The Nature of Tech: Blockchain for Retail

Ants, hundreds of thousands of them each completely
in sync with the other. how do they do it more importantly what can
they teach us about the way blockchain technology works in a complex supply chain. welcome to the nature of tech. in its simplest
form blockchain is a record of transactions strung together in the order they occur like
each one of these leafcutter ants. the blockchain creates an unbreakable link that is not only
highly organized but extraordinary strong and secure in the supply chain. the blockchain can digitally track products
at every stage of the journey with a bit of technological Wizardry called a hash. like
an ant pheromones hash is an unique identifier from the supplier to each block on the way
to store shelves and ultimately to Consumers the Final Destination why is this so important
because if something goes wrong at any part of the issue with remarkable speed with blockchain
what were one separate parts of a supply chain now work as one seamless unified system but
what does this all mean to supply chain managers unprecedented few into their products Journey
built uncompromising network of trust that’s blockchain and this is the nature of tech

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