The IOST Podcast #19 : The Best Staking Rewards Network?

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get a good episode coming up here we actually had a call with IOST this
morning as well so may also known as Jasper I think is his kind of nickname
on on Telegram maybe middle name I’m not sure yeah that
up yeah it’s Jasper or May you know seems
you know he basically works out of the china office for IOST working with
the other founders and the rest of the team so Craig call with him really
appreciate that you know back to the you know back to the bi-weekly calls with
IOST you know one of the one of the big points that they have had moving
into quarter three here has been increased communication with all of
their node partners which has been awesome for us who you
know as a as a US-based block producer you know getting getting some more focus
getting some more you know kind of time in love with the the team outside of
your South Korea China Japan has been has been awesome so we got some good
things in the works as we’ve continued to hype up but um yeah shout out May for
the time yeah maybe they were listening to the podcast cuz I think what was it
like a week ago you’re like hey guys like we want to talk with you and things
like that so it’s good to see more communication there that I mean
communication you know is one of the reasons for having a successful company
successful relationships all of these things so glad to be getting back on
that front so yeah we had that call with May we’re gonna talk about contribution
rewards going out in the period that it’s going out in as well as a couple
breaking news that is the in exchange listing with fitzy a summary of the IOST q2 contribution sharing conference that we had we also have news of the paradigm
fund report and possibly a Q through q3 roadmap and IOST’s staking program
ranks number one globally through a couple platforms IOST in Japan a IOST
watch interview with Onblock comments from last week and of course we always
have Dimitry’s desk there right in the middle so good episode today you guys
excited absolutely yeah it’s it’s packed yeah
let’s roll let’s do it so we had the contribution rewards going out we had
where we were notified that they were going out through a couple telegram
channels can you tell us anything about that I know it said it’s over a
three-week period as well and what the reasoning that is for yeah definitely so
you know just as some context and this a recap this is the first time you’re
tuning in and don’t worry I’m not gonna explain how the the first quarter
contribution period was about 22 days it was a way to you know basically
incentivize all those nodes that pre mainnet put in a ton of work they were able
to get their rewards but because it only encapsulated 22 days those rewards that
any voters got were significantly smaller than what
they will get this quarter or this previous quarter which was considered
cute too so you know it’s about 91 days in total evidently one of the things
that the IOST team saw was that after the q1 rewards went out there was
significant selling pressure right on IOST which anytime you get kind of a
you know kind of a large wave of selling pressure like that you know especially
if it’s time to let’s say a Bitcoin dump or something like that it hurts the
token price so the thought from IOST for q2 has been okay well let’s extend
the period of which contribution rewards go out so that we can kind of in this
case over a three-week period break out the selling pressure that might exist on
IOST as this you know giant chunk of rewards goes out so essentially what’s
gonna happen is as a voter as a node you’re going to get your contribution
rewards kind of split up in some cases it’s not you’re not gonna get the full
amount but it’s gonna be split up over a three-week period which like you said
has started already so keep refreshing those wallets you should see they don’t
freak out yeah don’t freak out if you get you know
one-third of what you’re supposed to get but that’s why they’re doing it right
support the price make sure that there’s not kind of massive selling pressure
especially all things you know considered with where alt coins are
versus Bitcoin and and the you know drop that we’ve seen from about 14k on
Bitcoin so oh no I think it’s a good thing I think it’s smart it’s kind of
forward-thinking from IOST I know to some degree it was kind of thrown
together but what we have heard from IOST is that they will they’re gonna
have some news coming out not just on q2 but on q3 as well so that everybody
especially on the node side it’s kind of up-to-date on the way that they they
want to do it you know communication is key just like we said I like that I like
that a lot you know the fact of redistribution over a period of time
because you know obviously we know we’re IOC prices right now and you know we
having that extra some pressure definitely doesn’t help and then by the
time let’s say all the contribution rewards are
giving out we might have a different situation with the price in IOC where I
stood back above a penny and you know people will reconsider this situation of
alright you know maybe I was trying maybe I’ll float all of it maybe I’ll do
like a portion of it or not you know offload at all it’s kind of like a
system that sees you know in stock trading where if you have a stock that
just like three Falls and they halt the trading for a little bit you know to
prevent like to prevent people from like doom yeah panic you know panic selling
and then when they resumed trading you know where everybody’s just like kind of
gets back into things like oh hey things are not that bad actually I’m just this
panicking because the things were following and then that actually helps
to you know helps the price to be efficient essentially yeah I was gonna
take the devil’s advocate approach and say there are some people that are
probably upset if the token price does fall and they don’t get the rewards and
they were going to sell I’m sure there’s some people that we’re upset but there’s
always gonna be people that are upset but I’m glad that we got that
communication out to the community to the nodes so that people aren’t freaking
out so good on the team for that all right we got the story leading exchange
Bitsey supports Iowa’s tea Dima that’s you yeah speaking of trading so we have
another exchange which is a pretty big one it’s from Singapore Bitsey it’s now
supporting iOS D for trading and this this is a number thirteen in terms of
