The Most UNDERVALUED Cryptocurrency?! | Republic Protocol Review

the number-one cryptocurrency investment opportunity right now well we have just invested into this project ourselves so we certainly think so Republic Protocol is a very exciting project and at the current price it's also highly undervalued in today's video we're going to be describing the project and giving our personal opinions to explain why we've just personally invested hi I'm Tom for crypto girls and if you are a little more keep watching before we get into the content I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who's been liking subscribing or sharing any of our videos you guys really are awesome so thank you guys so much for everything that you do as always remember that nothing in this video or on this channel is financial advice neither Erin or I claimed to be market professionals with simply market enthusiasts we do a lot of research and then we share our personal opinions with you guys we're not only human and we do make mistakes from time to time so always do your own research as well now let's jump into the fun stuff and let's start talking about Republic Protocol so we can describe to you guys why we think this is such a highly undervalued project I'll be honest with you on the surface this project does sound pretty confusing so if I begin throwing out a few words which confuse you don't worry we will be breaking down everything into simple easy-to-understand terms throughout so what is Republic protocol well it's a decentralized Darkfall probably lost a few of you already with those first words as I say we are going to be explaining this very simply so do not worry I'm sure all of you know it decentralized is that's the whole point a crypto currencies it's a dark pool which may confuse some of you so we're going to explain what that is dark pools are actually already very commonly used in regular financial markets in fact around 15% of all trading volume in the US stock market is carried out via dark pools so this isn't anything new this exists in a regular financial market already and is very popular with 15% of the total volume when you log into an exchange you usually see on the right tan side of the screen a list of orders and that is known as the order book the order book is simply a list of people trying to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the various prices they're willing to do so on a regular exchange you can see that order book so you know the various prices that people are willing to buy and sell crypto currencies for in the simplest terms we can describe that a dark pool eliminates this order book so you cannot see it that's why it's called a dark pool because we rather than being able to see every trade that is occurring or every trade that could potentially occur as you can see from the order book you don't have access to that data and nobody does trades are effectively placed in a dark hence the term dark pools I'm gonna put a link in the description to another YouTube video which explains dark pools much better than I'm sure I have done or will do in this video so if you guys want to learn more about them feel free to do so by clicking that link in the description now though we're going to move on to why people would rather use a dark pool instead of just using a normal exchange there are two main reasons the first one is anonymity and as we know in crypto currencies a lot of people like their anonymity so that is a big selling point but reason number two is by far the biggest reason and is in fact more applicable to crypto currencies than regular markets let's say that our character John goes to an exchange and he wants to buy one Bitcoin he'll be able to do so very easily because that has a very low amount to buy and when he buys that Bitcoin on the exchange he isn't really going to affect the overall price of Bitcoin he's not going to bump the price up because his order was very very small now let's say a financial institution for example a fund which invest in Bitcoin besides it wants to buy a 1000 Bitcoin that is a huge amount of Bitcoin to buy and in fact at the current market prices that would be 10 million dollars you go even higher though let's say 10,000 Bitcoin I believe that would be a hundred million dollars assuming I've done all my calculations correctly if they were to try to buy so much Bitcoin in one go they're going to push up the price for themselves they're going to buy maybe five million dollars of Bitcoin at the current price the next five million dollars is going to be a higher price and so on and so on as they're buying Bitcoin they're pushing the price up for themselves and effectively losing money by paying a higher price they can carry out this order without pushing the price up anywhere this is why dark pools are so popular in regular financial markets when you have gigantic financial institutions of investing that's why they could be very very popular in crypto currencies as well in fact we would argue they're probably more likely to be more popular in crypto currencies because it takes a very small amount of funds to push up the value of some of these crypto currencies by a huge amount if you're a financial institution this extra cost you're going to incur is very very off-putting so something like $1 pool being introduced into crypto currencies could allow financial institutions to start buying crypto currencies in large bulk orders that is the premise behind the dark pool and that's why we believe they could be unbelievably popular in crypto currencies in