33 thoughts on “The Man Who Picked The Gold and Crypto Bottoms on Where They Go Next”

  1. One can tell that Ed wants to say so much and so quickly his mouth an't catch up with his brain , it just can't come out quick enough,LOL but we know this

  2. Ed is a genius. He explains things well and clearly and his input into our lives is much appreciated. Thank you tooooo Jeff.

  3. I don't feel his title of "man who picked the gold and crypto bottoms" was sufficiently proved. If that's the title of this 43 minute video, it should contain proof of that claim, or at least a direct link to that proof! This guy is another crypto newbie nobody trying to pretend he was right all along. If that were the case, he could show or link to that, rather than vague claims of greatness backed up with "go and find proof of my predictive powers yourself, I don't have time, but it's definitely true".

  4. Dude…this guy needs some Xanax. Smart guy, just all over the place. Was he nervous or something? Tough to listen to.

  5. I'm not sure if Jeff is really knowledgeable about crypto. Seems to be rather a good skater with words well thought out in advanced. 🙂

    Or can we say that it is a good crypto junky channel?

  6. It's the Cantillian Effect , isn't it Ed, where money clumps around those closest to it, once it's printed and released. By the time it trickles down to you and me, it's bus tickets. The effect is designed that way, very purposely, not a naturally occuring process at all. And they call economics a science. That's a laugh

  7. I stopped listening when your guest said interest rates had already started rising. Not true. Maybe your guest got lucky in calling the ups and downs, but it was not because he had his facts right.

  8. Very good Ed. Don't forget that the Dow can not be analysed in isolation. Capital needs a "safe" place to park in times of turmoil……

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