The "Happy New Year" Cryptocurrency Live Stream

first stream of 2019 first video of 2019 and I have absolutely nothing planned for this video I'm just going to chat to you guys and you know the the stream the video will just progress depending on who pops up who says what and what they'd actually go into depending on the news xho to explore I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year first day of the year I think I'm gonna stay on for about and ever I don't ten minutes then I'm going to make peanuts for good old fashioned a New Year's need enough so let me check everything's okay I think as I think it is mmm yeah so as far as what's happening and 2019 and I mean I think traditionally what happens over Christmas says everything slows down as far as news as far as developments I've certainly seen that the safe coin team as well just we are you know a lot of people taking time off to spend time with their families which the thing is good I think it's good and I don't think walking through the whole he's never taking anything off is good for anyone and hey Hugh oh yeah a good Christmas a new year met and so yeah I don't think we had a lot of news over Christmas but I think that you know maybe in a week's time maybe next Monday or something one is to start to see a lot of new stunts they start to come through as far as major announcements as far as developments perhaps even with new coins being announced Israel happy new year mate aim as far as places go well I'm not sure if you guys have been checking out a vanilla-bean actively checking out if I'm honest and we've got I mean this is coin market cap or no it's not as close to the real places trading view or coin based progress I like that but we've got back coin said about 4200 rapo 35 cents aetherium $135 and between cash just on 160 US $259 a charity no sorry two dollars 59 it a lot of insane stay there one dollar two coin $30.00 90 by Queen SV $90 37 and just nearly at two cents perfect Ron I mean you can see everything follows back coin here as far as a part in here and if you say a back coin you can see what has been against the green and that is ridiculous sir I don't know what that project is I assume this is a project that's just been relaunched or something and yeah I'm sure that's yeah that's true that looks like a project that's just been relaunched and then it spilled a silly place from some website and it somehow got to the top of the rankings because of some pump and dump haven't read into that too much am i evil worth exploring that anyway hi chaos Happy New Year may afternoon all's good to see you yeah I think every one of those a coins a link to Bitcoin and so they're all gonna follow the same the same progression the same jumps the same dumps pumps and dumps hi Bobby when does aetherium fork any news I haven't seen anything about it I mean they've been talking about a theme going previous take for like a year and a half two years now so I don't know another scene frankly most also go I'll go to tests so never really have a fear value a direct fiat value anyway and yeah I mean I think the biggest problem with a lot of easels as that the projects just get you know abandoned or they don't follow the road map and I mean that's one of the things that that notice in the second half of a well I mean I know it's that earlier only 2018 but I think I became a little bit more critical at towards the second half of 2018 as far as looking at a road map and wait paper and all that just as a promise or really a suggestion as to here's what we may do because so many projects I covered in the first half of the year were dropped or the developers simply do what they said they would do and yeah Labe don't love it disappointing I love it disappointing but that's what as he kept oh thanks to keeping us all entertained cheating your knowledge well I'm not sure I'd call it knowledge simply reporting why see what do you think of the FPGA black Manor I've not seen that bobble I can have a look at it just know and I'm not seeing myself FPGA black may not see if I can get us and the black may not f1 is that the one you're talking about the black Manor f1 the black Manor if one as I sit here as I sir I hope there's a white Manor for ballast and the world's most powerful and afresh in FPGA Okoye Manor black may not F wonder view so this was a few months ago I can't remember a five check that's on a live stream I can't remember may have I checked a couple of FPGA is in our life shame a few months this is the prom alive seems you you know you do a life Shiva it's like three or four hours long it's hard to remember every single thing you cover I'd never looking at a couple of FPGAs in November he tells more about it Bobby as far as the place and all that this doesn't yeah I'd like to go to the official nest Nestle show I'm leaving Nestle by the way because these bottles a crap I'll pack up some I like the ball was I can reuse again a few times before I throw them out these bowls are terrible and we as that unofficial or here we go official website ha show coin actually saw that the end I don't realize it was the real website ha show Queen and so this is the back Queen talk so the back coin talk announcement was a way back August 17th and here we go here we go see other slang just so that you guys can see this a the best ball for what was our voice never looked at those are those like plastic ones take took apart and as admitted so it's an anime not healthy right and I would have a look at the website he our aim as far as what they're seeing there the sales talk and all that just a sample configuration then you can main very clean of Aucoin flexibly so that's our bazaar what to use flexibly it's that even know what I'm great fast ship a hosting option flexible configuration stable and reliable best main and those just look like generic I mean are those real pictures or are those just stock images what do you think right nice let's let's explore this $2,500 Wow hi max Happy New Year mate so yeah as Bobbi was saying yeah a mess as the unmeaning l3 effectively and looking at it it does look like one I've known Durant Manor any ant Manor but I mean I know what some of the the most popular ones look like I mean Oh Aunt May no just boring silver units with a big fans like at the end and black may not if won $2,500 then it's a single right let's see this so like that guys are cool for go back to the article I'm assuming this guy just pulled if the focus here from the official website so I've got here latitudes 853 mega Hershey's per second skank own and we see you I mean those are the problem the problem with these kind of a lot is FM f came to talk FPGA – the plumber fan with all of these F F PG aminos as that they seem to be limited to a lot of keen to bizarre algorithms this is probably my biggest complaint with some of these algorithms and it's one of the biggest complaints are hard as well when I looked at the the apg accelerate I think eighty GPU accelerators they were limiting you to later to Zaid which is I guess one of the most probably ones ear but a lot of these other bizarre algorithms and it sounds good on paper but then you realize that you're limited to meaning specific projects and although these projects are new they're not established a or as Bob he's putting a lot were a bluntly than I am clap coins yes there's a lot clap Queens it there's always a good project and Nia you know some some things is a good project and there but a lot of these kind of less you know more unique a algorithms there's not many good projects or on the row I don't a general I say that but the seller know established ones stock energies from the Getty meaning farm library yeah and have you been keeping up with Batman news seems like they've been having a bad one nightmare of late not really Nala I saw some articles without talking about them would you call them dear Andrew it's like connect the