The "Mine to Buy Hardware" Crypto Mining Strategy

hey guys thanks to everyone who tuned them to the lights gym today we had a lot of fun and you can see that I'm still tweaking some things the reason being well after that my livestream in my 1080 is that we tweaked to its pain I was tweaking they started their the main I started stopping and starting in stop and they start thinking it's working just know but what I'm noticing as I'm getting like they're about 65 except teachers and for rejected so I need to dial the scenes back and I want it I want to get something more stable that isn't good to switch off and on what that says as a remainder that in the mining world you always have to check things you always have to review things and that really was the focus of today's team the last thing that I had mind etherium was I think Germany does she also China 2018 and previously I had and I had tweaked my GPUs for etherium but hadn't you know I hadn't checked and taken out no of the settings I had made that for months and the other thing is I today I applied that oh God Ethan largeman poke what we call him and stole that as well so I'm getting the highest raise and he's taking 1080 eyes from like 30 to 35 250 250 500 Rhonda around the range I'm getting around 51 52 but that's around 60% per more or less quite pleased with and thanks girl again to everyone who's given me help with that know they take two of this video it should indicate why I want to talk about and it's about not aim using your meaning to buy coins is to use it to buy hardware and this is something I've cleaned up twice upon once before but never really explored that but something I'm seriously considering doing over the second half of the year just changing my overall started a strategy so like most people I give my stash a try but you know right you know very certain after that I tried also main and I started exploring lots of different ways to make money from I switched from difrent a coins I was sweating every five minutes to the most profitable coin I was sweating between the most profitable I was using things like a main pool hub and all these are the different pills out over there I know Zack pill was one of the most popular ones no and then I was leaning more to just maining one coin just one coin on its own and I was meaning what I sometimes refer to as specular of coins but me by Mesa we put it as just new projects in their rescue I have main coins and the money just said no gifts the money starting a wallet because you know the project didn't really come to anything but the thing about new project says after you got near early and you start meaning and you get you know quite good bags lots of coins then you can do play well well that's the idea the idea being that if you there at the very start when the place is video law when the coin is high then you'll make some good money no I've talked about mating strategy as well as far as when you should and shouldn't do that and take for example you know coin II if I want to bought by M let's pack up random coin and while I'm involved in the safe coin project so say I wanted to buy safe coin but see my daily returns for safe coin was half of why we get from meaning another coin but I still want to get safe coin and that scenario if it's more profitable on a dollar or back coin daily basis two main another coin F the coin you want to buy is on an exchange the best thing to do is the main the other coin cash IO and then buy the coin that you want so main coin need to get coin be that kind of thing now sometimes it's don't watch the rail you know if you're talking it you know see see you've got one coin which which will make you twenty one dollars per day and the coin you went domain is twenty dollars per day when you throw an it they came to main and then trade and fees and all that sometimes it as well just meaning the other coin you know but after has a significant difference you may want to link to the coin that's more profitable just makes sense but meaning for hardware well as a definite charity you know you can mean to buy the coin you won you can main and hold all the coins that you want but meaningful Hardware the general strategy is that you went to Maine and you're not trying to accumulate more coins you're not trying to you know moon you're not trying to hoard oh and many other coins you're meaning you're cashing at it or you're just mainly a specific coin to calculator and with the overall idea but being that you're going to increase or improve your overall setup your overall maining setup increase your overall pass rate and you can do this in a number of ways if you use etherium as an example and i believethey liam is a really good example and because is nearly always first or second of thought on what domain so it's always at one of the most profitable coins to Maine on a daily basis and if I you know if I had two main aetherium all of the other bases then what I could do in a month or two as perhaps I didn't know even though maybe in a few weeks I could just pick up an old GPU add it to my rigs all of a sudden my overall hash tree is higher or maybe I'm a nit talk about thousand dollars and then I buy a nice ik manor or maybe I'm a knitter I've got 2000 or $3000 what the coins and then I'll buy an FPGA now the strategy is guys coins as well yeah and there's always you always have to think of they'll turn off and one of the tellers as you know if I T just put all the money that I'd be running and one coin after coin mint and two months semen-stained it could triple or you know whatever I could show up in place and I find cashing out and buying hardware for that I can miss out on a lot of opportunities for that but I think it as worth reviewing I mean I borrow my GPU likes the glass the same Bob January most started in the sadly didn't research to November I but I am quite a few GPUs in the same barn in a Baltimore and Janet at the start of January and I'm starting to feel I'm at the point now where I want to change my setup and regards to I'm not saying I should sell my GPS as something I should review of course something everyone should always review at one point but I should Dave I'm definitely thinking that maybe I'm messing up with e-cig main house because up until now how boys any sigmay machines but also I've not been increasing my legs either I mean I've not been I've not been buying more used GPUs or no GPS no there's been a few times we have cash though funds but I've not cast to fear why I've done is buy other coins and Himes and Hein say in hindsight as always a wonderful thing but in hindsight perhaps what could have done was instead of buying coins instead of buying some coins I thought what a good place I could have just put that money towards buying a nice team a machine or some old GPUs or whatever I'm not seeing I've got all the answers with us there's a lot of ways to look at GPU maining but you know what we are talking about 2d as far as tweaking your MSI Afterburner as far as checking your heart rates and all that even looking at the error get 95 except eat fired rejected shares but my other one is 144 and zeal love things like that I need to check that and it's you know system with your GP remaining reg you need to review things of your known name and I think it'd be good for me to main etherium over the next couple of weeks perhaps maybe that's what I should do is stop exploring these new coins I mean always keep my eyes out for something but maybe over the next month or meyneth tedium and then at the end I'll see how much money I've got and I'll use it to buy some hardware as iterate strategy time or tail you know the grass is always greener greener on the other side thing and cryptocurrency I've seen that's lots of things up I bought coins and after buying after of bottom left opt in place of so coins after I've sold them that went up in price some things sometimes say some things it just feels like everything you do is the wrong move and maybe the day after like a show some coins after I buy Hardware the coin woman be can't think that you can't drill but what can do as perhaps do something different perhaps look at some of the other hardware toxins over there and perhaps changed my whole set up and change by overall mating strategy for the second half of 2018 so I'd love to hear your thoughts on that skites um excuse me I love the you thoughts on this guy so please do leave a comment let me know we think about this let me know if you've been thinking about this as well many thanks again to every single one of you who dropped by in the livestream today a really found it useful and you know I learned a lot as far as overclocking and I caused so many thanks to everyone who took part guys and I love the shower use again on a future livestream but for now please don't leave a comment let me know what you think should you be meaning to buy hardware should you be keeping your coins main one specific coin cash show every day perhaps even and then buy some more GPUs buy an e-cig Manor buy an FPGA when are you thinking a comment area below till next time guys tikka

