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Something is happening in Israel. I don’t think it would be an understatement
to say that the State of Israel has been in the spotlight since it was founded in 1948. We’re talking about 70 years of wars with
their Arab neighbors; seven decades of severe tensions due to the Palestinian situation. 70 years of international isolation only mitigated
by the strong support of the United States. But hold on, because now all that is changing. In recent years, Israel has gone from being
as vilified as Lindsey Lohan to being as exalted as Natalie Portman. You think I’m exaggerating, right? Well, take a look at what 2018’s number
one villain had to say about the country. Saudi Prince Says Israelis Have Right to ‘Their
Own Land’ NYTimes) The turnaround is so dramatic that the Israeli
national anthem has made it to – wait for it – Abu Dhabi. See for yourself. In October 2018, at the medal ceremony of
an international judo tournament in Abu Dhabi, the Israeli national anthem was played for
the first time ever in the United Arab Emirates. The woman you see crying emotionally is the
Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports, Miri Regev, a former Brigadier General in the 2006
Lebanon War. A bit of an about-face huh? Especially if we take into account that to
this day not one country in the Arabian peninsula officially recognizes Israel as a State. But that’s not the end of it. Around the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister
himself, Benjamin Netanyahu, made a secret visit to the Sultan of Oman. And, in the past few months, several Israeli
ministers have visited the Dubai emirate and have even met with Qatari representatives. You heard that correctly. So how on earth did Israel achieve such diplomatic
advances in such a short time? What do the Palestinians think of all this? And perhaps the most important question of
all: Is an enduring, peaceful resolution finally
in sight for this region that has spent decades as the planet’s powder keg? Today, in VisualPolitik, we’ll answer all
these questions, but first, let’s rewind for a bit of History. Listen up. (A DIFFICULT BIRTH) May 14th, 1948. Ben Gurion proclaims the independence of the
State of Israel. The very next day, this brand new nation is
invaded by the armies of five Arab countries. But…why was there such a rapid and dramatic
reaction?? Well, it turns out that since the late 1800s,
Jews had been buying up land in Palestine, which, at that time, was under the control
of the Ottoman Empire. In the late nineteenth century, anti-Semitism
was running rife in Europe, so more and more Jewish people were emigrating to the traditional
land of their ancestors. After the First World War, however, Palestine
was put under a mandate leaving the running of the country in the hands of the UK. Problem sorted then? Not exactly. If the British put forward policies favouring
the Jews, the Arabs reacted with riots and protests of all kinds. On the other hand, if any British measure
favoured Arab interests, Jewish armed groups leapt into action. Twenty years later, World War II further complicated
the situation. As you can imagine, the Jewish exodus to Palestine
only increased in the wake of the horrors of the Holocaust. What’s more, it highlighted the need for
a dedicated Jewish state. Meanwhile in Palestine, the situation became
increasingly unsustainable. Overwhelmed by events, the British authorities
handed control over to the United Nations. And that chain of events brought about one
of the most contentious resolutions in the history of the United Nations: Resolution
181. With this resolution, the UN proposed dividing
Palestine into two states. The first of roughly 14,000 square kilometres
would be controlled by a Hebrew Government with a Jewish population of around 60% but
the remaining 40% would be Arab. The second, slightly smaller state of around
11,000 kilometres would be controlled by the Palestinian people, with a Jewish population
of barely 2%. At the same time Jerusalem, Bethlehem and
the Holy Lands would be placed under an international mandate. The Jews accepted the resolution. The Arabs did not. That’s why, the day after the proclamation
of Israel’s independence in 1948, the country was invaded by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq
and Jordan. And with that began a conflict that’s dragged
out over the past seven decades. As it happened, Israel, despite being a fledgling
nation and facing the armies of five different countries, was the clear victor.. And this victory allowed Israel to expand
its territory considerably. It was also the first victory of the newly
created Israel Defense Forces, which went on to become one of the most powerful armies
in the world today. But this wouldn’t be the only war between
Israel and the Arab countries. Far from it.. In 1967 the so-called 6-day war took place,
during which Israel took control of the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the
Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula. Just six days. It was such a humiliating defeat for the Arab
countries that they spent time planning their revenge. Six years later, during the Yom Kippur Jewish
holiday, Israel was attacked by the Egyptian and Syrian armies. This time the war didn’t last 6 days but
19, and the result was practically the same: A clear and rapid victory for the Israeli
army. It was possibly as a result of this war that
the Egyptian President, Anwar al-Sadat, made one of his most famous statements: (“Russians can give you arms but only the
United States can give you a solution”. Anwar al-Sadat, Egyptian President.) (SADAT TAKES THE FIRST SHOT) 1978 marked a turning point in Israel’s relationship
with its neighbors. The Egyptian president, Anwar al-Sadat traveled
to Jerusalem, recognized the existence of Israel as a State before the Hebrew Parliament
and got ready to negotiate a Peace Treaty. That’s how, with
a little mediation from Jimmy Carter, the Camp
David Agreements were forged. Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt
and, Egypt became the first Arab country to have diplomatic relations with the Jewish
state. While Sadat may have taken the crucial first
step, he paid a very high price for it. Just three years later he was assassinated
