the most important chart in cryptocurrency welcome back guys descriptor Rocco here and in today's video I'll be sharing with you a really good tip in trading altcoin specifically so guys I said that was gonna make a video a week about technical analysis or trading or trading lesson and I missed out on last week because we've been trading and I've been busy trading and I've been sharing with you some really good calls and I've not really get on a lesson in this video I'll give you guys a tip which is looking at etherium and Bitcoin guys most people look at old coins that no one's ever heard of and invest a lot of money in them without doing their own due diligence and analysis but in this video guys I want to talk to you about this chart because it's such an important talk and it is a theorem and bitcoin chop and and what I've noticed from my years in trading is when he theorem is performing well guys old coin seems to perform better and I'll share with you another chart to say it but let's just quickly analyze what the theorem and Bitcoin chart is saying so currently guys it's in a very very tight consolidation as you can see and it had a bit of a fake breakout but it we've quickly pulled back and moved up I'm just waiting to see how this breaks out guys if this breaks out above then it could be good news for altcoins because when aetherium does well old coins do well just keep that in mind guys and I've already said that I'm looking at a theorem now to trade I'm already long on a theorem and I'm looking to see if it can follow a bitcoin and litecoin and if that happens that I'll increase my exposure to old coins so this is the key track guys iam that I'm looking at you can see that the fake breakout and then he's trying to recover let's see if we can break above these guys because this will mean really really positive for altcoins so um I've been said I've just told you that a theorem and Bitcoin chart is important for old corn but this chart will prove you that if you look at this chart guys so this is the e theorem and Bitcoin shot so when e theorem was outperforming Bitcoin guys old coins were going crazy and then one theorem was performing worse than Bitcoin and old cause took a hit back in April 2018 if you look at that this period I traded a lot of old coins during this period and it was a big push for old coins they went up as some over a hundred percent and I did make good money trading old coins then after that was a all-out bloodbath for old coins and back recently we're seeing some improvements in the old coin charts but we've not seen that much improvement in aetherium so could etherium follow now so keep this in mind guys again this is just a quick tip when you're looking to trade old coins just have a quick look at what a theorem and Bitcoin chart is doing this is not gonna make you millions but just this quick tip will help you stay out of really really important trades and yeah guys subscribe to my channel I'll be I'll be trying to bring you guys more content on actually learning and improving your trading if you just watch my videos and look at my setups why I'm buying why I'm selling and you can analyze these charts and improve your trading but also give could these quick tips that you can't find anywhere else most people talk about unicorns going to the moon and and share just silly news I try to give you guys inside the tips that I've found very helpful so this is something that I use and hopefully this will help you out as well so thank you very much guys if you want to stay up to date with what I'm trading guys make sure you subscribe to my channel and ten on the notification button also if you if you want to be in with a chance of winning some light coins in my next giveaway make sure you turn on that notification button and leave your a light-colored dress below I say these videos are free but this is not completely free guys just all I expect from you if you enjoyed this video is a like subscribe and ten on the notification button so yes guys you want to stay up to date you can also join this Facebook group that we've a really good community share what the coins I'm looking to trade here I can be more up-to-date so you can join the Facebook and if you want to learn more about technical analysis you can email me at crypto rock or at I'm still doing that 15 minute Skype call and educational Q&A with about trading and cryptocurrency so I'm all booked up this week but I've still got a couple of spots for next week if your interest didn't taking that free Skype call so thank you very much smash that like button subscribe to my channel and let me know your thoughts on this chart of the theorem and Bitcoin and my theory on the theorem and altcoin so thank you very much smash that like button subscribe to my channel and I'll see you guys soon with another great video thank you very much


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    Thanks for this tip. I appreciate it. I didn't know that alt coins follow ETH. :O

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