21 thoughts on “The "Mine to Buy Hardware" Crypto Mining Strategy”

  1. Hey! I recently discovered your channel, and have been listening to most of the stuff. I have been mining since 2 years now, and almost at 10k sols right now with 5 rigs. Contrary to what most of the miners are felling right now, i think its a good time to buy and build more rigs. The returns have no doubt been slaughtered but this is a bear market, the bull hasnt started yet. All that we are minning would be 3 to 10 times more when the bull market returns. I have no doubt the bull run will come back, as the market cannot remain like this for ever, just "when" is the question. Patience is the key.

  2. Hi Kev, I like your videos and I always watch them. Let me share my experience. I think in crypto everything changes, and it changes really fast. You have to adopt, if you want to be succesfull. Last year I mined, and hodld for most of time. And bougt equiment, from my salary. I sold them, when the others where to greedy ( flipening/ 3k eth in march etc) I never sold them when the price was the highest, I sold them near to resistence levels. I bought mining equiment from cryptos then.When the bear market has come, i saw that what I mined worth less and less, day by day. So I decided to go to usdt every single day. When btc was 6k and the risk/reward ratio was good I bought myself back first to bitcoin and when the market was more stable to altcoins to. Now I m wating, and we will see how far it will go. Now Im only staking money. I fear about how fpgas or new eth asics will affect the market. But if I will have a good oportunity i will buy fpgas asics or gpus. As a miner you have to understand a market to. If I see a good oportunity for buying hardware I always buy them.If you buy hardware for a good price IT wont loose much value and it will start working for you, This is my strategy, I never sold everything in the top ( sold btc for 10k,12k,15k,17k) but my mining business keeps growing fast as possible 🙂 everyday the market will offer you a new oportunity 🙂 p.s: sorry for mistakes, english is not my mother language

  3. Right now I am mining new coin 100% then once i hit my goal. Will go back to mining on 1/2 my farm to cover cost and and other mining new coins or mining more coins I already hodling.

  4. Thanks for video again!

    I think everyone has – at least SHOULD have – their own preference and idea how they use the mining resources. For me personally it's quite clear, I just try to most of time mine coins to be sold for fiat money to generate some monthly income. I can use small part of hashing power just to mine some new projects for day or couple every now and then, and just keep the coins for the future. But then I always need to keep the miner doing the actual money for me, even if it is not very big money I do need it.

    I have only one rig with 6 GPU's, so this can be just a supportive income at its best, but there is always small hopes if some of those project coins get to exchanges and eventually their value up significantly if they have good success.

    I also realize living by fulltime mining requires much bigger investments, and all that stuff also needs a proper location with good power lines etc, it means just mining ethereum with 1 rig won't be buying all that. Either it needs some risk taking actually investing bigger sum of money to get it all, or then it requires quite a luck with the coins you mine today.

    I like this stuff and I can see there is lot of possibilities (MOON!!!), but same time it's just pure math which makes to keep the money side of things at least somewhat sane 🙂

    I do not do any kind of daytrading or such time consuming things, because I want this to be mostly passive way of income.

  5. Mining strategies, the answer is you do all the above we mine for cash, we mine for other coins, and we mine to hodl coins. when the KPI's say too.

