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welcome everyone it's the crypto lark very excited today to have the chance to speak with DOM from NOAA Network Dom how's it going hi lark good to meet you and hi everyone watching today great to have the chance to finally talk to you now for anyone who doesn't know we actually talked about NOAA Network last year on the channel but a lot has happened since then so this video is serving really as an update to let you guys know what they've been up to and really explore I think a little more in depth what is going on with NOAA networks so we're gonna get into all that just a quick disclaimer as well guys make sure to always do your own due diligence on any crypto project and a massive thank you to the team at NOAA Network for supporting the channel by sponsoring today's video so Dom the elevator pitch what are you guys doing okay so we're enabling the transition from the current internet architecture towards the next generation of internet powered by blotching which we call the programmable internet so we're doing this by combining the latest internet protocols together with blockchain technology to resolve some core internet design limitations and security problems so we're doing this by introducing a decentralized internet transit exchange which connects different networks into one unified programmable network this is what we do right all right that's awesome but that's look the Internet as it is today there are so many faults you know back when we made the internet I don't think that the original people behind a lot of the the creation of the Internet thought that we would end up where we are and the Internet's kind of a broken place I mean I realize it works every day but as kind of a broken place so he tell us a little bit why this technology that you're developing is so important because current internet design is very limited to innovation the the current internet routing protocol is border gateway protocol which which was created in 1994 and it's still used today so so due to this prodigal there are a lot of security and a lot of a lot of a lot of internet routing and efficiencies which create a lot of problems for for the Internet users and enterprises worldwide and I'm talking about I'm talking about huge losses in in revenue I'm talking like ia at i HS research recently accounted for 700 billion loss for enterprises in North America alone related to internet outages internet link problems software crashes due to internet inefficiencies those kind of things so that's brought that problem in in with Internet of being not efficient not dynamic enough not not secure is is very wide widely understood and acknowledged it's a crazy situation just just to go back for a second on that one thought we're using the protocols from the 90s guys where's that's one yeah power yeah internet that's like it's almost 30 years old at this point of 25 years old this guy it's crazy it's great it is we really need to upgrade the internet to have to be honest the Internet of the future right because we're still kind of operating on the shell of the Internet of the past now I want to explore some some of the use cases here with you about the programmable internet about how is this actually going to you know be benefiting and so key to explore those use cases a little bit with us yeah so first of all programmable Internet is built on an on an open foundation so so basically it provides maximum utilization of the Internet infrastructure which makes Internet like number times faster dynamical and this resilient to hacking getting and attacks so but but but programmable Internet has huge use cases for both regular Internet users and and and an Internet internet global Internet business market worldwide so so for for a regular user for example like right now we're saying that this this whole concept is built on openness and resource sharing so we encourage people to share their internet connection and by doing this your internet connection becomes a part of this new Internet programmable Internet and you get access to the best internet connection possible given your internet plan location and and other details so so basically we are saying that if you would will share and you if you will contribute to the network will provide you with the best internet as fast as possible guarantee best gaming and television experience those kind of things so this is our goal and the more people share the Internet the better it is because you can you can balance the network and faster the competition between different Internet service providers which leads to innovation and evolution of Internet infrastructure so and and also it poses a huge use case for for enterprises because as they said companies experiencing huge losses due to internet outages and and other related problems so so we are we are providing a dis so as we open up the infrastructure and unify the infrastructure then we can have a platform to make it more efficient and and and and this is what enterprises are looking for right now really decentralizing the internet I think that's one of the biggest challenges the internet faces right now is it has centralized so it's inefficient right because we have to route everything to you know centralized hubs which reroute it back out whereas you're talking about the decentralization of the Internet where I as a regular person I can actually participate in the network not just be a receiver but an actual active participant that can get rewards in the network yes yes that's a very important part because I think what blotching really brings is it brings openness and it brings incentives for a for for users to start contributing start sharing and and and benefiting from from doing that so that's that's a very big concept because in the past when when the protocol was created when when in 1994 for example they didn't have blockchain they didn't have so right now internet doesn't have a database where all the records about internet connections are are kept so so distributed ledger really creates a a way to get a database and to use that database to make this internet programmable yeah yeah I mean it's it's so good to see the upgrade of the internet coming you know who is your