Chairman's name he was gonna stay up down because of you know what I think the biggest problem is that fo you know I've never here than an official statement with a from bat mean about this but I think that the biggest problem was that the invested heavily in Bitcoin cash and that project is kinda went tits up compared to it it was a year before and so the real show being conveyed on the monitor fear apparently they put all their money into Bitcoin cash and yeah I think that's the biggest one gem what's wrong with good old patois can I just point out that says good old tap water I mainly by beg water bottles a big water bottle simply so I can use the ball apply should just buy plastic runs but I'm lazy I use the same water bottle a five or six times then throw out yeah I saw the same thing notice we are talking about a bat mean be more profitable than being more profitable than novella and but nobody uh I think it's safe to see has got a more stable company one isn't reactive to the market as much as bat mingos and seems like they've gone from being more profitable yeah I don't know I mean it's same as far as news girls I mean I'm a big fan it's our walk myself I hope that mean goes down em the problem the problem I've got with the kinetic meaning industry as a whole as a you know as the bat mean are so dominant but you know I welcome competition but if you look at like me ASIC may not value you look at the website aim in fact let's just look at the website and rather than you know I'm sitting here with a closer I'm sent here with a browser and I can I can actually show you guys us through that through the magic of television em know if you actually look at using main a value here you can see there's a lot of different makes coming here getting solid can buy cowl maker BT spawn Dooley's wife generally failing with all these different brands is that when you compare all these different brands and it's good that there's all these different ones competing competition is good certainly for consumers and but what you'll find is that generally speaking when you like the place of these units from a place point to Hari point of view the nearly always about double the place over bat mean equivalent so it's really hard to recommend these from up you know from a placing point if you plus allow these ones you know I've got a lot of qingdao new stale videos about these units when they're being released and i've said oh these look interesting and then three or four months later someone in life Chima said yeah that only shopping them know three or four months after someone's paid for them and I found that I'm not gonna call it I won't know because I really don't know which ones which but there was a couple of these basic meaning companies and they take the money upfront from someone and then they don't deliver for another three or four months so that's that's bad practice and that's something I think has to be addressed so I can say he and Curtis I his bat mean and say that they are the enemy though these guys are the bad guys but none of these other companies are really stepping up and following the void or really giving any kind of good alternative from from an investment point of view it wouldn't be totally accurate to see the Batman wreck GP remaining but they had a large all in it that's for sure and yeah Emma third Oh ASIC meaning has influenced GPU meaning and and and your and you go back further GPU meaning affected CPU meaning and none of these things happen in a vacuum and they're all kinda you know factoring against each other but I think yeah definitely egg Manning I think I think it really did play a big part and how certain projects went this year and what happened to them and whenever any project changes that I rhythm it's never popular even if they do it for the right reasons it's never popular it's always passes a lot of people off and it's one of those things as in the only way around it to consciously sweat Chagos I would agree with that max I would agree with that and I think really that's the only time you can really see for any project as anti ASIC or ASIC resistant that's the only time any cryptocurrency project can see we are we are ASIC resistant because really from a technical point of view no such thing exists and I've seen all these new projects on back coin talk they'll save on a size resistant what ASIC resistant rest resistant and all this but when push comes to shove alloy these a lot of these projects when a new ASIC comes out a new FPGA or an uber ever that can actually mean they're calling their algorithm they don't do anything because it requires a lot of work to change Manero stepped up and they backed up in the back top that they are a nice resistant coin and you we saw some other projects as well this year and when when they said nine money's come out they switch from echo has one four four five two one nine two and that's when you can see your ASIC resistant when the project is saying we are going to fundamentally change how you Manor going in order to to stop Asics to stop nice hearts to stop fpg is to stop forever as but this is a problem because I've seen a solenoid projects a solenoid projects and they would see we are antic resistant and all that name or an ASIC that commits for that algorithm they dead nothing and they said well we've looked at causing the coins you know the scene you'd have to think that some of the existing take juggernauts like Samsung we get in the mating game there's a wild rumors suggested in the road knowledge um I don't know speak you've been kinda quiet and the noise from him this kids they say Nala seesaw singing jingle bells yeah that's a bit bizarre maxine any algorithm against popular not will be ASIC to death right M yes effectively because what happens as when our project does well when it has value and the salt people meaning it then that as a financial reason to develop a product that can Manor are more efficiently and [Applause] it's a new add meaner then you find Chinese dust from two months of meaning prior to sale here again yeah that's another issue and yet these algal switching coins on x16 x16 is another super popular it what's the biggest coin in our algorithm Raven Ravens one I mean there's a lot of other coins coming out using these king of new algorithms the ones that sweat chattering the law um as far as as far as news goes let's have a look at read that capital currency based of 2018 Awards best post no I thought that was also gonna be something different I'm Stella co-founder brands ninety percent of capital project with BS it's really hard to argue with someone when you can make a statement like it really as a backed Razi's one hundred eighty two point five million first capital raised panels investors the fostering include Boston Consulting Group well we've got a big plaza make your sauce venture so was this company do likes 2018 objectors I was thinking was whose bite I've heard that name before backs back coin futures that's maybe it of Hamlet before it's gonna I don't know where I don't know where to set on that what do you guys think about the whole back coin futures thing I clean the Beast that subject I think it was a month ago or so and we are avoid these people are seen that we need all these investors to commend and bear on Bitcoin futures and this will be a catalyst for Bitcoin to grow and for capital to grow but just seems like more like oh these financial guys gambling and I'd rather that money went into development investments rather than futures I don't know maybe I don't have a it's good under an understanding of that whole side of it mr. Chu Chu muddy he MIDI funster was just your thoughts on this proof of keys D hey I've not heard that knowledge was that I I am clearly a of the loop here proof of keys day and prepare for CREP Tokyo's I heard semesters January thought-provoking I am literally just reading about that's not been out the