ranking for trading volume on CMC just looking at it today I mean listen they
did you know 1.1 billion in trading volume and you know in 24 hours so
definitely a big exchange to have a huge user base the article talks about it
where they have let me see two hundred fifty thousand online users that are
just on in 24 hours period so they have active traders that are constantly on it
and they have in total one point four five million registered traders on on
their exchange and it’s great obviously you know having
Iowa’s tea listed on it and as always stay or having a given giveaway to
promote is tea being traded on their platform so there’s you know three
hundred and fifty thousand of i/os tea worth of giveaway that’s fun right now
for those people that are looking to trade Iowa Steve you know it split up
into three rankings you can win you know the top position wins two hundred
thousand second spot a hundred thousand and the third spot fifty thousand mmm
look at the glow up for some of these exchanges l a token three coin been a
for exchanges like what six months ago to a year ago they were like what yeah
this is an interesting point right because as I remember bit Z is one that
kind of falls into that category of is this real volume or is this fake full
read/write the user numbers are you know assuming they’re they’re real they’re
those are nice you know to have what is it a quarter of a million there’s on a
you know daily active users on a four hour basis that’s big you have an
article coming out about this as well which might kind of tie together like
the reason for some of these trading competitions and kind of the way that
market makers work yeah yeah exactly yes so some of these uh exchanges you know
probably most of them have their own internal market makers that essentially
you know you can trade between each other to stimulate the volume or
sometimes actually you know navigate the price a little bit within a small range
outside of let’s say where the actual market is trading so yeah and that you
know essentially you can pump up your volume numbers you can prop up your user
numbers like that it’s very important to keep that in mind you know that
alongside of regular traders you have these internal in-house guys that are
also you know trading so basically bid Z has someone or has a
group who is kind of buying and selling at the same time right now to their own
in that you know certainly they can make money doing that but what that does is
that shows that shows volume for something like an Iowa steer or a new
trading pair so they somebody obviously doesn’t have to worry about coming in
and and you know market buying you know all the way up to you know two cents or
you know market selling all the way down to to say yeah you know it does provide
you know there’s there’s a positive side to it because it does provide liquidity
you know so for people that won’t want to get in and out you know does offer
them that ability but I think you know a lot of people in this industry they know
about market makers but sometimes they might earn like a blonde eye to it or
forget about it so that’s what I wanted to try it more about and let people
understand hey make sure you keep that in mind you know this does exist and
here’s how it you know can impact your trading or here’s what you should
consider when selecting an exchange when you’re trading these things because you
know obviously all the exchanges are different there sometimes prices are
different on on those exchanges so you have to consider that we don’t we don’t
really have like a single you know hub that has the main price of you know for
everything so yep look say about that yeah I mean it bears to keep in mind
that this happens in traditional finance to market making happens there as well
so I said it’s not alone in in in the cryptocurrency industry but this has
honestly we’re looking at a just a volume here and I’ll throw up the the
snapshot they had so it does fall on to the third party platforms like a coin
market cap to make sure that they’re enforcing showing the accurate data it
happens with taps to these DAP explorers need to show the correct data
because users and volume get inflated there too so it falls on them really I
mean this is a free market people are gonna pump up whatever the hell they
need to pump up but if the explorers or coin market cap catch this then we can
see it very yeah for sure and and being prepared and kind of having that
knowledge so that you can filter through and you know understand kind of what is
actually going on is very important it’s true it’s true and a lot of new users
get taken advantage of for that so we had a and so this is kind of breaking
news because it summary did come out we had this contribution sharing
conference between all the nodes within I OST that wanted to take part I think
what 30 or 40 showed up and that’s that’s a strong amount because how many
people if you can remember actually submitted a contribution report did
anybody yeah I’m not I’m not sure it wasn’t it
was you know roughly the same as last quarter but I don’t think it was as
large yeah but I’m not sure don’t quote me on that yeah yeah definitely so we
had this contribution sharing conference where pretty much everyone this was
hosted by Ike a Ken and the I OST team every node went through this meeting
they had about what four or five minutes to talk and they said what they did in
q2 so this article here and it’s in the description is a link or it is a summary
of essentially what they said so you can go ahead Mike sorry for stealing your
thunder no no worries at all it was uh you know point in fact is it was a great
call as some as some additional context right so you have the I OST Foundation
which is the group the team the I OST team that’s responsible for obviously
you know developing the the core blockchain and all this then you have
icaic which is essentially a a separate kind of third party foundation that it
that has been created now these two groups as of now work together to select
who kind of fits within each tier based on a lot of different things right that
you can find on the high OST blog so they’re both obviously very important
foundations and then you have your various node partners who are being
selected to fall within each tier so you know this this conference all the tier 1
nodes spoke about what they did how they did it you know what they want to do
next quarter these are great because they’re they’re kind of like a really
interesting way for people to connect in the chat function that exists alongside
