100 thoughts on “The Indonesian Teenagers Competing in Illegal Drag Races”

  1. "I’ve been racing since the 5th grade. It’s been my passion ever since I was a child. I’ve always wanted to become an accomplished drag racer."

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  2. Here we race Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers etc…. in bum fuk they race Schwinns and Huffys ('Merica 🇺🇸)

  3. You lost at at 5:09. "The air stinks of exhaust and oil".No, that is the narrator's OPINION only. That would be like me going to her block party and saying, "the air stinks of cuckold gangbang and patchouli oil".

  4. Every corner of the world has some form of illegal racing activity…. So take advantage of it and get a leg up in life

  5. This is badass see no matter where u come from ppl have tons of the same views here in america we love racing illegally or not

  6. dissapointing, i though indonesian will flood this video with local language in the comment section, it turns out, i was wrong 😓

  7. I loved watching the video on best gore with all those stupid kids that got into an accident all mangled and twisted like pretzels. One that was Barely alive but dying was screaming in pain hahahaha

  8. I cant believe you guys did that shit, what where you thinking. You really gonna start chasing people in a cop car you hypocrites after they let you in on their scene. I'm sure you knew exacly where are the races where gonna be so you informed the cops.

  9. Dope footage but thumbs down for being a snitch when they didn't wanna fuck with him no more. 👎🏼

  10. I hate how they always use "illegal street racing" as an excuse both to say they are not abiding by the laws and grow revenue for local cop agencies and also by the racers as well since they use it as to feel cool which is not. A car going 75mph to worknis n.v illegally street racing so why dont they just call it a sport/hobby like it is.

  11. Tau dpt dr hutan mana ilmunya , dr smw balapan motor dr penjuru dunia cm dimari motor pake ban sepeda .. wkwkwk biar nape tong ? Motor mo kenceng gede in cc nya bkn kerdil in ban nya.. hadeeeh kaum dhuafa pgn ikut2an hobby mahal sih gini jd nya ngacooo ..wkwkwk

  12. I wonder if they have actual drag tires, slicks, radial etc, or are they just burning the tread off the tire?

  13. This country is not as crazy as thailand..but they have more creativity on budget..so much creative industry is build along the euphoria..against the giant industry

  14. What happens if i bring a modded hayabusa in that drag race? I don’t have a hayabusa(gsx-r 1300), but it’s just an example.

  15. Do you Know that here in the Philippines We wish that We Live in indo. so thst the parts On Mc Is very Cheap. And there is Many good Mechanics

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