loop for the last week or so have not been reading news which I normally do but hey it as the celebration of the birth of Christ no I'm not be I've not been following us at all if that's ever okay that website is clearly not gonna load oh no it does just when I click back to much russki no actually no whiskey a drink at all have I when I was in Vegas I had one frozen frozen margarita in one beer but apart from that I've no idea whole and like seven months eight months and this is the second christmas and new year in a row but I was completely drier than drink happy new year for the sense and cares just been in men's pies and ignoring the clip to and kept old news very much and I've not been too bad with eating clap of my Manas that I went running on Christmas Day in Boxing Day and I went running today as well those two jackets costs $200 right that's way of say isn't loading so I'm not gonna show that right proof of keys there's an annual celebration of decentralized cryptocurrency started by trace my other idea is that leading up to January 2018 knowledgeable users exercise the option of withdrawing their captors off exchanges and to enter walls the hold private keys most though not all kept was all you do this you can usually find a convenient yet secure light wall a have you suspected that your favorite kryptos place has been manipulated by exchanges p ok day as a way to all your cup to exchange a texture that they have all the capitals in hand alright okay oh yeah well I support that I do support that and not that's telling one of the risks what capital cost exchanges is that they've been through you know the the funds and they don't have the money to back up with a say they've got their and I mean I don't have a ton of money on in actually I've got a lotta money in safety other thing but apart from that I don't have any money anywhere so it's not something that really concerns me too much but I think yeah definitely if there's people out there got a lot of money in exchanges with certainly it's good to keep the exchanges on the toes definitely I think that's I think that's always going to agree to keep exchanges on the tools and I will just catch up with comments here sort of alibi'd slow with it with the comments backed is not just futures it's much more but not just well she Gamble's it's pagan merchants and institutions that much more make a saw for example thanks money I really don't know a lot about her and you probably dead see that you probably guess that when I was talking about it and I don't need to look more than to the whole thing but I think it's good I think yeah definitely from I mean what I was trying to say with the whole futures thing is I would rather see a lot of money congruent into investments and getting buying projects and things like rather than people gambling on the place of a coin essentially not gambling you know I mean with Bitcoin futures and but I do realize and I do appreciate bringing these people and to capital can see just as a whole is very good alcohol hasn't not great well and and that you know towards the second half of my life and the way you know I I'm not drinking alcohol mainly because a health reasons but I've heard so many crazy drinking nights all over the world behind me that I don't feel a meson oh so some people go off alcohol a young age people drink their whole life so I'm not gonna I'm no here gonna criticize I'm above had enough crazy drinking nights and weekends and weeks we are I don't feel if I never drink again in my life I would feel of mesto because I've had I've had my share and I think the younger generation is ranking less so and muddy France Darby's second home alone at Christmas Christmas my girlfriend over in Russia visiting grampians all I got for Christmas was a face flannel oh that sucks me that's unlucky and so you could you know go over to Russia Israel or was that what curse something Yeti stay back for that's good Bobby aim I've still got two hardware wallets to review this dog I've got like four wallets he a certain that need to review to that I need to review and then I like to do some comparisons I've been so bad if not do it a law like people might jump today my job as an open which is why I've done nine mail run and I still open tomorrow either which is a peen maybe do another run yeah you got you're always gonna see a lot of people in Germany a yeah you know with the news that new resolutions to get fat again and then a monthly yeah they disappear and not to be I'm not criticizing I wanna you know fear playing I'm gonna try to lose weight and all that but they never see me you know the majority of people don't see me stack through it put it one me and the last few weeks in the same by the Germans empty compared to what it's not like and John will be crazy for a week or two yet also roll sheet Gamble's yeah I mean it shows you I mean I guess where that shows you with the future investments worth backed as that there's always people still wanting you know they still want to get involved in capital Kanzi they still want to invest up Nalla seen youngsters don't drink no 18 year old nephew drinks one sided over the course of several hours I mean I hopefully that I think that's a good thing looking back on my generation or generation we did not drink sensibly or boring depending on your pointer here there's definitely there's definitely a kind of generation gap that arises every 10 years every 20 years I mean here I should I mean I don't consider myself an old man I don't consider myself someone who's old you know of the views but I can say and I look at people from my dad's generation see that those people are races but then at the same time I can look on social media today and say that while the younger generation you know the people in their early 20s know there are snowflakes and they complain about anything and everything and everything as an outrage and the so up say above everything and I can't relate to that at all so I'm kind of in the middle of both of those generations and I don't know it's kinda weird the way the way that a goes by a thing as hard from people my age to relate to this constant outrage that people have on social media I just don't get me wrong now your social media complainer things every known in Israel and it's weird did you see the video of how to hack hardware wallets I don't know if I wanna see that no I've not seen that yet I've not seen it yet Christopher generation eggs clearly the best generation yeah I think that's why I'm Generation X I think Generation X is it ends in 1981 or two I think like both heels high high fire a gate things are in frozen 2089 working on a unique concept we are people can lend me money and I pretend to give them and chase Donna I'm thinking of calling it luck connect after you gave me a 70% referral commission I'll happily promote that you can only hack it if you actually physically get hold of the what am was a few guys I was talking to the conference in November and where they say that was very easy to hack pretty much the majority of these hardware wallets if you got hold of them as far as some of them some of the techniques that were talking about was crate and chair thing as far as you if you freeze the device and then it freezes the ROM and then you basically you get an you know when they start talking about freezing natural device and all this like I was finding it hard to follow it but it does seem like there's always to actually do it but physically just hating your hardware wallets is probably the biggest part of protecting your money right I got DeRose right okay I see what else has been happening good ways of enabling passive income through capital Kanzi yeah morning good doing that Robert whoo we should do something as a community to get coin market cup and other sites to stop blasting scam exchanges and it's no surprise to anyone that there are of Chinese reports in scam exchanges