the the call in the zoom video so like we were able to connect with block tabs
Asia and some other folks it’s always just a good way to kind of kind of check
in quarterly with some of those nodes who are saying maybe only focused on
Japan or only focused on Korea or whatever their kind of home region is
but you know the most interesting thing was that at the end of the call there
was you know a section really for any node whether you were Tier one or not to
kind of come forward and you know talk about your concerns questions thoughts
proposals whatever it may be and that was hosted by I think it was May I think
it was May but Terence was in there and some other team members were in there as
well but May basically said that and this was in response to a lot of
questions that the nodes had been asking as you’ll see in that summary but an
updated roadmap is coming you know he basically said any day now so you know
we should really expect to see that pretty soon and as we’ll get to it and
the paradigm fund report we might even have kind of a teaser to that so that
was a big one he said that the the Iowa’s Tier II
brand right of the website maybe not necessarily of the name but they’re
aware of kind of the issues of the you know lost versus Iowa’s t stuff but the
rebrand is happening kind of when appropriate I think they’re kind of
waiting to get to you know kind of like a break point where Iowa’s tea is at a
you know at an awareness level that the rebrand will really make you know an
effective push from a marketing standpoint which i think is the right
way to do it so that you know that’s on their list sounds like is on the list
for 2019 still but you know can’t can’t confirm that that’s just what it sounded
like and then finally and probably most importantly is that berm is still
expected for q3 so when somebody says that whenever you have a team that goes
q3 it generally means end of end of that quarter right so if they say q1 it’s you
know it’s usually end of march that you’ll see it so I would say like latest
we see it early q4 and that they are talking with quote-unquote institutions
for a berm airdrop so I don’t know if that means exchanges or you know what
the deal is I know they previously said the airdrop will only go to those who
are voting or those who are staking but you know those three
big pieces of info the roadmap coming any day the rebrand still you know kind
of out there is a good marketing option is a good thing that I think a lot of
people would say needs to happen and then firms still on track you know those
are three nice pieces of news to hear from mom not not if a founding member of
the team but somebody who basically works with them on a daily basis yeah I
really like the fact that you know you can see all the information of all these
notes so what they contributed in yeah you know in that quarter that’s
something that we’ve discussed last time on the podcast is a you know the ability
to just show these contribution reports to show what those you know know it’s
done that quarter wide they you know got the the tier that they got so it is good
for for the community to take a look and see what everybody was working on and
the kind of the transparency there I feel like to listen to our podcast and
okay talk about we should do this you know so research and development yep
watch the podcast its wedding yourself a good good protocol good network yeah it
was great to see all the people show up it’s it’s it’s all about having an
engaged ecosystem it doesn’t just come from the voters and we’ll get to that
later with the ratio on other networks and how many tokens are voted to the
total from the total supply but it’s also about the nodes getting together
and certainly we’re working on that too so we’re excited for that there is a
paradigm paradigm paradigm fund report that kind of got released within the
last two days here in paradigm I think is a family office that investing no
currency space and they obviously have this report that comes out I believe on
a bi-weekly basis so it’s cool to see you know somebody else coming in the
ecosystem and reporting on iOS T but specifically I wanted to talk about
about this one little piece which is the within the report I think 3/4 of the way
down they have this what’s called q3 plan they have so I think they got it
from the Iowa ste international group but we can’t confirm and deny how they
actually got this information but it shows what seems to be a clip of the
quarter three roadmap so I want to I want to talk to
you guys about this and see what you guys have to say but it says promote
community autonomous governance enhance communication between nodes increase IOC
global influence improve Iowa State community consensus what other stuff
does it have released be pal Korea and promote Iowa’s tea in Korea extend the
functionality the telegram bot assist Iowa’s tdap ecosystem construction so a
ton of cool information here a lot of this is very general so nothing very
like spot-on specific other than the be pal in Korea they have the ledger
Hardware wallet in their health iOS to you with DAP investment and onboarding
and marketing so from from this list this q3 plan and again we we can’t
confirm if this is actually from the team but we’re assuming paradigm didn’t
put this together themselves what do you guys see on here that really kind of
stands out because to me I like the release of the iOS T proof of stake
asset management service we see so many staking services coming to iOS T which
we’ll talk about in a second but for them to release their own for the iOS T
team to come out and release their own kind of service or platform to manage
all this would make a lot of sense for new users so this would be like a
website or some sort of like we that that okay interesting yeah I think think
of a portal that think of a portal kind of like what we have with this where
someone is going in and actually voting for all these people but it comes from
the actual Iowa’s T team it’s backed by the team you have the trust of the team
and you you know they could break it out into whatever they want I don’t know how
big or small they’re gonna do it but it would be cool to have this specifically
from the team as opposed to some other third party that we don’t know anything
about right yeah there that’s awesome you know having the things like the
ledger Hardware wallet on there or the Iowa steep access trading pairs right
those are two things that I didn’t even realize we’re on here but are things
