The Joker (Heath Ledger) tutorial maquillaje – make up tutorial (With English subtitles)

Hi, my name is Jessica For the ones who follow us on the Facebook page, I am Harley Quinn And today I’m going to teach you how to do the Heath Ledger’s Joker make up First, you have to model the scars with clay for example either on a mold of your face or on a flat surface as we did in this case Then the negative molds are taken with plaster or silicone rubber (before use vaseline to prevent them from sticking) Once we have the molds we proceed to apply two layers of latex over them We apply the first layer and let it dry then the second one and we let it dry again Now we must prepare the filling of scars. We have to pour in a bowl two spoons with unflavored gelatin, one spoon with pure glycerine (you can get it in the pharmacy) then one sppon with boiling water. Mix it and place the bowl in a microwave for five seconds to make it more uniform and semi liquid Once it’s dry apply two layers of latex on the gelatin area, extending half centimeter beyond Now we proceed to remove the scars from the molds using powder for not bent or stick the edges First, we clean up with alcahol the areas where the prostetics will be applied Then apply prosthetic adhesive “Pros Aide”, wait a few seconds and then apply a second layer of adhesive. After that, apply the prosthetic really carefully. If the prosthetics have edges too large you can retouch them a little by cutting them with a sharp scissor Seal the edges with the same adhesive and let it dry Repeat the same process for the lips… and the other cheek. When you finish applying the 3 prosthetics seal all with powder Then start unifying all with latex, spreading it all over the face. This will give a better effect to mark the “wrinkles” of the makeup and its texture Be careful with the eyes! Don’t apply latex near them When the latex is dry, unify the skin tone on the face. We use professional makeup FX, which activates with a little alcohol Apply it with a special makeup sponge Start applying the creamy white makeup, marking all the lines of expression to give the desired effect on the forehead, frown and around the eyes as we are seeing. Remember that this Joker makeup is “sloppy” and doesn’t have paint on the neck Paint the mouth and scars with creamy red makeup, carefully giving the effect of “dirty” Continue with the eyes using a cotton swab to makeup. Use liquid makeup for “body painting” as we use or you can use creamy makeup Clearly define the expression lines around the eyes We swept up makeup over the eyes to get it a little dirty (more intense on the right side than on the left)
Always very carefully for not exceeding This varies according to the scene of the movie that you want to play At last, for finishing with the face, we go to the teeth First clean the teeth and dry them with an absorbent paper to eliminate the traces of saliva. This is done to make the makeup adheres properly. Then paint the teeth with FX Mehron makeup “nicotine effect” Directed by Javier Aideinstein Edited by Javier Aideinstein Cosplayer: Leandro Cabezón Make up by Jessica Herrlein

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  1. La pregunta del Siglo es… por que este Man no hizo el papel del Nuevo GUASÓN? que por cierto está Terriblemente HORRIBLE no se parece en nada a Heath Ledger parece un payaso de cumpleaños no un actor de verdad

  2. Nossa incrível, adorei o trabalho,um dia quem sabe eu não tento fazer algo parecido,o corringa é quase um super herói para mim,só que é no caso um super vilão.

  3. Casi digo que debiste estar en escuadrón suicida ,pero si interpretar un papel fuera tan fácil como solo parecerte serías bueno

  4. YO CON EL Siiiiiii ME CASO💍pero CARACTERiZADO😅😘…amor a primera vista cuando lo vi terminado😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 pasenme sus redes sociales please👐😋💕

  5. I swear this is the best Ledger Joker makeup tutorial in the world…. he looks EXACTLY like Heath once the makeup is on….. AMAZING job!!!!


  7. This video just showed up in my recommended, and, having watched it, I'm in total shock! 🤯 This cute guy doesn't even look like Heath Ledger without make up, but after… It's like a reincarnation, I swear! A job really well done! Thank you for sharing! 😊

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