by Islamic radicals. Even so, Egypt stuck to the terms of the Camp
David agreements. Now, you may be wondering, what was the outcome
of these agreements for Israel? Well basically two things happened:
Firstly, Jewish settlements began to emerge in the West Bank and Gaza This continues to
be a sticking point and one of the main obstacles to peace between the neighbouring states. Secondly there was a huge increase in violence
and terrorist attacks as Hezbollah and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, under
Yasir Arafat’s leadership, gathered force. At this time both organizations were operating
out of Lebanon which led to Israeli military intervention in that country on two occasions. The Arab-Israeli conflict did not let up. Despite the conflicts, Jordan also recognized
the Jewish state in the 1990s. This was during the time of the Madrid and
Oslo negotiations where, progress was made towards Palestinian
self-government. Up until that point, Palestine’s power to
make and implement its own policies had been very limited in practice. That may explain the years of prolonged tension
and be the reason the conflict is yet to come to a satisfactory resolution. However, as we told you at the beginning of
the video, now everything seems to be changing. (COLD WAR IN A HOT REGION)
To those who usually follow VisualPolitik, this may not surprise you:
The Middle East is experiencing its own version of a cold war. The clash between Riyadh and Tehran has reached
an unprecedented level. This Cold War has intensified since the end
of 2017 when Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt imposed an almost total
economic blockade on Qatar because of its relations with Iran… and also for its support
of the Muslim Brotherhood. Which incidentally, is very closely linked
to Hamas in Palestine. Hamas, in turn, maintains very close relations
with Qatar Hamas Pays Gaza Clerks After Receiving $15
Million From Qatar. But, nowadays in the Middle East, having good
relations with Qatar can cost one dearly: Egypt court sentences Mursi to 25 years in
Qatar spy case. Wait, Eqypt? Qatar?, you’re probably thinking, “Simon,
What on earth does all this have to do with Israel?” Well, the fact is that this Arab Cold War
provides Israel with a unique opportunity.. Let’s break it down.. Israel is a declared enemy of Iran… and
vice versa. For Jerusalem, the Ayatollahs’ government
is their archenemy. And… you know the old saying… “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”) So that means… Suddenly Israel has become a potential ally
for Ryad, a very important ally. And there’s more. The Arab countries want Washington’s support
at all costs; so here’s a question: What would please the White House more than
Arab nations becoming close to the Jewish state? It’s a no-brainer right? And, if we add to all this the fact that many
Arab capitals are getting tired of Palestine and of Hamas’ ties with Qatar, then it looks
like a done deal. That’s why, when Australia suddenly announced
that it recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, we saw reactions like this: Bahrain FM defends Australia’s decision on
Jerusalem. Aljazeera)
But hold on. Don’t think that this is just about geopolitics. On this occasion, money also plays a key role. Let’s take a look. (BUSINESS AS USUAL) We’ve mentioned this in several videos:
Over the last two decades, Israel’s economy has skyrocketed. The country has become a world leader in technological
innovation and now, to top it all off, it has discovered huge deposits of natural gas
off its coast. So now we see headlines like this:
Egyptian firm to buy $15 billion of Israeli natural gas. Reuters)
Whoa! We’re talking about the most significant
economic agreement ever achieved between these two countries. But Israel’s economic ties with the Arab world
go much further than that. You see, while the Gulf countries may not
officially recognize the Israeli State, they do recognize their technological superiority,
especially in the areas of Defense and Security. And this has far-reaching consequences. In the midst of the Arab Cold War, Israeli
technology has become highly prized. So much so that there are strong indications
that Israel is already supplying technological equipment to Saudi Arabia, while the Saudi
secret services are sharing information with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Relations seem to be so good that, according
to US sources, Saudi Arabia may have bought part of the Israeli missile defense system
technology known as the “Iron Dome”. To be fair, Israel has denied it… but you
know that, in business, discretion rules. Especially on this occasion “There is an alignment of Israel and other
countries in the Middle East that would have been unimaginable 10 years ago. Certainly in my life time, I never saw anything
like it and I’m the same age as the State of Israel more or less, so it’s an extraordinary
thing”. Benjamin Netanyahu.) These days, visits from the highest Israeli
authorities to many Arab countries are turning into a common event; significant trade agreements
are being signed and the security and defense ties seen today are unprecedented. So Arab – Israeli relations seem to be getting
better and better… nods and winks between the main players are a regular event. One example would be the Saudi government’s
decision to allow commercial flights to Israel to cross Saudi airspace for the first time
in 70 years. Of course, all this has a downside. Dealing with democratic countries is not the
same as dealing with dictatorships that sometimes seem stuck in the Middle Ages. You may get nasty surprises like this: (Israeli Software Helped Saudis Spy on Khashoggi,
Lawsuit Says. Anyway, that’s how things stand today. Everything points to the likelihood that the
Arab – Israeli conflict could soon become a thing of the past. The only question remaining is, will we see
a solution to the core Palestinian problem? So I really hope you enjoyed this video, please
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    Also the ME is less of a power keg than most other conflict regions in the world.
    Israel is not very expansionistic, giving up the Sinai which is over three times the land mass than Israel.