popping up recently in fact almost all the fake ones are scamming ones have one have way more volume than the real coin departure to was trading I feel that as a community should raise awareness on this issue real deal but may expect for next coinbase coin been dead for next coin mix I don't know if you see did you guys see the value add about us and see the value added about this I think it was a couple weeks ago we had the report highlighted the fact that as something like 90% of exchanges are reporting fake volume in fact most of them are reporting trading volume 100 times higher than naturally what you know what has actually been there's actually going on an exchange so they're pushing out these official figures on their API to other web sites that coin market cap and yet the real exchange volume as 100 times less thus as certainly aim and I should I would certainly agree with what this guy's Chinese suggests here I think we do need websites like coin markup and other websites to have more you know Kenneth a more to a telogen s– they do have to they do seem to have a process as far as reviewing exchanges as far as reviewing coins as far as only alone setting certain things to get less thr but um I think they need to go a lot but further than that and and they can't just trust the API figures that report it because it's so easy to to manipulate those also I think more people need to understand that market cap is absolutely meaningless really because it's just pointless you know based on how many coins our project has and you know all you have to do is look down that's less than you see coins at fault from back coin and then it's automatically gay seventeen million or eighty million coins worth less and yeah it's ridiculous it's ridiculous oh um got a number of OTL obstacle market cap coin geckos when was the other one there's another one that I am someone was talking about a lot says to use more than coin market cap from up from our volume from our traffic point of view coin market cap I believe is still the best one and I'll look at coin gecko then I'll look at crane gear cool maybe this is the one I should start using on my websites and a on my streams max a from the legislate and particular they did not succeed to extract any seed not pen on a stolen device every sense of asset stood on this secure element remain secure I think I mean I think from hard from I think from a hardware wallet security point of view I think that given enough time enough resource he's enough energy enough people and tasty thing doing it I think that every hardware wallet can be hacked eventually I think just from you know alloy these people the hackers the very very intelligent people and after they actually get the you know the hands on a physical hardware wallet and they have enough time dedication and experience to hack it I wouldn't be confident and those funds being secured I would thank that those funds with a range to be hacked I think a muddy Friendster said I think a lot of miners are selling on OTC market over-the-counter and that's not represented on coin market cap that's a fair point in fact when talking to the two people that I know that and to capital we talk there was others read or the laws of this green and reference to the market Happy New Year fancy magazine ensure they demonstrated that physically modifying the legend on OS and installing a malware on the victims PC could allow a nearby attacker to say in a transaction after the pen is entered and the back coin up is launched that's sale I think that's the only day one of the biggest rest as far as when you go to use your ledger or your hardware wallet when you actually connect to the internet on a laptop or PC after that PC is infected then that's when there's always going to be a risk I think Christmas is the best wall solution the best wallet solution is armory using two computers one offline 20:30 when we can save back coin into your mains you never know you never know I let's see what a lot news is here and solo these this from yeah most of us from today over the last three years real struggle bank paid government 2.7 billion dollars in total fines penalties or reports yet banks profits over same three years equals 60 billion tall fines penalties 4.7 percent of profits no wonder banks keep represent of because it's always true and it I just shows you the mainstream media as an even reporting ness they're not making a big deal about this and yet your focus in lots of articles on you know how much it costs to main a Bitcoin and environmental impact despite the fact that a lot of places that remaining back coin are quite eco-friendly and a lot of the time those we've seen a lot of back remaining farms Israel that are using energy that would be lost if it wasn't used and that's not being covered and this hasn't been covered either it's very biased really as biased another center ball to be honest as long as you're sensible your computer doesn't get screwed over and no one can get on max on the hardware wala is unlikely there ain't no connection monies and true yeah we talked about that knowledge we talked about how we should really get like have a physical hardware wallet to put an inhaler and then put the wallets or not as one of those ones I mean I think FF I mean imagine if you put yourself in a situation or you're lucky enough to be in a situation where you have a lot of money really you should be desperate I mean what do you think of that should see you had a million pounds a million dollars worth of Bitcoin what do you do is that how do you keep it safe do you keep it in one location in your house do you store it across 20 different Wallace 100 different wallets they put some in coin based he put some you know somebody else do you hide the keys different places paid the code somewhere hey what's the safest way to do it so that and a worst-case scenario you lose one wallet but not all of them essentially thing you know essentially because I saw with them the one with the Vancouver voice brothers one is it Genesis so Gemini and these they were split into public the private keys across three different banks with these super votes so that no one could get to and Nala seeing if he had one more in dollars worth the back coin I'd spread that mean attacks are what about is a hardware wall has been tampered with before you buy yeah that's always I can say on his real max yeah definitely safes for example bank safes bank yeah that's that's a good point money aim what you could do is you can stop you could put the chords in the wallets in and Zack drives and hardware wallets and then store those wallets worth you know and and a secure Locker and a bank you know the ones you see a name and the Bourne Identity and all that kind of thing those came the bank's we turned up and you you walk on me your your red Ben bike and and and you get it here you hate a gun and like four different passports on there as well not suggested it was scary and do that through the Bank of Nigeria give me the monies rules of survival steam was the best capital to invest for starting now oh that's uh that's a whole patio of a question and you're gonna get a thousand different answers from that mate you really all got a thousand different answers depending on you know what everyone thinks um some people swear by back coins some people swear with all coins it all depends what you what your aversion to ruscus is real in what you're looking to do with your money Israel after you're looking for the most you know the safest investment I think it's fair to say that the safest investment as far as getting a return we'd have to be back coin at this point but you know if you want to beg a return are you going to get a return with Bitcoin I don't know I'm not trading at all sorry I mean I'm definitely not the best person in the world to ask about what's the best project thus there are a good project so did Israel and