the uncle is not your investment advisor drugs investing in any horror is real easy drugs you on witnessing tower how I make my money drug for you are decided power is your choice I'm driving it – loose parties like as always we're here to get them bunny ding-ding-ding yes it's time for another crypto session markets going blood-red there are still some slight opportunities abound if you know where to look so I'm looking for opportunities knowing that I SEOs and opportunities like that are gonna be gone soon out of our control where can I go ahead and pull another one of these 40 cents – I don't know 78 hours I'd be happy in this market with 5 bucks man where can I pull another one of these 72 cents to 163 dollars I don't know man that's a lot of fairy dust and magic for that to happen again and these projects had no working real product ok regal coin was a mess never got their internal exchange open but there was foam oh now people are not buying things on foam oh they're buying things with their head and they're very scared and cautious costing them opportunity some researcher and I keep seeing one thing coming up in the media casino I SEOs casino tokens most of them are they have no product yet and they are looking for a ton of money look over the news this morning is this news that Eos bet became the first Unchained gambling casino and got a license from Karaka what people don't realize is that this is paid promotion this is all over the web ok everywhere you see it is a paid promotion so a lot of these companies are doing paid promotion desperation because people don't trust I SEOs but gaming is to think now let's look at some things here what is this about less than a million tokens there's only 2.7 million tokens in total on this East returns before you freak out let me show you something here's another one that people are talking about edgeless token it's a utility token supposedly because it's to play casino games the same thing as ace wins ERC 20 utility token ace wins two point seven total million tokens edge 132 million now do you think it's gonna be harder to move the price with 132 million tokens or something that so goddamn scarce that we got for 50 cents and there's less than a million in the icy up less than 2.7 million in total which one sounds like a money grab to run away with your money it's just one example let's look for another one hold on yeah I like these opportunities I take chances let's look at this piece of crap hold on this is the alive casino soft cap two million dollars more than the entire fundraising double the entire fundraising of ace returns art capped 30 million what are they gonna do with 30 million dollars they don't even have a product yet they don't have a single game it's all prod but promises roll is that King King crypto not kingpin crypto King crypto so we look at this website it looks fabulous don't it this is what you're seeing in casino I see those promises of virtual things jack jerk-off crypto thief okay making promises about the gambling market and this and that and all this stuff so you know we're not talking about a live casino or edgeless casino I am showing you the market I'm helping you do your research to open your eyes so you don't miss a 50 cent opportunity for ace wins you've probably thrown away I don't know 500 bucks on better things you probably lost that bit max that would get you a thousand tokens you know that thousand regal coin tokens got me in the end do the math 96 the horse I held on to that one we love that one Devore well I sold it $20 because love is something that you save for beautiful women not for platforms let's see this stupid video a minute a revolution introducing the first crypto currency casino to provide a virtual reality gambling experience via live casino first of all this is a stupid idea why virtual reality is annoying you can only wear if you ever did virtual reality an octorok what does an octopus Rip's rift or something whatever fuck that thing was hanging off my face look if you did that is only so long keep it on your face it gives you a headache alright the technology is not there yet so it's gonna limit the time you would play in a casino da while virtual reality will take the gambling experience to a new level not only does the casino platform have all types of traditional games but it also gives access to all type of traditional games guess what today ace look this is stupid I would not buy something that has that's looking to do such a massive cache race ok massive cash rates because I've been looking into this a lot you could buy off-the-shelf software for 20 grand okay ace casino is making it all from scratch so what do we got the developer worked with before we have blackjack coming out I think it's tomorrow we get the tokens immediately allows me to do giveaways your now how you gonna make money with this if you buy these things at 50 cents right now and look usually okay there's a lot more tokens in the more expensive rounds that's the money grab this is the opposite but if you buy them at 50 cents and they got real games that people want to play look not many casinos quite a business all right this one is coming on first surprisingly I heard this is just about completed it's in testing mode already this just completed third-party testing from what I heard and it's ready to roll tomorrow real games that we could play so how do you make money with this you get the token of 50 cents they're taking money in at the right time because Kryptos are really low it's not the reverse like last year with doing coin bit AI and