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    – High tech country is a marketing operation to attract stupid foreign investors there to relieve the US, which gives billion to help Israel to survive. CF Chinese who invests in bogus project there.
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  21. Immigration into Palestine by Jews and the Zionist movement were mere trickles until WW2 and its aftermath led to massive Jewish immigration into Palestine. In 1948 Jews reached about one third of the population of Palestine but most of these had only arrived during the previous 5 years or so. Migration from war torn Poland and eastern Europe meant these people had witnessed the extreme cheapening of human life and had experienced the mass population transfers during and after WW2 to ethnically cleanse and alter demographics in central and eastern Europe. These people came ready to fight and took up arms with foreign help from a number of sources. Ironically at this time the USSR was an important source of arms for the Zionist movement.

  22. The UN plan for dividing Palestine gave a larger area and all the best agricultural land to the Jewish state, whilst condemning the Arabs to a smaller share even though they were two thirds of the population, and the poorest areas. In 1948 the UN was a white man's club dominated by US/USSR and the European global empires. Racist views were very common to hear till only very recently. One frequent explanation was that Jews are industrious and hard working while Arabs are lazy and so the land should be given preferentially to the Jews. I still occasionally hear this argument from right-wingers. Another factor was that Europe having tried its best to exterminate the Jews now felt morally blackmailed into supporting the Zionist movement. Thus it would be the Arabs and not the Europeans who would have to pay compensation to Europe's Jewish population for European attrocities.

  23. Egypt like Jordan has been bludgeoned into selling out the Palestinians. In 1973 the Israelis came close to reaching Cairo and overthrowing Sadat. Prior to this Egypt had been in the Soviet camp in the Cold War and received military backing from the USSR. The Soviets were about to intervene directly with airborne forces to block them. In response the USA which had been massively air lifting arms supplies to Israel during the October War raised the nuclear alert level to DEFCONIII essentially threatening the USSR with a nuclear attack if it sent troops into Egypt. The Soviets backed down to the fury of Sadat who then realised he was on the weaker side. He then switched sides in the Cold War and became one of the USA's most important military allies in the Middle-East. To which end Egypt was often the biggest recipient of US military aid in the world, including Israel. Egypt cut a deal with Israel via the US to sell out the Palestinian cause in return for the Sinai Desert territories which formally belonged to Egypt and which had been captured during the various wars.