fact we have some notes in front of us and according to the white paper of Republic protocol there would be 27 point two billion dollars worth of monthly trading volume occurring on dark pools if they captured just 15% of the market like a regular financial market bear in mind these numbers are probably quite old and the trading volume is probably even higher now and in fact we think it's more likely to be above this 15% level because that's regular financial markets and there are more clear reasons to use these dark pools in crypto currencies so the potential market size is absolutely gigantic so far we've concluded that we believe the potential market for this project could be huge however that doesn't necessarily mean that this project is going to be successful there are many markets out there the crypto currencies could disrupt that doesn't mean every project which is trying to is going to be successful doing some so now we'll move specifically on to Republic protocol and discuss why we believe that they will be successful in this market after doing some research as far as we're aware they are the only people who are trying to introduce a decentralized dark pool into crypto currencies so they will have a massive first mover advantage considering the current size of the project has a market cap of just 38 million dollars that could be huge when you look at some other decentralized exchange protocols out there such as loop ring and 0x you can see that they are far larger and our eyes are offering potentially less than this project now that is definitely up for debate I'm sure we're gonna get some hate in the comments from some loop ring and 0x fans what we would say is bear in mind their current market cap in comparison with Republic protocol the popular protocol has just 38 million dollars whereas they have several hundred million dollars when you compare two cryptocurrency projects you can't just look at the two and say which one is better and which one is worse in terms of investing you always have to factor in price that would kind of be like comparing a Lamborghini and a Volvo and saying yeah the Lamborghini is a better car well of course a Lamborghinis a better car it also costs twenty thirty times the price in life you can't ever ignore the price tag and you definitely can't when you're investing in crypto currencies so we think a big factor is that Republic Protocol is so cheap and tokens have dipped quite a lot recently which to us usually indicates a great buying opportunity now I'm gonna flash up some prices on the screen over there of the currency in terms of ether and Bitcoin because the whole market is currently dipping while we're recording this video so the key comparison really is in terms of ether and Bitcoin because if the whole market is moving down then every cryptocurrency is going to look like a poor investment in terms of dollar value the platform will use a technology called atomic swaps we don't want to make it too complicated for any of you but atomic swaps basically allow you to switch your crypto currencies for some else is different cryptocurrency without using an exchange so if we take Bitcoin and ether they are always the easiest examples to use if you go to an exchange you can buy someone else's Bitcoin with your ether or if you use atomic swaps you can simply swap those two currencies at the rates that you agree rather than having to use an exchange in our videos we don't try to claim we know more than we do and this is one of those times what I have to say I am NOT an expert engineering or cryptography in the slightest so I can't really describe the technical aspects of cross-train atomic swaps to any of you there are plenty of videos out there I'm sure you can find that information the key thing to take away is that it takes out the exchange which is effectively a middleman and thus it reduces the fees Republic protocols are going to use a web-based application in order to place these trades so you'd go on to their application you'd place your trade and it will go into a dark pull the cross chain atomic swap would occur and you'd receive the cryptocurrency that you want in return without ever going through an exchange and without ever seeing the order book the next important aspect is the token usage we stress this so much with some of these projects the platform usage isn't links to the token price at all so you could see an incredibly successful platform and a token they never increase in price as an investor this is terrible news for us so you always have to analyze whether these two things are correlated if more people use the platform should the token price go up in value this isn't even a positive for a platform it's just an absolute necessity in the case of Republic protocol rent tokens are used to pay fees so if you want to use the platform you'll first have to buy rent tokens this brings demand for a token and should in theory cause token prices to rise if the platform is successful on top of that is another aspect that we really really like and there's an element of locking up to tokens but anyone out there who's read the book crypto assets you'll know he talks a lot about token velocity as being a key aspect for analyzing the potential price of touken the key point here is that if a project finds a way to lock up some of their tokens this is going to be good for the token prices and in the case of Republic protocol traders who want to use the platform and order matches who are helping to run the platform must lock up some of their tokens in order to do their roles