The Mysterious Death Of Heath Ledger

At 2.45pm on 22nd January 2008, Heath Ledger
was discovered lying naked and unconscious in his Manhattan apartment by his housekeeper
and masseuse Diana Wolozin. They called paramedics, who arrived at 3.33pm. Three minutes later,
Heath Ledger was pronounced dead. Ledger’s death was completely unexpected.
Rumours immediately spread that he had committed suicide – but this seems unlikely. At only
28 years old, physically very fit and at the peak of his career, Ledger was midway through
filming a part he enjoyed and had a daughter he loved. In other words, he had no reason
to commit suicide. The autopsy concluded he died from a cocktail
of prescription painkillers that his doctors would not prescribe precisely because of the
fatal effect they have when taken together. Who gave these drugs to Ledger, and why did
he take such a dangerous dose? Is it possible that he was tricked or forced into taking
the medication? In other words, was Heath Ledger murdered? On the Internet, fans and conspiracy theorists
immediately included Ledger on a long list of stars who have died surprisingly young,
especially in their late twenties. Some highlighted strange imagery in his final film that could
be interpreted as Satanic or Illuminati symbolism. They suggested that maybe Ledger was some
kind of sacrifice in a greater ritual to obtain more power in the film industry. But other
than this coincidental imagery, there is very little evidence to suggest he was the victim
of a cult or Hollywood conspiracy. Instead, the
media speculated on the peculiar fact that,
when she found the body, masseuse Diana Wolozin made two calls to Mary-Kate Olsen instead
of dialling 911. The press immediately suspected that it was Olsen who had provided Ledger
with the lethal collection of drugs. When the Drugs Enforcement Administration
investigated the actor’s death, Olsen refused to be be interviewed by federal investigators
without first being given immunity from prosecution. Her attorney later publicly denied that she
had provided the drugs to Ledger, or had any knowledge of how he obtained them. In response to her refusal to provide evidence,
the DEA issued a subpoena to Mary-Kate Olsen, requiring her to testify in front of a grand
jury. But shortly afterwards the U.S. Attorney’s Office closed the case and nullified the subpoena.
Olsen was, in fact, in California when Ledger died, and cannot be tied to his death directly. So why did the masseuse call her when she
needed help? It seems that in the months before his death, Olsen and Ledger had been dating,
and Ledger had her number on speed-dial on his phone. Quite why the masseuse called her
twice before calling the emergency services, is unknown. The final report by the New York Chief Medical
Examiner’s Office concluded that Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose of prescription
medication. The drugs he chose indicate that he was suffering from insomnia since breaking
up with Michelle Williams, his fiancee and the mother of his daughter. However, the source of the drugs and the exact
reasons for Ledger’s death remain unknown, and will probably never be uncovered.

100 thoughts on “The Mysterious Death Of Heath Ledger”

  1. it's weird how he had a daughter who he help brought to this world creepy how he manifest himself as the joker while his daughter was very young like a straight guy transforming into a drunk

  2. Is this the new thing making conspiracies around everyone that kills themselves? People kill themselves thats just the way it is.

  3. Anyone think its strange that he died at 28 just like Brandon lee died at 28 both died before there movie came out shits crazy

  4. People, who make videos like this, need to realise that just because he had everything doesn't mean he felt right inside. Depression doesn't care how great your life could be in the eyes of the public. If you feel wrong inside then nothing else matters

  5. Theres too many of these young stars supposedly dying from overdoses .. of course that is what they want us to believe …


  7. If the movie had nothing to do with his death why did jack nicholas say that "he warned him" after he was made aware that heath died.

  8. I know who killed him

    Batman. In the intergation scene joker said " and tonight you gonna break your one rule". Seriously nobody suspected him?

  9. I thought he just overdosed and died. Seriously, nothing to do with the Joker. It would have made sense if it was after he was the Joker and couldn't find work because no one could see him as anyone but the Joker… but that's juuuuuuuuuust my 2 cents.

  10. Maybe it is ended true that if you made contract with satanic group youll have your own end that they will get from u as payback for your fame, luxurious life and every worldly treasure

  11. Chester Bennington posted a picture of him being really happy a couple of weeks before his death. You never know what someone is feeling.

  12. What i don't get is he died in January and the dark knight was realesd on July. How is that possible ? Also when i was a kid my mom told me that he commited suicide after this movie

  13. He had a chest infection and then he was struggling with sleeping but he was already on medication and his sister told him it was dangerous to take sleeping pills as well but he didn’t listen and done it anyway and then died

  14. This video got some things wrong. Heath died because he had an overdose of the pills, yes. But. the reason he got the sleeping pills was because he couldn't sleep because his mind was flooded with the thoughts of him becoming a real life joker after he was done filming. And when he did get to sleep, he dreamed about it.

  15. I think he knew that in his lifetime he cannot match the performance of the joker. He thought its the peak of his carrer , no matter how or what roles he took after playing joker has minimal possibility of crossing jokers acting level. It was a possibility that he feared of people left unimpressed after the jokers era was over. He wanted people to remember him as a successful actor not a failure. I am damn sure he can't give any better performance than that can match joker. He did only one movie after dark night. There is a possibility of committing suicide due to fear of people rejecting his acting , living up to jokers level. He wanted people to remember him as a successful actor not failure. That might be the reason he committed suicide.

  16. His death is not that mysterious. He was a drug addict. Drug addicts often take ridiculously amounts of prescription drugs. End of story.

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