The Multi Time Frame RSI Indicator on TradingView by Rob Booker

– All right, divergence, as you know, is one of my very favorite indicators. And right here, it’s sort of predicted, in other words, a really nice move upward, or a really nice reversal. But how can we know that
this Knoxville Divergence is qualitatively better than others? Well I’ve got an indicator for you. It’s called the– well, it’s got a lot of different names. Knoxville Divergence,
RSI1345, that might be what it goes under in
your raw book or package. What this indicator does, is this indicator will
look at five time frames. We’ll show how to set that up in a moment. And it will look at all
five of those time frames, a one minute, five minute, 15 minute, 60 minute, four hour,
or whatever you like. And when all five of those time frames are overbought or
oversold at the same time, it will run a line up and
down through your charts. If you then get a Knoxville
Divergence to accompany it, I think it’s super powers. I think if you get Knoxville
Divergence and RSI5 together, and maybe even like a pin bar
or a reversal candle pattern, that’s a combination, that’s a match made in heaven in my opinion. So let’s take a look at how this indicator is built
inside the settings menu. So what we wanna look at is time frame one, two,
three, four, and five. Inside of each of these
boxes, you can place the one minute, the five
minute, the 15 minute, the 60 minute, and the four hour. You can put whatever you want in there. You could put a five minute, 15, 60, I don’t know, you could put
any time frames you like and they’re all denominated in minutes, so if you wanna do a
daily, you would do 1440. I think that’s the number. But there’s something also pretty special about this indicator. You might notice here that
there’s a KD lookback period, and a momentum period, and an RSI period. If you remember from our previous video, those look like numbers that coordinate with Knoxville Divergence. Well I’ve got some news for you. What this indicator
does, and it’s built in, is it will show you the area, right here, where five time frames are
oversold, in this case, at the same time a Knoxville
Divergence line was drawn. It will do that all without having to draw the Knoxville
Divergence line on your chart. It includes everything that you need. Now this level over
here, there was a small Knoxville Divergence line right there, that accompanied that level as well. I only show two or three
Knoxville Divergence lines at a time on my charts,
just to make it cleaner and easier to use. So that indicator, the KD RSI5, combines Knoxville Divergence
and five timeframes overbought or oversold,
all in the same place. And that’s just a small look
at some of the indicators available in the package. I mean we didn’t even get a look at maybe some of the bull bear candles,
or some of the other stuff. There’s even a ghost pivots indicator, and maybe when we come back another time I’ll show off that ghost pivot indicator. That’s a pretty special one as well. In fact, you know what,
Nate, let’s do another video. When we come back we’re gonna look at the ghost pivot indicator.

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  1. Hello, do you sell courses on PineScript. I have a project with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo but I need the help of a pine script master to display multi timeframe data on chart.

  2. I purchased your Rob Booker package on Tradingview but this indicator RSI5 isn't in the package. It's the only reason why I purchased the package. How do I access this indicator and why isn't there alerts on the reversal indicator.

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