all the scam platforms and this is not a lending platform it's not even a platform to blockchain asset okay and you make a decision I'm not gonna talk about this a lot more until there's new developments games and everything and I'll show you them but what if it went to three bucks very good chance there's there could be a squeeze here you don't understand what it is to have only 2.7 million tokens and 1 million less than 1 million in the ICO so while you're waiting for this thing to hit and go to 2 or 3 bucks right who knows maybe we'll go to 5 or 7 I don't know I can't predict the future although they say I can and he's going straight to external exchange so let's say it's 3 bucks this thing is gonna pay you twenty one percent monthly in tokens of your tokens now it's pretty big people so that means that every day since it's monthly and paid daily automatically buy us more contract this means that you can go ahead and cash that out as interest every day so you can earn interest on that you can play the games and win what you can turn into real money ace tokens in the internal or external exchanges Merkin talk did polly network that's how I got familiar with using market talk every morning and that I see oh and it was over at 10:30 a.m. I would take out about $1,100 in BTC from there an eternal exchange those were the good old days that lasted three months again it was just a landing platform no no utility no product this has products this is the real deal and planning a ton of marketing from what I see here and from the white paper a ton of marketing to happen after the crowd sale why so unlike Libra and Christos we actually have buyers in the exchange look there's a link down below do your due diligence you could lose all your money but one of these could hit I am looking for the next big one so for me listen they say they say okay even now it's hard times for everyone I don't have the amount of crypto I used to have okay you know I'm not buying Lamborghinis like their new soups every couple of months anymore does a bull market days somebody's tight for everyone but what I take a five will draw a gamble in this all right the four or five hundred oh my gosh a thousand tokens a thousand tokens so you need you don't put thousands into these things you put a little put you put wad guys of money who gives a shit money and now as I start to do searches on YouTube I'm starting to see other youtubers are picking this up up start to see videos all around it's starting to get the traction it needed this will sell out okay let me self are sold out they are all right so first round was sold out completely 100% excellent surprising that one so fast second round 28% sold out okay if you wait till the dirt rounding up he'll most of dollar your chances of doubling or quadrupling your money at fifty cents are very very likely even here but this is the sweet spot and it's funny when I was looking around for other youtubers who were doing stuff on this I started looking at these stupid apps okay I you know I did a video on this because it was a paid a sponsored app was the stupidest thing I ever seen okay and bottom line is these daps all of them all of them including the ones that you think are great let's go my link warehouse whorehouse so in my discord is something called a link whorehouse everyone is invited to come and put their links there people come from miles around to see what's being thrown on the ground in the whorehouse so one of them is this new thing is this temple of eath okay another stupid chaplain to hold my banana now a whole bunch of stupid games you first look at this bed market it's confusing nobody knows how to fuck this works okay madness warfare look here's how all of these type of game naps work give us your valuable crypto that we're going to turn into fiat we're gonna sell you are shit tokens be it Tiki heads or banana dicks and you're gonna have a chance not only to get a small amount of your own money back maybe in an airdrop or a little bit of dividends but you'll have a chance to win some of your real money back in exchange for our shit tokens that you bought that we've created all this nice stuff to take your money from you so people think long and hard I like a swint's you know I had a lot of tokens I gave away a lot I think I still have like 70,000 I am the motivating force to make that go to one or two dollars and so the other youtubers I'm not gonna dump it maybe at 3 or 4 dollars I'll dump it okay well I'll dump half at $2 you decide your strategy I know my strategy is to get in and make money period no love affair no marriage no bit connect pipe-smoking nonsense do your own due diligence be smart want to see something great let's look at BTC look at the battle at $3,900 what's going on here let's see battle Bitcoin 38 9900 gotta rush to the front gotta rush this known here it's unknown 3902 what synapse price gonna be Oh reinforcements are coming up the German pinpricks are moving forward they're bringing in fractals air support the whole day look at this battle unbelievable it's a travesty soldiers running out of their tanks look at this is a big block orders gone annihilated in Nile captain Williams is bringing in the soldiers look at this look at this at the frontline here they come bringing up the heavy artillery oh this travesty liquidations short-selling amputations is horrible go and get your before you miss out


  1. don't log in Krypto up dashboard…
    What happened..
    Ace is best ico now..But My bad luck I don't in Ace wins ICO.

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