The Latest on FinTech Startups and Cryptocurrency Trends

FinTech has been evolving in recent years in reshaping the finance industry. For decades, financial innovations such as ATMs and wire transfers largely came from the financial institutions themselves. but with the advent of connected mobile devices and consumers increased comfort and transacting business by cell phone, non-financial companies are getting into the game, such as tech giants and startups. At the 2019 Synapse Summit Bold Business had the opportunity to interview Philip Goodeve, chairman of Integral Capital Markets to give us his comments on the state of FinTech. Basically, you’ve got this battle going on between the FinTech unicorns and the legacy dinosaurs and it’s an odd analogy but the unicorns are heating the dinosaurs. The rise of the unicorn has occurred rapidly. Right now there are 39 VC-backed FinTech unicorns worth a combined 147.37 billion dollars. Without question, FinTech startups brought a significant degree of disruptive change to the industry. With consumers more accustomed to using mobile devices to manage financial services and transactions, FinTech startups serve many needs. Neither blockchain nor cryptocurrencies are yet proven concepts I see certainly in the US a lot a regulatory challenge for cryptocurrencies but overseas we’re starting to see a lot of traction in that realm. The FinTech sector continues to mature and with advances in computing and cybersecurity, the innovations are far from over. Expect FinTech to remain dynamic for years to come.

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