  24. You have skipped decades of history about the Palestinan movement. The PLO under Arafat began terrorist activity from 1968, it was a radical socialist-nationalist movement Fath. They only did this because so many attempts at conventional war had led to disaster. From then we gradually in the west began to hear a word which had been taboo for decades, "Palestinian". Growing up in that period in the west the word Palestinian was NEVER mentioned. It was always the "Arab-Israel" problem. We were told growing up that the Arabs wanted to destroy Israel because they were anti-Semitic Nazis. We were never told about the Palestinian issue or the huge refugee camps across the Middle East full of Palestinians. The big change came with the rise of oil price in 1973 which transformed global politics. Arab countries now had lots of money and western businesses wanted to court the richest Arabs as in the Gulf. Western diplomats suddenly 'discovered' that they were very concerned about the Palestinian issue. So Palestinians became an issue in western foreign policy. After the Iranian revolution of 1978/79 politics in the ME became increasingly religiously influenced both in Sunni as well as Shia circles. Once the Israelis established control of the occupied territories they began to turn the screw trying to make life in these territories unbearable through neglect and the running down of public services. They no doubt hoped that the Arab population would take their advice that the Arabs don't need Palestine because there are lots of other Arab countries to live in. Instead of the Arab population emigrating they eventually exploded in rage at the living conditions causing a prolonged period of instability which repeats itself regularly. This was at first called the "Intifada". The rise of religious politics led to a more religiously based wing of the PLO growing, Hamas. The PLO was then composed of two uneasy bedfellows religious Hamas and Nationalist (almost secular) Fath. The only thing keeping these together was Yassir Arafat. From then the Israelis under Ariel Sharon went all out to get rid of him, knowing that once he died the two factions would split and fight. Sharon's dream came true resulting in a Palestinian civil war which diverted energies away from Israel for some time.

  25. You haven't got a clue about this subject! When Israel was founded only one third of the population of Palestine was Jewish and most of these had arrived in the country in the previous 5 years escaping events in Europe during and after WW2 and the Holocaust. The Zionist movement wanted to create a Jewish homeland in a country where most of the people were not Jewish. They set up armed groups with the help of various foreign powers. Ironically the USSR was the main arms supplier to the Zionist armed groups at this time. They set out to ethnically cleanse as much of Palestine as they could to create an ethno-nationalist Jewish state with a majority Jewish population. These facts of history have been both ignored by the west and suppressed in Israel. The result was hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees flowing into neighbouring countries, who would later seek a return to their homes. When Israel had established itself it had two different strategies it could follow to establish peace and good relations with its neighbours. One choice would have been to settle the Palestinian issue and immediately achieve peace and good relations with all 20+ states in the Arab World at once. The alternative, the path chosen was to bludgeon, bribe, threaten, persuade and cajole each of these 20+ Arab states individually while not dealing with the Palestinian issue. All the Arab states bordering Israel made substantial sacrifices on behalf of the Palestinians but eventually both Egypt and Jordan sold out the Palestinians in return for peace. The Gulf monarchies because of their relations with the west never really acted much on their strongly anti-Israel policies but did provide money to various channels for peaceful and war-like purposes. Recently the Palestinian issue has faded into the background with the chaos caused by the US invasion of Iraq and the resulting Sunni-Shia regional conflict in which Israel and the Gulf monarchies now have common enemies in Iran & Syria. Only really Syria and Iran are immediately important states which still strongly uphold the issue of the Palestinians.

