The Layover Live Sessions | Harnessing the Power of UGC with Digital Asset Management

[Applause] [Applause] hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the layover live sessions where we're coming to you live from the simple view summit 2019 and I'm joined here by Shannon Maloney our social media specialist who just got done with a great presentation with the ANA from Barbara's talk about digital asset management or dam there's no end there and UGC and how they can interact with each other and also gave some really interesting tips with UGC so starting things off what is a dam and you know why should we give a damn about it well first of all it's gonna be where you take all of your content whether it be content that you have paid for with photographers or have requested rights via UGC rights management and have a place for it to all be stored and there's a lot of people out there that have things on hard drives and drop boxes and google drives and so a dam will actually organize everything you'll have everything tagged you'll have everything labeled you know that you have ownership to it through Barbara stock you're actually able to also share externally with different people so it might be media outlets internal teams so it's just a really nice way to kind of have everything that you own asset wise whether it be photos videos fonts and PDFs and all that kind of stuff all in one place awesome so I know we had John talking about UGC as well so I know you took a little different angle to it instead of kind of the crazy edge cases potentially that you know John was sharing as well you know what are some ways that you that demos can use UGC especially now they have it all nicely organized and a dam or something that's a tree so a couple of really great great use cases is that there's a lot of demos that they have a hard time getting content from some of their partners like a hotel listing or restaurant listing so they don't want the listing to not have an image so we can actually go and source that content from UGC from people that are actually dining at that place or staying at that hotel and then we can request the right to that photo and now the hotel listing has an image a really great example is being able to take you GC content and create Instagram stories which is a great way to kind of use a social media platform Instagram stories has 500 million active daily users so being able to use the content to create a story in that space in Vegas does a great job of making that more interactive so they'll do something like and ask me anything and so people will message back and say hey what are the best shows to see in Vegas and then Vegas will curate you know a couple of stories around that and then they'll actually use a swipe up feature and link back to their website on the top ten shows to see in Vegas for example so it's a great way to take you GC content because a lot of times people think for Instagram stories they think that they have to manually be out there curating this stuff and taking those photos you can source all that content from UGC take you know three or four different pieces of content and then create a story and you can do that you know every week strategy around that well that sounds great and Chanda thank you so much for stopping by telling the people out there about UGC and digital asset management two very important things so anyway Thank You Shannon I appreciate it we'll be back with more way over live session [Applause] [Applause]

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