that we’re working on so we haven’t been talking to paradigm have you been
talking to paradigm they’re definitely listening to a podcast unless they’re doing a you know their
own their own kind of market research here then it seems to me just based on
that and what we know of that point that it would have come from Iowa’s tea but
speculation aside there’s some some really interesting points here there’s
some confirming points here the first one on the list promote community
autonomous governance right so that’s big words in there Dimitri I’m gonna
explain this to you so that you along thank you I’m just kidding so one of the
things that Lawrence and many of the other founding team members and team
members for iowa’s tea have have said is that they want to further decentralize
the contribution reward process and it you know based on that point it seems
just the governance process in general there’s almost two hundred elected block
producers now our nodes now so two for one group or a group of people to have
to go through every single one of those contribution reports which are you know
many lines long full of many sections it’s just it’s an insane amount of time
right it would take weeks plus then you go through dispute period and all this
so they’ve talked about in the Iowa ste main telegram the official telegram that
there is a plan to kind of break out the evaluation where there would be some
sort of node voting right and there would also be some sort of community
voting so seeing that on there where you know flat-out says promote community
autonomous governance I would imagine we start to see some interesting
initiatives come up from Iowa ste or some you know proposals of some kind
come up where they’re they’re basically saying okay you know maybe Iowa ste you
know they’re their votes for each tier on the contribution rewards the
quarterly ones maybe that accounts for 25% maybe the ICAT counts for 25%
community is 25% in nodes themselves are 25% we’re nodes would not be able to
vote for themselves so you know you’re never gonna create a perfect system that
is both decentralized and does not uh you know have some issue
with governance right I mean we see that on a ton of different protocols but
maybe maybe breaking up that that percentage you know of kind of weight
towards the vote is a good way to do it I don’t know what do you think you I
don’t want to sound biased here but I like the idea of having a vote
post-dispute so like if someone has a dispute with the rankings the then the
nodes could then vote for them in it and again I don’t want to sound super biased
here we’re only one of the Tier one nodes on here but it should be weighted
by the tier that you’re in because that makes me feel like you actually have the
i/os to ecosystems best interest at heart when you’re in the tier 1 that
means you did the most that means you’re the most involved as opposed to somebody
in tier 5 I’m not saying that they’re not doing anything but even outside the
tier list if they have the same vote as say in inside Iowa’s tea it doesn’t
compute to me because inside I OST cares more about this ecosystem or at least to
the iOS D team they do right so so are you saying there so if it was all the
nodes right across each of the five tiers that those in tier one would have
higher votes essentially than tier 3 or tier 4 tier two they should be weighted
differently is what I’m saying and now I know that gets tricky within one tier 1
and tier 2 but it just doesn’t seem fair to me to have someone outside the tier
system at all I have the same weight of a vote as the ones that are in it yeah
that’s interesting where you’re you’re kind of you’re making sure that the I
guess what’s happening behind the scenes right because so much work happens
behind the scenes with the iOS D team you know like like like we said earlier
in the podcast mean basically now on a bi-weekly basis I always tea is not just
gonna be talking to your you know Asian base nodes but also us everybody else
right you know a variety of the pretty much every other english-speaking node
from what I’ve been told as well so mmm yeah I think you’re right like for first
maybe the community who doesn’t see what’s happening behind the scenes they
vote for somebody who’s only doing you know content once a month or here and
there but you know can’t kind of see the gears rolling from behind it but yeah
that’s interesting but we got a we got to move on real quick here before I
guess before break do you my had somewhat his opinion now I just looked
at the in general paradigm fun like what it is so it was established in October
8th 2018 they raised 400 million in capital and the guy who found it is from
goldman sachs so oh wow the phone give us a ring paradigm phone
we know you’re listening yeah it write a comment so you know we can get in touch
with you four hundred million dollars yeah they raised four hundred million
Wall Street money there uh yeah we can we can quickly touch on this next topic
but we got a we got a role we got a role well right yeah is T staking program
ranks number one globally so this is something new uh I was just oh just
given your your announcement thanks let me continue so as I mentioned this and
we talked about this whole time how you know obviously this taken four hours
geez delivering you know high-quality rewards and the the ease the ease of you
know to enter into IOC to gain these rewards and I mentioned that I’m
Dimitri’s desk that’s taking R was calm as you know rank is T is number one in
terms of rewards and the ease of entry and from from this post that we have
here if I can find it I have so many tabs open man alright so we have you
know IOC since the launch we have reached to 138 a note that produced
blocks and then we have in terms of comparison from other protocols iOS T
ranked as number one for number number of block producers and then in terms of
the ratio for state protocol tokens we have ranked second and gos is the first
one we ranked at twenty seven point eight one percent in terms of state
ratio on the network where is 48.1 and then we have ontology a 12.1
UK and Tron it at 12 nice okay well we’re gonna take a quick break there
will you know get into that and a little more on the q3 plan as well what’s going on guys this is Dimitri’s
desk where we discuss price action in crypto markets and here’s what we have
on our agenda for the next episode as always we’re gonna run through the
charts majors btc-e Theo’s iOS D interesting development intron we have
