The Key To Making Money Trading Crypto Is…

what's going on everybody my name is Danny welcome back to crypto 99 I apologize if I sound a little nasally the pollen here in Charlotte North Carolina just beating the out of me so if I sound a little nasal just deal with it but I wanted to talk about something today I was scrolling through Twitter and looking at price action looking at my trades how they've done where I want to enter as we kind of honestly hopefully kind of move further down and complete a little corrective wave what I want to do and I wanted to talk about something that is a incredibly important principle to follow when you're trying to make money trading anything it does not have to be crypto it can be 4x it could be commodities it could be any traditional stock market whatever you want and that is having a plan and sticking to your plan because if you have a plan you stick to it on trade 1 and it starts to move a little the way you don't want and then you start to flip-flop and you start the flip-flop game all you're gonna do is make exchanges rich that's you're gonna do you're gonna make all the exchanges money by flip-flopping back and forth and paying exchange fees one way and then the other way I'm back and forth and I saw a lot of this on Twitter and Theo and I were talking earlier today about there was a guy or cup set bunch of people honestly it wasn't just one guy but there was one in particular we were talking about who was long and then he was short then he was long then he was short you know probably just whatever plays out in the end he'll delete the other tweets and go with that one so he probably wasn't even trading he was just trying to you know Twitter Klout everybody but if you have a plan and you stick to it you can make money if you don't you won't and I'll explain briefly so my plan that I have and I send this in my last video every time that I try to chase trades and I change my plan and I modify my strategy to something I saw I always lose almost always it's it's not a hundred percent loss ratio but it's pretty freakin high what I stick with my plan measure my counts look for my entries carefully and I typically I like to either trade breakouts catch the breakout pre breakout monitor it and when it looks like gonna go trade the breakout or I like to trade a retrace and wait for something to come back and stay ahead of the market wait for it to come to me buy it on a wick and go and I posted something on Twitter with so my injuries I've got well it's probably five trades maybe six I think on through three commas that are all up between two and a half and five and a half percent right now because I caught my retrace entry and that's kind of how you want to trade you don't want to trade the wave of the market trading trends is one thing longer-term trends but the short-term trends in crypto changed so fast that in three days you could have been long and then short and back four or five times you could have been law you could have been short at 30 to 50 and then long to 3400 and then short back down when you saw it bounce back down but then went back ups here long again and then you're short again and now that we found some sort of support looking maybe you may be long again like there's just so many ways to mess that up and there's so many fees you're paying and you're really not even sure of what you're doing honestly so if you have a strategy and stick to it you can make money the key is developing that strategy right because if you don't develop a strategy and just come up with one on a whim and stick to it you'll never make any money because your strategy hasn't been thought through I know mine CEO knows his we utilize both of those to portray to our VIP groups so they can kind of either just use ours or develop one on their own there's tons of ways to do this you can use Elliott Wave and fib combinations you can use just traditional support and resistance you can use fractals you can use td9 you can use whatever the hell you want I don't care you can use anything as long as it's a strategy that works RSI MACD combinations and all kinds of stuff but as long as the strategy works then you're okay but the ticket is to stick with a strategy do not be a flip-flopper if you were short and if you're if you're unsure don't trade but if you're like I think it's I think my analysis says I need to be short stay with it if you get stopped out you get stopped out and Yuri analyze and Interbike whatever your analysis tells you that time cuz it not only will make you lose money it will make you lose faith in your strategy itself if you flip-flop back and forth and if you know it's true and you know it's good stick with it because when you flip-flop back and forth that little bit of uncertainty as a traitor just manifests itself if you're wrong one or two times in a row which all traders are wrong we we I'll be on we had a bad seven to ten days that's not awful but we got stopped out on a couple trades it was one of our worst ten days stretches of the six seven months you've been doing this group but we stick with the strategy and now look we're up there's six trades that are up 5% already that's trading but if you flip-flop and you have that little bit of doubt and uncertainty and it manifests itself you're just gonna flip lot more and more and more your strategy's gonna degrade and you're gonna lose money so I know this quick short video but develop a strategy and stick with your strategy if you get like don't go on Twitter and get all your trades from all the people on Twitter cuz you're gonna see a bunch of people that are bullish and a bunch that are bearish and flip-flop back and you'll be like oh he makes sense but he also sounds like he knows what he's talking about developed if you're gonna look listen to all this great listen to him I mean I should I'm on Twitter so you can listen to me too if you want but use that as information not necessarily as the end-all be-all man behind a curtain knowing everything take the information and if you want to use it great you want to comment on it great if you like it great if you disagree comment and tell us why you disagree but stick to your strategy so hope you guys got something out of the video it wasn't super technical or anything else but I wanted to rant for five or six minutes about this because I've seen so many people flip their strategies and and get killed or scrap their strategy because they lost a couple of in a row my strategy doesn't work I lost three trades in a row we lost four of five trades four out of five we got stopped out but strategy doesn't change we just worked a little harder found new trades and now look so if you know your strategy works stick to your strategy and you will make money again thank you guys for watching follow me on Twitter if you haven't done so I mention that a couple times join our free discord also if you're interested in what our strategy is honestly kind of how we come about what we what trades we post and you want some insight into the trades we do post market updates and stuff like that we have a VIP group with a free trial if you want to mesh be in discord we've got a link down below for that as well to check that out through patreon if you want to check it out but again thank you for watching I hope I brought you the value I aim to bring you every single day and look forward to bringing that value next time

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