target user I suppose I mean who do you want participating in Noah network and I know there's already I think five thousand nodes or something like that or they're participating at work but in terms of the target user I mean are you targeting this to enterprises is that where the message is going right now in terms of marketing or do you want more regular people people to come on board in order to support the decentralization of the network or you work it on both those at the same time both both at the same time because we've been running the test net of five thousand nodes as you said it's true we were running a testicle 5000 community run nodes I think for for nine months right now and and and and this that this led us to do a lot of a lot of good stuff to create the network basically which will serve as a as a as a as our first backbone so and secondly we've been we've been also working with data centers and cloud companies to build the the the more high capacity nodes to distribute the traffic with the traffic which will serve as a poor nodes so so so yeah so and we're also working with with it with the customers right now which are using the network and and and trying to and solving solving their problems so so so yeah so but we're basically tackling the both the both channels right now now in terms of business for a business to start using noia network are they gonna have to make any kind of big changes to their existing software stacks or anything like this are they just gonna be able to kind of plug and play with noia network so that's the strongest point we have because we are not creating any new protocol we're taking a standardized protocol segment routing protocol which was recently created by internet Engineering Task Force and we are and we are providing a very user like like a very optimized and user-friendly platform just to connect your existing infrastructure to the network so basically you don't have to change anything you just have to you just have to understand how it works and and how to use it so that's a that's a very that's a very good thing because most of the projects right now which are either targeting to solve some internet problems they are usually creating their own protocols and that's that that could be a problem yeah you obviously want to meet enterprises where they are and make it as easy to onboard new people as possible now can we explore a little bit about the blockchain itself so how exactly is Noah network utilizing the blockchain here so we are we are using distributed laser technology to be to be specific so our decentralized instrument transit exchange model is based on a distributed ledger with Byzantine fault tolerance protocol model and on proof of state validation of transactions so so so this is our this our blockchain model and and we use blockchain to write all the available connections on on the open Internet and then this database the distributed database is used for for for programming the network and and and providing and providing the platform to sell or buy certain certain internet connections and then do the the token system ecosystem will also exist there so that's where the rewards are distributed and paid out to WHO so token token system is is very important for us as we are heavily focused on on on creating an effective token economy model which would which would grow when the network usage grows okay so that's I think the most important thing to have a very strong token economy model and and right now we have we have a model which where our know it so can acts as a digital currency in in an hour and hour programmable Network so basically it is used for transaction fees and and it will act as a medium of exchange but for a regular user it will open up the programmable Internet so basically if you hold it so can you will get the the faster the better internet and and button and also if you can earn the token if you just keep your connection open and and and and give us an ability to to share it with the network so so that will that will create a lot of incentives and our goal is to create to create an incentive for both for a regular user and for an enterprise so to open up and and and to use this native currency because it benefits all the users at once and it becomes the the oil of the new Internet right seeing this token I mean next big companies are gonna need it in order to access those better connections people are gonna get it as a reward incentive for hosting the network and so it becomes this this medium of exchange within that ecosystem yeah so you're not the only company out there trying to address the decentralization of the Internet I mean you've had some projects of Emma ground for quite a long time we have some other newcomers which are also working on the decentralization of the intranet what makes Noah Network stand out from the competitors I think different projects sold different different problems and and and but but in terms of our project I think we we have a huge competitive advantage because we are using standardized protocols like statement routing which was created by the internet Engineering Task Force and is heavily adopted by Cisco for example and Cisco is one of the biggest enterprises in this in this industry so it brings us at to a point where we can use this prodigal and access huge infrastructure and and and all the RIT which already exists ok so we are not recreating we're not providing you know anything like like usually protocols do create new products yeah projects they do create new products we are using protocol and we which already exists and is widely adopted together with distributed ledger technology which is only used you know for Rick for the records and and and for the transactions between for you know for for instance infrastructure trading transactions so so that's that that I think is very strong because it both applies for the enterprise customers and for regular users and tackles the internet problems from its for from from where you know the core routing stores from how the ISPs work and how how this infrastructure is built because you know yeah so I think that's the strongest point we have because and we are very unique in this case because because some of some probably we also started