some fundamental news in play we’re gonna talk about the dominance levels
something interesting is happening there as well we have rotation BTC dominance
is taking a dip while the alts are taking a breather this and much more on
the next episode alright so we kind of left you guys on a cliffhanger there but
we are talking about an article here from the iOS T team that kind of took in
information from the various what would you even call these staking explorers at
this point where they’re like staking rewards calm where they’re ranking all
the staking protocols so this report essentially said that what Iowa ste was
ranked number one globally across all of the stake platforms is that when I’m
here yeah essentially they graded based on you know the rewards that you get the
how complex it is to set up a node or how complex it is to actually get these
rewards they have their own internal grading system that they use did this
scribe on there and show and they compared to obviously all the protocols
the iOS team showed out to be as number one out of essentially all the
categories that they have outlined there and you know as you can see in this
report there we have over one hundred and thirty eight nodes compared to
others where it’s like Tron has 27 ecology 22 EOS I was 21 but we know that
it’s capped an International ratio in terms of staked ratio which is D showed
up to be second after us at 27.8% right so so basically the the stake ratio is
of the circulating supply of tokens what percentage of that circulating supplies
stay right so of the you know is it like 13
million or 13 billion I was to you staked 28 percent are or excuse me of
the 13 billion that are circulating 20% of that is staked yeah it’s actually 2.5
bill ah got you okay did some quick math 3.5 wow that’s impressive that’s why we
have them on the podcast system he’s moving through that coffee there he’s
getting common paradigm if you need a quant we got one but no I I love this
this aspect of steak ratios within proof of steak because for those of you that
kind of are just getting familiar with staking it’s essentially like voting
when you’re talking about a country like so like you take the United States what
a steak ratio would be as a vote ratio so a vote ratio looks something like out
of a hundred percent of the United States how many people actually vote and
in what’s happening on a oasiz right now is you know you they’re talking about
education so if you if you educate your users just like you educate your citizen
base they’re more likely to vote and therefore you have more high quality
people in power so essentially a lot of what’s happening on the u.s. is nodes
that are putting in good work aren’t getting voted into the top 21 and what
you have there is a bunch of you know BS and I wouldn’t call it BS but knows that
shouldn’t be there are there because the populace on EOS isn’t educated and to be
honest I’m I didn’t vote either so I don’t know but it really brought brought
attention to my eyes and you know after this podcast I’ll go so stay calm ie as
to who I think should be or a proxy but that’s what I love that stake ratio do
you guys kind of feel the same way there yeah definitely I mean it’s a it’s a
good indicator for I think those who are maybe trading the token on a on a daily
or a weekly basis versus those who are kind of in it for the long run right
because if you’re a if you’re trading this daily or you know you’re an
intraday trader or you know kind of trying to catch a catch a dip and sell
it at the high you’re not going to lock up your tokens for a live right under
under iOS see it’s just it’s gonna happen so to hear that basically
28 percent of the circulating supply of Iowa’s tea is being staked you can
assume that you know of all of the Iowa’s tea that is out there I would say
that 20 percent is a pretty good number based on where I was tea is now
especially relative to ontology intron who have been around for a lot longer
you know obviously yes is a big is a big protocol that’s honestly higher than I
thought yes would have especially because they don’t really have you know
like standard staking rewards but it’s good to see I was tea kind of moving
that way if if we could ever get above a 50% staking ratio I think that becomes
very powerful like if you look at Tasos I think they’re above 70% and you know
they’re basically I think they get like seven percent or seven-and-a-half
percent APR on on what you’re sticking with Tasos what governance is built-in
right that’s the big stick for Forte’s us there so so that is that is a you
know an envious number there but one that I think you know with especially as
we as we were talking about right like governance right autonomous community
autonomous governance that’s gonna be done through staking right
there’s no participation yeah right right so you know maybe maybe 20% is
good enough for that maybe not but it seems to me that we’re headed in a
direction where we could continue to get that staking ratio up because of the
additional things that are gonna you know come as kind of utility to the
token like the ability to to you know vote for the node that you think should
you know the way tier one kind of thing maybe it’s interesting to see what
effect the lock-up period has on this as well can you know compared to the other
protocols than when we look at these ratios right so obviously we have the
lock-up period when you’re staking you know four four seven days to on stake it
so it’s just to see if we’re gonna change that down the road how how is
that going to affect you know percentage of ratio right maybe maybe if
that goes down like the lock up here it goes down then you know maybe that ratio
will go up I actually love the conversation we’re having right now man
like that we should talk more about these staking ratios I think an
important number like to also take into account is number of accounts so if
you’re talking about Teslas having a 70% stake ratio well how many accounts does
that actually you know have because you could have a small number of people
voting at a 70% rate and that doesn’t necessarily indicate health I also think
this says a lot about es and it says a shit ton about Tron because Tron does
have voting rewards and they’re at eleven point nine percent stake ratio so
that says a lot about Tron not in a good way I think all of the staking rewards
have been have been detained in China I think San Fran Fran we thought it was
China but generally San Fran they’ve been all used for the Warren Buffett
