutely no indication whatsoever that major Eastern powers like Russia and China are acting to undermine the existing globalist system on the contrary China and Russia remain as ever heavily partnered with the IMF as well as the Bank for International Settlements and their ties to international banking monoliths like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are long-established Eastern political and economic officials have consistently called for a new reserve system supplanting the dollar this is true but what so many analysts seem to overlook is that they also call for that new system to be dominated by the IMF the delusion that the financial world operates on is that the IMF is controlled by the u.s. it is not it is controlled by international bankers who have no loyalties to any specific country once one understands this fact the systemic sabotage of the u.s. makes perfect sense as well as the collusion between China Russia and the IMF America is a sacrificial appendage of the globalist edifice and is being torn down piece by piece in order to feed the creation of something new and perhaps even more sinister as George Soros proclaimed back in 2009 the new world order would rely in part on China as a replacement economic engine for the globalist machine and depend far less on a diminishing United States China would serve as a smaller engine but a replacement engine nonetheless China is more than happy to oblige the globalists with a concerted and incremental program of de dollarization but this does not mean that the end goal is a petrol yuan No the goal is for the IMF to assert the dominance of the SDR get system as a reserved hub and China is now the flagship market for the SDR after its recent induction into the fold there will be no single reserve currency after the dollar is brutalized at least not until all currencies are homogenized through the SDR basket and finally replaced with a single global currency unit until then the IMF or the Bank of International Settlements will deep take nation-to-nation trade and monetary exchange it only follows that this highly volatile rebirth of the global financial order would begin in part with the dollars loss of petrol status the oil trade is the one defining element that gives the dollar a fundamental edge over all other currencies it is the closest thing we have to commodity backing for the dollar and it is an advantage no other currency in the world can yet boast there are many ways to destroy the dollar but the best method would be to end its petrol status one argument we hear often from naysayers on global currency was that there is no monetary unit with enough liquidity to replace the dollar of course these people have no understanding of the SDR basket and how it could be used to envelop and absorb most if not all currencies into a single reserve mechanism when people think of currencies they think of physical tickets of measurement they want to see a piece of paper with symbols or they want to at least see a brand name for the product which is what all currencies really are when the Economist in 1988 called for a global currency to launch in 2018 there were perhaps not aware of the exact form the destructor would take today it is clear as crystal the one-world currency system will not only be a cashless system but it will also be based on digital blockchain technology as we examined in the article the globalist one-world currency will look a lot like Bitcoin while some politicians and banking moguls publicly attack blockchain based products like Bitcoin Ori theorem in the background they are actually heavily invested these systems and are even building their own with central banking mascots like Ben Bernanke becoming keynote speakers at blockchain conferences it is not exactly an elusive secret that the global banks love blockchain tech even major elitist corporations like Amazon appear Eddy to adopt blockchain products as currencies so one needs to ask the question if the blockchain and Bitcoin are such a dire threat to the centralization of the establishment why are they rapidly laying all the groundwork necessary for blockchain systems to replace paper currencies what is interesting to us is that even in the highly vigilant world of alternative economics which is well aware of the trend towards a global currency system blockchain systems are still revered as if they will save us from central bank tyranny very few people have noticed that the economists call for a 2018 1 world monetary framework has arrived slightly early it has been right under our noses for several years with blockchain based methods of exchange a replacement structure for the dollar and all other national currencies is not very far away you wonder what a one-world currency will look like under a new world order the answer can be found in one word blockchain we are anonymous we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect you

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  1. Amen my brother, people are found of forgetting that the primary value of money is not on the note it self, but in the backing currency, block chain is something with no backing, and no physical note to hold onto, quite the opposite, it relies heavily on the sustainability of a global communication network, a network that is now mainly wireless, with no physical network or device to rely on as a backup, not to mention the globalists themselves captured the fact that with the push of a button they can remove not only your entire networth, but your identity as a person. The reason for this move and the complete lack of any safeguards are one and the same, they want what they have always wanted, everything you have, and all that you are, taken as personal privet property by them, and an unsecured, electronic currency is the perfect means to that end. Have you all already forgotten about dormancy fee's, or how about the removal of financial insurance, one bank I no longer do business with used to have transaction reversal as a safeguard against theft, not anymore, another I no longer do business with repeatedly held up transactions for over month, while they "investigate" don't even try to play that game, even the presidential coin company is having this exact same problem. These global bankers don't see the money that you have worked hard for as yours, like all thieves, even before they steal it, they see your money as theirs.