  26. The Arab-Israel problem is extremely easy to solve and could have been solved decades ago. That this is true is seen by the amazingly rapid achievements of the Oslo process under George H. Bush, which achieved more in 18 months than had been achieved in decades. The truth is the west, but particularly the USA, is not interested in solving it, hence when Clinton came in, despite his huffing and puffing the whole thing quickly died and has been dead in the water for years. There is no peace process now. The real problem is that because Israel has regional military supremacy, a nuclear monopoly and unlimited unconditional support from the world's only super-power Israel has no incentive to seek peace. Every time Israel makes a peace agreement it loses land. Every time Israel has a war it gains land. It is just not recognised that as this power imbalance looks more secure so right-wing Israelis become more ambitious in pursuing their ultimate goal of incorporating all of what they view as Eretz Israel into the modern state of Israel. Until 1991 the west regarded Israel as a useful platform for military power projection and a strong military ally in the Middle East. However when it came to the war to 'liberate' Kuwait Israel proved to be more of a liability to military operations in the region. The US coalition with Arab powers was threatened by the US alliance with Israel. It is clear that after the Kuwait war George H. Bush wanted to heal this rift between Israel and the Arabs so it could consolidate its alliances and relationships in the region. This meant tackling the Palestinian issue head on which meant negotiating with the PLO and working towards a credible Two States solution. The fact is that Israel is highly dependent on the USA, and the USA has the leverage to get Israeli acquiescence to what they really want. Behind the scenes Bush must have done some really serious arm twisting of Israel, though the details of this have never come out. Thus the whole problem was almost solved till Bush lost his job and Clinton came in. The Kuwait campaign by then was in the past and the issue of fighting wars in the Middle East receding. It seems to me that Clinton defaulted back to the standard US position of how can we help our friend Israel? This was the end of the peace process. It is getting increasingly difficult now to deal with this. The ambitions of Netanyahu and others for the whole of Palestine and the need to remove large numbers of Arabs will almost certainly lead to massive tensions and conflicts in the future, but the USA prefers to rely on force as a solution.

  27. The hostility of the Gulf Monarchies did not really have anything to do with Qatar being friendly with Iran, that is a misinterpretation of Qatar's extraordinarily devious foreign policy. The real issue was Qatar's sinister relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. There is a massive story here, the biggest story of all. It is difficult to cover it here. Since the coup that put Emir Hamad in power in Qatar in the late 1990s, Qatar adopted an extremely expansive and active foreign policy, especially within the region. It was clearly attempting not only to translate its ridiculously massive gas wealth into political power and influence, but to also displace Saudi Arabia as America's most important ally in the region. There is a lot to say about this, but I will skip it. As part of this Qatar cultivated the Muslim Brotherhood as an weapon to use against other states in the region. This became important in Egypt where a Muslim Brotherhood government was democratically elected, then became a client of Qatar. It was used particularly in Shia ruled Syria where for decades they had been feuding with the Assad regime. Qatar was very active in destablising and trying to overthrow pro-Iranian governments. The Qataris played a central role in the overthrow of Qaddafi and later openly boasted about it. It was involved in cultivating Al-Qaida in Iraq and other radical Sunni groups in Iraq to undermine and weaken Shia dominated Iraq. Both Saudi and Qatar played a role in the genesis of ISIS for the same political reasons in Syria & Iraq. Qatar's enthusiasm for destabilising other countries and its apparent rivalry with Saudi Arabia for 'pole position' eventually began to worry the Saudis who knew that the Qatari allies of choice the Muslim Brotherhood regarded the Saudi regime as corrupt and wanted to bring it down. They began to fear Qatar's destabilising effect on the region and tried to pull the plug on it but western governments and Turkey did not want to listen. By this time Saudi had taken over the dominant role in Syria and Egypt and Qatar had retreated into the shadows as its links with terrorism came increasingly to light in western parliaments. Finally Turkey and Qatar outmanoeuvred Saudi by the Turks sending a garrison of troops to defend Qatar. A Saudi attack on Qatar would put Saudi at war with Turkey which was too daunting a prospect.

  28. The main deficiency of public knowledge in the west about this issue is the veil of lies drawn over the subject of the creation of Israel and the details of the Palestinian problem which are again being buried by aggressive Israeli diplomacy. I notice that any comments I make to remedy this useful ignorance are removed. No statements critical of Israel or of the Zionist movement are allowed on this page. This confirms my suspicion that this site is politically manipulative. There is no hope for the future as long as the public remain ignorant of the true nature of the problem which is carefully skirted around in this video.

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    bible : there will be a peace treaty of 7 years between israel and her enemies (or something like that)

    so what you're telling me is the Bible isnt a fairy tale and i need to pray more

  30. You seem to have trouble making the distinction between Arab countries and British installed, American managed, Arab autocrats who are hated and rejected by the same people who they rule only thanks to the American military machine Israel is no friend to any Arab country, they are just pulling the strings of the desperate oligarchy of the oil rich monarchies of the Arabian Gulf ( minus Qatar, which explains the recent vicious Saudi led campaign against it ). Get this dude the Zionist state has no future in the region and will always be rejected by almost all Arab people.