lunch yeah what a crazy crazy world but on the on the staking notes so we
essentially had two additional announcements on partners kind of coming
to the the i/os tea world of staking and I think there was actually more but
these two really stuck out one was called slow missed so slow missed is
essentially kind of like a state a staking pool they’re based out of China
they have a big focus on safety and security right so you know when if
you’re an institutional client or a retail client and you want to give your
tokens to somebody to stake or you want to stake to somewhat a you you know you
want them to kind of be doing what’s right you want them to have a strong
brand a good reputation so it seems that slow miss has really built their
reputation and their brand on security with staking but they do some other cool
things you know other than Iowa ste they’re staking for some smaller
projects like Bosque or Phi Bose yo-yo ionics but then also some big ones to
likely chain cosmos and AOS so you know that they seem to be
a serious player they’ve got some cool things on their website too if you check
it out they’ve got bug bounties on here for
ontology V chained by Tom right so there they’re listing all of these
opportunities for those developers who are basically looking to go out and
solve some problem or find you know potentially find some bug and earn some
tokens so it’ll be good to see any bug bounties that iOS T has hit this website
and then finally for slow mists they looks like they they you know actually
contributed to the projects as well they’ve got looks like a dozen different
projects that they’ve been working on either themselves or with other folks
there’s one here for iOS which is kind of like a looks like an educational tool
it’s called the awesome on kit says gain insight into everything about yose
they’ve got you know some other kind of community programs here so they’re not
just kind of like taking rewards and you know letting them sit there they seem to
be pretty active so a nice addition there with slow missed and then finally
the other one is stir so stir seems to be more of like a VC kind of backed
staking program in the sense that they’re really you know the same way
settler is looking to come into these ecosystems and find promising projects
to invest in so that they can you know not only support those projects but also
you know really directly support the protocol level project there so they are
looks like currently staking for Tasos and for cosmos and it looks like they
know obviously I was T now yeah it looks like they’re gonna be adding or have
already added enigma loom polka dot aetherium nem and more so to two really
nice additions to the staking ecosystem for Iowa State though yeah those guys
looking at this article they own basically a 30 percent market share all
in Japan of super nodes Wow so they’re they’re they’re big in Japan and like
you mentioned they know they have tasers cost
a couple other projects right now and then data IOC which is great you know
seeing all this stuff happen yeah it looks like they’re headquartered in
Singapore but they do have those services for Japan III it’s interesting
to see all these terms that come up around staking stas have you guys see
this staking as a service we have to start using these keywords here also one
thing that Dmitri had talked about was the the staking rewards and then where I
oh sta it bears repeating that or saying that deke red cosmos Komodo and ontology
were next behind I OST so for those of you interested in staking these are all
cool little tidbits of information to have interesting nice very cool yeah the
next thing we have here and I just you know one of the throw this in real quick
we don’t have to spend too much time on it but it’s interesting to see Iowa’s
T’s evolvement in Japan you guys remember they had that Z low partnership
that law firm well apparently I think I was reading a little bit about the
backstory of Z Lo and the guy who actually runs that firm or co-founded
the firm is also runs the blockchain Alliance in Japan so what you have here
in the last like three or four days even week you have more news coming from
Japan like we didn’t hear a lot about Japan and then even in the last like two
weeks because of that CeeLo partnership you’re seeing now another staking
Network I didn’t know stir was actually in Japan but sunken Network from hash
hub is coming in as another stas provider and then you have a community
event in Osaka so all of these things I feel like revolve around this this one
partnership with Zillow for iOS D that’s awesome yeah that’s great I mean I know
in q2 one of the major things that I was t team itself was working on and
certainly a lot of the node partners was building out the staking community you
know you can imagine for every kind of quote-unquote Stas or is that we gonna
use that now stuff for every Stas they bring with them
users they bring with them a network connections right all of these these
various things where they kind of act as like the trunk to you know whatever tree
they have in the you know in the industry so yeah whether it’s Japan
obviously we were talking about Korea South Korea would seem to kind of be
blowing up for iowa’s tea in some of the previous episodes but execution right is
very clearly happening at least from my perspective yeah well we’ve seen
multiple you know offense in Japan also before you know this started
accelerating with all these partnerships you know these like competitions like
hackathons things like that so it’s good to see that it’s developing more of the
first world countries I feel like they’re handling it the best like you
have obviously like really quick regulation in Malta place like Malta not
the same else is not first world but just a bigger more GDP type of country
Japan’s handling their regulation the best and it seems like they’re able to
move forward super quickly as opposed to their their Asian counterparts in like
China right yeah where it’s very it seems to be very wishy-washy and you
know obviously this is just our art perspective over here but yeah I would
agree right and I mean that I guess that’s kind of always Japan right like
they seem pretty pretty organized at the same page it’s not complicated
absolutely yeah but anyway so some nice nice news there on the staking front it
seems almost daily that we get a new staking partner for Iowa’s tea
especially as its kind of the staking industry as a whole within crypto
continues to grow a really interesting interview with the aam block team from