  2. Can't or won't forgive? Forgiveness is the one critical component the spirit needed for Activation in order to bring you to the portal that appears as a black disc with a spinning white light on the forehead not unlike an atom with its electron. There is no pain there is no thought during activation you will know but everything after that is just this. I understand where the unforgiveness comes, but there is a way by which society can be facilitated which allows the feasibility in the initiation of forgiveness. On which torments the human spirit affects everyone from the peak of the pyramid to his foundation, There Is No Escape unless Society is facilitated through economic freedoms and sound money. It doesn't sound very spiritually oriented does it? Yet it is these two components or the lack thereof that are used to formulate the misery index. You understand, you are intelligent enough to understand about to rule the world on the way in which which it is managed requires the continued invitation of human spirit and precisely 6 areas of human spirit. These are sound mind, self worth and maturity as well love, empathy and forgiveness. These six primary components must be amputated from the human spirit in order to rule over the world as well as adapt to the way in which the world is ruled over. Economic freedom and sound money is the win-win Solution by which everyone from the peak of the pyramid to its very Foundation can begin develop and maintain the six primary components of human spirit for the first time in over 2000 years. I will leave you with this to think about, it's enough for now, please give me a thumbs down or thumbs up to know that you have read this if there are enough inquiring individuals, then I will continue with the entire explanation. Thank you for your time

  3. Lol….??? I’m sure a lot is true but he fact it’s on a stupid YouTube channel shows you there infinite more depths to it you’ll ever know… these little bits of truth just give us false sense of power ?? we’re screwed for lie to yourself

  4. "New World Order" – One World Government, One World Religion, Depopulation Biblical explanations!

    Question: Does the Bible describes "One World Government" or is it really in the Bible?
    Answer: Revelation 13:7 – And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.
    Question: Does the Bible describes "One World Religion?" or is it really in the Bible?

    Answer: Revelation 13:8 – And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
    Question: Does the Bible describes "Depopulation?" or is it really in the Bible?

    Answer: Revelation 18:24 – And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

  5. The U.S. should simply say we don’t recognize any national debt, as a matter of fact we are by force taking over the IMF, the international banking cartel are now in prison and we call the shots worldwide. Nobody played fair to begin with so you either do as we say or we’ll light the fuse.

  6. This is clearly an attempt to spread 'Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt' done in the name of Anonymous.
    Those who understand Blockchain and how it works know that it was built precisely to disseminate control and power back to the people using it and remove it from the hands of a few.
    The banks are interested for several reasons which mostly boil down to:
    1. To understand any threat it presents.
    2. To see if there are ways they can use it to their advantage.
    They are doing this by building things called private chains. These private chains are fundamentally different from decentralised Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum because they are not Decentralised. This is key because it means the banks private chains are still controlled by them not the users.
    Also decentralised Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum are 'Open Source' projects, which means anyone can see the code that makes them work. Their design is open for everyone to see the inner workings.
    This video was most likely created to generate fear around this fantastic technology that could finally allow us to break free from the modern slavery that is the current monetary system. The spin and fear machine is cranking, do you own research and know the real enemy!

  7. the game is over the so called elite are not so elite at all cause they are all scratching their arses in jail hehehehehehehehehe pooooooooh boy


  9. Now that the truth is that the Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology are revealed to be used by the Illuminati for a New World Order Global Currency System, I wonder where the Anarcho-Capitalists fit into the Illuminati agenda… I fucking wonder. Oh yeah they are just as much pawns in the Illuminati pyramid as the Anarcho-Communists/ANTIFA. So even the Anarchists are victims of the Hegelian Dialectic.

    This is why everyone has a problem with my work. Because I'm OUT of the mind control. OUT! 10000% Out. That's why I am strictly 10000% Anarchist. And I have no other objective other than end this Globalist System and expose the Shaytanist Regime Of Darkness. I don't believe in money. I don't believe in Communes. I don't believe in any of it. As an Anarchist, to me, is a spirit within human flesh that share no loyalty with any groups.

  10. It would be a challenge to create bitcoin currency that is printed in banknote style because there is no central regulatory agency. It would be like every farmer issuing a half-ounce silver certificate from his own printing press to represent a sheep or a goat. The notes would be unregulated, and subject to fraud, waste, abuse, counterfeit, and every imaginable knavery!

  11. Cash less & block chain currency establish would be total asservissent & slavement of humanity. Africa leaders wake up.
    These peoples behaving as if the planet belongs to them and there progéniture. Just let everybody live quietly in his space and manage his life.

  12. Its Bible prophesy, read the book of Revelation, it will bring on the Greatest Tribulation the world has ever seen..

  13. Very interesting diagnosis and prediction. I dare to disagree though with one, last point: the blockchain (as a foundation for the future monetary system). I thought the same way, but I have changed my mind after seeing the most recent movie by Mike Maloney about the Hashgraph technology which is far more superior that the blockchain and is likely to repace it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF362xxcfdk&t=229s).
    I wonder what you think about this and what are the chances that the next financial system may be based on both blockchain (or hashgraph) and gold (or silver), as opposed to the SDR (/new currency) system which the banking elite promotes)?

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