The Maximus Cryptobot Cryptocurrency Trading – Why I Like Currency Pairs! (Live)

hi guys! what’s going on?
FAYSAL here and today I’m trading with the MAXIMUS CRYPTOBOT signals but
don’t forget to Like and subscribe to our channel and support us. so let’s
begin trading. activating hyper and let’s see if there is any strong signal.
okay ETH/USD suggests 99 percent confidence factor. beautiful chart. it suggests a SELL signal. okay it is a cryptocurrency. Ethereum
and then go for like $200 and for one minute is okay. the
trade is executed as you can see here. but the cryptocurrency payout is very
poor in the broker platform. I am using BINARYCENT and you can see that
on the investment of $200 the return will be $100 if I win. so it’s like 50% profit whether the currency pair
offers are 85%. well $100 payout is not that bad
but in comparison cryptocurrency payout is low. I just won the trade as you
can see the result. 300 US dollar. so yeah! I will trade one more I guess.
okay. Wow! EUR/USD suggests a CALL signal
and 100% confidence factor. so let’s see. the price has risen already. so I’ll go for $300 and for like 3 minutes. okay
CALL. we have to be very quick when you execute trade in turbo trading. so that’s why when it showed that EUR/USD
hundred percent win probability then I did not check the
chart because if I was wasting time checking the chart then I could not get
into the trade. okay so $300 and three minutes. so let’s
see what happens in these three minutes. we have been trading with the MAXIMUS CRYPTO BOT for like one year from now and we have withdrawn our money a couple
of times. we have three accounts with them. three Forex account as you can see.
we have VIP Crypto, Universe markets and KAYA Fx. so those three are
reputed and hassle free brokers. so you can join if you want. I am putting
a secured link in the description so you might visit their official page and if
you find it beneficial for you then you may try this. getting a good strike price is very
important when you trade turbo. so wait for a better entry price when you place
a trade and in this case it was a CALL signal. so I tried to get a good
strike price that means I placed the trade from a lower point. let’s see
what happens. we are almost heading to the expiration
line. but it’s a TIE trade as you can see the result is $300.
so let’s see the CLOSED Trades. yeah you see. no! no! I just Won the trade although it
shows three hundred dollar payout! two micro pip difference as you
can see here between the strike price and expiry price! so yeah! so both
trades are winners as you can see. my first trade was ETHEREUM and investment was
$200. the outcome was $100. and then EUR/USD for 3 minute trade
and investment was $300 and the payout was $210.
so in total $310 in just couple of minutes. so I will stop
trading here and stay tuned for more videos and updates. don’t forget to
support us by liking and sharing our videos. until then I’m out!

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