I think it's up to you to do research and find projects we have been updated a lot there they're trying to get integrated into the real world that's that for me that's one of the biggest things for me is that I want to see projects we are trying to actually have real world use cases for those for those coins I want to see the coins aim to be years that's why I really like they're like the bet Quincy a payment terminal thing I really liked seeing that and and as much as you crap on coins like rapo and all these other projects they are being implemented and the building partnerships with banks and all these other things so I don't know there's many ways to do this I mean I think that's I think that's we were all down to 2018 scammers were selling Ledger's and hours in with prefold seed webs and people failed for that's unfortunate you like to thank anyone with a low betting money we just cleared a you know at the start when they realized it wasn't asking for i okey but the back coin is very high in most expensive yeah but you don't have to buy one fill back coin you can buy $50 with the back coin it again it comes down to what you're trying to do if you're looking to turn $100 and to $150 or $200 by the end of the year maybe back coin as the one you do or maybe not I mean again it depends to your aversion to risk it depends on what you're looking for as far as a return goes some people looking for a return in weeks or money some people want to put money in and come back in five or ten years time and I'm not I'm not a back coin evangelist I'm not someone that even holds up any Bitcoin at this point but aim I think after honest with ourselves it's very hard to argue at the fact arguably the fact the back coin as the most well known as the daddy the daddy of crypto and back coins he's worth less in your socks right now let's see what else we've got here team recognizes importance of Curtin can see around labels telegrams coin a threat to national security check coin that may not be reference becomes 18th largest capital income market cap yeah I think that's that one the part of one one I saw yeah yeah that's that's the one us I talked about the start of the stream where this basically show up it's just a puppet dog thing which seems to be enemy CEO becomes first klepto Bonilla to pledge bulk of Israel towards the greater good oh there's there's something nice for 2019 someone who's made a lot of money and this is going to use it for the Gator good and help the world but I know I'm strong how much is this guy worth okay he's net worth this o'clock time between 900 marine and run Boeing doors in favori you like to thank know you know coinbase is gonna be huge over the next few years so SK is going to get richer and richer and richer yeah that's guy will be you don't have 10 Boeing or 100 Boeing and a few years thing that's pretty good though I mean we've seen name we've seen Bell Gates obviously do not as I hear those Happy New Year I'm not sure if I'm gonna pronounce your name like here is it sturgeon 13 is a Dutch not sure from pricing am I your your name right I had Stella as there is the real ripple coinbase about the other coins recently don't have any I start go I don't know why I don't know why that's popped up in my youtube a feed my home feed by watch like a 30-minute documentary on on how the Netherlands a base of power dams and added the additional states and to the entire country like 50 years ago and really interesting quite fascinating that they reclaimed so much land and yes you know and it wasn't recent it was years ago as well I think the last one was on Easter knees pretty cool and I like to visit a homeland again I've only been to Amsterdam I've not really explored the country okay that's one 2019 will be the year of the mobile crap to wall up I think that's a fair seems I think yeah I think that's a fair assumption I'm nobody read this wall of text but you're welcome to I won't get here if you do want it read it but yeah I do think other thing that's a fair assessment we are seeing more and more mobile wallets and were seen more hardware was we are the the mobile wallet is just as important as the physical Hardware wallet and you know that's kind of like that's kind of thing we you know you get a mobile app and you can use this as a hardware wallet for the public keys and things like that so it's gonna get good to see and where else we see we've seen all of these new Android phones coming out is well that can be used as capital walls as well so that's is maybe what we're going to see the next few years as well where your phone becomes some sort of a waste or you know some sort of hardware wallet that shows you public keys etc and Max xx Fanny phone has Bo and hardware wallet would be cool if I if one's harder I think I think for me though what raises what the questions that can arise from me but he's hard as how long will these phones be updated how long will they be supported while they get the latest versions of Android if not well the security risks with that what happens you know you know these bodies will be enclosed in the case what happens when the battery dies then you need to send it back to the company mom's when you do this in the back to the company what if it takes you a month to get back who's actually accessing that phone when the battery's dead and they're replacing the battery that person has access no to that phone there's a lot of questions that arise with wallets with mobile phone sorry as far as storing funds go and I wouldn't like to store funds on a mobile phone right now I don't think I'd prefer to use like a hardware well I can put a safe I do like the idea of it though but I just know that from the phone model there's a lot of problems with new companies I'd have more trust in something like you know Samsung has something coming out with a phone that's going to support it for years but if you look at Andy ribbons essential foreign that come out the other year they come out with a great fanfare six months down the line there's no updates that phone is half the price and it was six months before and you know basically there's no support lifetime updates mean three months at most so you know just their actual nature of updating phones and keeping them secure and then if there's a problem in their phone if you lose your phone there's always questions that arise for me so I don't feel secure storing a future many money do for a couple hundred dollars anything under a thousand fine but for a significant amount of money I would prefer Hardware wallet personally I don't know what you guys think of it up a we are flavour line the province that is man-made that may have been one of the ones that I saw there was like too big a states of a king of create the province it was created mobile crypto was doing the hardware hybrid like phones and I think that's what the guy was referring to or apps here products back coin will be 17 grand by the end of the year or early 2020 now let's see any significant holdings at one cold storage and lower amounts of fame software wallets like quantum 8 a so basically they're overkill for the latter but too risky for the former and yeah I like I like the economy app it's not perfect they you came to get screwed with it with the conversions with would you call the tough to take my forward actually would you go there the boat in apps bet a shape shift shape like sorry and you can to get screwed with the fees with those ones but as far as just storing $10 $20 you know Laura mounts of money a couple hundred dollars even if it's just sending some dust from exchanges it's great to use them just keep your public your private keys and all that for that and but for any significant time any money I wouldn't store it on any phone I wouldn't enemy but you know what's significant to me as far as what significant from a money from our financial point of view is maybe different for someone