The History of HODL & Bitcoin's Best Worst Trader

Hodel the typo heard round the crypto world on a rainy lonely night in late 2013 the misspelling was born in a drunken rant on the Bitcoin talk forums coin desk tracked down the man behind the posts and asked if he would be willing to read it for us while he wouldn't say yes outright he did invite us to play pool at his home and at his request we brought a $7 and 99-cent bottle of black velvet whiskey I was talking with my girlfriend at the time trying to like trade Bitcoin with my laggy phone app you know my laggy tab trader app and like the API for whatever I was using at the time like cripsy or something was just super laggy and you know by the time you sell by the time the cell actually goes through you already want to buy again it was a mess so I just went back to my room started drinking and you know my girlfriend is like that stuff yeah and my girlfriend the times like hey can I go to this bar with these girls duh it was just I was I was completely alone in this place I really wanted my girlfriend to be there and she couldn't be there because she was on the other side of the country not only that but also you know going out and having a good time and there's nowhere for me to have a good time here so I'm just in here drinking alone in the rain I remember I remember having my face down on the desk while I was typing this thing yeah well do you remember what it crash do like you know you can analyze patterns all day but not only does that not necessarily mean anything but I mean in Bitcoin this is an unprecedented market so I don't think analysis is the same anyway you know if you bought it because you were hoping to double your money I don't know I mean the reason I bought is because of the white papers I don't think Bitcoin is good as a speculative just strictly a speculative investment that's where you get into the you know store a value type thing and to me that's you know a square peg being pounded into the round hole by court you know with design it was it was incepted as this one thing I feel like it's been changed into this other thing and this other thing we don't know if it's gonna have the same longevity part of this is market manipulation part of this is people selling off you know in order to get people to sell more and it works it works particularly if you are a speculative investor yeah yeah go ahead it's very strange it's very strange to be like anonymously famous and like still have people talk to me about that like I wonder if Satoshi still talks to people about Bitcoin despite being anonymous no interesting but for me personally like it's it's very weird like I can walk into a Bitcoin Meetup and just introduce myself as the horrible guy it's just just boom Oh everyone knows who I am if I want to or I could just sit in the corner and not tell anyone yeah I mean this is a huge part of the industry oh that can be traced back to you which is why I was so excited about meeting you cuz I'm like wow this is like an actual piece of history of Bitcoin history that's so fascinating because it's so so don't take this the wrong way it's so innocent and the fact that it wasn't trying to be a piece of the narrative necessarily you weren't trying to make a post that went viral or that got you fame or that got you money or anything like that it was just you been ting at the time and this was like so fascinating and beautiful about it to be fair yeah I I don't know what to tell you except whoops so I guess that's why I would want you to read it because it just seems like if if I didn't get you to read it even if it didn't go into this like a segment or like part of this part of this project I would still want to hear you read it okay because it's just one of those things okay that's just so cool and so funny as well I'll do my best alright I am holding December 18 2013 10 oh three and three seconds am i type that title twice because I knew it was wrong the first times still wrong whatever girlfriend's out a lesbian bar Bitcoin crashing why am i holding I'll tell you why it's because I'm a bad trader and I know I'm a bad trader yeah you good traders to spot the highs and the lows pit-pat pity wing Wang Wang just like that and make a million of bucks and sure no problem bro likewise the week hands are like oh no it's going down I'm gonna sell and then they're like oh god my asshole when the smart traders who know what the fuck they're doing buy back in but you know what I'm not part of that group when the traders buy back in I'm already part of the market capital so guess who you're cheating day traders not me those taunt threads saying oh you should have sold yeah no shit no shit I sort of sold I should have sold moments before every sell and bought moments before every buy but you know what not everybody's as cool as you you only sell in a bear market if you are a good rate day trader or an illusion noob the people in between hold in a zero-sum game such as this traders can only take your money if you sell so I've had some whiskey actually on the bottle that spelled the other whiskey whatever sue me as long as it's payable in BTC would you like more alcohol

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  1. Hodl is a cool meme. But it's a bit sad that he doesn't have a positive vision of Bitcoin. It's an internet protocol for the transfer of value and will change the world.

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