so this should take out some of the tokens supply from the circulation and should be good for token prices now we're gonna move on to the team and the advisors if you go on their website you'll see their team and the advisors are listed with simply names rather than LinkedIn profiles many people out there simply are too lazy to go on LinkedIn and do some background research on these guys so they kind of write off the team assuming there's not much information out there but if you go on the LinkedIn page as you can see there is a decent amount of information and they have pretty good experience another aspect we like is that the team has a two-year vesting period for their tokens so basically the tokens that they've decided to give themselves rather than selling in the token sale they won't be able to sell any of these for at least two years this shows that they really have confidence in themselves to build a fantastic product because if they don't in two years time their tokens will be worth two very very little there are many projects out there that have something like a three months vesting period basically meaning that the team can sell their tokens before they've even really done anything does that really show the team have confidence in themselves not at all so when we see something like a two-year vesting period that is a good sign for us because it also means they're going to be committed to the project for at the very least two years as well the advisors have a pretty impressive name with them as well because one of them is the CEO of Kaiba network and in fact Vitalik from aetherium was an advisor for Kaiba network so they are a very impressive project the CEO of Kaiba is going to be an advisor for public protocol so that is another good sign to get someone like that on board as well this video has been very very positive about the project so far and that is honestly because we are very positive about this project for those of you who are following our two 25k to 250 K challenge you'll know that we briefly bought some tokens before actually going back in to credits it was only because credits dipped so much in value we were planning to bring this into our challenge that is how much we genuinely believed in the project we've not only invested into it in our regular portfolio for a long long term hold we're also confident in the short term by investing into it in our challenge where we are sharing every piece of information with you guys so if we didn't honestly love the project why would we have invested into it as part of our public challenge but we always like to be as impartial as possible and we like to try to include negatives where we possibly can there are two main negatives we're not going to linger on these too much because to be honest we've kind of covered them throughout the video number one is the fact that they very recently had their ICO and as we all know that is when token prices are at their most volatile countering that though we would say they are only listed on decentralized exchanges at the moment because they're so recent from the ICO so when they get listed onto some very big exchanges that could potentially be very good for token prices negative number two is the team the CEO is very very young doesn't have much experience obviously when you're looking at a team you want guys with tons of experience and this team don't have as much experience as others so that has to go down as a negative usually now we have a section listing all the positive and describing of kind of gone through and explained everything by accident throughout this video but I will try to quickly recap some of the positives so it's a nice easy to watch section of all of you positive number one is simply that they have the first mover advantage as we say we aren't aware of any other decentralized dark pool platforms out there number two is that there is proven demand for dark pools in regular financial markets and we believe there's every reason for there to be a higher level of demand in crypto currencies and if that's true the potential market size is huge number three is the element of locking up tokens so as we say this should reduce token velocity and circulating supply which should be good for token prices in long run number four is that they've only recently gone on exchanges so they're only listed on decentralized exchanges at this point in time and the price could well increase when they get listed on other exchanges number five is that they've had a recent dip in their price as well particularly in comparison with Bitcoin and Aoife we love to buy it during the dips so we think this is a great opportunity because prices are lower at this time and the final positive is that one of the advisers is the CEO of khyber and that definitely brings an element of prestige to this project that is really all we have to say in this video guys we've described what the project is all about we've explained what dark pools are and we've given you guys the reason that we have personally invested into this project and we'll probably invest into it as part of our 2.5 k to 250 K challenge again sometime in the future assuming that prices don't rise too much in the meantime if you haven't already subscribed hit that subscription button because on this channel we are talking about the cheap crypto currencies and cheap icos to make us as investors some incredible returns on our money from Tom Harrier crypto gurus thank you so much for watching and we will speak again very soon

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