some friends of ours over at Iowa’s tea watch Jim Jim over there shout out Jim
for for this view basically he sat down with the on block team and talked about
kind of you know what what’s going on right I think one of the previous
podcasts we were we were kind of asking the same question of you know is this an
exchange is it a DAP Explorer is it you know just a tool for daps to integrate
onto i was tea and they do a really good job in that interview of talking about
how uh you know that they being on block
ones who continue to expand and try to create a quote-unquote one-stop shop for
I was to users or crypto users in general where you can you know purchase
I was TV and exchange as well as other you know I was T assets which we haven’t
seen a lot of to date you can use those assets or the Iowa ste tokens who play
on the DAPs you know I imagine you can kind of trade whatever earnings you make
on those daps back through the exchange and then obviously they you know they
and the team itself exists as that tool for debts who are looking to build on
Iowa’s T so there’s not you know they don’t kind of lay out like a very clear
roadmap um but I think it’s a it’s a good step to say like okay this is who
I’m buck is right this is what they’re trying to do I mean they talk in there
about how I’m block was was actually funded by Iowa’s T which I you know I
think I was T could have done a better job of basically saying like hey this is
an investment we’re making in two hours you know basically ourselves and the
ecosystem going on that’s big you know a lot of teams I think just kind of spend
the money and go out and do another raise and then spend the money you know
to have some investment happening within the ecosystem yeah then that’s big so it
was it was good to see there q did you did you pick up on anything else in
there that I might have missed I didn’t pick up on anything specific from the
article I mean I could read it a little bit more here and try to find something
that that really stood out to me but we have been having conversations in
telegram in the various telegram groups that revolver on Iowa’s tea about some
of the Iowa’s tea team members specifically from the development team
moving to on block and in in like the implications around that right like it
does development starts to slow down on Iowa’s tea how is on block connected
Iowa’s tea all of these things revolving around whether the development team on
on block is from or formerly from the Iowa ste team interesting interesting
yeah I remember that coming up a bit especially
goodness what was it it was in one of those chats where one of the Iowa’s tea
team members maybe was Lawrence or Terence talking about how kind of Iowa
ste 2.0 is in the works right they’re not just kind of done with maenette
they’re still working you know they’re working on kind of a next version but
obviously the focus right now has been on executing and building the network so
you know to me to me I’m ok with that right if you’re if you’re taking
resources that you have and and in a way I guess kind of focusing them on on what
is the goal for q3 and probably q4 that works for me I mean at the end of the
day right like I think the thing we really need is that clear roadmap from
Iowa’s tea so that we can say like okay if some developers are moving to on
block right like what what’s happening here what’s gonna happen they’re kind of
kind of what’s the plan yeah I was just looking at the circle and one of the
questions asked if yeah they’re looking to move or introduce other blockchain
products you know or networks on unblock and they did mention that they support
you know Yost apps now and they’re looking to introduce Trond app so
they’re so nice so yeah yeah it’s another point to be made that um block
is now fourth among blog producers in votes so you know it’s it’s it’s kind of
interesting just the whole situation I think on block is is almost like doing
so much at once it’s like hard to really you know hone in on what they’re trying
to do specifically but it seems like onboarding new users to both DAP sand
and in exchange is their goal so but they do have along with this
announcement came the on block pool that they’re starting so again another Stas
that we’re talking about yeah good old Stas is it I wonder too if it’s a way
you know regulation for crypto around the globe is still up in the air right
especially within China you know it’s very kind of wishy-washy
I wonder if Iowa’s T is using on block as a way to kind of exist as like a very
clear-cut third you know quote-unquote third-party
developer for Iowa see without that development actually being associated
with the foundation I’m not a lawyer I have no idea this is pure speculation
but from what I from from what I know about kind of the way that some of that
works between the foundation and the actual you know core code or the token
themselves I would think it would make sense to shift resources to a different
brand a different entity especially you know if you’re really trying to execute
on things that someone could say prove to help the token price right that’s
kind of when you when you tend to get in trouble legally as if you’re doing
things under you know say some foundation or something like this that
it very clearly will boost the token price so I don’t know you know just just
a thought there but either way obviously good to see on block growing and not
just being like hey we’re here use the tool you want those are all fair
questions I feel like we’re asking Dima did you have something I saw yeah I went
to mention you know you said China you know there’s that regulation wishy-washy
stuff that’s going on well actually recently we had pretty cool news that
came out yesterday about the fact that bitcoin is property Chinese Court ruled
it and no crypto ban contradictions so you know we’re kind of moving along a
little bit there slowly but surely but uh so is that a local court or is that
they’re like quote-unquote federal court that’s a good question I can’t remember
I remember seeing that but essentially there was some dispute and the in crypto
was ruled as property which you know affected that that court dispute one way
or another but gotcha so it was very secondary it wasn’t like hey who’s
crypto you know a currency or a property let’s just decide on this it was kind of
he was one of those things where something was like stolen or do or
something like that and they and they had to in court I guess first come to