as a CDN as you said so you know we thought that we are solving but but later when there's still that you need to understand the core in order to do that now you've also been kind of even though yes you guys stand out amongst the other projects you've also been kind of working with some of these other projects so we've got these at the web 3 infrastructure Alliance so can you explain a little bit about the Alliance and whose members are and how you're all kind of working together to create the Internet of the future yeah we started this alliance in order to foster the adoption for decentralized applications basically I was started with with three more projects portal network and km and blue cell so and and and we focused on building a toolkit called Kaizen so Kaizen is a toolkit which provides users very user-friendly interface to build and deploy that so so and we are still working on this project buying new projects and this is like a non-profit initiative to basically gather these projects together and and and and really focus on bringing the adoption focus on integrating those technologies all the technologies together and and and and forming one unified you know layer for for users to come and adopt this so this is the main goal for web infrastructure Alliance No Fee infrastructure and now it's great to see you working together these other projects so it's not to or out all out here competing is no there's such a big task at hand we all need to work together to try and actually create this future that's gonna benefit everyone we've also got some interesting partners and investors on board I want to explore a few those clean can you talk us through the relationship between noia Network and Hadera hash graph so we've been exploring the possibility of working with different blockchain protocols because we are searching for the best for the best you know mechanism to enable the programmable internet so Heather aggression hash graph as as tomo chain for example they've been our partners in exploring the blockchain technologies and helping us to build them and you've got another one two totems to tow tunes can you explain out who they are and how they're going to be beneficial to the ecosystem it is a gaming company they are our POC customer proof of concept customer they're using our network it is up they have more than five million I think downloads of their of their game so they're quite big gaming agency and they're exploring making their their games better more more stable and more more you know more powerful but knowing that work right now so there are our customers yeah very very cool it's like like like ours yeah we have more than yeah more customers also some some from gaming some from data center industry some from advertisement exchange industry so all of these companies they use state they need stable and and guarantee the internet high-performance internet connection which no it brings to them yeah well it all goes back to what you were saying at the start that in North America alone it was 700 billion dollars or something of of lost potential because of network outages and things like this and it's really tough for these companies whose business rely on that that's that's a check for these companies so they obviously have a big incentive to have a an internet that's always up always running and all these works for them yeah and there are many other things you know like I think you know security problems is special because because for example Bitcoin network recently there was one paper and from from one from few scientists from Sweden I think or from from Switzerland it was about how Internet related you know problems can affect Bitcoin network and and and and this was already a case multiple times when Bitcoin network IP addresses were hijacked and this is how the network were was put in danger and because of the internet problems not because of the Bitcoin networking in itself so so so so these are so that's why it is very important such as those problems and and and this is what Moya does we think that the programmable Internet really helps the soul to decentralized the the decentralized networks like bitcoins descends to make them to make the connections between the nodes decentralized and this would definitely increase the security and and and and maybe even sold some fatal security flaws so sorry and then of course recently right now our team is so we have new people joining the team and like we will announce this these are like very new so right now some of some of the team members are very well known experts in this field and we are expanding the team so we'll announce everything I in upcoming few weeks it's very very cool now then the final question here for you today looking forward to the rest of 2019 what can we expect from Noah Network what's on the roadmap for you guys so first of all right now we're doing the token launch and this is very important for us because we already have the chestnuts running for about nine months so we want we want to start we want to start this we want to start providing the services for our for our for the users so so we'll launch the token and and then we'll start in in in a like we'll start like a community program to benefit our our the most loyal community members which run the nodes and and also supported the project from the very beginning so that would be that would be exciting and this and this is how we want to kick off the network and start everything so by the by the second quarter of 2019 we're planning to have to have you know network running on and probably in the main at launch very very little thing goes yeah awesome well for anyone who wants more information about know a network there are some links down below so you can go and check out the website read through some of the documentation also engage with the community so make sure to get over there and join up with some of those social groups so you can you know ask any questions that you might have or actually just become part of that community so the links for that are all down below Dom thank you so much for coming on today and times a little bit about it thank you so much okay thanks thanks good to see you guys

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