The Google Cloud Platform Free Trial and Free Tier

Understanding cost can be intimidating when
trying out a cloud provider. And you may not be willing
to spend money just to try things out. In this video, we’ll talk
about Google Cloud Platform’s free trial, and the
Always Free tier, and why you should
not confuse the two. Let’s start with a free trial. When you get
started with GCP, we suggest that you sign up
for the $300 free credits. This will require you to
create an account, if you don’t already have a Google account,
and to provide credit card or bank account details. The trial is free, and your
credit card will not be billed. You will receive
billing statements at the beginning
of each month that detail how much
of the $300 credit you spent in the previous month. This gives you early
data points to understand how much your future
service will end up costing when running on GCP. And it helps you see where
you’re consuming the most. You can also practice
budget management by setting budget alerts
on your billing account or on a specific project
that you’re working on. Keep in mind, these are alerts,
not limits, so pay attention to where they notify
so you can take action if costs ramp out of control. Once enrolled in
the free trial, you will be able to spend the
credits on the entire platform for any location. You are using the real stuff,
not some sandbox environment. You are, however, not able
to request quote increases, and you cannot mine
cryptocurrencies. Sorry. Things you should
try out include starting your first
virtual machine, transferring some data
to cloud storage buckets, creating your first
Kubernetes Engine cluster, running your Hadoop or Spark
workload on Cloud Dataproc, or even training your own
machine learning model using Cloud AutoML. These are just examples. The possibilities are
pretty much endless. Note that you can create
multiple projects, all attached to
the billing account that has the $300 credits. This could enable you
to try different things in separate environments. As you explore GCP and
come across questions, we have documentation
and community forums to help guide
you, as well as a free trial troubleshooter. If you have more
specific concerns that require formal support, you can
purchase silver level support using a portion of
your $300 credit straight from the console
in the support section. This trial remains valid
for 12 months, or until you use all of the $300. The amount of credit
and days remaining are displayed at the top of the
Google Cloud Platform console, as well as in the
billing section. If you do use all the credits,
you will not be charged, but your resources
will be paused, unless you upgrade to a
paid account within 30 days. You can upgrade to paid
account at any time, and retain whatever’s
left of the $300. Once you do this, you
become responsible for the cost of
your GCP resources. Now let’s talk
about the free tier. Once you’ve upgraded
to a paid account, GCP still offers generous
free tiers for 16 of its main products. This is sometimes
referred to as free quota. These products include App
Engine, Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud
Storage, Cloud Functions, our Cloud Vision, Speech,
and Natural Language APIs, and more. These free tiers allow GCP
users to use products for free every month. For instance, the first
2 million invocations of Cloud Functions
per month are free. And so are the first 60
minutes of Cloud Speech API, or the first daily 120
build minutes of CloudBuild. Some of those services,
such as Compute Engine or Cloud Storage,
will be required to use specific GCP regions. As the name implies, Always
Free does not expire. If you’d like to find out
more about the free trial, or the Always Free tier, check
out the detailed FAQ page. We hope that the combination of
the free trial, the Always Free tier, and the simple GCP
pricing will enable you to build amazing things on GCP. If you liked this video, please
like, subscribe, comment, share, and look forward to
more GCP Essentials videos.

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