the conclusion of what is this yeah to classify how do we classify
Hillhurst and they classified it as prop which you know if you roll back the
script the same thing happened in the US and now we are where we are we’re
certainly there are regulatory hurdles that the businesses and and everything
you know everybody has to overcome but in in their pain in the ass in many
cases but at least there are there is some kind of knowledge as to the way to
go about it if you want to have users in the US or you want to run a crypto
business in the US yeah that’s funny how like me afford the regulation to start
putting out like some clarity on how they feel about these digital assets you
know sometimes we see it there needs to be like a conflict right there something
gets stolen someone takes it to court or something like that and then boom here
we are you know Libra is a great example that
we talked about Libra like what three episodes ago and how they’re kind of
taking the mantle for crypto I mean that we were in court hearing about bitcoins
and shit coins cuz cuz of Libra yes it’s cool the one thing I did take away from
that article was that they don’t plan to have a Fiat on-ramp anytime soon so just
to just it they have no ETA so buzzkill go forward with that but we got less
than 10 minutes in the episode so I really want to get to the comments from
last week to start off we have Mike Finch one of our most I actually know
this might be the first episode Mike Finch actually wanted I don’t even know
that I that I got to watch again I think the price was just dumping and I was
like we need some help to meet you yeah is not what I said yeah he said save us
Dimitri’s desk so yeah that’s the most liked comment on our video so shout out
to Mike Finch Chris commented on our YouTube Chris we love you I said he has
laughing emoji we don’t have mountains in the Netherlands but yeah did enjoy a
break good to see you guys keeping the spirits up at the current price I think
it’ll be fine someday blah blah blah yeah oh I’m glad to see my game shutout
last time you know how I miss Chris and yeah here it is he’s back he is
basically back have a have like a welcoming party on the party Noora the og came back she heard your
comments from the last episode so she had to comment she was pretty much
talking about voting for subtle adventures so again thank you for voting
for us smash the like button iOS T is gaining traction quickly price
is not important only fundamentals so good to see that from Nora appreciate
the support there absolutely yeah shout out shout out Nora
she’s on there all the time you know like we said at the beginning of the
episode that engagement is is huge for her SEO and all those fun algorithms and
whatnot on on YouTube so yeah as always give us your feedback right like if if
you no longer want to see Q on the podcast just tell us you guys already
know so we got the last comment here is where is the full list of node tiers so
we were talking about those node rankings we had a pretty funny exchange
with John B because we told him it was in the description so he was like wow I
had to scroll past just to put my question on there but John B thanks for
the comment I’m glad you found the full list of node rankings so those are the
comments for the week we do have a couple things coming within the next
week if you guys want to talk about anything before I kind of outer us out
yeah there was a couple more things right so I think probably the the most
important piece of this episode was that paradigm font in this q3 plan seeing it
you know live here was actually the first time I saw it but just a few other
things on there if you haven’t seen it there’s something on here about building
a tool for new users to get a wallet quickly and easily through their website
so this is that’s something we talked about again again and there displaces
but we if we if we stop this probably all development on yeah but that’s
something that’s been brought up within the node community a good bit is kind of
you know we need a really clear-cut way for you know for users to kind of go and
find a wallet but I would see has said time and time again that they don’t want
to have their own wallet in their own exchange because then it it kind of
makes the project a bit too centralized so if this is paradigm fun with the
wallet great I know there are other u.s. note partners coming out with one I
don’t want to spoil that that party for them but you know good to see that
they’re obviously DAP investment in onboarding marketing that’s good they
have on here launched three new Depp’s on Iowa’s tea
what else Papa Papa continue to produce blockchain solutions and empower
traditional industries to utilize Iowa’s tea and then you know some more kind of
kind of community focused initiatives from from Iowa’s tea so if you if you
haven’t seen that article take a look if you go to
slash paradigm – fund so PA ra di G M – fund
I would imagine you’ll see it on there yeah it’s pretty in-depth report so I’ll
definitely recommend taking a look yeah for those of you at home I slave a way
to put the pre-show or the pre notes for the show so that
might can see these before we go live so he’s not looking at them live but
apparently just like he doesn’t watch podcast he doesn’t just give it a mic
before it gets too bad other than that guys we do have a line oh we’re pulling
at ron here but we keep announcing an announcement but we do have a lot of
cool things coming for you guys specifically around this podcast so for
those of you listening on distributed media the iTunes or SoundCloud some
changes are coming with the name of the podcast as well as on YouTube so don’t
be like surprised if you see a new podcast show up in your portfolio or
folder as well as on YouTube that may change as well so just be on the lookout
for changes that we have coming to this podcast question we wanted to leave you
guys with we’re using this term stas what do you want – Steve from a staking
as a service provider is there something specifically that would help you in this
making process leave comments below we’d love to hear about it we love to talk
about it as we get more involved in this process absolutely we’ll tweet that out
as well that I think that’s a good good poll or kind of general yeah content to
get out there but yeah otherwise I don’t I don’t have anything Dima but then when
I was t $0.10 you gotta watch the desk make sure you come and do until next
time that’s the IO SD podcast

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