who makes a ton of money maybe they'd be happy keeping $10,000 and happy losing it if they don't get it m-mother France tie store 0 and Karim I'm leaving delete BlueStacks and coming from a computer BlueStacks and as an Android Elma emulator for the PC I'm not good at my PC I just got my phone don't look Cory to the gory throws that will look good mobile phones for a foreign about expensive agree your participation and proof of keys day we were actually talking about her cell you know and I wasn't familiar with us a worthless movement and but I don't really have any money on exchanges any significant money anyway I think I've got mark maybe a couple uh I think a kind of member I'm a butcher I may have a few hundred dollars on safety and that's that I really don't have any money to to cause any problems with any exchange I just reported though I do think it's a good idea and I think it's a good idea as far as just keeping on the toes what are you talking about nor let's see when we talked about this alien or less when we talked about the proof of keys day what did you see as far as unexpected problems that could arise with you know people with joining them money you made use of the laugh if you scroll back up you see something about that and I don't think I replied at a time Mike sighs actually that's that's something I need to actually review I still need to review this if not I'm not review that yet I've overview this guy's one of the coolest things I loved about this is that you can actually just display your Bitcoin address here so if someone wants to pee you could just let them see it the adult and they can scan it and send it and I've got that stead of you and I've got the the keep key to the view as well I need to review those ideally I want to do that kind of hardware while it reviews more often as the problem as though for a 20 minute review I might have to spend a day or so actually playing about with it because I don't have to just test this off we I need to try and you know send some payments back and forth I need to try and figure out if there's any errors and bugs and other thing while I like to do that and so it becomes quite time-consuming and then I keep pushing it back because I've got other things to do and then these times the weeks times two months and I will get I won't get to I will get it eventually and private keys could cause a panic a place job a nagger purpose ephod yeah and yeah I guess so I guess so I'm I did I do I just think it's a good idea to try and keep exchanges on the tools I think it's a good idea to keep them on the toes as far as you know as far as keeping them keeping them doing the right thing as well I don't think it's healthy for them to rely on people always just leaving the money with them I don't think that's good I think it's good to remind them every now and then that people can withdraw their money and yeah I saw problems with us a long time ago and the poker world and especially at the end we saw we saw poker companies and they should have been putting the players funds into a separate account and they didn't and they spent the money because he didn't think everyone would withdraw their money at the same time caused a lot of problems em and yeah I think it's good to keep them on their toes as the City Connection I was fool there for a second I don't see any problems with it though lgbtq+ coin you never know hi Joseph good to see mate and I think the people should generally keep any significant funds or exchanges all the time not advocate one day to return oh I think him yeah I would agree with that I think I think you should keep funds on exchanges if you're a trader not all your friends but a small percentage if you're trading you need the office to keep money on exchanges for everyone else I think you need to send the money there do your kids and say in the back I do realize the implied impracticality of that sometimes as far as the deposits and withdrawals take time and some things you want to try and capture a certain place and all that kind of thing or you've got your your beds in your ass I see a place to do the trades that you want so sometimes that may take days or weeks for those places to be made which means that your money's just setting yeah but yeah generally try and keep it and your own wallet keep it and keep the coins in your own wallets your Kirti wallace your hardware wants whatever rather than um you know keeping it on your server the reason I got BlueStacks was to ET an app for Android to use the simulation main that keeps bugging out due to last traffic and so just Mormon HD at high memory I thank him that one of the reasons not to keep your money on exchanges all the team as well it's not just because you know as far as it's not just because of the exchange itself as far as are they reliable are they trustworthy and all that but even good exchanges that are backed and ran by good people can and well be attacked and it could get hot and then we can see a problems arise with that if you remember the maple exchange thing that happened a month or two ago well they had one lane of code wrong which meant that the fee for a Bitcoin was Negev someone when I near st. lots and lots of trains to each other every minute and you know took a huge amount of money aim from there from there funds from back coin and they were in a position where they were struggling if people don't you know let them withdraw their money back so even if the exchange is acting in good and good faith and they're not being malicious you know some other parties may not be either may attack the exchange it's klepto you know even even insecure exchanges can be attacked and they you know they can be compromised so don't take that risk when you don't have to so what's all your plans this year for 2019 they don't have any significant cryptocurrency plans as far as maining goes trading goes is anyone looking to invest amazing hardware they were looking to sell what's your plans I hear guys anyone trying to get involved in a name and masternodes anyone involved in projects right now are looking to help her in a project I love to know how you guys are gonna you know tackle this year as far as capital cons it goes selling all my coins which are net knock-back Queen Hugh said easily sell always coins which are not back coin she's gonna focus on back coin Nautilus is definitely not getting back into maining Joseph Joseph is looking for a zero node they're launching at the end of January and what's it here so that gate is it 10 50 100 or something like that I think it's around up and kept all capital gemstone meaning on my four legs will never stop mining Stowe investing 100 parenting capital each month this time next year Otto's hybrid yeah good to see mate I'll be the good New Year a good Christmas in New Year excuse me there's Tuesday thing many's he stole ailing 45 dollars a day I said I was gonna ask you about how you're getting on with that and hurdle no more investing I would like to research more about the Lightning Network and the wheel plug in for the key so annoyed muddy speak to know less about this knowledge as your man for that knowledge does your mind to speak to about he got one and granted he's having problems with it but yeah and hoping for a feed him to stretch to prefer work to progressive prefer work what's happening we profess the air profess take Black Lake what's happening with that and Dordogne or diamond I mean Jen coin master old won't be doing more master master nodes from no host genuine Jen Queen doing Maxine Athena movie front fun to watch this year in all this is we not looking to get as one master will be waiting for Zell to launch there's so it can stick some his money to that but V are I got one – heyo – black via o posters or posters say YouTube channel here it's got a really good YouTube channel check it out guys show him some love I think the last time we really spoke