20 thoughts on “THE HOTTEST Crypto Investment Opportunity Right Now – Ember Coin!!”

  1. 7200% that will tickle everyone. Come on its pure speculation to attract greedy guys. Stay away guys.

  2. Hey London, I'm cool to donate on a regular basis, I'm looking for a marketing channel that's cost effective for a free service that sends out articles, news, and interviews with authorities in the alt-coin and blockchain space. does that sound cool to you?

  3. no its not severnhundredand20% now its 7200% right now until 31st of October, thats the crazy hype around it! Developers are fixing it right now and already set timeframe for new wallet coming out and when the rate its gonna change, unti then everybody is invited staking like crazy to be in the boat when the coin gets its real value from having masternodes added, it will still b stakeable and it will get a better roadmap. This is not about pump and dump this is about to be one of the 1st in the boat with a very promising coin a good community. Chances are really good that this coin will make you rich. But its risky, up to you… u also should be into Ember into the community be upto date with the wallet, they gonna burn all coins which will not be on the new wallet after 31 Sept. This coin is very promising

  4. I purchased over 900k ember coins today, they are in my wallet.. When can I stake them? Says they have to mature first, How long does it take to mature! Thanks

  5. Have you on been paid to YouTube this coin so it was pumped and dumped?? Absolute bloodbath. Pretty obvious this was all a scam to pump and recover for owners. I sincerely hope you weren't in on it as I liked your channel before this recommendation

  6. ponzi scheme. Its a worthless coin. U cant do anything with it. Watch out. Ive been lucky i got rid of m with only a 2 hundred loss or so. When u stake m, u get paid in the COINS! Not money. Thats why these vids are made, so they can sell them for profit and they are not stuck with it. Shame. The market is totally stuck at this point as far as i can tell. Ive been lucky to sell m at 13 s. With hundred plus loss. But im happy to pay that to NEVER EVER LISTEN TO A GREEDY VOICE IN UR HEAD!

  7. this coin/project has a awesome community behing it now, this coin is going to make alot of people rich….HODL THIS COIN!!!!

  8. I Bought 618k at 4 SATS and set it up for staking on my PC, ran the wallet unlocked on my PC for 3 days and the staked amount was still at 0. Noticed it reached 15k sats so I just sold it off. Staking fail but still profit is profit .

    What did I do wrong ? is that amount too low for staking ?

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