  6. I don't dis on ASIC miners because 1. It's how I started, 2. It may fit one's overall strategy of power vs. project vs. time. I can't personnaly mine with ASICs anymore because they are too f'n loud. Being an ASIC miner requires flexibility, and the best way to make profit with an ASIC miner is to list it for sale the SECOND you ROI for cost and power, and have the profit be the sale of the unit. At that point you have 1. the coin you mined with your ASIC, extra cash, no depreciation risk.

    Because I have a small footprint, my "mine to buy hardware" strategy also includes the sale of a less desireable unit. Where I will sell 2 of my 1060's to fund the purchase of a 1080ti, and pay myself the difference in ETH.

    Much luck to everybody on their own crypto journeys.

  7. Don't buy GPUs as long as there are no new releases. Did you consider buying an Acorn from SQRL? They're not so expensive.

  8. I've recently taken the decision to sell my lower end gpus (1050tis and 1060s). The reason for this is several. 1 It's been such a dire year for crypto mining that I haven't paid of the debts that I hoped to. 2. I'm waiting to see what the asic situation is going to be like in the next few weeks, particularly with Zencash asic fork, as I'd like to expand my node collection. 3. The new GPUs are on the horizon, which I think will make the lower end gpus fairly useless and inefficient, and and have lower resale value.
    I've kept my 1070 and 1070tis for now. If Zencash doesn't fork, I might consider asic mining because of the power efficiency. I've mined some speculative coins such as Loki, MCT, and XDNA to sit on for a couple of years, I've also got some EOS, ETH, NANO, ZEN and some others to HODL, so I'm taking a bit of a back seat to see what happens for now!

  9. I'm currently mining to buy hardware, but with a delayed strategy. As I'm mining Nicehash (or another coin) and then holding whatever I mine in BTC. (On my Ledger Nano S).

    I intend to cash this in buy hardware in the future but only when the price is higher, as now I think the BTC price is far too low to cash out. But there is a fine line between holding and being a bad holder, so I think in terms of strategy I'm going to sell off my BTC in %'s. So as the price rises 20%, I sell 20% etc. Just to ensure I have a balance of risk/reward. (I need to finalize this plan a bit further…)

    I'm slowly adding to my Mining 'farm', so far I have 2 rigs so I will fill my remaining couple slots up over the next month or so, and then it's a question of whether to build a third rig, or to get an ASIC or FPGA. I'm interested in seeing what bitmains next bitcoin miner is like, the S11 I believe it was rumored to be called. I'm leaning toward an ASIC at the moment.

  10. when the price of Bitcoin was higher I mined zcash then converted it to Bitcoin and used Bitcoin to buy gpus on Newegg. it's was great at the time.

  11. I plan on mining to buy a Z9 mini or second option is to go over to mining with solar energy. Cause damn the electricity costs are almost equal to my income from mining. Any comments please?

  12. Great live stream today bro. Workshop format is a great way for everyone to learn.

    As in any successful business, goals are important to set. If you determine exactly what you are looking to achieve, all of your efforts and resources will take you there. What level of mining output do you ultimately want out of your operation? What dollar value of crypto are you interested in accumulating? If you answer these questions, you will be able to stay focused and achieve those specific goals.

    I started mining in February and my goal was to mine 30,000 Digibyte in hopes that it will ultimately be valued at $1 some time in the next two two years. I reached my small goal and then some and now it's time for me to set another goal, starting with another 1080ti to increase my output as part of my next phase of mining.

    Thanks for bringing up the topic! Blessings to you!

  13. I've only used Fiat for hardware. Here's my dilemma… I want to buy more cards. Do I start buying used cards instead of new ones, since the ROI is better. Will Nvidia, come out with cards that hash a lot better than this generation of cards, which would make my purchases go down in value. It's difficult to justify new cards right now for me with the rumors of new cards coming.

  14. That was my dilema as well, i settled on keeping my farm at 370 M/H buying no more equipment as the gpu mining future seems bleak.Im mining Ethhash coins then selling 50% into fiat, investing the rest into good crypto coins/token projects.

  15. The grass is always greener on the other side because you haven't walked on it yet! I thought about this Kev, it's a tough one. Say you mine 2 ethereum in 1 month and buy 2 1060 6gb cards. Or you keep the 2 ethereum for 5 years and buy a Volvo. Only time will tell which was the best call. I always see it has newer/cheaper coins have a high risk with a high reward and older/higher priced coins have a low risk and low reward. Same again with this only time will tell mate.

  16. As is evident in your self conversation, this is a very complex topic, since there are about 30 variables involved and to consider at all times. I have been mining and holding for the ETF announcement that may be coming in early August, and I have been mining Safecoin and holding in anticipation of the secure nodes. This may be my first master node / secure node so we will see how that goes. IMO, the best bet if you are looking to make more from mining and you are looking to grow and as you outline is to keep reinvesting in one way or another in hardware. We have to remember that hardware is where POW coins are minted

  17. So when I was mining multiple ETH a month and they were $15 a piece, had I sold them and bought more equipment I would have much less money and only a little more mining equipment.

    Buying crypto or gpus with fiat is good but after that HODL.

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