in length um you were just getting your Zed name I think it was a few months ago was it and yeah so knowledged reference I was talking to with Nala se our knowledge got a carcinoid the lava was it from the stays was it from the states I can't remember if it's from the from the USC and it's basically not been working so I gotta imported and it's not working yet but if I can I'm gonna send you a replacement and mother has decided to use it as it for back Queen porridge a back Queen all right okay Toby the Carson would I wait for knowledge to talk about that and Joseph is going to a shared sale node with a couple of guys and then my personal note I was good I was told that cache Croydon Wanda next month I've never even heard of that coin I think one year of proof mistake and aetherium yeah I mean I've been reading about etherium going proof mistake for a boat for like a year and a half now well I be meaning at all in 2019 I've got one I've only get one 1080i my PC I've got another one set in a box which if I don't sail is just gonna get put on my PC if I do some maining then what I might do is have a bit other 1080i my PC it means I can stream and you know I can main in the background with the other 1080i but whether I'm gonna just leave my computer running on all the time 24 hours a day two main I don't think so I really don't think so but what I would like to do in the future maybe even just from up for my child's point of view excuse me maybe just for my channels point of view I'd like to explore some ecig manners and your APG is just to taste some of the things of that but I don't know whether doing that financially is a smart decision when my channels not making money but I would like to taste of things the problem that I've got you know even even if a company has sent me an ASIC Manor to taste and you'll be very lucky if they don't do that but because of the high rates and Yuki and because of the low profits right now in crypto our company could sail send me an e cig man-machine which could be profitable you know calendar and USC but I'd be running a loss so I couldn't even run a tough to basically test and then sell it you know just by the way the capital Marquez and just know it doesn't make sense from me or anyone else and I was in U key to Maine it really doesn't but what I could do is maybe Maine by renting hash per by you know renting regs on or name meaning reg rentals or something like that I can let me do that for some newer coins after not on exchanges yeah I can maybe do that I'd be more likely to do that and rent hash per by hash power than buy equipment myself he taught us Happy New Year all the way from South Africa Jen now have 7,000 Marcin was in the platform and API platform no problems with Rewards having in February all right so you think the place will warp at that point again Peter and a theorem at the moment remaining one to get a couple of coins then back to Bitcoin if it goes well yeah feed him certain 140 or something so in all this scene so I so nah let's get a cast on or thing which is like they're not lightening it well but I think it can be used for some other things field on sale see how couldn't generate a wallet no can't do anything because it thinks it is already generating their wallet castor seed is to only tame the vecina happen I could fall in a battle of testing Mather did you not see there was someone else and the community that said they had the same problem though Kevin how much is a 1080i I was selling them for like five hundred and seventy or something on on AV forums but that was a few months ago you know with the place drops of other graphics cards I'm not sure where the market is like just now I have to you know pack this up in a week or so and then try and sell her and I why the drop the place or I'll use it if either another CPU now I was thinking I could build another PC and use it for downstairs but to be honest I don't need I've got another no I was putting there there's no certain the other stands certainly up with a laptop I've got though he steals is pretty good I don't need anything else just know to be honest a constant T Nepal fork many hard work schedule for block right and classic version hard fork oathean holders will receive three Atheneum muscle ET cv for each the theorem in the walls so there's gonna be a few hard folks with aetherium and gravy I'll go is Casa casserole in December and I'm building as many channels as possible with merchants and all those I'm using my Zed name money on nice hash to collect four channels I said chasing after a few but it was about a brand if you got a few videos about the oh you do actually right so but here's actually that's good you've got that so you can see if you look down here that's video um Micah or lady I'd play and so that's video here as a review of the castle but back coin lightning know that think this is the one that that knowledge got is will so it's got a view of this and it shows you how it works that's quick I'll make check value myself Lee I don't get time ten minutes long so that'd be good that shows you or walks and what it does that's good and look at the other one right there's another one near Israel and most profitable Bitcoin like is that that one most profitable bitcoin lightnings channels see up there's a is that the one you talked about that's one with you Cephas when you're talking about Jen is a good team you know like yes right okay so that's one right so that's the other one I'll post that's one as well this is the level you and and check that one Israel only check these I've not been watching what videos recently as far as capital goes ask aid only check that son testing M total ghost is Jenna is a good team and I like the coin max apply ten moaning good features on wallet Amex in private saying this on a master master cut pulls in Mexico Peter the thing that's yeah I'm not I'm not prepared I've looked at Jen coin before at the start of last year or you know a pro or something like that and what I found is well when I was looking at a lot of new coins last year everyone would see that's a gen coin clone that's a gen coin clone so Jane Coyne was certainly one of the the ones can I wrote the kind of say of that home master route I'm crying you know they'd so many people copying Jen coin it was ridiculous but I'll need to check out again because it looks like the star walking on it so nas was saying here so worth regards if I go back I'm gonna I'm gonna use breakfast video here just to show you I've coped that so okay and so you can see them you can see the note here from Brad's to check out a so value now what noise was seen near was that Casa seen that a they're not gonna make any more after the latest batch no as that something be worried about you know are they going to continue to update a to provide support and things of that if that's the last time to do it I don't know I'm not professing to know a lot about him I'm not professing to know a lot about it but I'd say only be a little bit worried by the fact the same you know we're not gonna sell this anymore you want to be hearing we're gonna do and I love a little diversion to and hopefully that doesn't mean that they're gonna just abandon the project hopefully it will still work and you still get support and huge something Kevin look new graphics comes to plea explained 11 world condition is your 1080i Lake and place etc and what was as I said I was selling it for $575 would only take places to see you know what others are selling up but the one I bought was like 900 pounds at the time but you could maybe get a twenty eighty second hand for about the same place and maybe for gaming that Walker bear I think for value editing my 1080i he's maybe stole bit on something else but him yeah I can sell out I'll check if he for him to see with Colin places gone might in 1078 for five hundred dollars and January 2018 because sex was told her with other why