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    First I am not going to talk about how you make Israel look like the good guy, that's your opinion but to get documented history facts wrong is very disappointing. Egypt lost the war in 1973!! Really? Then why did the Israeli them selfies said that we almost drove them to the sea but the US interfered with air support and weapons to stop the Egyptian army from going forward. Also since when do Israel give anything back (Sinai) out of the goodness of their hearts or even agree to a peace treaty…
    Your facts are wrong in so many things so please go and read some more into it if you want to know the truth as I expect nothing less from you. Thanks

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    – Arab
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    it has not been there .. and it shouldn't. the map is as original as it was .. Palestine.
    we never trust them and we will not. might there have been some common enemy but we are never going to be friends.

  40. 15:43 this was not stressed enough! We have to keep in mind that radical changes of any of the aforementioned countries stance towards Israel can happen suddenly at any point in the future, considering that the public opinion is heavily against closer relations with Israel.

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    And i know it will,
    Cause though they have many many struggles to create and rebuild a country from ashes, they always get prosperity though they have many odds in their hand,
    I hope India will learn something from isreal, how the will of men create a powerful nation,
    Hindi, isreali vai vai๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  44. Why nobody talks about the country's interests in the conflict? Jordan's Hashemite Kingdom has been standing against the Palestinian state, because the population of itself, mostly consisted of the Palestinians, actually in 1953 a Jordanian King was assasinated, according to Jordan's government by a Palestinian nationalist, in 1970 there was another attempt of assasination of the Jordanian King (I believe it was Huseyn at the time) and at that time, Amman went on starting a military operation against the Yasser Arafat's Fetih in Jordan, which actually turned into a de-facto war against the Palestinians, they were forced to massively leave the country.

    You see? It is very hard, I even didn't explain why the relations between Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Palestinians are bad, in short – the Hashemites came to this region from Mecca, so they are foreigners to this land, before them the Palestinians lived here, so as you could understand, Palestinians were not too happy about their lands being given to some foreigners from the Arabian Peninsula.

    Another one: Syria. During the Ottoman Era, between 1517 and 1860s eyalet (state*) of Damascus included modern-day: Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine and East of the Jordan river, which is today known as Jordan. In 1860s, however, the rule of the region was changed during the Tanzimat reforms, after the Syrian uprising, the Sultan decided to split region into: Vilayet of Syria, which included modern day Syria + parts of Lebanon and Palestine (Negev desert including, I believe*), as well as territories to the East of the Jordan River.

    Egypt: Well. Sinai desert is part of the Egyptian state, and as Negev desert is and extension of the Sinai, according to Cairo, it also belongs to Egypt as part of the Sinai desert. Furthermore, after Jemal Abdulnasser's 1956 coup, Egypt marked becoming leader of the Arab World and creation of the United Arab Republic (which you can simply google*.), as its primary goals. With the first one, I think we can tell that it totally achieved that, with the diplomatic victory in the Suez Crisis (1957), the latter one, well, it created a United Arab Republic with Syria, however, Syria leaved the Union in 1961, Egypt, officialy was named "The United Arab Republic" up until 1971. So the Egypt's main goal was to Unite the Arab world and from its perspective, as the Palestinians are Arabs as well, they would also be delighted to join the Union of Arabs.

    As for the Saudis, they supported various Palestinian factions, such as Fetih (which was created in Kuwait*), against the Egyptian ideology of United all the Arabs under the United Republic, as its secularism was a threat to the Saudi religiousness.

  45. ISRAEL: a new friend of the ARAB WORLD? is definitely a remarkable video! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!

  46. It is not a matter of surprise๐Ÿ˜…..
    Both are supporting each other to counter iran..

    When iraq and iran were in war ..
    Israel and iran were cooperating each other …
    The only solution is ..
    Israel and Arabs should accept UN resolution to solve conflict..

    In 1948 arabs refused… and they paid …

    Now israel refusing..

    Who ever thinks himself powerfull refuses for agreement… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  47. Enemies can always become friends. This conflict may span half a century but there were far longer and way more brutal conflicts in the past that has been resolved.
    In the past, we may not have been able to see a win-win solution for all parties. But hopefully, someday in the future, someone will.

  48. Previously hated, now it is loved that God's Justice – Peace For All Nations ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  49. An end in sight to almost 70 years of war and all I can think about is that Simon is putting to many damn ads in his videos now, First world problems…

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