in four months what brand aim I've got there is a fire just so the one I've got and you can see it's been sold here 605 not the right one and the reverse rate no that's not 2017 a this is the one I've got that's the one I've got 750 PO new there'll it says and yeah that's the one I've got so it's a really fast gaming and that's what once it was an absolute beast never had any complaints with it as thought I should have been sweat stolen like three months it's just been set now I don't think so because I think Casas plan is to sell this software OS ah right okay well I suppose as long as the software and all that is still working that's okay muddy and now officially muddy no officially worried from Wieck until having to deal with hardware logistic support has been a bollock for a small company like Casa yeah and and it's not like it's not something that you can outsource you know it's not like you know like a sales team that you can also support to end Iran or the Philippines this is quite unique and quite a unique product and only they know how to troubleshoot things and I'm surprised they didn't prepare for that I'm surprised too then prepare for that maybe they've just been overwhelmed by the level of support you think they would do have like a discussion forums that's that would probably better than tacit support I'm not sure how they've set up support casa coastal a custody cuz yeah casa customers have these knows for free so I think they will continue to update them and I mean I've still got a Raspberry Pi which is Togo in Rachel Pie on it for games but I could I could say up our Lightning Network Nord what's there with the Raspberry Pi but I looked and I looked like it was gonna be a day of messing about with things and I thought and I can't be bothered with her from that from a financial point of view how much how much were these Carson woods make long-term do you think over say 2018 what do you think you'd make looks at I do like the idea of it I just when I look to the place I thought I was a little bit too much see if I can find this out kasa see if I can finance there its profits and all this is this castle odd will make him at least one thousand Satoshi let's return to this at a year and see how accurate that was and there's that there's a good find that there's another good review of us here my first impressions of the castle but Queen nodes Sasuke's got an unboxing and all that as well and try to see if he's comments about all of that come on do something and I'm not sure if that's going to talk about profits I'll leave a link to that seems like a good article as well and I'm not sure if the guy talks about profits when you search for the dollar saying oops hey dolla dolla dolla let's see if I can find a dollar symbol here stay placed at $300 and I'll see ya when talking about how much it makes nope it's not profitable rating fees are aptly described as unfairly cheap so you learn a few cents equivalent per week or so and teleborian fees are the order of once a pair ten thousand sites rated so you need two point zero one back point but every cent of Hemmings so you have a good profit is not currently possible but lightning is growing fast so does this have the potential to make money after lightning Network goes to a particular you know off at a certain level if you want to make money teach people like I said I'm gonna take them days people will pay the fee for that a I've made about twenty satoshis running late northern app I'm a loving them so it doesn't seem to be profitable certainly not in the short term and it's all about supporting it well just like Manning except you're not losing money in lining the pause lighting in the pockets of your electricity supplier yeah I mean in the day like I'd love to see these kind of things you know long term these kind of things we should really be built into mm I don't know definite appliances and all this maybe you'll have your washing machine running the Lightning Network ever Dakota said I blow I would like to even just Explorer and maybe I maybe have a second look at the Raspberry Pi thing I was just crunches the fire I don't want to spend three days on it like messing about with it but once it's actually set up a bit good to to see how it all works so what's gonna what's gonna happen with it the casa operating system are they going to offer that for free so could you and theory run carcinoid software use all that software and user on a Raspberry Pi is that possible I have no idea there's a comment here and as many of our channels have crashed trying added up the money I don't know to see if you lost anything and it turned a we'd made about 125 minutes in just one week on an investment of two thousand dollars spread over 200 channels that is only that's over five percent per week we had we paid about sixty dollars in transaction fees to see I polled and also basically we end up back in three or four days and all it turns after the profit not taking the time to sample in order to know that we can always close our channels in gate or two thousand dollar investment back plus all the fees we end I'm actually more confused now than ever as far as how you made money I need to look more into this I really don't know enough about her dog or my plan for 2018 to promote flash coins in various ways I was a first human ATM and buggy the wallet also supports Bitcoin like green – and as a peer-to-peer active map never heard of that Kassem make their money primarily from the multi signature wallet solution for people with loads of bet queen are they okay and only eventually a female myself the the Raspberry Pi see up gate for the Lightning Network so I need to sit down and look at that and and see how all that works but time time is not something I have a lot of from honest but I do like to explore these things I miss about if Lena gets much bigger much quicker these Leonor's could make up a bit of money but it's never going to be that much really but if I stay here toast is ready and you have made 2000 Satoshi's and one liam when they later network so far this morning you superstar you hey guys I'm I'm gonna have to go over and have a fantastic New Year's dinner with my parents went forward to start to get hungry thanks for John bye guys it's been fun and I know with this kind of went on a tangent talked about a lot of different things but I'm ready to start doing a lot more streams hopefully a few seems a week and hopefully we can do some more streams and talk about lots of different coins explore different things and chat more often so thanks again em and I'll post a link to that video by Breton again says Brent Carson would video check if you want to learn more about Casa nodes I need to watch that as we ought to learn more about it and have a happy new year guys of a gate one I hope it's opens a good one and hopefully I'll catch up with you all very soon sure some show some love to tublat via he's a really good youtuber and you know he's covering definite subjects for me as we always you know he's talking about saving money he's in the cast on hold and all that things that I haven't really been covering so check him out hey yeah thanks for watching guys I do appreciate it and thus we began our 2019 crypto Johnny and to the unknown yeah great so many guys and so yeah have a good one guys I'll speak to you all very soon and yeah I'll train to a stream over the next few days hopefully at one point and we'll have another child so take care guys have a good one I hope you have a nice time with your families etc so speak to y'all very soon and let's team next week we'll all be back coin mohini us no doubt cheers guys thank you

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  1. An offline wallet that holds most of it(an old phone or PC?), and a wallet for daily use. Write downsave your codes and store in more than one place.

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